Drezo Regalia V4 Ch. 9


Chapter 9
Brooding Mother Hen


    Upon arrival towards the foot of the floating building, Zero noticed quite a bit of change since his last departure. The land  around the Draconis Library was ten times larger than its normal size. He was stunned that the magma magic had created such a vast amount of land in such a short amount of time.
Small stairways were crafted on the side of the land, where Zero and his group climbed up on it. Upon reaching the top, the whole scenery changed. A small village was present surrounding a fountain of a dragon with its wings spread wide. There were a couple of odd large buildings that he had never seen before. On his right were a large bathhouse, across from it was an amphitheater, and not too far away was a bazaar.

The Lunar rabbit race were busily constructing buildings that were almost finished. Large groups of merchants that he didn’t know were present selling items and set up shops around the dragon fountain.

Zero was amazed on how quickly the progress of the reconstruction was. A message appeared before him.

    Since the magma has increased habitable land around the Draconis Library, a new village had been formed. Draconis Village.

The last thing he saw was just the Draconis Library present, now it were slowly thriving and had became a small village.

“Wow.” Agnis replied. “I didn’t know there was more to the Draconis Library. Where did all these building and extra land come from?” She turned toward Zero looking for an answer.

“It was the magma magic. I wasn’t sure it would be so potent to create such a big land so soon,” Drezo replied.

“This is truly spectacular,” replied Jack. This was also his first time in seeing something unique. “I really look forward to what this village would look  high up in the sky. Can it go any higher?”

“I don’t know. I hope it does though.” Zero wanted to also see the scenery high up in the sky, especially on the day when he finally grows a pair of wings. He could not ever forget the flight with the Silver Dragon. The rushing winds, the heartstopping speed, and the exhilaration all in one. One could say this was the ultimate speed junkie for anyone. “Are you sure you want to go any higher Jack? You might fall off.”

“I’ll be fine. I just don’t go near the edge.”

“If you say so.” Zero noticed Agnis’ eye knit with worry when he stated such words. Eve still feared heights. Though lately she has gotten a little better.

Alan grinned from ear-to-ear. He was busily looking around from stall-to-stall.  “I’ll be going ahead. I got things I got to sell and do. Of course, I’ll sell your loots too with a five percent fee.”

“You cheat.” Jack replied and chuckled. “Fine. Give me a call when you got it done. You’re more of a greedy dragon then Zero over here.”

“If you say so.” Alan couldn’t contain his glint in his eyes. He rushed off with the bag full of earnings that he have gained through the whole trip.

“Well then. I’m going to go to the Draconis Library. What about you guys?” Zero asked.

“I’m going to look around. I saw some interesting shops that I wanted to check.,” replied Jack.

“I’m going with Jack,” said Agnis. The worry on her face quickly disappeared.“I want to see the new accessory shop that I just saw.”

“What about you Zeraph?”

“I’m going to finish a quest. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Okay. Well then see you guys around. If I do have any more interesting quest I’ll give you a heads up.”

“That would be great. Especially if it’s something we just did. I’ll see you around.”

“See ya.”

“Zero, I’ll come find you later. Don’t ignore my calls.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“There’s no thinking about it. Pick up.” Agnis frowned.


Zero watched them all leave. Now he too had a job to finish and that was to go to the Draconis Library.


    Zero stared up at the Draconis Library. Words could not describe how stunned he was at what he saw before him. Even Jack, Allen, Agnis, and Zeraph did not speak for they too were baffled. It were their first time entering the Draconis Village. Since their quest to enter the underground maze of Geurm they had not stepped by to check on the flying Library.

Draconis Library had changed a complete 360 degrees. The Lion statues that were originally guarding the gates of the  Library were instead replaced by two intimidating dragon statues that bore down on the visitors.

As Zero walked around the rooms, he found that there were four new places that were created. The first area was when they entered the Draconis Library, empty pedestals with no statues were present. It was strange to see not a single decoration or magical replica.

Garrett hobbled over calling for Zero’ attention. “Chief Librarian. I mean Zero!” He halted before Zero winded. His old body was not used to running around.


“There has been some major changes since your departure.”

“I can see that. What happened to all the statues or magic books on the pedestals?”

“That is a mystery in itself. They were pushed to the inner sanctum of the library. Nothing can be placed on these pedestals at all. Something about only a Krustallos could be placed.”

“Krustallos? There?” Zero walked over and pulled out the black Krustallos the shape of a rose in his Zenith bag. He gently placed the Krustallos onto the pedestal, and the Krustallos glowed black like night. A hologram appeared over the Krustallos as a giant black dragon  was shown.

“Home.” The black dragon spoke as the voice echoed throughout the whole Library. Black fire erupted from his throat and the dragon proudly roared. The people inside the library froze and glanced around looking for the source of sound. A magical black barrier formed around the black Krustallos. Out of curiosity, Garrett reached over, but was zapped with black energy pushing him backwards a couple of feet.

“I suggest you to put a do not touch sign on that.” Zero replied. He already foresaw players possibly trying to steal it or even touch it out of curiosity.

Magic spread outwards, black flames erupted from the Krustallos. Swirl’s of black and green that burned nothing that it touched, but burned when touched. A black dragon formed from the flames and a scene enfolds.

“Come on! Come on! Come on!” Roared the large black dragon Garrion. His wings spread outwards and devoured alive the small monsters and humans flames.

War between Garrion, demon, and human ensued in a three way battle royal. Magic, weapons, and monsters alike threw their best spells and attack at Garrion. Not a single one harmed his solid black skin. Instead he swiped his claws, and hundreds flew backwards and died.

“Kill him! Don’t let him live!” The soldiers screamed and the sound of dying could be heard echoing.

“Is that the best the followers of the False Light can do? You are all just play things!”

The battle between Garrion were a one sided complete massacre. He barely moved nor flew as he decimated them in matter of moments. With a flick of his tongue, thousands upon thousands of the dead rose up from the ground and pushed the large army of Demons and humans back.

“Kahahahah. Pathetic.” Garrion hissed. Black and emerald flames erupted out from his lips and nose.

The undead overrun the living in seconds as they flowed like a tsunami devastating everything in its path. Garrion continued to laugh and cackled evilly. The magically black flames swirled and faded as Garrion’s laugh continued to echo through the Draconis Library.

Zero gulped. He was glad that Garrion was not alive to this day and what he watched was just a memory from the Krustallos itself.

The Legendary Black Dragon Garrion

Garrion was one the great generals of the True Dragon. A black dragon, his pitch black flames would incinerate foes, melt flesh, and even damage their souls. He was feared for his dark powers and battle skills. All trembled when the enemies heard the name Garrion.

Necromancy was Garrion’s forte. He would call upon the dead souls that had fallen from battle and resurrected to fight for him. Garrion was the only known black dragon to be able to summon ten thousand undead in one night without exhausting his power.

All future black dragons and hybrid dragons with black dragons blood born or take residency in the Draconis Library will inherit the black dragons specialties and learn necromancy. The rebirth of the dark warriors path of Garrion has been found.

Only True Dragon’s and a powerful Drezo Regalias may touch the Krustallos without one’s soul being taken away.

A legendary Krustallos from a True Dragon, its famous name is called the Soul-Taker Obsidian.

+10% status increase for all black dragons and hybrid dragons with black dragon’s blood for a duration of the night when near the vicinity of the Draconis Village. When the village or the Draconis Library is under attack, the black dragon warriors are forcefully called forth to protect their home.


As a bloodline of the black dragon coursing through your blood you have learned a new skill. Summoning of the Undead.


Zero was thrilled he learned a new skill. It was not just any skill but the ability to summon mindless soldiers to help fight for him.


Summoning of the Undead

Beginner Level 1

Able to summon low level skeleton soldier. Controlling the undead is not an easy art to master. One must have a natural affinity to the dark element to be able to summon and control the darkness without becoming darkness itself.


Zero turned and glanced around and noticed there were seven other empty pedestals present. He wonder if there are more Krustallos that he could find to place on the pedestal. His priority right this moment was not finding Krustallos but finding a place for the future of Drezo Regalia’s species.
“Garrett is there a room closest to the magma magic?”

“Yes, I do recall finding a room where magma magic is the closest. Come. Come.” Garrett hopped forward with his hands on his back.

Zero followed behind him, they passed the main interior of the library where the five statues of hero stood, and went downstairs into a winding path. From left to right, the hallway was split into dozens of different ways that he could not phantom where each one went, until he saw small plaques located above the walls showing them different direction to different number rooms.

“Are these spare rooms?” asked Zero. He noticed numbers etched into the doors.

“Yes. Majority of them are dens.”

“Ah, I see. So how many rooms are there underneath the library?”

“My guess is over two hundred for now.”

“For now?”

“Well, the land has been expanding and so has more underground rooms are being formed.”
“Here we are.” Garrett stopped in front of a stone door that slid open.
When entered, Zero could feel the heat blasted onto his face and body. In the center surrounded by magma, spewed out of a red crystal and dripped to the ground. The magma slowly exited out towards a place he did not know. He also noticed that the red crystal was encased in red magical barrier.
“You can say this is the belly of the land, while the attic would be the brain.” Garrett chuckled at his own joke.

Zero walked over as close to the red crystal as possible. He wasn’t expecting to see the actual source of magma here of all places. Pulling out the golden egg, he noticed it glowing whenever he got closer to the red crystal and even the red crystal was sparking with magic.

An idea struck his mind with a light toss, he threw the golden egg towards the red crystal. Upon coming close, the red crystal brilliantly flashed ruby red and turned into a liquid just like the time when his Krustallos was turned into liquid. He had thought if this whole Library was made from a Drezo Regalia, why not the magical red crystal as well.

Zero was right. The golden egg glowed as a second pattern appeared on the golden egg. This time the markings were red.

Magma production from the red crystal, now the golden egg increased in productivity.


Fire power needed: 2507/110,000,000


Fire power needed: 3497/110,000,000


Fire power needed: 4687/110,000,000


The power needed to hatch the egg was exponentially increasing as he watched. This was the answer he was looking for. Since dropping the egg in the magma, the fire power of the golden egg was a lot larger than from the fire he blew. The constant creation of magma being created gave energy that the golden egg needed to help hatch the eggs inside. He would come back when it was fully charged.

With his job complete in finding a place for the egg, he exited out where Garrett was waiting for him.

“Well then, I’m guessing you have completed your task. Would you like to see your new room?” Garrett asked.

“My room is finished?”

“Yes. There are only basic necessities in the room. Other furniture would be best bought over time with your own leisure.”

“Show me the way.” Zero said with excitement. He now had a room that he could back to without paying a fee. Buying homes was worth a lot of money and not many players had the money to invest in a home.

Once again they trekked through the winding passageway, but this time Zero noticed the numbers on the wall was decreasing in value. From 100 to 80 and downwards, until finally they arrived to a stone door with the number Zero.

“We thought it would be best to give you this number instead of one. It corresponds with your name without having to put a name plaque stating it’s yours. This is a unique room so there is only one like it.”

The door rumbled open. Zero grinned from ear-to-ear. There were a simple kitchen, a studio like apartment with a very beautiful scenic panoramic view through the window. A small fireplace was near the kitchen and a large hanging cot was present that took up a third of the room.

He walked over to the window and noticed the city of Terra laid out before him. The scene was a beautiful sight, that he wouldn’t mind standing and looking out before him. What made it even the best was that the window opened up and there were a ledge that allowed him to climb out and sit.

“Do you like your new room?”

“I love it.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Your butler Bob will be living and taking care of your’s and your partner needs.” Garrett whispered under his breath, “these young’uns these days getting butlers. An elderly needs one more.” He turned around ready to exit. “Ah, one more thing. Your partner will be leaving on the other side of the wall. There is a sliding door that allows you to enter the other room.” He pointed towards the left side of Zero, where Zero noticed a large wooden sliding door that could be slide open from the middle.

“Now if you’ll excuse me.” Garrett left with with his hand behind his back, shaking his head in a disgruntled voice.

“Conjoined? The other side?” The word didn’t go through Zero’s head, until it hit him. On the other side of the door. He was going to leave the door as it is closed.

A loud knock was heard from his door.

“Young master dragon.” Bob called out towards Zero. Zero walked over to open the door. “Young master dragon!” He cheerfully spoke. For a leprechaun to call him Young master dragon was a bit uncomfortable.

“Just call me Zero.”

“No I cannot. For the young dragon that had agreed to once again take on the task of watching over our kind is truly a privilege. It would be disrespectful for our ancestors to turn our way of speaking to call out the great dragon name.”

Zero sighed and gave up. Bob came in excited to serve under Zero.

“Is there anything I could do for you?”

“No. Not right- actually I need you to find someone to build this for me.” Zero handed Bob a folded paper. He knew that Leprechauns had a natural high luck and was considered lucky in finding the best things. “I would appreciate if you can find someone who can. It would be a great help. Oh and can you bring me some books on creating medicine?”

“I’ll do that right away.” Bob was excited in given a task and he hurried away.

Finally being left alone, Zero sat down and pulled out all his plants that he had collected and a mortar. For the next eight hours, Zero diligently created new medicines he couldn’t try out during his travel.


    “Young master dragon. Young master dragon!” Bob burst into Zero’s room.

Zero turned towards the nosy Leprechaun, and he stopped grinding the plants together.  “What is it?”

“The disciple and the Bishop of Infinity church has arrived at the entrance of the village.”

“What for?”

“I’m not sure. They want to see you.”

“I’ll be right there.” Zero had begun to put away the mess that he had created in the room. There were stacks of books sprayed out around him and plants. He was able to successfully make many new concoction of medicines that he had never expected from the books that Bob has given. His medicine making skills were exponentially growing to the point where he can now make a pretty decent pill forms that can rival a small potion with small additional effects. In reality, the medicine that he had made were more potent than the refined potions that the stores made.

By accident he figured out how to cover the bitter taste of pills and have flavors. There were bubblegum, pineapple, and even grape flavored. He had a couple of accidents where broken glasses and the towel were stained with different color plant dyes. Putting away his items into his Zenith bag, Zero headed out the door. He made his way down to the entrance of the Draconis Library, where he saw Bishop Sanya and Bishop Etran with a group of soldiers surrounding them.

“Zero. I am glad to see you present.” Bishop Sanya gave him a warm smile. Bishop Etran gave him a small nod acknowledging his existences and went back to reading his book in his hand.

“What can I do you for you?”

“We came because the stars foretold of an ancient race has come back to existence in the Draconis Library. Not only that we heard you have obtained the guardianship of the Draconis Library.”

“Yes. I did. The contract has been fulfilled.”

“That is wonderful. We came here to fulfill our obligation as well.”

“May I ask what that might be?”

“To have a headquarter built on this small land and to help counter the curse of the Drezo Regalia.”

“The curse. You finally know what it is?”

“In a way yes. The first time I met you, I could not tell what and where it came from. Not till you have brought back the children of the lost race did I realize that that the curse was more potent than before. My mind felt heavy like a dark shroud of cloud had dimmed my sights. Only a demon with a strong caliber could hinder my readings.”

Zero went silent. He didn’t even tell Bishop Sanya that he brought over his future race with him nor the demon curse that he saw through the O.M. She was spot on with her predictions, and he needed as much help to break the heavy curse that the Drezo Regalia had to face.

“I can not thank you enough for what you are doing.” His respect for Bishop Sanya had greatly improved in matter of moments. He felt shame for being rude to Bishop Sanya the first time he met.

“Child. I see you have grown.” Bishop Sanya rested her hands on his shoulder. “Our friendship with the Drezo Regalia’s go way back since they first existed. We would not withhold our hands to a friend.”

“You knew I was a Drezo Regalia all this time?”


“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because it was not time. In the short amount of time that you have been born, you have created many miracles and brought back a race that was once thought to be lost. If I have told you what your destiny might have been, your future would’ve changed from that moment. Sometimes it is best to let the person decide their own fate, and grab it with their own hands. Don’t you feel more accomplished than before?”

Zero couldn’t help but agree with her even though he was slightly disappointed. He wanted to know what the future held for him in game, but when he thought about it for a moment he knew knowing such things would make the game of Growth boring. They were times he thought knowing the future could be more of a burden than a gift. All those lives that Bishop Sanya had to watch die from cruel fates, and people’s lives played out like a soap opera.

“I understand.”

“I expected you would. I knew coming now was the best time. We have brought over a couple of people to help out with the transition.” Two people stepped out from behind both Bishop Sanya and Bisthop Etran. The first to step up was a young boy in the age of eleven years old. Zero at first thought he looked like a little girl than a boy. His golden hair, to his rosy red cheeks, and his baby face did not have a hint of him growing up anytime soon.

“He is our next Bishop in training: Anglo.”

“It is nice to make your acquaintance.” Anglo’s sweet voice rung out. “I hope I don’t cause much trouble working with you.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. I’m glad to work with you as well.”

Anglo was only a couple inches shorter than Zero. Zero felt slighted that he was not his usual size. From his height now, he finally look like he grew another year older, but in his opinion he did not feel like much has changed.

“Thank you. I was worried for a moment that we would start out on the wrong foot. I been replaying it over and over in my head till I got a headache.”

The second was the young priestess named Silver, who was an Adventurer. She bowed with a polite courtesy. Her porcelain skin and her petite appearance made her look like a small English doll in black. Even her clothing didn’t look anything like a nun. He remembered her when she had first escorted him to Bishop Etran’s room. “I assume you remember her don’t you?”

“Yes. Silver correct?”

Silver smiled. “It is nice to meet you Zero. I heard wonderful stories of your accomplishment these past few weeks. I look forward to working with you.”

“I as well.”

“We have some open rooms available inside the Draconis Library. I could give you a tour around the place.”

“No it’s alright. I have been inside the Draconis Library before. Showing us to our room would be great thought.”

“I could do that but…” Zero stared at the large group of soldiers that escorted the Bishops. “Will they be staying with us as well?”

“Yes. They would be stationed inside and outside the Draconis Library,” said Bishop Sanya. “Half of them will stay to protect Anglo.”

“I see.” Zero glanced around for any nearby Lunar Rabbits. “Hey. Um…Dave.” Lucky for him, remembering all the Lunar Rabbit Race was not needed. One of the special features of being a guardian of Draconis Library was that the name of all Lunar Rabbit races automatically popped in his head.

“Yes, sir?” Dave walked over with a couple of books in hand. He gave them a large gracious bow. “How can I help you?”

“I need a temporary room and boarding for Bishop Sanya and Bishop Etran. Anglo and Silver will need more of a permanent room, while the guards needs temporary room as well. Can you find some room for me?”

“Yes. I will get the others to help get the rooms ready.”


Dave bowed and left.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to go get something to eat. I’m a bit famished and the room will not be ready till nightfall.”

“We would love to join,” said Bishop Sanya. “In actuality, I was going to ask where the lounge was.”

“Well, I’ll show you the way.” Zero walked out towards a large building away from the Draconis Library. The small group walked over towards the Green Dragon’s Inn. Pushing opening the door, Zero’s group entered. Everyone went silent, when they noticed Zero and the Bishop of Infinity. Whispers could be heard as they watched curiously.

“Isn’t that Bishop Etran and Bishop Sanya. What are they doing here?”

“You don’t get to see this everyday. Who would’ve thought that such important figure would come here? It’s too weird to see them mingle with the commoners.”

“I know right? Isn’t that the next Bishop in line?”

“What’s the occasion anyways? Is something special going on?”

Zero was unphased by their questionable looks. He walked over towards a round table and pulled up a chair. “I’m sorry I don’t have any fancy place to feed you right now. Draconis Library is still under renovation so the kitchen is not even complete. “

“It’s alright. I do enjoy the warm atmosphere of an Inn. It brings up old memories during my travels.” Bishop Sanya replied. She sat herself down. The soldiers that were following them waited outside for them to finish.

“You’ve gone outside the walls of the city?” Zero thought that the twin Bishops had never stepped foot outside the city walls and was instead pampered in the enclosed Church.

“My brother and I have went out on missions in taking down fierce monsters that terrorized the city walls.”

“Really?” Zero did not expect both the Bishops to have their hands dirtied out in the field.

“If you don’t mind sharing?”

“I don’t mind it at all, child. Thirty years ago during our apprenticeship, we have gone with a large group of soldiers to hunt down the Krayon, a bird monster that terrorized the farming lands.”

“Sis, if you’re talking about the same bird, I don’t think that monster was even a big deal. It hardly even put up a fight.”

Bishop Etran stopped writing in his notebook. He looked up and interjected in on their conversation. “What are you talking about? I thought we did well on our first adventure.”

“Well? That was hardly anything. You should be talking about the time when we took out the giant lizard, Tribone instead. That one was a lot more difficult to bring down.”

“I don’t know. I thought that was easier to kill than Krayon.”

“Those are all rare creatures.” Silver whispered with awe. Her eyes sparkled at their achievements. Bishop Sanya and Bishop Etran was arguing with one another as they tried to outmatch the other.

“They’re that strong?” Zero whispered towards Silver. He too was shocked to hear such words from Silver.

“Yes. They are known to be considered one of the top class fighter and healer. Not only that, their group has killed countless mythical creatures that you don’t hear as often.”

“Wait. Back up. Who’s the fighter and the healer? Aren’t they both priests at that time?”

“Bishop Sanya was a first class monk. She led a lot of preemptive strikes, while her brother was the healer in their group.”

Zero was stunned at what he heard. He did not see Bishop Sanya to be the type of person to fight in the front lines. He thought both of them would be backing up the soldiers so they would not die.

“Their group was called the Black Lion’s. In it there was Bishop Sanya, Bishop Etran, two female holy knights Veronica and Emily, an archer Tim, and a magician Ken. They were considered the best team ever created in the Fire Continent as a whole.”

“Do they still hold up to that name?” Zero was curious if their power level had decreased over time. He had seen Bishop Sanya’s powerful light and sound ability, but he never saw her fight. The thought of the Bishop fighting was a sight that he actually wanted to see. “You know age can decrease one’s power over time.”

“I’m not sure. Ten years ago, the Black Lion’s had dispersed. Each respectively going into their own city. We don’t know much about the others, but the City of Diadem was blessed with both Bishop Etran and Bishop Sanya.”

“How come both Bishops came to stay at this city instead? There are other churches out there.”

“I think the reason was that they liked the blooming of the spring flowers. Since then the main church was built here in this kingdom. Bishop Sanya’s aloof attitude over a simple decision is the root for all her decisions.”

“I see.”

A young red head waiter came over to their table. “Hi. Welcome to Green Dragon Inn. What would you like to order today?” She glanced from one person to the next. Her sight stopped upon Bishop Etran and Bishop Sanya. Her demeanor changed a complete 180. “Your excellency! It is an honor to see you grace us with your presence here at this inn. I’m so sorry. If we knew earlier that you were coming we would of gotten you a bigger table.”

Both Bishops stopped arguing and Bishop Sanya answered. “No. No. It’s alright. We don’t want you to go through all that trouble.”


“I actually like where we are sitting. In a corner where we could have a small little conversation with the guardian of Draconis Library.” She pointed out towards Zero.

“Guardian? The guardian?” The waitress eyes grew large when she set her sights on him. “I can’t believe it. So many famous people all coming to our humble inn.” She was so excited that her voice got louder. Everyone in the room strained to hear their conversation. “Is it true. That you are the last of your race?”

“Well not-”

She cut him off from her excitement. “You’re so young. How were you able to go through the Maze of Gereum and come out unscathed?”

“I had friends who had helped me succeed.”

“That would make a lot more sense. Though I wonder are you even human?” The waitress peered around him, trying to find something unusual. “I heard you were some kind of giant lizard, but everything about you screams a human child.”

Zero did not like how he was being continuously stared at and asked questions that he didn’t want to answer. Especially since she was starting to annoy him with her behavior.

“If you don’t mind I would like to order.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry so much. What would you like?”

“Steak with macaroni and cheese,” said Zero. “Please make it medium-rare.”

The waiter chirpily replied. “What about you your excellency?”

“We do not eat pork or beef. We would like to try anything you recommend, dear.”

“Then how about lemon baked chicken breast with green beans?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“I’ll get the same thing as my sister.”

“I would like baked fish please,” said Silver. She was sipping on the water that the waitress had brought over.

“What about you young sir?” The waitress asked Anglo.

“Sauteed Mushrooms chicken with cheesy broccoli. If you don’t mind, could you put  a bit more cheese please.”

“Coming right up.” The waitress went to the kitchen to place the order. The voices of the people that were watching them grew louder.

“Did you hear. The guardian of Draconis Library is here.”

“You serious. It’s that kid? How the hell did he get the library.”

“This is so not fair.”

“How about we go beat him and and take the library for ourselves.”

“Are you stupid. The Bishop of Infinity is here. They will have you locked up in a heartbeat.”

“I wish I was in his shoes. I would love to be able to have good standings with the Church of Infinity.”

“Don’t let their words get to you.” Anglo said. Throughout the whole time he was listening in on the people. “They are just jealous at the accomplishments that you have achieved. Some people just don’t know any better.”

“I know. I push aside what they say as if it’s nothing. What they say is no concern of mine.Though I do got watch for a couple of them.”

“Don’t worry. The Church of Infinity will protect you in your village.”

“Thanks.” Zero silently sat, listening in on both the conversation of Bishop Sanya and Bishop Etran. The food was delivered and Zero hungrily ate his food. He forgot how starved he was when he was in his room mixing his concoctions. There were times when he was so focused that he forgot to take care of himself. With a slurp of his drink, and a chomp of his food, Zero ate without a care to his image. All he could think of at this moment was to satisfy his avatar’s hunger.

“Thank you for the meal.” Bishop Sanya dabbed herself with a napkin. “It has been awhile since I went out to eat food from the locals. I think I might do this again in the immediate future.”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed your meal. The room should be ready. Why don’t we go and get you guys settle in?”

“That would be wonderful,” said Bishop Sanya cheerful. Zero placed money on to the table and got up. Everyone followed after Zero and went out the door. The sun was setting as it casted its orange yellow light down. The magical atmosphere around the Draconic village was lively with people. Even during the night the couples came out to enjoy the setting sun. Their hands wrapped together tightly as they whispered their love for one another into each other.

“Zero, where is your girlfriend? I often see you with her.” Bishop Sanya asked out of the blue. This caught Zero completely off guard. He stumbled and had to catch himself before completely falling flat on his face.

“He has a girlfriend?” Bishop Etran asked surprised.

“Didn’t you see the lovely elf that is always by his side?”

“Really? For someone so young I’m quite surprised that you like older females. To be honest who wouldn’t fall in love with such a beautiful lady.”

“Though the handsome young elf that I saw with you is also quite an eye candy.”

“Are you sure the two elves are not the one’s that are going out?”

“No. From the looks of it, I don’t see such interaction. They seem to be on a mutual level.”

“Then why do you think she’s going out with him?”

“Women’s intuition.”

“Not that again.” Bishop Etran rolled his eyes.

“Excuse me,” Zero tried to interject in their conversation.

“What you don’t think I can’t tell?”

“It’s a lie.”

“Say that again.” Bishop Sanya glared evilly towards Bishop Etran. “Come on.”

“Excuse me!” Zero exclaimed. Both Bishop Sanya and Bishop Etran turned towards Zero. “She’s not my girlfriend and both Zeraph and Agnis are my friends. Nothing going on between them either. So please let’s forget this topic existed.”

“That’s too bad. I was sure that you had some interest with her.” Bishop Sanya folded her hands into her sleeves.

“See. What did I tell you.” Bishop Etran gave his statement agitating Bishop Sanya all over again.

Bishop Sanya ignored him and asked, “Don’t you like her?”

“Well as a friend yes.”

“Is she really just a friend?”

Zero did not want to answer any further. What was their relationship even like anyways? He had to think for a moment. Throughout his time that he had spent time with her, she was annoying and aggravating at first. Time went by and he finally started to enjoy her presence. Anything else, he didn’t think much of. He could still remember the time, when she unexpectedly got to close to him face-to-face when she saw the shift in his golden eyes.

Her warm body, her beautiful eyes that radiated power and life. It was only that split moment, he truly saw her for who she was. A young lady who had the courage of a lion, a fighter, and a friend. Someone he did not putting his trust in nor spending time. A friend that he rarely had many of, especially since he moved to another state.


Bishop Sanya was disappointed in Zero’s answer. What else could Zero say, except any more than that. He was not expecting any more than just that. Crossing the boundary anytime soon could lead to more headaches, but that did not stop him from thinking about what it would be like to have a girlfriend. Either way, Zero quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind. He had things he had to do and a getting a girlfriend right now was not his priority.

“Sir!” A Lunar Rabbit called out to Zero. He flagged them down to come towards him. They walked over. “We have your rooms ready. If you don’t mind following me to your rooms.”

“Lovely. I was getting tired.” Bishop Sanya replied chirpily.

“I have other things I have to do. I’ll see you around in the morning,” said Zero.

“That would be great. My mind does feel a bit muddy and the food is making me a bit drowsy. Well then. Goodnight.”

“Good night.”

Zero waved them all goodnight. He had a couple of things that he himself had to do before he turned himself in for bed as well. He went to look for a couple of books that he was interested in looking into.


    The tower bell rung noisily in the middle of the night as it signaled the guards to action. There voices rung out with hurry. “Find the killer! Search every houses!” They burst into each house causing chaos and confusion.

“Find him. Don’t let him escape the city!”

Citizens were pulled out of their homes and out onto the streets. It was a frenzied search for the killer.

Zero wondered what the noise was all about, he felt an ominous air hanging over the city. He didn’t know what it was but knew trouble was coming. The evening lights in the city multiplied as torches lit up by the hundreds. They moved in unison and spread outwards towards the city walls. He quickly shifted into his Origin form waiting patiently.

Watching over at the edge of the village, Zero saw streams of light marching towards the floating village.

An unusual sound of metal flying past him and hooked itself onto the side wall. Zero noticed hooks were embedded into the ground, and royal soldiers were climbing up towards him. Swarms of Royal soldiers pulled themselves up onto land, and brandished their swords. At that moment, at the peak of the Draconis Library, a magical orb glowed with goldish power.

Every single one of the royal soldier’s sword turned hot making them all drop their weapons. Even bows and arrows were snapped apart like twigs. Magic that was even chanted did not work in the Draconis Village. The Royal soldiers was stunned at what was happening before them. Even if they swung their fist at the villagers, their attack were blocked by a magical barrier.

Zero couldn’t help but stifle his laugh seeing the the royal soldiers in confusion. If he didn’t know about the special features of the Draconis Library, he would of been in the same shoe as the soldiers.

A young soldier different from the rest stood up from the group. Zero noticed that he was wearing a black raven armor with sunglasses. He wondered why of all times, the young soldier was wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night. Looking closely, the young soldier was not part of the Royal soldier but was an Adventurer instead.
The Adventurer cleared his throat and pulled out a rolled up paper. “From his order of the crown prince now king, we are hereby ordered to search your resident to find the culprit who killed the king.”
“The king is dead?” Zero did not expect the king to pass away so quickly. “And you are?”
“I am the Advisor of the new King Richard III. Russ.” Russ arrogantly replied.     “Everyone begin searching for the murder!” Russ shouted towards the royal guards and directed them to head into everyone’s house.
At that moment, a message appeared before Zero.

As the guardian of the Draconis Library, you have the power to call out ‘Halt’ and following after ‘Banish’ all enemies that threatens the Village. To release the bondage call out ‘Release.’ This skill is only available till the next two month when the Protection is over.


Zero quickly understood what the message stated and he yelled out in a loud voice, “Halt!” The Royal soldiers and Russ was immobilized in seconds. Also Zero’s intimidation skill were added in with a bonus when he yelled towards the crowd. They couldn’t move and fear filled their soul.
“Wh-h-at are you doing!” Russ stammered. He was frozen in place, “Are you going against the king!?” Russ shouted with anger. He tried to wiggle out, but failed.
“No. I am the guardian of this land. Instead of rushing into someone’s house uninvited, I think it would be better if we don’t use the same tactics as you do with your city citizens, or I could banish you from this land. Think about it. You want the killer, I want a peaceful resolution that doesn’t burn or damage the villagers.” For a large dragon that was now as big as a bus towered over Russ. He stared down upon Russ, not wavering from his challenge. Zero had the power to get rid of the enemies in seconds, but he did not want to bring trouble to the village he was protecting. They were not strong enough to defend against the wrath of a Kingdom.
“Everyone stand down,” Russ said with displeasure in his voice. “Fine. We will uphold what you have asked.”
Zero nodded but he did not believe a single word from Russ. In actuality, he did not like Russ a single bit. “Release.”
The Royal soldiers were released in matter of moments. They all nodded in understanding, and went through each building looking for their culprit. They knocked on doors, searched through each home, and even search through Draconis Library. Even though the soldiers searched through everything in the Draconis Library, Zero knew that they have not looked through even a two thirds of the Library without specific access.
A royal guard shouted. “Sir, we have the killer here!” Their voice rang with excitement at the capture of the assassin. The assassin was dragged out and brought before Russ battered and beaten. .
“So you were saying?” Russ deviously grinned. “You are under arrest. Guards! Seize him!”
The guards surrounded him. Two messages flashed before him.

The first baby Drezo Regalia will be born in fifteen minutes.


Meet me in three days from now at our secret spot at the entwined tree at sunset.



Zero stared at the message before him. How? How did Kyle get his name in the game. Wasn’t he supposed to find him in the game? Confused and excited at the same time. His mind was in whirls, trying to figure out the reason why the setting has changed. He had two days, till he met his brother. Something important must of came up for Kyle to contact him directly without him going out to chase him down.

To be continued…

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