V2. Ch. 57

Timothy challenged Gluttony. He fought hard. Flying, dodging, and smashing into each other with shocking energy. 

Marcus and Gerald were assisting Timothy, trying to keep Gluttony at bay. 

“Keep it distracted!” Marcus called out, firing his rifle on the side of Gluttony. Even if Marcus wasn’t doing any damage, Gluttony did find him annoying. 

“Can’t you see I am?!” Gerald replied that he was cursing, shooting, and throwing a few fireballs in his hand. 

“It’s not doing anything!”

“What about you?!”

Marcus and Gerald bickered. 

Alexus and Daisy rushed forward. Daisy extracted her claws, slashing into Gluttony’s side. Her claws tore through Gluttony’s flesh, jolting him awake. 

“You!” Gluttony swiveled his head towards Alexus. “You’re still alive!”

Daisy darted to the left, jumping onto debris. Alexus held on tight, ducking behind her soft coat. 

Gluttony bumbled forward, his hand swiped in front of him, pushing the broken building to the 

side, flinging it behind him. 

“What a great boon.” Gluttony reached over to grab Daisy. 

Daisy opened her mouth and a goldish white light of energy formed around her mouth. Then, a blast of energy shot out of her mouth straight at Gluttony. Smashing into Gluttony’s chest, pushing Gluttony back. 

Gluttony raised his hand, covering the energy blast that tried to overcome him. A terrible roar blurted out of his throat, dispelling Daisy’s attack. 

The color seeped bloody red on Gluttony’s skin as his muscle bulked up with size. 

“You think this is enough?” Gluttony pulled back his head, his stomach bloating red. He regurgitated a powerful burp of red energy different from his usual green. 

It showered straight towards Daisy. She hissed. 

Alexus instinctively raised his hand, and a golden hue of magic burst from his core. Swirling around them, a golden barrier appeared in an instant. The splash of red barf slammed into the golden barrier. 

A wild hiss, crackle, and instantaneous flames burst, covering them all in one go. 

Sweat beaded down Alexus’ face, his hand shaking. The amount of power that he had to pour into the barrier was astronomical. Fighting against Sloth was tough, but dealing with Gluttony was worse. 

Daisy growled. The end of her fur started to stand. Golden light glimmered around her body as she poured energy into the barrier he had created. The light became brighter and brighter to the point where the barrier quelled the fire. 

“Thanks.” A breath of relief escaped Alexus’ lips. He was a bit worried that Gluttony would break through. 

“Meow,” Daisy replied. 

“Jeezus,” Jones whistled. “That’s a cat.”. He had caught up as he started to continue to fire his own gun at the Gluttony. Crystal was crouched in one of the corners, shooting from afar. Beams of white light smashed against Gluttony, throwing him off. 

“We got this!” Timothy charged forward like a bulldozer, smashing Gluttony to the other side. 

Gerald and Marcus relentlessly pursued, identifying their attack. 

Alexus felt the magic in his core stir once again. The magical barrier disappeared, allowing him to redirect his thoughts. This time, he poured everything into his sword as it changed colors, glowing brighter and denser in magic. The rubbles around him rattled, lifting up into the air. 

“Let’s go!” Alexus yelled. He felt the draw of his power complete, cutting his time by half. He knew that the next time he summoned it again, it would be much shorter than before. 

Daisy bolted forward, her eyes glowing gold. She jumped from one broken debris to the next, running up on the side of a skyscraper, heading straight towards Gluttony. Trails of gold followed behind like a flag. 

With a powerful leap, Daisy jumped high into the air. 

Alexus jumped off of Daisy, sword over his head as he came from above. His sword jammed into Gluttony’s shoulder with a wicked slash, slicing downward, opening a large lesion. He landed on the ground, jumping back. 

Black blood spurted out, raining black poison. 

Daisy raced over as Alexus grabbed hold of Daisy. They both whisked away, leaving them behind. 

“You!” Gluttony glared, “it’s always you.”

Gluttony screeched. His wounds were closing. His body shifted and merged into a powerful swirl of darkness. Black inky goo seeped out of his boils, popping as the ink-covered his body. From head to toe, he was covered completely in black. Only a sliver of his eyes had a hint of red that pulled everyone’s attention towards it. 

“All of you will die here today!” Gluttony screeched. In a blink of an eye, he burst forward. 

Gerald was the first to be smashed into the ground like clay. Blood spurted out as he was completely knocked out. 

Marcus screamed, firing one after the other. Even the bullets covered with magic weren’t enough to do any damage. He threw his rifle away using his fist. They both interlocked, his fist pounding and exchanging from one to another. Each hit was diverted away, pushing it aside. 

With a slap, Marcus was thrown across. Hitting building after building as it crumbled on top of 


A blast of energy flew straight towards Gluttony, hitting him. Gluttony staggered, but he was unharmed. 

Crystal fired another, showering an array of energy bullets. 

A red energy bullet spat out Gluttony’s mouth, heading straight back at Crystal. Crystal couldn’t do anything as the bullet smashed into the building, causing it to crumble.

“Daaammmmmmnnnnnn iiiiiiiiiittttt!” Jones screamed, firing wildly. 

The bullets ricochet off his body. 

Around Jones, the aura around him became dangerous. Becoming brighter and brighter to the point where his gun glistened blue. Then, a blast of energy shot out from his gun like a light beam, smashing into Gluttony. 

Gluttony bleached. 

Jones stopped, running backward away from the coming hail of throwup. It smashed into the ground before him while Jones tripped and fell backward. 

Gluttony took this chance. He jumped and landed in front of him with a heavy thud. 

With a swipe of his claws, he smashed his hand against Jones. Grabbing him by the foot. With a wicked smash, he slammed Jones into the ground repeatedly until he let him go as he flew through the air. Hitting another wall. 

Alexus and Daisy jumped from behind as Daisy bit Gluttony’s back. She snarled, scratching him.

“Damn it!” Alexus stabbed his sword into Gluttony’s back, but it broke into pieces upon impact. 

Alexus cursed. Realized that he was out of a weapon. 

Gluttony’s glazed red eyes turned around, looking over. He turned over, snatching Daisy from his back. 

Daisy yelled in surprise. She struggled, breathing and spitting angrily. 

Gluttony snarled. Baring his teeth. “The Guardian of the dead. To see your demon king still here, existing, disgust me.” He then squeezed Daisy even harder. “If you didn’t exist, our kind would have been freely able to move through planes! Doesn’t matter. I will kill the rest of you and your kind. We will be free from these wretched shackles.” 

Daisy screeched in pain. 

Alexus jumped, digging his broken sword into Gluttony’s hand, slicing a deep cut that let Daisy 


With a heavy drop, Daisy fell to the ground. 

Gluttony snarled; pulling back his feet, he kicked Daisy across the ground, throwing her across the ground. Blood spurted out of Daisy’s lips. Her legs were shaking, and she couldn’t get up. 

Alexus ran over, checking Daisy out. 

Daisy shifted, turning into a small kitten. She meowed, licking Alexus’s fingers. 

“You did well, Daisy. Let me handle the rest.” 

“Meow,” Daisy licked Alexus’ fingers.

“I know. I’ll be fine.” 

Alexus got up, glaring at Gluttony. He charged forward with the broken sword. Dancing from one to another, he dodged, slashed, and scattered away. 

Gluttony had trouble catching him. 

Focused and in silent rage. Alexus continued to relentless attack. He was going to make Gluttony pay. 

Alexus’ foot hit an open concrete slab without realizing it, catching him off guard. He fell. 

Gluttony’s hand came from the side, smashing his fist into Alexus’ stomach. Pain shot through his body, completely dousing his senses. His eyes watered, and he saw white.

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