Drezo Regalia V7 ch. 3

Chapter 3
Trekking through forest

Nov. 25, 2054. 3:33 P.M.

Zero waited outside the gates of the City of Elements. Today was the day for the official release of the large scale quest throughout the three major cities. When the announcement was made a weeks back, he quickly went to apply for the quest. Even Agnis, Zeraph, Will, Sekka, Leaf, Valiant, and Reed were the only ones who were in the range to join in on the quest. M2 on the other hand, couldn’t take up the quest, because of his own special chain quest that he had been working on since last week.

If he remembered correctly, M2 would be on the last leg of his quest and he wouldn’t finish up until a couple more days. Will on the other hand, was taking on the quest in the Kingdom of Tano with his guild. A week ago, he got news from Aldran that they had officially moved out of Kingdom of Terra and headed towards the Kingdom of Tano. The reason, because of Ross’s new guild: Hell Diver. They have been causing quite a bit of trouble with the Hercules guild, and not wanting to take part of Russ’s crazy antics, he left without a second thought.

On the other hand for Sekka, Leaf, Valiant, and Reed to catch up quickly to level 150 was quite an accomplishment, making the four the strongest group of dragons  right after Zero. Zero on the other hand was finally level 200. Leveling up became a lot more tougher than before. The experience gained through simple quests, and even dungeons around the City of Element was a lot lower and easier to blaze through without much trouble.

Zero been having slight throbbing in his back when he’s in his Origin Form lately. He got the feeling that something big was going to happen, and he hope that it was what he really hope it would be. Still, the aching pain behind his shoulder blade did get quite annoying to the point where he was finding trees to scratch his back.

“Hey Zero!” Agnis called out to him, waving her hand on her tip-toe.

Just when he was about to wave his hands, he felt his back started to itch. Half way into his wave, he started to scratch.

“What’s up?”

Agnis gave him a quizzical gaze, wondering why Zero was scratching his back. “You okay?”

“Yea, just a bad itch.”


“No, it’s only one spot. It’s been getting worse as day gone by.”

“Need help?”

“No, thanks.”

“Then let’s go.”

Zero and Agnis walked towards the city town square, ready for the new event that was about to start in the next ten minutes. Throughout the whole time, he was scratching his back constantly to the point where it was getting on his nerves. How long would this treacherous itch continue? It just wouldn’t stop, his mind wasn’t thinking as straight as it should normally be.

“Damn it!” Zero yelled, furious that this back was bothering him so much.

Transformation of Origin form has been forced.

His body suddenly ached, his bone cracked, muscles expanded, and his body enlarged. The forced transformation caused him to have a lot more pain than necessary, with tears spilling out from his eyes. There wasn’t much of a change to his body. He was now about as tall as three story house, his head was more sharp and triangular, with feathered, wing-like ears. Not only that, he also had been growing a nice crest of horns that were quite spectacular for a dragon. His black, sublime body with gold etchings on the tips of his feathery scales, complete with the back of his spine having splendid spikes with faint feathering mixed down his back. The end of his tail was covered as well, giving it a slight fan like feel.

“Zero?!” Agnis yelled, surprised at his sudden transformation.

People on the streets scooted away in the fear of getting accidentally squashed. He was glad the the streets were actually large enough for him to walk through without much trouble.is sudden growth spurt might have been impeded if he couldn’t walk around in his dragon form.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” Zero flopped to the floor, he rolled on his back and squirmed. The itch was getting to the point where it was getting unbearable. Twisting and turning around in his back had caused a bit of a problem. Stalls were knocked over, people scrambled around in panic trying to get out of harm’s way, pushing their stalls and products from getting trampled on.

“Hey!” A merchant shook his fist in anger.

“Sorry about that!” Agnis quickly came over bowing in apology.

“Tell your dragon friend to watch where he’s going!” The merchant bent over, picking up his vegetables that were scattered on the ground.

“Zero,” Agnis hissed, trying to get his attention. She was not succeeding at all, Zero was rolling even harder to the point where he was doing a back crawl. “Zero!”

Zero froze, his body hitting against the stone building, using the edge as a back scratcher. “Yes?” He growled annoyed the itch wouldn’t go away. This time, his head snake over towards the back, and he bit down hard on with his teeth.

“We need to go, we don’t have time to roll around.”

“I-ll be mphere in an mphinute.” Blood gushed out of his back, leaving behind an open wound. He dug into his back nonstop to the point where he the pain was like a bliss. Relief flooded over, giving him the joy of the annoying pain it the back disappear. Something small appendages emerged out of his back. They were about a six inches tall and a inch thick. The appendages even moved at his will, though it didn’t do much but wiggle. Other than that, the small appendage on his back were still well hidden away under his feathery scales.

Is this my wing? It’s so……small? Kiyro couldn’t help but be highly disappointed. He  thought he would have a large wing that would magically appear out of his back, but instead was rewarded with something like this.

The pain on his back was finally abated, instead he felt sharp pain here and there. Eventually, it became tolerable for him without the need to scratch. With a push, he got up.

“Are you okay?” Agnis asked, she tilted her head.

Right now, Zero had flesh and blood on his mouth, making him look feral. Agnis took a step backwards in unease, she wasn’t sure if this was the right time for her to get close or not, especially on how dangerous he look and the small calamity that he had caused on the streets.

“Yea, I’m fine.” Zero sighed with relief. He tried to shift back into his human form, but his body wouldn’t listen.


Failed attempt of human transformation. You can not shift until the growth of your wings are complete.
Failed attempt of human transformation. You can not shift until the growth of your wings are complete.


Failed attempt of human transformation. You can not shift until the growth of your wings are complete.

This was becoming a bit of pain, especially not being able to shift from human to dragon form out of his own will. He didn’t even know how long this growth phase would persist, but at the same time he was excited at the thought of flying. He remembered the feeling of flying when he was with the Silver dragon. That flight was unforgettable, and it was something that he wished to experience again.

Agnis gazed at him with worry, but she inched forward. Inhaling a deep breath, she reached out towards Zero. Her hands stopped on his side, she then pulled herself up onto his shoulders. “Give me a lift, Zero.”

“Sure?” Zero was lost at her sudden change of attitude. Instead of being afraid, she was courageous enough to face him even though he looked a bit scary.

Agnis grabbed on his feathered scale, she pulled herself and sat on his back. “Well then, we caused enough trouble, let’s get going shall we?”

Zero grunted, he started to trot forward. All of sudden, he felt Agnis’ fingers gently stroking his back, where he had the horrible itch. He shuddered, faltered, and almost fell on his knees. The strange sensation was slightly euphoric, but mind boggling difficult for him to move.

“What is this?” Agnis asked, she leaned forward, her finger caught on something on his back. She gently caressed the newly grown wing like appendages. Her finger gripped the edge, and pulled. The appendage opened up into tiny feathered wings that were blackish gold in color.     It flapped a couple of times, every time she touched his wings.

“That’s soooooooooo cute!” Agnis squealed out in delight. “Oh my god, is this what every dragon’s wing first look like when they emerge?”

“S-s-stop it A-agnis.” His leg buckled, while she played around with his small wings. It was like when he scratches the lower back of a dog, making it almost impossible for them to get back on their feet. That was what was happening to Zero, he couldn’t move at all.

“But it’s so cute~” Agnis play with the little wing, stretching and wiggling at it. “It’s so soft~”

“Stop!” Zero fell over defeated. His feet was twitching, while his tail flopped around like a fish. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Agnis rampage of tackling his wings continued on until she was satisfied. Her face was red, her cheeks slightly blushed, but she was happy. She patted Zero on his side, and ruffled his scale like feathers, while Zero laid down completely defeated and embarrassed.

“Let’s go Zero. It’s not time to be playing around.”

Zero leg twitched, his mind was dazed. He felt violated, and he cried silently in his mind. His poor wings, the sensitive on it was high, making every touch exhilaratingly pleasing. His whole body trembled and shook as he tried his best to get on his feet, but failed.

“Are you done goofing around? We’re going to be late.”

With a huff, Zero grumbled under his breath. “Whose fault is it for me being so weak?” Not him for sure, if she hadn’t played with his just emerged sensitive wings, he would’ve already be there by now.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, just hold on tight.” His feet finally stabilized, Zero walked forward. Each step becoming stronger, faster, and powerful to the point where he was just taking a few dozen steps till he reached at their destination.

When they arrived, the town square was crowded with players, making it difficult for Zero to push through. He had to be extremely careful not to step on anyone, but luckily majority of the players move away for him to step through. A path was forming towards the center, where he saw a Valiant and Sekka, surrounded by the crowds. Their partners, Reed and Leaf, were busily signing autographs as if they were celebrities.

“Valiant! Sekka! Leaf! Reed!” Agnis called out, she got on her feet, her hands hook around his neck, and she waved towards them in excitement. Players turned towards her and gazed at her with wonder. She was like a fierce battle maiden with flowing white hair, sitting on top of a fierce dragon. This awe many people alike as they secretly started to worship her for her bravery.

The two dragon’s and their companion turned their heads towards Agnis and brighten up when they saw both Zero and Agnis. Valiant who was sitting down, puffed up like a peacock, got up and happily greeted them. Sekka on the other hand yawned, her large golden mouth, showed an array of fierce teeth, causing the people to take a step back.

Zero had completely outgrown Valiant and Sekka, and they only came up half his size, making them the second largest dragons in the whole Drezo Regalia’s species. He was quite proud of these two, who had grown quite quickly in the Pyramid of Light. They had even made a name for themselves in the past month, becoming famous in the Elven city. Honestly, all of the eight dragon generals had made quite a name for themselves throughout the city and the dungeons.

The eight dragons were considered the forefront of dragon evolution, their teamwork exceptional, and their buildings on the island quite beautiful. Many NPC’s and players had come far and wide just to see them.

Even Zero was having a bit difficult time getting the crowd off of him without being sought out for, especially since the whole Draconis city new that he was the Prince of all Drezo Regalia. This brought a whole slew of problems that he didn’t even want to think about.

“You guys made it,” said Agnis.

“Yea, though you guys just made it in time. What took you so long?” Valiant asked, curiously peering at them.

“Agnis, that’s what.” Zero grumbled. If Agnis didn’t tackle his poor wings, they would’ve been here by now, but that wasn’t the case.

“I understand perfectly.” Valiant spoke, nodding his head. “Girl problem.”


“What do you mean girl problem?” Leaf squinted, her hands on her hips not pleased in how both of them said that. “We don’t cause problems, you guys are exaggerating.”

“Leaf, this is the one time, you won’t understand,” said Valiant. He was squirming under Leaf’s intense gaze that was boring into him like a drill. It was quite a sight to see a fierce black dragon that look like a reincarnation of a demonic dragon to be afraid of a young girl.

Leaf cocked her hips, her foot tapping in annoyance. “Explain.”


“Ladies and gentleman! ” A hoarse voice cut off Valiant’s attempt to say anything. A human male soldier called out to the crowd on top of a daiz. A buff looking male with viking armor stood straight. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, while a beady eye stare out into the crowd. “We are pleased that you are all here. My name is Liam, a General that works under her majesty the queen. Today is the day that we set out into the Dark Continent in the hopes of retrieving the Holy Mantle back and bring glory to the Elven Queen. This Holy Mantle had protected the great Hero Samuel during the Great Rose War fought two hundred years ago. We have found the whereabout of this lost item, and our great Queen has asked the citizens of the City of Element to retrieve this sacred object.”

The crowd bustled and whispered, all of them wondering what kind of unique item this was for there to be an large scale quest to start. There hasn’t been a large scale quest like this one in a while, and everyone was excited to participate on this grand adventure.

“The Dark Continent is periled with danger, since the downfall of the protection of the Fire Contient, high level monsters had been slowly encroaching upon our lands. With that being said, this quest isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak. We only want the best of the best who are willing to take on this challenge. There is no guarantee of a safe return, instead it is more likely that you will die in this journey.”

Silence followed after, the player’s was straining to hear more about the quest. Some were actually starting to get iffy about joining in.

Zero didn’t hear much information about the Dark Continent, they had been some rumors that this Continent was considered one of the three hot zones of dangerous high level monsters that lived in the place. There was one instance when a level 400 monster had walked in the vicinity of the edge of Fire Continent borders, causing a nationwide alert throughout every kingdom. Everyone feared for the possibility of a monster of such level. No one had even reached the level 300 yet and to fight a level 400 was considered suicide.The large scale battle against the Landsharks wouldn’t even compare to the level 400 or above monsters, they were considered babies compare to the level 400s.

“But if we succeed, the reward will be great, your names will be etched in the history of the Elven Kingdom. Each one of you will be able to take a weapon of choice in the elven treasury vault.”

The mood suddenly changed, burst of excitement rang out throughout the whole crowd.

“Weapons of choice in the Elven Treasury?!” A young human male yelled out in excitement to his friends. “That’s like giving us an A class weapon! Elven weapons and armors are considered one of the top!”

Players chatted, their voice increasing every second. Even Zero’s ear’s perked when he heard the possibility of getting an Elven weapon or armor. He could finally get a stronger armor that he could wear. The armor that he had on now was great, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t want something stronger. It was time for him to find a better gear to outfit his human form.

“Also, it seems our dragon friends has graced us with this expedition. The dragon prince himself has come to join in on the quest.” General Liam spoke out loud, and turned towards Zero. He gave him a small bow, making everyone turned their heads towards Zero.

Zero froze, he wasn’t use to this much attention. In all honesty, it unnerved him. Being in the center of attention was something that he didn’t quite like, too much attention brought jealously and problems. Problems from unwanted challenges, and even possibly being hunted down.

It’s not like Zero was afraid of challenges, he just saw them as useless headaches, where he could use his time more wisely in leveling up and exploring new areas. So far, he was able to scout out with Agnis, a good distance away from the City of Elements and into high level monster territory. He didn’t needed more attention and having people trail behind him like a paparazzi.

“The dragon prince is here.” Some of the girls squealed out in excitement. They gaze up towards him in awe.

“What’s so great about dragons.” Some of the others stared with jealousy. “I could kill him in one hit.”

“Shut up,” The girls glared.

“With this our chance for success has increased exponentially, giving us new ways to scout and fight,” said Liam as he cleared his throats. “With this, we shall depart in a half hour. I suggest that you all move towards the southern gates of the city. For anyone who wants to leave the quest, please do now. For people who does not, please head towards the designated area.”

So far no one moved, the idea of a rare weapon or an armor made them excited. Players who had applied were suddenly given a quest message for them to choose. Eventually, the crowd started to head towards the southern part of the city wall.

Would you like to join for the Quest of the Holy Mantle? This is your chance to leave the quest without any penalties. Please choose your answer wisely, if you leave the quest in the middle, a heavy fine will be placed on you.

Yes or No?


“Yes.” Zero voiced his approval. He wasn’t going to let this rare chance slip by, especially for a high level quest that doesn’t come out very often.

You have accepted the Quest of the Holy Mantle.
Quest of the Holy Mantle

The Elven Hero, Samuel, was the last elf to hold onto the treasured legendary artifact that has been passed down by royalty. This Holy Mantle has a unique property of countering magic, and protecting the wielder from prying eyes. The Queen of the Elven Kingdom has set up a special quest to enter into the Dark Continent to retrieve her father’s equipment.

Quest Level: B+

Failure: Loss of levels and decrease in affinity with the Elven Queen.

Reward: One high level equipment of Eleven made armor or Weapon. Increase in affinity with the residents and the Elven Queen.

“You know, isn’t your blood pumping from excitement?” Valiant asked. He swayed back and forth, excited to strike out towards where they needed to go. “I been waiting for this for a whole month!”

“All he’s been talking about these past few days was this quest,” said Reed. She yawned as if she was tired. “I didn’t have a wink of sleep, because he wouldn’t shut up.”

“You’re better than me.” Leaf twitched his cheeks in slight annoyance. He raised up his arm and crossed it in front of him. “You should see how hyper Sekka was this morning. I was dragged and brought here five hours early.”

“Five hours early?!” Valiant spoke shocked. “That’s even more intense me.”

“Yea, I know and that’s saying a lot.”

“Well, at least they are enthusiastic about what they want to do.” Agnis replied. “Even I’m looking forward for today as well.”

“Excuse me.” A group of female elves walked over towards them and giggled like school girls. They stare at the group of dragons with awe and wonder.

“Yes?” Agnis turned around and glanced down at them.

“We were wondering if the Dragon Prince can give us a ride.”

“Hey! You’re not supposed to ask that! He’s royalty!” The girl elbowed her friend to stop her from saying anymore than necessary.

“Well…” The girl with yellow hair squirmed. “I was just trying.”

“Um…Zero?” Agnis turned towards me, looking for an answer. Not sure if he would give her an okay.

“What?” Zero asked. He stood his ground, he wasn’t happy that he was suddenly asked to be given a ride like an horse. The other girls stared up at him, wondering what he would say.

“So?” The girl with yellow hair asked, twiddling her fingers.

“No.” Zero replied. “I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable with strangers.”

“Oh,” the girl gaze cast down, her lips became a frown, and her shoulder started to shudder.

“Ah, you made her cry.” Her friend replied. “You’re the worst.”

Zero got the feeling that this girl in front of her was just using her tears as a weapon to get to him. He felt uncomfortable as large tears started to trail down her cheeks. She quickly wipe it away and composed herself.

“No. It’s alright,” she replied with a half-hearted smile. “I should’ve known that royalty wouldn’t give rides to commoners.” The way she said it was sweet, but cold like a dagger.

The other girl whispered and gave Zero death glares. They came around her and started to pat her on the back, telling her not to cry.

Her words rubbed Zero the wrong way. How could she misinterpret what he had said into not like giving ride to a commoner. What does she think he is? A horse. He snorted, blowing out hot air out of his nose. The girls yelped, taking a step back from the sudden wave of hot air that wrapped around them.

“Take that back.” Agnis shortly replied after. “He’s not like that.”

“What are you talking about. He’s just think he’s all that because he’s dragon royalty.” One of the girls shouted, giving Agnis a glare. The heated stare between the two intensified.

“You don’t know him. Just because he said no, you go around crying as if it’s the end of the world. Grow up, he’s people just like us and he can say no if he doesn’t find it comfortable.” She snapped, her hand crossed in front.

“Hmph, you think you can get away just because guys crawl up to your feet with a snap of a finger slut?”

“Woah, that was uncalled for.” Valiant spoke out in complete disbelief.

“She is Zero’s partner and partners aren’t sluts,” Reed slide of Valiant’s back. Anger laced her body, while she pointed at the group of girls. “If you weren’t so rude, other’s might not have mind giving you a ride, but now you’re all complete dicks just because things don’t go her way. If you want to call someone a slut, you should look at your friend. Everything that she’s wearing is bought. Her armor is called Red Fox Armor, a $2,000 on the net, the Eleven Fairy bow is $600, and those Sprite Boots are $200. Not only that, she tears up from being rejected? How the hell do you think she’ll be able to go up against monsters with that timid attitude. Seriously? Zero worked his way up, he just recently found out he’s royalty a month ago and you think that was bought like your friend here? Hardly.” She spat, waving her finger in front of girls with her hand on her hips.

People stopped to see what was going on with curious eyes, more and more started to form around them, making the girls uncomfortable.

Zero and the rest of the group was completely startled by Reed’s outburst, she wasn’t the type to start a fight or be outspoken. Even Valiant stared at her with a glowing pride that seemed to blossom on his face. If he could fist pump in his dragon form, Zero thought he could do it any moment.

“So get your head straight, grow up, and stop acting like a complete bitch.”

The other girls stood there complete shock unable to say anything else but to stand there looking stupid.

“That’s my girl!” Shouted Sekka, her mouth was littered with a full set of sharp white teeth that glistened under the sun, making them look completely dangerous. It wasn’t until Sekka spoke out with a chuckle that made the others snap out of their stupor.

“You dragons are all arrogant pricks!” The girl who was shielding her yellow haired friend, stood up and pointed at them. “I swear, I’ll make sure you all die!”

Zero snapped his head towards them so quickly, that they flinched back. His body tensed up, he stood up straight until he made himself big.  His black scales shifted from a radiant sparkle to a dull black with a heart jerking oppression.

“What did you say?” Zero golden eyes glowed dangerously, Green eerie fire start to spark off in his mouth like fireworks.

Everyone who were watching started to scuttle backwards, fear laced their hearts, and the oppressive aura of a dragon started to alarming ring across the town square. Silence filled the air, people held in their breath worried about what was going to happen next.

“I-I s-s-said, t-t-that all you d-d-dragons are arrogant pricks and assholes!” She shouted, bringing herself up as best as she could, and pointed towards Zero.

“I see.” An evil grin slowly spread across his lips, his claws extended outwards scratching against the ground floor. Even Valiant and Sekka, who were dragon themselves, started to step back and shudder.

“It seems you don’t understand the word ‘No’. Plus, you begin creating your own fantasies without completely understanding why. I told you, I don’t feel comfortable letting a stranger ride my back. Plus, I am no horse that you can just get up and ride on me like an animal. My partner is the only one who is even allowed to just sit there, because I know her, and she’s my friend. Have you even attempted to be my friend? No, you didn’t even make an effort.”

Green and black flames spat out of his mouth like raging torrent of fire every time he spoke. The s’s of his words became longer, and his tongue flickered out like a snake. His eyes glinted with disgust at the the girls in front of him. Even his tail moved back and forth with irritation, a couple of times he knocked over a basket of fruits and other items.

“Not only that you disrespected my friends and my partner. I believe it is best that you leave now before I slaughter you in front of everyone, when I’m asking nicely.”

The girls stood there unmoving, Zero suspected a few of them couldn’t move from their spot. Their face was laced with horror, their body shaking, and even their scent was the familiar scent of fear that he knew too well.

“I said leave!” With a blast of green and black flames, he shot downwards in front of them. A wave of hot air slapped them in their body, they stumbled and scrambled backwards. Each of them ran away, trying to outrun the other.

Zero temper started to lessen, Agnis and Reed stare behind them with an amused expression. The people who were watching, started to once again move around, leaving the premises. Some stay behind to chatter, staring at Zero and his gang with awe, the others shook their heads and look towards Zero with disfavor, but majority of them nodded in understanding in what had happened and agreed with what Zero had done.

“Fufufufufufu,” Agnis bell-like voice chuckled, her hands covered her mouth.

“What are you laughing at?” Zero’ head swived over towards his back. The intensity that he had around himself disappeared and was replaced by confusion. This whole time the air around them were serious, and Agnis just broke it with a snap of a finger with her laugh.

Agnis reached over, and patted his neck. She then pointed towards his shoulder where his baby size winged seem to be fully opened up. Her hand reached over and poked his wings a couple of times.

“So cute. When you got angry, your wings opened up and started to flap. It look like you were trying to cause up a fury of wind, but all it did was flap around so cutely, that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

Zero wasn’t sure what to say, maybe it was a bad idea to let her ride on his back, especially because it seem like she won’t stop attacking his poor little wings. He wished that his wing would hurry up and get bigger as soon as possible so she wouldn’t make fun of him. His life was on the line every time she played around with his wings.

He was already forming a headache at her childish behavior, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but watch her cute smile. These days, he been watching her more and more, her actions becoming cuter by the second. Sometimes, he thought that her whole persona seem to sparkle with life, making it even more difficult to look away. He had to tear himself away, before he was caught staring for too long.

With a loud cough, he caught her attention. Her hand was itching to tackle his wings once again, but he stopped her just in time. “We should be going. The army will move out soon and we wasted a good twenty minutes.”

“Ah.” Agnis straightened herself, pulled back her white hair as if nothing was wrong, and nodded her head. She was back to the cold elf princess attitude that she normally wore on her face. The nobility probably could come second to the elf queen, making it quite charming. People mistook her at times since the beginning for an elf nobility from the way she carried herself and the clothes that she wore.

Now that he thought about it, her armor has changed to make her features stand out even more. She wore silver and black armor that was a mix between a armored skirt. On her shoulder a feathered like clothes that wrapped around her like a scarf, and even the high knee shoe covered majority of her legs. A crown like headband that covered half of her head, letting her white hair draped downwards to her chest with her elf ears peeking out to the side. The only part of her skin that was showing off was face and a little bit of her legs, the rest were well covered up by the armor that she wore.

Even an elegant elf bow tip with feathers was strapped to her back, and on her side was two swords, one longer than the other. She look like a warrior elf princess, her right hand rested on the hilt of her sword as she gazed off towards the city exit. With her sitting on a large black and gold dragon made it even more intimidating and regal, especially someone like him. He was considered a rarity in the dragon species. Honestly, he was the only one alive in the whole world that he knows of.

“Well then, let’s go.” Agnis waved her hand in front of her, her heels clicked on my side.

For a moment there, Zero felt like a horse at the way she directed him. His eyes squinted towards her, her mouth opened up to say something, but Agnis interrupted him.

“What are you waiting for? You said, we’ll be late right?”


“Then let’s go!”

Zero gave a defeated sigh, his shoulder slumped and he started moving towards the southern gates. They continued through the tall elven buildings that were a mix match of plants and trees that made up half the building. Just walking down every corner of the city floor was an exotic artwork that naturally blended in with the environment.

They eventually made their way towards the front of the gates, where a thousands of players were present. People were divided by guilds, parties, and quite a good handful were solo players. When Zero’s group stepped out into the field, everyone turned their gaze towards them.

“We bring quite the attention to ourselves, don’t we?” Valiant chuckled. “Especially, our captain here.” He walked up from behind Zero’s left.

“So what?” Sekka replied, not caring about the stares that she was given. A majority of the female side of the group gazed at her with excitement. Her presence as a gold dragon was more angelic and calming than Valiant. “Just ignore them.”

Valiant, a black dragon, had a heavy dark atmosphere around him, making the people near him tensed. He look like an evil dragon that came out from a fairy tale. One look, the people turned their gaze away from him, and continued on doing their work.

People split ways for Zero’s party as they moved towards the center. They settled down, and waited for the event to start.

“Hey Zero!” Zeraph’s voice called out in the dense crowd. He squeezed his way past the thick crowd of people.

“Zeraph, what took you so long?” Zero asked. Zeraph was the type to usually be on time, but today he wasn’t. Instead, he look a lot more winded than usual.

“I had to finish up a quest.” Zeraph quickly replied. He bent over, trying to catch his breath.

“That’s what took you awhile, huh.”

“Yea, you wouldn’t believe the amount of tasks that I had to check off. For a chain quest, I been moving around as some kind of delivery service.” He snorted, he straightened himself and ran his hair backwards.

“Chain quest?” Zero cocked his head. “That would do it to you.”

Zeraph grumbled under his breath. “I was lucky enough to finish it just in time or I wouldn’t have made it here today. Let’s get this quest over and done with.”

A loud blast of a horn trumped outwards. Everyone turned their attention towards the sound, wondering what was causing it. What people saw next were tens of thousands of elven troops wearing green and silver armor, covered from head-to-toe. They walked towards the group of players, and stopped in front of them in a rhythmic beat.

Liam, the human general of the Elven Queen, stepped out, riding on a brown horse with his helmet wrapped in his hand near his waist gaze out towards the players. His voice became low but loud, catching everyone’s attention with a shout.

“Thank you all for coming here today. It is my pleasure to lead you towards our Holy expedition. To see so many young and old, who are willing to serve our Elven Queen, brings great joy.” A stern gaze scanned around the surrounding. “In the land that we are headed too are an ancient lands that had been shrouded by mystery for thousands of years, and now we take this step forward towards bringing glory once again to our people.”

People hung onto his every word, excited at the adventure to come. They all knew that the Dark Continent was considered a danger zone, especially because of the large amount of high level monsters that roamed the land. The countless treasure, explored terrains, and even possibly gaining new lands were a possibility as a whole.

“Now, with the combined forces of the queens and Adventurer’s alike, we shall go and reclaim our Holy Mantle that brought glory to this city for many generation!” He yelled with enthusiasm, lifting up his helmet in the air. “Let us proceed for the glory of the Elven Queen!”

Everyone cheered into the air with wild enthusiasm. Liam put his helmet on his head, and spurred his horse forward. The giant army lurched forward into a steady rhythm, heading down south towards the Dark Continent.

Zero and his group followed behind. Days passed as the armies march inched slowly towards the south. There wasn’t much fighting going on through the dense forest, as a majority of the monsters that the army came across was quickly dispatched effortlessly without delay. There weren’t much actions throughout the whole day in real time.

They talked, camped, and continued walking onwards, behind the Elven army. The journey on foot wasn’t as exciting and fun as a lot of people thought it out to be. Instead, it was a repetition of the day as they walked in a slow pace, lugging the supplies behind them.

Zero and his group, eventually made their way towards the edges of border of the Fire Continent. The sharp contrast of the scenery changed from the lush forest to open rolling plains. There weren’t many trees, but tall yellow grass that came up to the waist. Even the monsters were more skittish, running away from the large moving army that slowly descended upon their habitat.

As the army emerged out of the trees, Liam shouted to a halt. “Halt!”

Everyone stopped, waiting what their general would do and say.

“We are at the borders of the Fire Continent, this is my last chance in telling you all, that you can turn back now. What we face out in this plains are not just simple monsters we fight in the Fire Continent, but monsters of legends!” His voice was harsh and to the point. “There is no remuneration if you turn now, but once you cross into the plains, I will not tolerate any disobedience! Do you understand?!”

“Yes!” Adventurers and soldiers yelled, but no one moved.

“Good. Then follow me!” Liam was the first one to step into the open plains with holding back. He didn’t show fear or worry and dive straight in. The soldiers followed his example effortlessly, while the Adventurer’s glanced around a moment to see if others would back down. So far, no one stopped moving, and headed into the thicket of the grass.

Throughout the afternoon, the hot beating sun scorched downwards on the soldiers and Adventurers, making them sweat every step they took. Hours went by, until finally the sun started to set.

General Liam stopped the soldiers from advancing forward, and ordered everyone to step up camp. Soldiers and players, busily moved around as tents were set, food were cooked, and even fire started.

Zero on the other hand didn’t need to put up the tent. He was too big to fit inside the tent that he brought along with him. Even now, the problem with food had become a lot more worrisome than before. His large body took three times the amount than usual, and all he brought was enough for a one month trip for a human body. Now the food that he has left was a good two weeks. He didn’t know for how long this trip would last, and he knew that he had to go out hunting for food very soon.

Walking over towards the half made tent that Agnis was working on, he flopped down next to it and sat waiting for her to finish.

Agnis had majority of her armor off, she brushed back her white hair over her ears and gave out a satisfied grunt when she was complete. Turning around, she gaze up towards Zero with a frown.

“Why haven’t you changed yet?” Her hand was on her hips.

“Can’t shift.”

“Can’t shift? Since when?”

“Since my wings erupted from my back.”

“Wait, why?”

“I don’t know, but until it’s fully grown. I’m stuck in this form.”

Agnis thought it over, her finger tapping the side of her hip. “That’s going to be a problem, especially your food intake.”

“Yea, I noticed.”

“Do you want to go out hunting tonight? We can stock up on meat that we will desperately need.”

Zero nodded. “That would be a good idea.”

“Well then, I’ll call Sekka, while Valiant watches over our things.”

“Good idea, plus I was getting tired of just lazily walking with nothing to do these past few days.” Zero groaned. “I can’t wait to shred a couple of monsters with my claws.”

“Yea, yea. Don’t go crazy on me yet.” Agnis patted my side. “Give me a moment, and i’ll call everyone over.”


Agnis turned around, and started to call the others through her friend list. Zero on the other hand, sat and waited. During the time that he waited, he felt a strange presence swamping through the field. Something was out there, making him feel antsy, and the presence was getting closer and closer.

The sound of a high pitch scream erupted into camp, making everyone freeze up what they were doing. Zero bolted up onto his legs, and scanned into the dark. What he saw made him tense up.


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