Sponsoring Chapters for faster release~

There are two ways to do this either just sponsor a single time or go for a patreon where you can help support the Authors. All contents on this site is free to read, though we appreciate it if you do not steal our work. We will be using this to help fund this site and to bribe us to release faster. Click on the links below.

Jane’s Work

Support Jane’s work through Patreon for as cheap as $1-3 per month depending on what story you want to read, and you can gain access to episodes not yet released or you can sponsor a chapter one time. Or you can check out her artwork as well. Majority of the artwork is done by Jane, including the logo.

Jane’s Patreon
Sponsor a Single Chapter

Dovack’s Story

Support Dovack’s Ophidian Aspect through Patreon. He’s a budding  writer and a college student. Studying and writing is not easy, please show him some love and support~

Dovack’s Patreon
a single chapter


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