Drezo Regalia Characters

Kiyro Koga

Game Name: Zero
Main Job:
Record Keeper of Historia
Side Job: Scribe
Drezo Regalia
Viritual form: He has three forms, but so far  he only can get into his origin form and human form.
Psychic Power: To sense the dead, telepathy, and astral projection.
Present Goal: Looking for his twin brother Kyle.
Real life: A 5th degree black belt in ninjitsu and black belt in Muy Thai. His real name is Kiyro. He has an older sister name Anna.  19 years old. Tall young man, with messy black hair and jet black eyes. His friends teased him and nicknamed him baby face for having such long eyelashes and a pristine skin

Alex (BlackStar)

Game Name: Zeraph
Main Job:
Mirage Hunter
Side Job: None
Race: Hybrid water elf
Seed Holder: 2nd Seed Shard
Real life age: 25 years old.
Virtual form: 
He has a long rapier belted down to his waist. On each inside of his thighs there were two long daggers safely tucked away in his leather pants. There was also a small metal shine on the inside of both his wrist. He suspected that he was hiding some throwing knives there. Strapped to his back was a very elegant long black bow that matched him well, with his complete silverish black and red outfit. Six small round black smoke bombs dangled on his silverish black armoured chest as he stood back up. His short golden hair shimmered under the light as he moved. In a blood contract with 12 kid npc characters call the Nightnigales.
Real Life: One of the top notch hitman. He has OCD at times. He has been given the task to search for the Seed.


Game Name: Agnis
Main Job:
Side Job: Cook
Race: Wood Elf
Real life: An unusal beauty that you don’t see everyday. A gaming Otaku and a very head strong girl. She has long lavish greyish blue hair and sea green colored eyes.
Virtual form: Agnis wears an all blue dress-like armour. An elegant brown wooden bow was slung on her shoulder, and three different style of katanas were tightly strapped behind her lower back. Her hair color was white like snow and it is pulled back on her pointed ears.
Psychic Power: Able to see glimpses of the future
Goal: Live a happy life.



Real name: Daulton
Game Name: Memory Maker (M2)
Species : Cat humanoid.
Psychic Power: Pyroknesis

Real Name: Will
Game Name: Aldran
Guild: Hercules
Species: Human
Psychic Power: Unknown

Real Name: Jack
Game Name: Jack
Species: Dwarf
Psychic Power: Unknown

12 Famous Guilds in Noriene

Hercules Guild

Names Description
Aldran (Guild Master) Famous for completing the Seed Shard Quest and known for his Gryphon Armor.
Guillifer Second in command of the Hercules guild.
Angrist Battle buddy of Aldran during his time in the Army.

WaterRose Guild

Names Description
Liliac Leader of WaterRose. Grand legion and WaterRose guild rivals one another in strength.
Teno econd in command of WaterRose
Russ A Disciple of Seth and a full fan of Liliac. He collects pictures and action figures of her.

DeepDrive Guild

Names Description
Remix Leader of DeepDrive
Eternal Second in command DeepDrive

Grand Legion Guild

Names Description
Jergorien Leader of Grand Legion. Rivals in power with WaterRose guild.
Reiwin Second in command of Grand Legion

Zenith Guild

Names Description
Aceimeth Leader of Zenith
Gwynna Second in command of Zenith

Soulka Guild

Names Description
Bralle Leader of Soulka
Gliwen Second in command of Soulka

Black Turret Guild

Names Description
Kay Leader of Black Turret
Lemar Second in command of Black Turret

Rangerz Guild

Names Description
Alirade Leader of Rangerzz
Abima Second in command of Rangerz

Zoulz Guild

Names Description
Jomag Leader of Zoulz
Drumar Second in command of Zoulz

Killemall Guild

Names Description
Kyo Leader of KillemAll
Fielian Second in command of KillemAll

TemperMint Guild

Names Description
Tyke Leader of TemperMint
Tom Second in command of Tempermint

KrissKross Guild

Names Description
Lao Leader of TemperMint
Saedan Second in command of TemperMint


Zero’s Dragon Group

Blue Dragon- Turnip/ Companion-Terry (female elf)

Red Dragon- Baku / Companion- Quill (female with pink hair and strong)

Green Dragon- Kai/ Companion- Leona (female healer)

Bronze Dragon- Val / Companion- Ponza (male human- dagger skill)

Silver Dragon- Bee/ Companion- Tanmint (half dwarf)

Black Dragon- Valiant / Companion- Reed

Gold Dragon- Seka/ Companion- Leaf (elf)

White Dragon- Den/ Companion – Elfon (human male)


Society of Kosmos (Dark Organizations)

A secret society that has been moving in the dark. They have sent spys into the game world to steal valuable information.

Names Description
Whiterose (Rose) A very high class spy. False name is Rose or Roselanda. A very snobby female that loves expensive things. She spends money like water.
FallenAngel (Angel) The number one assassin. False name is Angel as well as game name. He has an obsession with death.
Sirius An assassin of the society. She loves lolitta outfits and loves her brother Red very much.
Red An assassin of the society. He loves to play with bombs. Dotes on his sister Sirius a lot.