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Jane Christian

Author: Drezo Regalia, Drezo Regalia: RE, and Black Moon.
Email: janechristian11@gmail.com

Hi guys. I’m the budding writer for the Drezo Regalia series. I am a Concept artist and a Freelancer. You can find my portfolio up on the tab. Everything that is picture related on this website  is drawn by me. For a long time, I always wanted to tell a story instead of just drawing every single picture out like a comic. I realize I don’t have the patience for such task. I actually enjoy going between writing and drawing up concepts. Sometimes I would randomly draw a picture that doesn’t correlate to the story at all, but some how or another it ends up in my stories later on.


Author: Ophidian Aspect
Email: daulton.ryan94@gmail.com

Hello everyone! This is my story Ophidian Aspect. I’m just a pretty average guy, going to college at the moment, so I don’t have a ton of free time, and right now I’ve just been making new chapters whenever I have the time. This is my first story, so i’m excited to see how well I can do on it. Any comments would be helpful!

Special Note:

Eventually all the contents for drezoregalia.com website will be transferred over. We’re just waiting for the website to expire by the end of 2016. This website will be the home for all future web/light novels created by the team.