V2 ch. 55

Chapter 55

One-by-one, the Cyclops continued to fall, crashing onto the ground. A few bumbled into planted bombs that went off underneath their feet. Sparks of red, pieces of flesh, and broken bones were present as they littered the ground. 

The Krampus hungrily scowled the ground, sniffing for any traces of humans that could be found in the hopes of satisfying their hunger. Sniffing the air, the ground, and even slicing through the cars in their way in half, prying it open for any lingering smell. 

Alexus leaned forward, looking through the rifle scope. He checked, watching the Krampus and the Cyclops come in. He breathed in deeply and let it out. His chest leveled out, giving him much-needed stability to press the trigger. The rifle went off, splitting the air. Blue trails of afterimages sliced across the sky and smashed into a cyclops, getting closer and closer. 

It hit true, in between its eyes. The cyclops staggered. A blast of blue fire erupted from the blue, catching the cyclops head on fire. 

With a roar, the Cyclop stumbled, trying to get its baring. Its body stumbled over a broken-down car, falling straight into the nearest building. With a thundering roar, it fell. 

Again, Alexus reached over, pulling the lever as a shell flew out of the rifle. He carefully aimed, picking his next target. The others started to assist, taking out both Krampus and Cyclops as best. Even on the other buildings, numerous shots went off, quickly diminishing the demons for a while. 

For a moment, they were able to control the numerous demons that swarmed through the streets and the buildings. 

Even still, more and more Cyclops and Krumpus appeared. Slowly, the number of traps going off was becoming less and less. Even the sound of bullets going off couldn’t keep up with the number of demons pouring in. 

Alexus continued to steady his breath, using his heartbeat to match the rhythm of his bullets going off. His mind focused on one goal: taking as many powerful demons down as possible, so it wouldn’t hinder the fight against the real enemy. Gluttony. 

His shot became cleaner and quicker, and his mind chugged in rapid succession as he could take out more and more demons with his rifle. 

Almost every shot hit its mark, allowing him to take down over ten cyclops. But, even still, it wasn’t enough. 

The Krampus had finally made it to the building where they were stationed. Invisible bob wires sliced through the Krampus, cutting them in half as they tried to enter the building. Stopping their progress for a moment. 

“We need to get rid of all the cyclops now!” Jones shouted. “We’re going to get overruled if those Cyclops come and join in on the fight!”

Everyone understood they didn’t want to be surrounded by demons when A

“We’re going to need to engage and capture some of them!” One of the Ouroboros replied. There was no way that sitting here on top of the roof was enough. They had to get in the fight to get stronger, even if it meant death.

“Not yet,” Alexus replied, “He fired off another shot. “We’re going to get run over if we go down now.” 

“But then how are we going to get stronger?!”

“Kill the Cyclops. We don’t want them anywhere near us right now.” 

“Then what?”

“Then deal with the Krampus.” Alexus kept shooting. He wanted to take as many down as possible before Gluttony appeared. “We don’t want to be fighting against the Cyclops, Krampus, and Gluttony.”


“We got these guys,” Jones called cheerily, whistling every time he took down a demon from a distance. “One more down the hatch that we don’t have to fight against.” 

Alexus felt trembled, getting louder and louder. 

Boom. Boom. Boom. 

The sound was heavy like a war drum, shaking the whole area. 

Boom. Boom. Boom. 

A sickly green-looking creature with heavy boils covering its skin hopped in. Each jump caused the windows to shatter, a handful of buildings to groan, and numerous car alarms. 

“I’m hungry.” Gluttony croaked. His chest enlarged as it hummed an eerie green. 

Suddenly, he hacked and blurted out a chunk of green goo that spat straight towards Alexus’ building. 

“Get back!” Alexus shouted, pulling himself off the ledge and running for cover. 

A splash of green goo smashed into the side of the building, where they. But, unfortunately, one Ouroborous was too late; he was completely drenched in green goo. 

“Ahhhhhhhh!” The Ouroboros screamed. A nasty hiss was heard; any skin that wasn’t covered was being eaten through by the poisonous gelly that Gluttony had gunked out. He fell to the ground, wiggling in pain, turning green. 

His screams were bone-chilling horrible, making everyone on edge. Then, even if they wanted to help him, another wad of green goo came flying toward them. The goo completely covered Ouroboros, melting his body in seconds, leaving nothing but the Dragon suit intact. 

A foul stench of rotten flesh permeated the air. The goo bubble eating through the concrete. It completely tore through the hole in the ceiling as it fell through, leaving a gaping hole. 

“This is bad,” Timothy spoke. 

“Everyone! Find cover! We need to move to the next building now!” Alexus shouted; he ran towards the fire exit. Which everyone was bolting towards. They bulldozed through, fluttering down the stairs. 

Gunshots started to go off from below. 

“We got company!” One of the Ouroborous who had made it down first was butting heads against the Krampus that had broken through. 

“Keep moving!” Jones shouted. 

The ground trembled even harder. The hissing sound of liquid could be heard, quickly cutting through the metals as if it was liquid. 

Alexus reached the bottom floor, making his way towards the right. A Krampus snarled, catching his attention. He wiped his rifle around, pointing at the demon in surprise. He fired. 

Bullets pierced through the Krampus that jumped towards him; he quickly switched his target to another. Moving from one to the next. 

The Ouroboros group moved through the building quickly and efficiently as they headed towards the back door. 

One-by-one, they left, heading out into the open where more Kurmpus that they could count on their fingers appeared, trying to take them down. 

“You bastards!!!” Jones shouted, firing off multiple shots as the rifles in his hand started to shift into a machine guns. More and more Krampus fell as they headed straight towards the next building. 

The building behind them groaned; metals snapped as the building started to sway. 

Alexus glanced over his shoulders. His eyes became wide, realizing what he saw. “Guys! The building is collapsing!”

Everyone took a quick look, wondering what he was saying. Then, when they saw the building they had just come out of was tilting to their sides, they sprinted even faster. 

“Move. Move. Move!” Jones shouted, “Head to the other building!” 

They sharply changed directions, knowing full well that if they went to the building they were going to, they would be squashed alongside it. 

Alexus’ heart palpitated. His muscles felt tight, and his breathing heavy. The chaos happening all around him would have made any normal person panic. But, on the other hand, he was slightly enjoying the crazy thrill that he was running into, and he wondered if there was something with his mind. 

“This way!” Alexus jumped over a pothole, running straight towards the alleyway. 

With a loud thundering crash, the first building slammed into the side. It shook, causing the next to start to tip over as glasses shattered. Then, like a domino effect, the next building slammed into the other. 

“Quickly!” Alexus looked up as the building over them was collapsing. Hundreds of Krampus chased after them, hissing and growling. Their red eyes glowed as they reached out to hold them back. 

Alexus punched a Krumpus that came towards him with outstretched hands, knocking the Krampus to the ground. 

“DDDDDDDDDDD aaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmm iiiiiiiiiiii tttttttt.” Timothy cursed so loudly. He was the last one to go through the alleyway. 

Sprinkles of broken glasses rained down on them from above. 

Alexus bolted out of the alleyway, where they now had a clearer view of the surrounding in exchange for being wide open. 

“We’re a target!” Timothy replied. He huffed and puffed, making it out alive. 

The building behind them rumbled, collapsing onto the ground. Dust bloomed out like mushrooms, filling up the air gray. Alexus coughed, pulling up his helmet to block out the smog of dust that blossomed around like clouds. Then, everything became dark, making it impossible to see before them. 

The ten people watched against each other with guns drawn at the gray clouds before them. 

Alexus stood silent, waiting for his enemies hiding in the dust. 

Red eyes glimmered in the smog, cackling with laughter.

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