World Map


 World of Noriene

        The six great heroes split among themselves the land to rule and protect their people. The elven hero brought his people deep into the woods and the Kingdom of Leafe was born. Their capital is called the City of Elements. The Dwarven hero took his people into the mountains and built deep maze like cities. It’s capital was called the City of Mazes and the Kingdom of Dezno were formed. The three human heroes begun different kingdoms they are named the Kingdom of Terra, Kingdom of Lilac, and Kingdom of Tano. Kingdom of Terra’s capital was called the City of Diadem. Kingdom of Lilac capital city was called City of Tenu. Kingdom of Tano capital city was called City of Time. The last hero did not take any land because it was  in a trolls nature not to live in large cities. So the heroes agreed to leave a the middle of the five kingdoms land for the trolls and it was called the No Man’s Land where the trolls would live and roam.

       It is said that the other eleven continents were named after the elements and to this day the these lands are still cursed. There is a rumor that the unknown continent is inhabited by demons. No other information is known.

Six Heroes of Legends

Drake Species: human
Ruler: City of Time  (Kingdom of Tano)

The leader of the heroes. He is married to Lulu. He tends to be a bit of a pervert, but he is a very reliable leader.

Lilith Species: human
Ruler: City of Diadem (Kingdom of Terra)

She act like a tomboy and is married to Samuel. Very intellectual and calm.  Supposedly she has a child with Samuel.

Lulu Species: human
Ruler: City of Tenu (Kingdom of Liliac)

She is the twin of Lilith. She is married to Drake. She is always flirtatious with Drake everyday.

Samuel Race: Water elf
Ruler: City of Elements (Kingdom of Leafe)

A calm collective individual that is intune with nature. He has been in love with Lilth secretly since they met. Supposedly he has a child with Lilth.

Connor Species: dwarf
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Ruler: City of Mazes (Kingdom of Denzo)

Loves beer, loves iron work, and money. He can not get enough of all three.

Cello Species: Troll
Ruler: No man’s land.

A very hot tempered individual that loves to battle. He only listens to Drake.