Black Moon Chapter 1

*News Flash- Editing Black Moon. Also to help me remember where I have left off. I lost all my old data so I am creating a new update.* I woke up in a large castle filled with gold sleeping on top of it Yeah, I know. Anyone will go crazy the moment they see such …

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Angel’s Song Update

Schedule update for the Angel's Song. It's now going to be updating from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Expect for random upload of more chapters through out the week. I'm aiming to finish this story. I am excited for this adventure.  Wish me luck. XD

Better Shadow People Pictures for Drezo Regalia

Found a better picture of what a shadow people is and how I envision them in the story. Sometimes the shadow people have eyes others times there solid black that's see through like the second picture. One minute they are there the other minute there gone. Definition of what a Shadow People goes by. Shadow …

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