(Jan. 15, 2017. Story completed)

Tila Leo woke up in an unfamiliar setting where her life is thrown upside down. She is cast into the future in a body that she never expected to ever believed even existed: a werewolf body. From this new life, she is given things that she never expected to get. An annoying werewolf spirit that constantly annoys her, and a jackass of an Alpha that is supposed to be her so called  ‘Soulmate’, who rejected the former body tenant Kimberly Li.

    Even still Tila doesn’t care. She wants nothing to do with this ‘mate’ business, and  instead she’s glad that he did. This is her adventure, where she’ll pave her own future and her destiny. 

Please do not steal my work. I worked hard to write this story and its not easy.

Fantasy, Werewolves, Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural, Reincarnation, Vampires. Tragedy

Warning contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing. Mild Languages. Mature. Read at your own discretion. This is not a Dragon’s perspective type of story. Heavy with Romance!


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