v2. ch. 56

Chapter 56

All Alexus could see was a white blur of smog billowed around him. He quickly calmed his heart, but he only was able to settle it down to a more manageable beat. Still, the quietness in the air was unnerving. 

The other Ouroborous was slowly disappearing in the smog, making him wonder if they were still with him. Only the sound of their heavy breathing told him that they were still there. 

A loud crackling sound erupted from the smog like a hyena, alerting everyone. 

“Come on out!” Jones shouted, trying to scare Krampus. “Get your ugly faces out of here, so I can kill you!”

Jones’ voice gave a little bit of relief to Alexus. 

Suddenly, a loud squeal followed by a shriek echoed in the air. 

Sounds of combat erupted to Alexus’ right, and he whirled toward them, expecting a Krampus 

attack. Instead, the demon on the opposite side of him fell beneath a withering blaze of shells from Jones. He manically shouted, elated to see his foes appear before him. 

The ones around him were all now engaged in a heated battle. Neither Ouroborous backed down, tearing through the Krampus that swiped and clawed toward them. 

A gruff voice next to Alexus said, “Duck!”

Alexus ducked. 

A Krampus jumped straight towards Alexus, which the Krampus barely missed. Jones shifted, pivoting on his right. His first flew upwards, and a blast of power struck the Krampus core. A flare of blue energy exploded from the back as the Krampus caught on fire. Blue light from his dragon suit erupted as energy reached out, completely devouring Krumpus in one go. 

At that moment, Jones changed. His dragon suit spat out steam, and his muscles bulked, becoming bigger as his whole body was slowly growing in size. Long dread-like hair that looked like wires covered his whole helmet, coming down his back. On its end were needle-like syringes filled with blue energy. Streaks of red tribal stripes ran down the side of his arms and chest. Horns sprouted out of his helmet, jutting upward in the shape of a scythe. Even his legs became longer, adding extra hooves like feet that spurted out blue flames every step he took. 

“This is more like it!” Jones cried out in thrill. Then, in his hand, a candy cane-like staff appeared before him. Confused, he looked at his staff. “What?”

At the end of his hook, a blue energy ball started to form, becoming bigger and bigger until it was the size of a basketball. Jones slammed his staff into the ground with a bright light blue flash. The staff shifted into a heavy cannon-like machine gun with one giant opening. Blue energy shot out from the opening like a laser beam. 

Jones manically laughed, holding as he rotated a full 360 degrees with both hands. The Ouroboros quickly moved with him to not get caught up in his rampage. 

In seconds, Jones completely wiped out any Krampus in the vicinity. 

The flights on the end of his machine gun dimmed. 

A wide, crooked smile erupted on his lips. 

“Nice level up.” Timothy gave him a thumbs up. 


“Watch out!” Flor shouted, but it was too late. 

A monstrous hand swooped in, grabbing Flor. She disappeared into the smog; Flor screamed, and a horrendous crunch, followed by a deathly silence, was heard. 

Alexus switched his weapon to his sword. Patiently waiting. 

Something came flying out of the air, landing on the ground with a heavy thud. Alexus leaned forward, wondering what it was. 

A half-eaten body of Flor was present on the ground, bleeding proficiently. 

Jones gagged. 

Timothy took a step back. 

Alexus felt his stomach roll into small knots. He looked up, noticing that another hand was reaching down from above. Jumping into a diving roll, he dodged out of the way. The hand slammed into the ground, missing him. 

Without a second thought, Alexus sprung forward. His sword glistened blue as he swung. His sword hit true, slicing into the thick meaty hand of the cyclops. One of the Cyclop’s fingers was sliced off, thudding onto the ground. 

A terrible scream of pain as the Cyclops pulled his hand back. Finally, the smog around them started to clear, seeing their surroundings. 

A giant cyclops was present with his thick leathery armor. His one eye swiveled and glared at Alexus, snarling as he showed off his teeth. Then, with its giant smelly feet, he raised it up. 

“Watch your back, Alexus!” Jones shouted. 

Alexus moved out of the way, and Jones shot a blast of huge blue energy straight at the Cyclops. It smashed into its feet, pushing the cyclops back. A large blast of holes blew through Cyclops’ feet. The Cyclop fell onto the ground with a heavy thud, throwing it out of its hand. 

Alexus rushed and jumped forward with a quick movement, climbing up onto the Cyclops’ body. Alexus reached for his power, pouring magic into his sword. It became stronger and stronger, making its way toward Cyclops’ head. 

He jumped into the air, slicing downwards as a wave of blue energy cut straight through the next of the Cyclops with one blow. 

The Cyclops’ head was cut off as it rolled away from its body. 

Alexus landed on his feet, cushioning his landing as he rolled back onto his feet. 

“Nice hit,” Jones shouted.

“Thanks,” Alexus replied with a smile. 

But before they could even take a quick rest, a thundering sound of buildings breaking resounded through the whole area. 

Alexus swiped his head toward the right, trying to see what had caused it. 

Gluttony was on top of the building, gazing down with its beady eyes.  

“I’m hungry.” Gluttony croaked. 

From out of the smog, Marcus and Gerald sprung into action. Swirls of magic erupted from their weapons. 

Marcus continued to shoot out his rifle while Gerald swung his battle-ax. 

Gluttony flicked his hand, making contact with Gerald. His battle-ax slipped against its oily skin and completely bounced off. 

While Marcus’s bullet continued to embed itself into Gluttony’s skin. Not even a second later, the bullets bounced back, shooting everywhere. 

“We need to help them,” Alexus replied. He ran, heading straight towards them. 

Timothy, Jones, and the rest of the other ouroboros followed behind. 

From the fallen buildings, numerous Krumpus appeared from the rubbles. 

“We got this!” Then, one of the Ouroboros shouted, “hurry up and help them!”

Alexus nodded as he didn’t turn back. 

Timothy and Jones followed behind. 

Alexus jumped onto one of the buildings, pulling himself up. He could see Gerald and Marcus fighting heavily against Gluttony, who didn’t seem phased by their attacks. 

Jones positioned himself, even though he was a bit away, revving his machine gun. Blue energy sparked, and a blast of energy shot straight towards Gluttony. 

Gluttony crooked, turning his attention towards Jones’ thrust of a powerful energy ball. He closed his eyes, facing the attack without an ounce of fear. 

The energy slid off his skin and reflected towards one of the buildings. Finally, it hit, completely eradicating the building and leaving behind a giant hole. 

“Are you serious?!” Jones cried out in shock. 

“That’s why you have me!” Timothy cried out with excitement. His dragon scale pulsated out with heavy energy, becoming thick with smog. 

Timothy’s body changed. Four dragonfly wings appeared out of his back. His leg was long and gangly. His dragon suit shifted, and metallic patterns appeared, looking like eyes on his body. The suit helmet changed to a more insect-like shape with sharp triangular designs. A long thin rifle that reminded him of an insect’s tongue was in his hand. 

His wings lifted him up in the air. Positioning himself in the sky, Timothy raised his rifle. Aiming, he fired. 

A thin blast of energy cut across the sky. It smashed into Gluttony’s side, tipping Gluttony. 

“I’m hungry?” Gluttony croaked. He was leaning back in surprise at the sudden attack, Turning his attention towards Timothy. 

“Got your attention, you bastard.” Timothy wickedly grinned. He darted off, continually attacking Gluttony with his newfound power that was doing some kind of damage to it. 

Alexus felt small compared to the others who had a huge level up. Jones and Timothy had both leveled up, having enough power to contend against Gluttony. But, on the other hand, he didn’t grow in strength as much as he wanted. 

Neither the Krampus, hellhounds and Cyclops. It was as if none of them wanted to be part of him. 

“Meow,” Daisy called out to him on the side. 

Alexus looked over, noticing Daisy not too far away. 

Daisy wasn’t the same little cute kitten anymore. Instead, she was as large as an elephant with a reddish coat and black stripes that looked like she was on fire. “Meow,” sounding close to a growl, telling him to get on. 

“Is that Daisy?” Jones asked, completely baffled by her sudden change.

“Yes,” Alexus said. 

“Let’s do it,” Alexus replied; he reached over, climbing onto Daisy’s back. The red flames on 

Daisy’s coat warmly tickled him. 

“Meow Rawr,” Daisy replied excitedly. She burst forward. 

Alexus lurched back, grabbing onto Daisy’s fur. She bounded forward, jumping from one building to the next. He pulled himself forward as they headed straight towards Gluttony. 

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