Drezo Regalia V5 Prologue


(One hour before the hatching of the Drezo Regalia eggs.)

New Species has been opened to players. Drezo Regalia will be playable in fifteen minutes. Total number of Drezo Regalia that are available at this time are 100. New partner contract will be available for all new and old players. A quest shall be starting for people who are interested in having a partner.

The message was the top trending topic for all gamers for Noriene. A video trailer was updated showing the players and new visitors on what the Drezo Regalia race would be like. Dragons with eight different colors flew through the screen as each showed off their own special abilities and attributes.

The first was the white dragon, small and agile. With speed and magick that fiercely outmaneuvered all the other dragons. Sonic boom like sound followed behind the white dragon’s flight. Even flying monsters could not keep up with the dragon itself. Each monster blew up in seconds as they were hit by the white dragon’s magic. It twirled through obstacles as if it was nothing. A bright light encompasess the whole screen and moves onto the next scene.

Next was a blue dragon that swam in the deep ocean seafloor. Wings outstretched it battled a giant Kraken looking monsters by itself. With a pump of its wings, both the Kraken and the blue dragon that was half its size shot up from the dark depths and into the sky. A loud kaboom like splash erupted from the surface from the blue dragon exiting the ocean. With hot flaming fire, the blue dragon mouth gaped open as a shot of energy blast escaped in one go. The head of the Kraken was demolished as the Kraken went lifeless in its claws. Folding its wings, the blue dragon dives into the ocean creating a large wave that splashed against the screen.

The trailer fades from blue to black and out in the darkness a large group of humanoid soldiers walked through the cave. As the light from the fire brighten the room, a ferocious looking red dragon stares down upon the group. It eyes glittered dangerously, and hot steam escaped its mouth and nose. Inhaling deeply, the red dragon let out a torrent of red flames that brighten up the whole room. In that room stock piles of gold and jewels shined with different colors of the rainbow. Intruding soldiers were covered in fire as they screamed in agony and horror.

With the fire blazing turning silver, the next dragon that appears majestically sat with the council of the kings. Its silver crown that matched the royalties, even its demeanor screamed that this silver dragon was not from a commoner’s bloodline. The kings from different races listened to the words of the silver dragon as if they were they own.

The scene changes into the bountiful life of the festival where people from around the world celebrate the new year. In the midst of the joyful event a bronze dragon stood in the center of attention. Its clear voice rung out beautifully through the crowd. Even the music from the trailer was from the voice of the bronze dragon. People danced and sang in merry tune as the world around the bronze dragon sparkled to life.

With the music slowly fading away and becoming a blur, the vast green mountains is shown next. A large green hump in-between the mountains, a sleeping green dragon awakens. The birds flys away crying out in fright from the unexpected movement. Each step the green dragon takes, the world shakes. The green dragon walked slowly towards a giant lake, where it laps up water. Animals emerged from the forest floor and stares in recognition of the green dragon that protect them. Bright sunlight beamed down upon the green dragon as the scene changes once again.

In the middle of the glaring sun, a golden dragon appears from the sky. Its wings outstretched as the sun creates a halo effect. From the bright light a large shadow is cast  forth and in the darkness a black dragon with red eyes emerges. Two contrasting dragons goes into an epic battle of dominance. Black fire erupts from the mouth of the black dragon, while blue flames comes out from the gold. Each dragon outmaneuvered each other for the upper hand, but both were in a perfect stalemate.

The Black dragon summoned an unholy army of the dead, while the gold dragon called forth angelic looking creatures. Both clashing and tearing into each other as if their life depended on them. Teeth upon teeth, claws upon claws, blood spilled amongst one another as they battled for supremacy.

The scene goes black and words were displayed beautifully, ‘Which Drezo Regalia would you choose?’

People who saw this new trailer brought in a spike of new players. They wanted to play as the dragon that was shown in the trailer. Already the first one hundred player slot was filled in matter of minutes. Virtual chat rooms were flooded with new and old players wondering how they could either partner up with a Drezo Regalia or become one. Each one sharing information of the new species.

“Did you see the trailer for the new species?”

“Drezo Regalia was it?”

The squeals of of the people could be heard as they watched the trailer over and over again. Their eyes glued to the dragon with excitement.

“Yea. I heard they are humanoid dragon class.”

“I saw the blue dragon wreaking havoc on that kraken and I wanted to be one so bad.”

“No way. I swear the black dragon is better. Summoning the undead. Come on. Who wouldn’t want an legion of undead creatures behind them in a fight?”

“The Gold Dragon will kick the Black Dragon’s ass. Light always win.”

“What kind of bull crap are you spewing? Black Dragons are the way to go. Darkness reign supreme.”

“I rather like the song that the Bronze Dragon sung. There are like minstrels. I’m going to make myself famous.”

“Yea. Yea. I rather have money like the Red Dragon.”

“Was anyone able to be one of the first one hundred Drezo Regalia? I was a second too late.”

“Gah I wish I waited to pick the Drezo Regalia race.”

“I did. I was lucky enough to get the race.”

“What really?”

People around the young boy listened intently on what he had to say.

“Did you get to play the race yet?”

“No. It said I’m waiting to be hatched in an hour.”

“Hatched? What the? Serious?”

“Are you some kind of monster now? Why does one need to hatch? Is this every Drezo Regalia?

“Hi guys. I just joined. Did anyone try out the Drezo Regalia species yet? I’m stuck in a egg form waiting to be hatched.”

“We got a newcomer with the same problem as this other players. You’re not the only one.”

“So I am supposed to be hatching? That’s so strange. I never heard of this before.”

“So my life starts again from a child?”

“Let’s not overthink this too much. Did you find your partner?”

“Yea. My girlfriend is already on that quest.”

“You’re girlfriend is doing it? I did ask my best friend to help me out. Thought it would be the best solution instead of a stranger being my partner. That would be strange.”

“Really? What species did your friend choose?”

“A human. I heard right now the only two species that could partner up are humans, elves, and halflings.”

“That’s not fair. I’m a dwarf. Why can’t dwarves be part of the partnership. This is outrageous.”

“Don’t ask me. Complain to the creators.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“What’s kind of quest is it to become a partnership with the Drezo Regalia?”

“Well, It’s really simple. Supposedly you need to get to the Draconis Library on time and talk with a pet shop owner name Tyrell.”

“That’s it?”

“No. Then we got to go find our friends and go through a partnership ritual. The problem is, so far I don’t even know where I am at.”

“Seriously? You can’t see or anything?”

“Nope. Everything is black. All I heard is some weird chanting and my body feels like it’s on fire, but strangely it is warm.”

“What an annoying predicament.”

“You telling me.”

“Draconis Library. Isn’t that the flying library that is at the City of Diadem?”

“Yea. I went there. It’s pretty cool. I heard you can get into the Draconis Village just paying one gold for a week pass.”

“That’s such a rip off.”

“It’s actually not bad. I went to the public bathhouse. They even got a sauna and hot springs there.”

“Sauna? Hot springs?”

“Yea. Haven’t you ever went to one before. If you go visit Japan, there are plenty of them that you can try out.”

“That sounds so relaxing.”

“It is.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“I don’t know about you people, sharing the same natural hot spring with the same gender doesn’t sound like my style. It’s too weird.”

“Really? Usually Asian cultures aren’t ashamed of showing their body in a same sex bathhouse. In actuality, they just go about their business cleaning themselves up and move on.”

“That’s so weird.”

“To the westerners it is.”

“Either way. I’m staying away.”

“You’re missing an relaxing spot in the hotspring.”

“I’ll pass.”

“You’re loss.”

“There is also an amphitheater there as well.”

“There is?”

“Yea. Some crazy rabbit built it up from scratch. I heard they are scouting out actors and even playing 3D virtual clips.”

“3D Virtual clips? You mean like a movie theater?”

“Yea. There using some kind of Oculus Morpheus crystal balls to play them, but as of right now they aren’t much showing. Just simple ten to fifteen minute clips.”

“There also some kind of bazaar that had been built.”


“They’re selling so many different kind of potions it’s ridiculous. Things that I have never even heard before.”

“Aren’t potions expensive?”

“Yea. But they’re worth every penny.”

“It seems their is a drastic change in the air. From the great World quest in game to in real life, floating libraries, bathhouse, Amphitheaters, bazaar, and even now a new species. Isn’t this going too fast?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well it’s something new to look forward to everyday.”

“I agree. I haven’t had so much fun these past months. Not only that I met so many new people.”

“I agree with you there.”

Even the forum and message boards were searching for new information, but they were all flooded with the same information. Nothing new popped up for the next hour. The new and old players grumbled and waited impatiently.

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