Drezo Regalia V7 h. 8

Chapter 8


Warning! Entering a forbidden Dungeon of a A Class level! Once entered, the enemy will know of your presence! Warning!


Alarmed, Zero took a step back unsure if he wanted to take the dive in right this moment. His hesitance caused Jorge to walk forward without even caring about the consequences.

“What are you scared of?” Jorge huffed, shaking himself a couple of times before he stepped in.

A thundering roar resounded throughout the cave, amplifying the sound and causing everyone to be in a mess of status ailments that hit them all in a full blow swarm as there screen were filled with messages.


Temporary stunning effect has set for a duration of thirty seconds. You will not be able to move for the duration of time.


Temporary fear effect has set in for a duration of five minutes. Moving forward will be very difficult, high chance of fleeing.


Temporary blind effect has set in for a duration of one hour. The harsh sound wave has caused your brain to lose focus and rattle your optic nerves, because of the sheer force.


Temporary loss of hearing has set in for a duration of one hour. The harsh sound wave has caused you a loss of hearing. It is ill advised to listen to another harsh sound or a loss of hearing is insured.


Temporary confusion has set in for a duration of one minute. The harsh sound has caused all your senses to become jumbled up, making moving very difficult.


Because you are a Drezo Regalia, certain status effect has been increased in time. The Behemoth’s power has specifically targeted all Drezo Regalia in the vicinity.


WARNING! WARNING! You have entered Behemoth’s Territory! Behemoth’s knows of your presence. It is highly advised for you to leave the vicinity! WARNING! WARNING!


SEED SHARD QUEST has been temporarily been forced on all Players and NPC in the vicinity!



Quest of the Holy Mantle


The Elven Hero, Samuel, was the last elf to hold onto the treasured legendary artifact that has been passed down by royalty. This Holy Mantle has a unique property of countering magic, and protecting the wielder from prying eyes. The Queen of the Elven Kingdom has set up a special quest to enter into the Dark Continent to retrieve her father’s equipment.


<Special Seed Shard Side Quest: Behemoth>


Special quest that has been added. Survive against the Behemoth’s attack and his swarms, take back the Holy Mantle, and make it back to the Elven City of Elements to use its city defensive magic against the Behemoth. General Liam must not die or the quest is forfeit.


Quest Level: A- (Increased in difficulty from B+)

Failure: Loss of levels and decrease in affinity with the Elven Queen. Incapable to resurrect for one week.

Reward: One high level equipment of Eleven made armor or Weapon. Increase in affinity with the residents and the Elven Queen.


The Behemoth’s is the one of the many feared General of the Demon Prince’s army. All Drezo Regalias will be hunted down by the Behemoth’s hunger, unless killed.


“Damn it Jorge! You had to step in?!”Zeraph yelled pissed off. “I’m completely filled with status ailments and message! How the hell did I just complete my part of the Quest?!”

“What?!” Jorge shouted, fumbling around like a zombie. “I can’t hear you!”

“When I find you, I’m going to throttle you!”

“Whaaaaattt?! Repeat that?!”

“Ahhhhhrrrrggghh!” Zeraph screamed at the top of his lungs.

“This damnable status ailments!” Jorge smacked himself against the wall, while he was walking around unable to do anything correctly.

“Noooooo!” Some of the players screamed in hysteria.

“We’re going to die!”

“I can’t see!”

“Who’s there?”


“Someone save me!”

Other players were unable to move because of fear, while some players actually took off out from the cave itself, abandoning them.

In contrast, the Elven soldiers didn’t scream or panic, instead they were calm and collected. They knew what to do in such a situation and kept still for a moment to get rid of majority of their status ailments that hit them.

Zero couldn’t believe his luck, especially at the time like this. Even he was hit with a swarm of status ailments, regardless of him being in his dragon form, making this the first time in a long time he had felt such affects. It reminded him of when he was back in his pup days, making him feel a lot weaker than before. The pride that he had was quickly smashed to pulp, and he was reminded once again to not be arrogant in his dragon form.

The other thing that he noticed that could bring him a slew of problems, was that two of his five senses were blocked for one hour, meaning that the fight against Behemoth or escaping out of here was going to be troublesome. This was a very unfavorable situation. In a span of one hour, a lot of things could happen that could cost them their life.

What made this whole experience worse was the Demon General Behemoth’s presence in the cave, meaning that there was a hundred percent chance that all the Drezo Regalia’s will be destroyed. He knew now that he needed to somehow kill the Behemoth, but the question was how.

The power that he could feel in the cave didn’t compare to the time when he fought with any other bosses, instead, it was like he was back to the time when he fought the Demon Hero Lilith. Even still, the thought of fighting something stronger than him made his dragon instincts both excited and afraid.

Even though Zero was swamped with status ailments, he stood in place, waiting for everything to clear. He had to focus as best as his could and use whatever other senses his has left to feel his surrounding. It was difficult, but his dragon senses were able to quickly compensate the loss of hearing and sight.

Instead, the sense of touch, smell, and taste amplified by five folds. Allowing him to feel things that he never felt before, he was now able to sense in the dark. Even though, he couldn’t see, the closer the people, the stronger the smell. Sometimes, he could taste his surroundings around him with his tongue, giving him an low grade heat vision like a snake.

His eyes were quickly being replaced as he strained hard to redirect his other senses more in his favor. It took a couple minutes, but his dragon body was doing everything for him. Now he could see through a different source of vision, allowing him to see in a more advanced heat vision. He didn’t have to worry so much about hearing or seeing through his regular eyes anymore.


You have went beyond your handicap and was able to redirect your sense. You are now able to use Heat Vision in your dragon form.


Another ability that he was able to sense was the vibration on the ground, giving him a 3D like map in his head. The bustling of thousands of feet gave him a good idea of how a portion of the cave was even made.


You have went beyond your handicap and was able to redirect your sense. You are now able to create 3D maps using through the vibration in the ground.


Thrilled at what he recieved, he swiveled his head back and forth, taking a good look around him. All of his status ailments dropped, leaving him with only two. He could feel the priest that followed along with them casting Recovery to combat against majority of the status ailments, but they weren’t able to completely get rid of the two major ones: Sight and Sound. They could only reduce the time by thirty minutes, but even then, they didn’t have enough power to go through every soldiers.

They were only able to heal themselves and a handful of important officials until they were able to recover back some of their magic, and the army didn’t move, because there lost of sight and sound. General Liam sat still on his horse, unmoving as he contemplated on what to do. Thankfully, his horse was a war horse and didn’t bolt as easily like the rest of the others.

Zero scanned his surroundings and saw a couple of other distinctive heat source. One was bright, giving a hot radiating power that wasn’t too far away from his location. Something about the power was the complete opposite of what they had just felt, it was calm and inviting. While the second source was lively and dangerous. He could also feel where the source of all the problems weres, meaning that was the Behemoth.

Luckily, Behemoth was a long ways off, giving them a bit of time. Then, Zero saw General Liam start to moved in the direction towards the calmer of the two heat sources, making Zero wonder if he noticed it too.

General Liam army broke apart into two. The larger army stay behind and the smaller group followed behind General Liam. They weren’t many; Zero could see that they were about twenty and they followed General Liam as if they knew what was going on.

Zero got the feeling that General Liam’s army understood what General Liam wanted, he had seen him do a couple of hand tapping on the other people’s hand as it quickly spread through the army. He then walked over towards General Liam as he followed behind him.

“What’s going on?” Agnis squealed as she held on tightly to Zero’s back. “Where are we? Why are we moving? I can’t see!”

“We’re moving? What?” Jorge was flat on Zero’s back. “Where in tarnation are we going!” He pounded his fist onto Zero’s back to get his attention, but Zero didn’t reply or think too much of it. The reason was because he couldn’t hear what Jorge was even saying.

“Zero, where in the blazes are you taking us?” Zeraph sighed, he sat down on Zero’s back as his hand rested on his arm.

Zero was able to move around the cave, leaving behind the army. They stepped through a couple of winding tunnels, getting further and further away from the dangerous Behemoth. Eventually, as they moved towards the holy source, they arrived after about thirty minutes. General Liam walked over towards some kind of steps, as he reached over and grabbed the powerful source. He knew that it was the item they were searching for: the Holy Mantle. It was a simple grab and leave, the moment that General Liam touched the source, his body seems to glow with holy energy.

General Liam tucked the Holy Mantle away into his bag, keeping it safe. It was just too easy, there were only two paths to the cave; one with no monster and the other with the Behemoth on the other end. Zero knew when it was too easy, there was always some kind of trap in all of this, and he was right.

Zero felt the ground tremble, and the walls shake underneath his claws. At first it was unnoticeable, and only Zero was barely able to feel it.

General Liam was getting on his horse and then making their way back towards the army in hurried pace. The closer they got back towards the entrance, the harder the ground trembled.

“What is going on?!” General Liam was leaning over low on his horse. “We need to get out of her fast!”

Zero felt an ominous aura coming from left, and when he turned his other sight, he saw a huge body coming closer and closer. It wasn’t a run, but a steady powerful walk that stated that the Behemoth didn’t need to rush forward to deal with them. He had a feeling that the Behemoth was just leisurely taking its time as it made it way over towards them.

The rocks on the walls and ceiling started to crumble, falling down from overhead. It wasn’t just one or two, but many that could kill a man or an elf. Some the size of a human sized spear fell.

Even the vibration on the ground trembled as he saw spots all over the ground coming to life like rain, and he instinctively knew that something was falling from the ceiling. General Liam’s soldiers that came with him weren’t all able to dodge out of harm’s way, some got squashed in the process, leaving behind about ten.

They attempted to run, but were prevented because of their handicap. Not being able to see and hear created a detriment in their movement. What was worse, the closer they got towards the entrance, the larger the boulders fell and worse the ground shook.

Even Zero was having a hard time not to be swamped by the falling hazard that could kill him, especially the ones that were shaped into a sharp spear. Zero had to push his senses to the extreme.

The heat sources helped him see, giving him a pretty good image of what was around him,but what really helped him was the feeling through his fingers and body. He could feel the vibration through his finger and even the slight vibration in the air. Pushing his body allowed him to experience a whole new side of himself that he never would’ve experienced. His intuition became ten times sharper, allowing him to make judgements that was completely different from when he had the ability to see or hear.

If anyone could see the extraordinary feat that Zero was doing, they would’ve been astonished at his flexibility in his dragon body and sharp instinct. Every time the stalactites fell from the ceiling, Zero would just barely move out of harm’s way by feeling the air around him, letting it come inches away from his scales.

They were more times than he could count where the stalactites had barely missed spearing either Jorge, Agnis, and Zeraph by a few inches if it wasn’t for Zero moving out of harm’s way. Even Jorge could tell that they were flirting with death with every second of their time inside the cave, and he wanted to get out of as fast as possible, but couldn’t. All he could do right this moment was hold onto Zero’s back and pray that he wouldn’t get killed.

Even Agnis and Zeraph had to push their senses to the limit, moving around just as fluidly, but quickly to destroy any extra stalactites that Zero missed. Zero wasn’t a god who could sense every single one, but he could rival a master martial artist with the crazy  feat of dodging so many with two out of five senses hindered.

Eventually, they were able to get towards the front of the entrance. Almost all the army and the players had scuttled out from the cave and was waiting outside. Quite a few of the players and even the soldiers started to be able to see much faster than they could hear. They knew exactly what was going on and helped ferried the others out.

When Zero, General Liam, and the remaining soldiers spilled out, General Liam quickly used touch signals to move the army into a march, quickly away from the cave. Even though they were moving, they were slow, the ground shook even more vicious as the rocks on the cliff started to break apart.

Zero could feel the rumble of the rocks, tumbling down towards them from the side. From the right, a large landslide of rocks broke apart, completely taking out a tenth of the army in matter of seconds. Luckily, Zero didn’t have to hear the screams or the painful sound of bones breaking and being squashed to smoosh, such thought made his stomach twirl.

“Move! Move! Move!” General Liam yelled, even though nobody heard him shout, they all knew that something bad was going on.

The army continued to quickly move forward in a frenzy, trying to get out of the trenches. Already, a quarter of the players was blundering around as they got trampled over each other, eventually succumbing to the falling rocks. At first, his war horse listened to him, but made a blunder and fell, breaking its leg. General LIam was thrown off as he rolled on the ground.

Zero knew instantly that this was going to be quite a problem, he raced over towards General Liam and picked him up like a cub.

“What in the world?!” General Liam threw up his hand over his head, trying to throw in a couple of jabs to get whoever off of him, but his swings completely missed. “Put me down! Whoever you are!”

Zero, Seeka, and Valiant pushed through without much difficulties, zipping through the land. He could feel the horrible evil power chasing after them leisurely and each step felt like the Behemoth was that much closer.

Eventually, they were able to get out of the dangerous cliff as now a good three-fourth of the army could now see and only a half could hear. Zero and his companions weren’t lucky enough to be given a status recovery so they were stuck with the ailments for a little longer. He checked how much more time that he had before it would expire, and he found out he still had a good ten minutes left.

Ten minutes was a lot of time, especially when they were running away from a Boss class monster that was bent on destroying all the Drezo Regalia, plus he got a very bad feeling that the Behemoth actually allowed them to take the Holy Mantle instead of the other way around. That in itself was a whole different meaning, stating that the Behemoth could get the Holy Mantle anytime it wanted.

General Liam’s sight and hearing finally came around, allowing him to see around him. “Zero?” He craned his head to see that it was Zero who had him like a newborn kitten. “What? Wait?! The others!”

Zero didn’t hear a single word, how could he when he was still under its effect.

“Damn it, Zero! I said stop!” General Liam squirmed, trying to get out of Zero’s mouth. Eventually, Zero noticed General Liam’s squirm and stopped, dropping him flat on the ground. He knew that he couldn’t let General Liam die, he had the Holy mantle with him, making him a priority, even though the thought of leaving all the soldiers left a very bad aftertaste in his mouth.

“We have what we need, there is no rush to get out of here so quickly!” General Liam grumbled and got up to his feet. He glanced up towards Zero, getting a good look at him. “Zero! Are you listening?!” He snapped his finger at him a couple more times.

Zero didn’t respond and stared off into the distance where the Behemoth was coming, he could see the heat signs of the Behemoth’s body getting bigger and bigger.

“Zero?!” General Liam tried to call again, and it finally dawned on him that Zero was still blind and deaf. This shocked General Liam immensely, especially because he maneuvered out of the dangerous area and came out without as many scratches, most of them were superficial. When he looked at Zero, he was amazed at Zero’s instinct, and had a new profound respect towards him. “You’re truly a monster.” He whispered, Zero didn’t catch a single word.

Zero swiveled his head and tilted it, he could see less than a thousand soldiers, and even less of the players came running out from danger. Majority of the players who gotten out alive was out of sheer luck, in which case was a skill in itself. He frowned, knowing full well that this was going to be a very difficult battle, his gut instinct told him that there was a very high chance that he would fail.

Still, he didn’t cowered from the danger, instead, waiting a few more seconds before he decided whether or not he pick up General Liam and dash away.

General Liam was redirecting his army into two as both sides hide themselves behind the cliff walls. They got themselves ready to push back the Behemoth and stand and fight against the monster, instead of drawing it back towards the city.

Zero wasn’t sure having a standoff right here against the Behemoth was a good idea, and honestly, he had a bad feeling about the whole idea. He could see the heat signature of the Behemoth, slowly slugging its way over. He could also see that there was some kind of heavy tail that resembled a dolphin’s tail being pulled behind it, with the rest of its body reminding him of  some kind of oversized buffalo.

From his guess, with the way that the Behemoth was taking its sweet time in making its way over, was that the army would have a better chance of fleeing. Zero didn’t want the soldiers to die over a pointless battle, so he rushed over towards General Liam. General Liam’s scent was engraved in his mind, and he easily found him.

“General Liam!” Zero trotted over quickly. “We need to get out of here!”

General Liam turned towards him, and folded his arm. “What are you talking about this is a good tim-”

Zero interrupted General Liam as he just continually talked. “The Behemoth is walking in a slow pace, at this rate, it will be better if we run away and make it quickly back towards the city.”

“What are you su-” Once again General Liam was interrupted.

“Please trust me on this. Even though, I can’t see or hear right this moment, I can still sense it in a different way. We need to leave now!”

General Laim went speechless, he completely forgot that Zero was deaf and blind for that split moment, he was to engrossed on what to do.

“Using the city’s’ defense mechanism will be more beneficial in this fight. Plus, we will have more people fighting with us.”

General Liam thought it over, but then he shook his head. “No, not worth the time. We  need to kill this monster now instead of running away.” He then turned around, leaving Zero behind.

For a moment, Zero thought General Liam understood him as he was shouting and waving towards his soldiers, but as time pass by, he saw nobody moving in the direction that they should be going. In actuality, they were staying at their designated spot, waiting for the Behemoth.

“Damn it!” Zero swore, rumbling with annoyance. This battle wasn’t going to be in a favorable situation, and there were still a good amount of players and soldiers who were blinded and deaf.

“What in blazes going on?” Jorge replied, holding onto his spine. “Is everything alright?”

As if Zeraph and Agnis was actually understanding Jorge words they replied.

“I got a very bad feeling about this.” Agnis pushed her body even closer to Zero, her arms wrapping around his spine like her life depended on it. “Where are we Zero?”

“Zero, we need to move away from this area now!” Zeraph yelled, slapping the side of his neck, telling him to hurry up.

Still, Zero brushed off Zeraph’s pat and stare at the direction of General Liam. He paced back and forth, debating on what he should do. Go in and snatch General Liam and run or choose to fight to the last man standing. Zero gritted his teeth, and dash forward.

“Gah! Zero!” Agnis grabbed on really tightly so she wouldn’t fall off. She was bulking up and down into a sprint, causing her hair to spray all over her face. “Slow down!”

“Ugh!” Jorge held in his breath, trying not to barf on Zero’s shoulder.

The intense energy was coming towards the General Liam’s army a lot quicker than before, and everyone felt it. They shuddered, holding onto their weapons close to them as they waited. Nobody knew what exactly they were facing, all they knew it was called the Behemoth. Even from its name, they knew that they were going to fight against a Legendary creature that haven’t appeared until now.

Even the horse whined and whimpered, neighing in fright at what was coming towards them. They skittered around, pacing back and forth, until finally they couldn’t take it anymore as they bulked. All the soldiers and players who had horses were thrown off their horse as it ran away in fright.

People started to panic, knowing full well that controlling their mount wasn’t easy. For it to run away made their escape that much difficult, meaning that this was a stand or die fight. A rare few who was on their horse were dragged away along with them unable to make them turn around.

“Blasted horse!” One of the players fell of with a loud thud as the horse ran away.

Players were chasing after their run away horse, but miserably failed. Some were even jostled around by other players and soldiers, trying to stop, causing quite a number of accidents.

“What’s going on?!”

“Something is coming!” A player shrilled in fright, the overpowering energy was getting stronger, making it difficult to breath. “We need to escape!”

“Shut up! Nobody is escaping!”

“Get ready!” General Liam’s voice cut through the panic, helping to quell the chaos. “We’ll defeat the monster here and now! For the honor of the Elven Queen and the Hero Samuel!”

The army cheered drowning out the shouts and fear.

General Liam ylled. “To honor!”

“To honor!” The others replied with just as much enthusiasm.

The Behemoth’s steps became heavy, causing the ground underneath them to shake horribly. A giant head emerged out from behind the cliff as it took up one third of its body, its large mouth was gaping open, breathing in and out its foul air through its mouth.

Everyone cringed from the horrible stench of its breath, making their stomach turn. Its six beady black eyes were like small buttons on the sides of its head, scales that were jagged and rough like a elephant covered its body. Walking slowly on all four of its leg, its hammer-like tail thrashed around and hit the side of the wall. Upon impact, the wall crumpled, bring down with it an avalanche.

“Attack!” General Liam yelled, pointing his sword towards the monster.

On both sides, the army spilled out, throwing magic at the Behemoth’s body.

Behemoth raised up its front legs, and stomped downwards hard. The ground trembled, and everyone floundered around as they fell onto the ground. Even Zero dropped low, hugging the ground. Large fissure like division erupted around the Behemoth’s leg, splitting the ground itself. A handful of soldiers that was close to the Behemoth was suddenly pulled into the dark depths. Screams of horror and fear could be heard as they disappeared into the ground.

The Behemoth picked up its other leg and slammed down once again. The ground trembled even harder as it split the ground once again, this time taking with it a good handful of players on the right side.

“Nooooo!” A female player screamed as she tumbled into the dark depths and died.

“Ruuuun!” Another scrambled up, trying to escape but he couldn’t as the ground broke under him.




“Someone save me!”

Chaos was rampant, the players were in chaos, while the army attempted to get back up to stop the Behemoth from going through another stomp. Flashes of magic flew through the air as it bombarded down upon the Behemoth’s side, causing it to falter. Blasts of smoke erupted outwards, covering a good portion of its body.

“We got it!” A quite a few soldiers yelled in excitement, but when the smoke cleared up, the Behemoth only stood there stoically, completely unphased..

“How?!” One of the soldiers gasped. “That’s our strongest spell!”

The magic around the mage this time swarmed in a powerful aura, a wide scale magic was being activated around one hundred elven mages. With such  a powerful attack a large magic circle started to form under their feet. Even the air around them started to tense up with power almost equivalent to the the Behemoth’s strength.

“Protect the magician!” General Liam yelled. “Don’t let the Behemoth get close to them!”

The Behemoth could feel the power welling up around the magician and instinctively knew that he was in danger. It slugged its body over in the attempt to crush them with its foot. Quickly, the soldiers and players scrambled up onto their feet, and sprinted over towards the Behemoth’s leg in the attempt to draw its attention.

The soldiers shot multiple arrows, lodging it into the side of its body. Quite a few irritated the Behemoth and diverted it attention away from the magician. They scrambled around, trying not to get stomped on by the Behemoth’s heavy foot.

“Watch out for its feet!” An elven soldier shot an arrow to its side, the Behemoth didn’t stomp hard to cause another tremor, but it did kill quite a few unlucky soldiers and players that was underneath its feet.

“Keep its focus!” General Liam rushed forward, he raised an bow and fired continuous shots of arrows into the side of the Behemoth’s head. When the Behemoth got closer, he rushed in forward, slicing the side of the Behemoth’s leg as best as he could.

Players and the army a like swarmed in around the Behemoth’s body like ants, attempting to bring down a giant. They swung, shot, and casted magic with the best of their abilities. Even the health on the Behemoth was slowly decreasing, but it wasn’t doing as much as anyone hoped. A blast of powerful energy was shot by the magicians, chipping away a portion of the Behemoth’s strength, but it didn’t do much against the Behemoth’s health.

Zero, who was a quite a few distance away, got up and bolted forward. He made it his goal to protect General Liam as best of his ability, even possibly spiriting him away when things went south.

Sekka and Valiant, both closely followed behind him. Valiant dragging his swarms of skeletal army behind with him. Sekka’s power increased three folds, her feathers and scales  shimmering with light, making her a bit blinding to see.

“Valiant?!” Reed cried out in panic, her hand grabbed ahold around Valiant body, unsure what was going on. “What’s happening?!”

“What’s going on? Is there a battle?” Leaf called out towards Sekka as he leaned close towards Sekka body.

Just like Zero, they couldn’t see or hear, but they had learned the same power as him. They could feel the raging war that was going on in front of them, and knew what Zero wanted to do without even telling them.

Eventually, all of them finally realized that they could talk with each other through a private telepathic communications. With such a thing, they didn’t need their character’s hearing.

Swarms of skeletal army smashed into the Behemoth’s leg, chopping away and attacking in attempt to put it down. The Behemoth lifted its leg, stomping down and flattening the skeletal army. Still, they relentlessly attacked, chipping away at the Behemoth’s health as best as it could.

“Zero!” Agnis words blared through Zero’s mind as he picked up the call that came to him. “What’s going on?! Why are you running?!”

“No time to explain in too much detail.” He hurried replied. “General Liam found the Hero’s Mantle, but he made the choice to fight the Behemoth.” The thought of fighting something that could kill them without reinforcement or any leverage was suicide. He knew that and General Liam made that decision that could cost hundreds of lives.

“Wait, the Behemoth’s here?!”

“Yea, we’re going to help him either push it back, or snatch him and make a run for it.” Zero swiveled towards the right, jumping over the large crack that was on the ground. He landed with a light thud like a cat, making his jump graceful for a blind dragon.

“We need to help them! We can’t let them die for nothing!”

“That’s difficult,” Zero growled, “I can’t normally see or hear, you know.”

“Still?” Agnis cursed, “why in the world are you still running then?!”

“I can still see in a different way. Too much to explain, relay the message to the others. We’re going into combat in less than thirty seconds.”

“On it.” Agnis cut off her connection, leaving Zero to his own thoughts.

Zero raced over towards General Liam, he jumped, lodging his claws and teeth into the side of the Behemoth’s leg. His jaws clamped down hard, trying to get a good chunk out of the Behemoth. Eventually, his teeth cut through, taking out a good chunk of flesh.

The Behemoth yelled, screaming in pain and anger at Zero’s act. It swiveled its ugly head towards Zero in the attempt to cut him down. It’s large body shook, rumbling in a low threatening tone, even its giant claws swipe towards Zero’s side. Zero jumped back, jostling his three passengers on his back.

“God damn it!” Jorge cursed so badly that he smacked his head on Zero’s spine. The jostle caused him to lurch forward, making him lose his grip. “What in the hell is happening! Damn it, why is it taking so long to see! This is complete bull!”

“Kyyaaaah!” Agnis screamed as she to was thrown to the side as she hit her back against the Zero’s spine.

While Zeraph kept his body low, keeping close to Zeraph as best as possible. It wasn’t easy to move around when they were three different people on his back, especially when they were nothing but dead weight right this moment.

The moment Zero jumped back, the Behemoth snarled, swinging its tail to the side in a low sweep. Hundreds of people were thrown by Behemoth’s tail flying a good distance away. Zero was luckily was able to dodge the tail and scramble away backwards. Even still, the Behemoth didn’t stop its rampage, breathing in deeply its belly became filled with air.

Zero felt his animal instinct kick in full gear, the heat in Behemoth’s belly glowed bright. He knew instantly that the Behemoth was going to spray out something very dangerous, and he bolted far away as possible. He didn’t want to be get caught up in the Behemoth’s attack. Glaring downwards at its enemy, the Behemoth spat out a lighting attack.

Static electricity danced outwards, hitting as many elves and player alike, while the remaining energy went into the ground dissipating the attack. The majority of them were stunned by its devastating attack, while the Behemoth snapped its giant head downwards and took a chomp out of its enemy. He even swallowed quite a few as it gobbled them up like snacks.

Zero bolted back in, his claws outwards as he slashed across the Behemoth’s leg. He then weaved in and out its leg, attacking with his claws and even his jaws. The thought of letting the monster get the best of him wasn’t an option. This was his tactic for the next couple of minutes, and every time the Behemoth felt like Zero was being too much of a nuisance it would spray out another electrical attack.

The third electrical breath attack, Zero wasn’t able to move out in time. He jumped up onto the Behemoth’s leg, attaching himself as close as possible. All three of his passenger was holding on tightly, they even strapped themselves upon Zero with a rope so they wouldn’t be thrown.

“I can finally see and hear!” Agnis shouted in joy, but when she saw where she was she gasped. “What?!”

“Finally!” Jorge grunted, but he was swaying side-to-side as he was strapped tightly on Zero’s back. “Holy mother of-?! Why are we off the ground?!”

“I don’t know, but we’re in the middle of battle!” Agnis quickly replied. She glanced up and saw what they were exactly. Zero was scaling up the colossal Behemoth that towered over them like skyscrapers. When she saw the monster that they were fighting against, she shivered.

Even Jorge was unable to speak from the sheer size of the creature that Zero was scaling. While Zeraph had his bow out, shooting his arrows at the Behemoth in the attempt to even hurt it, but so far his arrows barely even did much damage.

“It’s hide is too thick!” Zeraph shouted towards the other three. “We need something stronger!”

“Gotcha!” Agnis replied, she endowed her arrows with magic and fired off as many as she could. At first it was difficult, but her odd contorted angle was the best that she could do right this moment, especially because she was strapped against Zero’s back.

Zero could feel the heatwaves from his back, and he knew instantly that his teammates were finally fighting, making him bit relieved. What was still a problem was that he still couldn’t see or hear, making this fight really annoying and difficult.

Off to the side on the other leg, he could see both Sekka and Valiant, scaling up just like Zero. They were quite fast, climbing up without much trouble with their partners. Even they were finally able to see and hear, making Zero the last one to be effected with the status ailment. Looking at the amount of time, he realized that he had about less than three minutes.

Eventually, climbing up onto the top, Zero pulled himself up. The Behemoth thrashed side-to-side, causing him to drop low as his claws dug into its skin. Zero wasn’t going to allow the Behemoth to throw him off, he was going to make sure that he threw in a couple of devastating attacks before he jumped off.

When the Behemoth stopped jolting around, Zero inhaled a deep breath. He could feel his stomach grow warm as magic churned in his stomach. Then with the best fire breath, he spat downwards into the Behemoth’s back. The fire spread outwards, licking the Behemoth’s skin, but the fire didn’t do a single thing.

He inhaled again, this time changing the elemental fire. A blast of holy energy sprayed outwards, this time pure white fire danced across the Behemoth’s back. The fire continued to burn on the back of the Behemoth’s back and trailed up its neck as a loud piercing scream erupted out of the Behemoth’s mouth.

The Behemoth jumped up onto its hind legs, trying to throw off the nuisance in its back. Zero slammed his claws into the skin, clinging on as best as he could. Both Valiant and Sekka was thrown off, and landed on the ground without breaking a bone.

Coming back down, the ground rumbled and split ways creating an ugly fissure by the Behemoth’s jump. The earth broke apart as large parts of the land slanted upwards, while some were pushed downwards deeply into the ground. Half the players and the army fell into the cracks as they died.

A deep rumble grew in Zero’s throat, his sight slowly started to come back to him, but his hearing were still silent. What he saw before him were devastation and death. Half the army were dead, and the other half were badly injured. At this rate, they were going to die.

Zero knew that the battle wouldn’t last five minutes, and he knew that in that small span of time, he needed to crippled the Behemoth’s as much as possible. Right now, the Behemoth’s level and skill was exponentially higher than any one of them, winning was difficult, but he knew that he had to win one way or the other.

With a torrent of Holy Flames, he spewed out another gush of fire as he ran across the Behemoth’s back. He wasn’t going to allow the Behemoth to chase them down if he escape. Oh no, he was going to make sure it was going to be hell.

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