Drezo Regalia V7 Ch. 9

Chapter 9 Demon Slayer Zero ran through, spitting out Holy fire at every chance he got on the Behemoth's back. The Behemoth swerved, turning its body as Zero slammed into the cliff wall. He was suddenly thrown off, with the others on his back latched onto him tightly, sticking their body as close as possible …

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Drezo Regalia V7 h. 8

Chapter 8 Hunt Warning! Entering a forbidden Dungeon of A Class level! Once entered, the enemy will know of your presence! Warning! Alarmed, Zero took a step back, unsure if he wanted to dive. His hesitance caused Jorge to walk forward without even caring about the consequences.  "What are you scared of?" Jorge huffed, shaking …

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Yami Hikari Entertainment

Welcome to a special corner of Jane's imaginative world. This is a personal blog for all stories that I would post for fun and for free. If you like the stories, follow along. Most of these stories are brain dump stories that are made for fun. You will see grammar errors. I apologize in advance. …

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