Drezo Regalia V4 Ch. 8


Chapter 8
Unlikely Surprise

    Zero stood speechless at what he saw before him. There were thousands upon thousands of eggs with smiley faces drawn on them with different solid colors ranging from black, red, copper, blue, white, gold, silver, and bronze. But there were also eggs with no smiley face and were slightly smaller in size, that were double the amount than the smiley face eggs. He knew what these eggs were, the future of Drezo Regalia.
“Oh, my,” Agnis stared upon the mounds of eggs.

“We just hit the motherload of all eggs,” Alan whispered with a gasp.

“They seem so similar,” Zeraph was trying to figure out where he saw such eggs.

“The amount of fried eggs that could be made would be ridiculous,” Jack joked. Bob gave him a dissatisfied glare.

“The great dragons have  returned.” Bob stepped forward from the group and sobbed. He fell to the ground weeping in pure joy.

“You’re saying those are dragon eggs?” said Alan. The thought of thousands of dragons return already boggled his mind. “Zero…”


“We just opened up new possibility for players to play.”

Zero understood what that meant. This was a once in a lifetime chance for players around the world to play a new species that has never been played before.

Agnis cut in on their silence. “How are we supposed to move all these eggs? There’s a reason these are not even hatched yet.”

“What do you mean?” Alan asked. “What reason would there be?”

“Well, Zero was the first dragon to be born at the petshop. They must’ve done something to awaken him.”

“So the answer lies with Tyrell,” said Zero. With that being said the problem now was bringing the thousands of eggs that were present in this one room. “There seems to be also a small golden egg over there.”

“Wait you’re not going to go touch it are you?”

“It’s a Dragon Egg. There is more of a chance that the booby trap will not go off if I touch it.”

“How do you know it’s a Dragon Egg not a chicken egg?”

Zero thought for a moment. What Alan said was true, how did he know it was a dragon egg instead of something else. Was it gut instinct or a wild guess? The best answer he could give was that he just knew.

“Look at the eggs. They have smiley faces on them. It’s the exact same thing as when Zero was born from,” Agnis replied. “I haven’t seen such smiley face egg in a while.”

“You were the one that was there when Zero hatched.”

“But that does not mean that the golden egg is not a booby trap in itself.”

“It’s going to be alright.”

“Where does that confidence come from?” Alan and the group was inching backwards. They did not wanted to get caught up in the possible booby trap that were laid out.

Zero stepped forward, carefully avoiding the egg from being squashed. He tiptoed towards the middle of the mounds of eggs, there lay a small pedestal with a metallic egg the size of a chicken egg. He reached over with his claws. Everyone held their breath hoping nothing would happen.

His claw touched the tip of the metallic golden egg, and he felt a searing hot pain coming from his chest. The new Krustallos that were growing their reacted with the metallic egg. The searing hot pain made him unconsciously pull it out with his claws. He could feel the pulsating warmth coming from the Krustallos as it reacted with the metallic, golden egg. With a flash of golden light, the krustallos turned into a liquid.

The gold and black liquid Krustallos were like tendrils that encased the small egg creating a unique jagged pattern. The egg opened up on the tip like a flower, and a gust of storm escaped from it surrounding Zero. The wind pushed outwards and picked up the thousands of thousands of eggs like a tornado.

Zero watched with awe as the eggs were magically transported into the small metallic egg. All the eggs that they saw before them was gone in seconds and the room felt a lot larger than before.

“All that fit into one.” Agnis walked up behind him and rested her hand on his arm. She reached over and carefully picked it up. “And it’s not heavy at all. It’s like paperweight.”

“Really?” Jack came up next to her, “May I?” He asked curious as well. The moment she dropped it into Jack’s hand the egg gave off a severe static shock that cut Jack’s life into half.

“Gah!” Jack yelled pulled his hand backwards, and the egg tumbled unto the ground. Alan rushed forward trying to stop it and he too got a shock that cut his life in half.

“What’s with this egg?” Alan shook himself of the shock. “It just took a chunk of my life. Are you sure it’s not a trap?”

Agnis picked it up once again. She shook her head. “I’m fine. I don’t understand why you guys got shocked.”

“They are not worthy to hold the great dragon’s offsprings,” Bob called out behind them. “No one but their descendant and partner may rest their hand on the holy relic.”

“That explains everything. Why didn’t you say it sooner,” Jack was not happy. He was peeved that his life was cut in half. For a moment Zero thought something was wrong.

Zero took it out of Agnis hand and examined the egg.

Holy Relic of Drezo Regalia. The golden egg.

An ancient relic that was created for one purpose only to use to transport large amount of eggs to one place to another. Since the ancient times, all newborns were put in incubation that the ancient relic naturally gave, but recently the power of the ancient relic has lost its ability to keep the eggs warm. Usually the breath of an adult dragon blown on the ancient relic could heat up eggs harbor inside. Due to inactivity for a long time, majority of the eggs has fallen into a deep slumber. Not all eggs will hatch at the same time, some eggs will take longer and the blessing of the gods are needed to be awaken.

Fire power needed: 0/110,000,000


Zero saw the obnoxious number and requirement he needed to hatch the eggs. He blew a constant fire at the golden egg to see how much power it would raise.

Fire power needed: 10/110,000,000


Zero couldn’t believe it. All that long continuous stream of fire output he was only able to add 10 to the eleven hundred million.

“What’s with the fireworks?” asked Jack.

“It’s not that.” Zero groaned. “The egg need constant heat energy for the it to hatch.”

“How much?”

“Eleven hundred million.”

“E-E-elven h-hun-ndred m-m-million?” Word got stuck in Jack’s throat.

“That fire breath only gave ten.”

Everyone was stupefied by what Zero had stated. They all didn’t expect the eggs to take so much power to hatch. Zero knew that he wasn’t an adult dragon still, and wondered how strong an adult dragon fire was when they blew their fire onto the golden egg. For the next ten minutes Zero blew fire continuously till he was out of breath.

Fire power needed: 100/110,000,000


Zero realized the ridiculous amount of time this would take to hatch the eggs. He was  having a sore throat from the constant pouring of fire coming out from this throat.”

At that moment, Zero noticed the golden egg glow white and spit out a small pearly O.M into his hand and a golden marble the size of his thumb. Zero was surprised that there was an O.M inside the golden egg. Excited he played the O.M.

In seconds, the whole room was filled with nothing but the heavenly blue sky. Different shape, sizes, and colors of dragons were flying gracefully through the sky enjoying themselves in the clouds. The scene zooms to the ground where a large gold dragon stood proudly on the ledge of a cliff. Its silky scales glistened underneath the sunlight, horns decorated like a royal crown, and golden eyes that radiated with power.

“Your majesty.” A slim snow white dragon landed next to the golden dragon. Comparison to size of the golden dragon, the white dragon dwarf in comparison.

“Go ahead Estro.” His deep voice rung with power.

“Your majesty, we have report that the enemy has taken over the whole Water Continent and moving towards the Ice Continent. They have  taken two-third of the world at this rate, we’ll be next.”

“I know Estro. I know. The smell of blood even trails through the air as we speak. I have sent reinforcement to our allies, but I do not see the end anymore. Something is blocking my vision. At this rate, I worry that our bloodline will be wiped out. Sends words to gather our future hope and hide them away.”

“Yes your majesty. Ah, your nest mate has been calling for you.”

“Thank you Estro. I’ll shall go and speak with her.”

Static interrupts the scene making it very difficult to pinpoint what was being shown, the scene changes to a bloody battlefield where man against man, dragons against demons. A clashing of blood, sword, and magic that has never been seen before. It was a grandiose battle of scale that encompassed the whole nation.

“Estro!” The King of all dragons roared in a middle of a fight between an ugly looking wyvern demon. It was pure black eyes and sharp beaks snapped towards the gold dragon’s neck. Large bruises and cuts were all over the golden dragon with blood dripping from his jaws.

With a ferocious diagonal slash, the golden dragon crushed the demon wyverns skull. A small white dragon darted like lightning through the battlefield. Nothing could match Estro’s speed and instead all who pursued gave up in seconds.

“Your majesty! The Queen is in trouble!” Estro yelled with desperation in his voice. “Quickly your majesty!”

Estro bolted off towards the direction of where the Queen was. With its mighty gold wings, the King swoop into the sky following as best as he could behind Estro. Each flap of his wings were difficult for the king, his wings were shredded and torn from the continuous battle with many demon wyverns.

He flew and swirled in the sky, ducking from the grasp of the flying demons that tried to stall him. With a mighty roar, the demons fell down around him from the sheer shock. Off in the distance, he saw a black dragon fighting a humanoid demon with four wings. Black fire erupted from the mouth of the black dragon as it followed in pursuit after the humanoid demon.

In that moment, the humanoid demon raise his sword and struck directly into the black dragons shoulder. A painful scream erupted from the mouth of the black dragon as the dragon crumpled onto the ground. Estro rushed forward, but was smacked away onto the ground with one hit.

“Nooooooooo!” The king roared in fury. He rushed forward with teeth baring. His claws shredded through a pair wings of the demon, making the demon difficult to fly. The king dived towards the fallen black dragon.

The black dragon grew smaller in size into a womanly figure. A beautiful woman with black hair and black dress laid out flat on her back. Her shoulders bloodied from the sword impaled in her shoulder. With a rush of air, the king landed on the ground next to her and was about to gently pick her up.

A painful stab erupted from his back, the humanoid demon that were completely smoky black laughed.

“Your soul is mine.” The cackling of the demon voice rung manically in the air. The demon hand clawed his back as black aura formed around it. The demon hand slipped slowly into his back and grabbed at his soul, his Krustallos.

The King suddenly froze as he could feel his body lock up and his soul being dragged out. He struggled, he roared, he clawed but every time more of his soul was pulled out, he lost feelings in his body.

“I have waited for the last soul of the great mighty king and his wife.” The demon cackled. “Our lord will be pleased that all the mighty souls will be finally collected. You don’t know how long we have waited for this.”

“Demon you will never get my soul.” The king said with a strained voice, even though he tried his best to escape he could not get free.

“I don’t think you are in the right predicament to say that.”

The king laughed as blood dripped from his lips. “You don’t understand who you are messing with.” With a final roar, he yelled to his queen. “Do it now!”

The queen that was laying on the ground opened her eyes and shifted only her hands into a dragon claws. At that moment her hands rested on his chest where a gold Krustallos laid, an explosion of holy light erupted outwards pushing all demons in the vicinity for miles away. They stumbled and screamed as they evaporated and disappeared like smoke.

Only the four winged demon did not easily disappear.

“I curse you!” The demon yell as his body slowly begun to deteriorate. “I curse you and all your kind to be forever enslaved by our Lord. Your soul will be corrupted and be turned away from your god.” With a manically laughter, the demon with four wings disappeared into thin air like fine dust.

“We have barely won today. I do not know how much more we have to do this” the king wheezed and fell into his queen’s embrace. He shifted forms into a human with golden hair. He was a young king with hardened eyes from the world and war.

“It’s okay my love.” She gently stroked his head.

The dragons around him roared with joy and humans cheered. The demons disappeared back into the darkness. The scene once again faded and changed to a dark temple like room with only one stream of light coming from the ceiling. Inside were eight elderly True Dragons sitting on a ledge hidden in the darkness. The King with the golden hair was in his human form as he bowed to the eight elder dragons. They were Black, White, Gold, Red, Green, Blue, Silver, and Bronze. Their intimidating aura and majestic stature were beyond the normal dragons.

“You have come. We know why you have come here today.” The gold dragon has spoke out loud. His voice vibrated with power that could shake the soul.

“Then you know what I ask of.” The king has stated, while he kneeled before the eight elderly dragons. “You who are the last remaining True dragons, have the power to save my clan. Please once again endow us with your power and take away this curse that the demon has set upon my people. The curse is slowly changing us. Destroying us from the inside. We cannot stop it. Please.”

“Silence!” The black dragon roared with anger. Black flames erupted from his nose and mouth. His eyes glowed dangerously red. “You dare ask of us for more power? When we have already endowed your people with the gift. You are now as close as you can ever get to a True dragon. How much further would you want to go? Since you’re cursed marriage everything has fallen. We have told you countless time not to mix the blood and power of our magic. For a power that rivals such being, the world counters and bring in an equivalent opposing force. You have created a cursed child, an abomination that will bring destruction!”

“Enough Garrion. He means well to his people.” The gold dragon spoke. “I know you have married out of love and commitment to bring your people together, but in that process the moment your marriage was finalized, the faith of your people have been set as well.” The gold dragon stood up and stared down upon the human king. “I have told you since the day I have made the prediction of your life. You had two choices one that will bring prosperity to your people for a thousand years where loneliness follows warping your mind into madness and destroying your people, or a thousand year curse that cannot be easily broken but you will find happiness in your darkest times. A curse that will wipe out your generation and your future people’s children bound to eternal servitude to the demons. It has all started, the end of all the species that lives on Noriene. It will become a race of time when every single one of you will become warped by the demon’s curse and your souls stolen by the demon that serves the false light.”

“Is there no way to stop this?” The king fell on his knee. “Are you not strong enough?”

“Do not talk such blasphemy. Kill the child in your partner’s stomach and it shall be over.” Garrion spotted out with discontempt at the king’s weak self. His black flames licked his nose creating a demonic look on Garrion.

“I will never do that! It will kill my queen and the child!” The king stood up in rage.

The gold dragon held up his hands. “It is too late. Once a curse is set in motion it is not easily overturned when a powerful force has already left a deep imprint on his people. The child is destined to be born. All hybrids born from the magic of True dragons, they are destined to walk a cruel and difficult path. A cursed path that shakes the very foundations of Noriene. Just like the time when the green and blue hybrid dragon was born, it shifted and shook the very essence of Noriene and split the continent to what it is today. The water rose from the ocean, the ground shook with such ferocity that it split the lands cleanly into pieces. When the black and green hybrid was born, the weather of Noriene has been permanently imbalanced where warm weather became cold. Lightning strikes on land throughout the day with no rest. Each hybrid dragon has caused a major change. The world has never seen a gold and black hybrid to be born into the world. What changes this dragon will cause no one knows, but always it ends with one thing. A darkness of terror.”

“Then how can I save my people and my child,” said the King in defeat. The future looked grim for his people.

“Let me ask you what is the meaning of your people’s name?”

“Do you mean Drezo Regalia? Royal Dragon?”

“Why must you seem so unsure of yourself?”

“Because I do not fully understand what this has to do with the problem now?”

“A royal dragon. You have the power that rivals legends and allows you to stand as a king. As a king of your people, you are given the task to be the negotiator and guide to the new and old species. A dragon that does not stand down in adversary. A dragon that does not emit defeat, even when the chances are slim. To use your mind and your heart to make the right choices. You are the leaders of your people and the guardians of Noriene. Do you think there is no hope even when the world is turned upside?”

“I do not know.”

“Stand up young king and wash away your fears.”

The young king stood up taller, and his glazed eyes became brighter with life. The gloomy atmosphere was gone and instead a majestic demeanor stood place.

“That is better.” The gold dragon smiled.

“Better? A small king has not changed much.” Gorian rolled his eyes.

“This is our last gift to your people. We are a dying race.” The Gold dragon has said with sadness. “For the exchange of the older generation, your child and your people’s unborn children will sleep till they are awoken again. Their curse hampered by all your sacrifice.” A golden egg magically appears out of thin air before the King as it land on his hands. “You know what you must do.”

The eight dragons body had begun to dissipate, and slowly turn into fine dust. Their Krustallos on their chest falls onto the ground and clatters with a loud cling. Eight solid colors sparkled underneath the light that casted down upon it.

A soft voice echoes into the wind and around the king, “Go and fight your final battle.”

“Don’t you dare run away or I will kill you,” said Gorion with his last breathe.

Just as the dragon that disappeared, the scene fades away into nothingness and once again and the O.M ends. Everyone was silent when watching the O.M. Suddenly, Zero’s Book of Historia appeared before him, and sucked in the O.M into itself. Zero now understood a little bit about the curse.

Quest Drezo Regalia Guardianship has been updated.

Quest combination of History of Drezo Regalia and the Language of Ancient Art of Words.

1st part: Finding out the race of Drezo Regalia history’s curse has been completed.

2nd part: Bishop Etran has given you the task to fill the blank books with knowledge of your adventures, but now it is recommended to write the first volume of the history of Drezo Regalia to complete the task given to you. It seems that both quests have something to do with one another.

3rd part: Learn the nine arts of the Record Keeper by finding the other eight that are situated around both worlds. (1/9 completed.)

Difficulty Level : B

Reward: Information of Hybrid Form + other unknown items

Failure to complete journal will not allow you to learn the art of words. Bishop Etran and Bishop Sanya will be wary around you and not listen to what you have to say. The Church of Infinity will close their door to you.


Zero checked his hand again, this time thinking that the small golden marble was another O.M he waited for it to activate. Nothing happened.
“Is this what I think it is?” Zero inspected it closely. Turning the golden marble, he noticed a black iris in the middle of the golden marble. “Identify.”

The Golden Eye
A mythical beast’s eye that is imbued with special powers. So far no one has been able to activate its power nor completely understand what it is used for.


“I found it.” Zero called out to his group.

“What?” Jack asked.

“Our quest item.”

“Let me see.”

“Are you sure? You might not want to hold this.”

“Why? Is there something wrong?”

“Well, here. You can see for yourself.”

Jack took the Golden Eye from Zero and examined it closely. In moments Jack yelled out in surprised and dropped the Golden Eye on the floor. With a small thunk, the Golden Eye rolled on the ground towards Zeraph.

“What’s wrong?” Agnis curiously peered towards Jack. She walked towards Zeraph wondering what all the fus was about.

“D-D-on’t pick that up.”

“Why not?” Zeraph bends up and picked the Golden Eye up. “Ah that’s why.”

“What? What?” Agnis peeked over Zeraph’s shoulder. “An eye?”

“Yes an eye.” Jack looked sick. “You’re not phased by all that?”

“Nope,” replied Zeraph.

“No,” said Agnis.

“You guys are strange.”

“Not really. We’ve been helping out with Zero’s O.M creation so it does not phase us at all.”

“Wait. O.M creation. You’re not talking about the ingredients are eyes are you.”

“What else would be talking about at this minute?”

Jack scooted back as his face turned pale green.

“Well then. We got what we were here for. So now let’s head back home.”

They exited the hidden chamber that they entered. The soldiers were waiting outside ran up to Zero excited that their young leader had come back out without a scratch.

“Were there any monsters? Gold? Was everything okay?” Evon asked and suddenly froze. He saw Zero blowing fire into his palm where a gold egg was. “Is that the prize?” He glanced over trying to see but the fire was too hot to even get close to Zero.

“We found the Golden Eye. Zero’s just being a mother taking care of his soon to be chicks.” Agnis chuckled. “I suggest you to leave him be for awhile. He won’t be able to answer your question with all that fire crackling from his mouth.”

Evon and the others were confused at what Agnis was implying. Zero gave Agnis a glare, but he went back to blowing hot fire on the Golden Egg.

“So there were no treasures.” Evon was highly disappointed. He thought this whole time, they all have found something that they could take with them.

“You might get a reward.”

The soldiers became elated when they heard that from Zero. There were also the chance to get rewarded by the king.

“This will definitely work. I can’t wait to get back.”

“It has been over five years. I hope my family have not forgotten about me.”

“I’m more worried about my girlfriend.”

“I been sent away two years ago. I can finally be free from my crimes.”


“Wait, you are a criminal?”


Zero did not mind their random chatter. Instead he could feel their elated optimism to finally go back home. Some were gone from their place for a long period of times. The first time he met them, especially the older ones that have came into the Labyrinth, their gears and looks, weapons, and armor were completely battered. It wasn’t until Jack had personally fixed up their gears that now they don’t look so tattered.

“Either way, will the golden thread really get us out of here?” Jack asked.

“We won’t know till we try,” said Zero. He too wondered as well. It was the last thing that they have to escape the intricate maze. “Better get started now, or we won’t know when we would be able to get out.”

“Yea. Better now than never.”

“Bob. Lead the way.”

“Yes!” Bob cheerfully called out. He bounced forward in a joyful mood. Each step Bob took towards the direction of the exit, the gold thread slowly begun to shorten. For the next days, Zero and his small army went through the Maze with little rest.


August 11, 2054. Tuesday. 7:34pm

Finding the way out of the Maze took a lot longer than usual. There was twice amount of monsters inhabiting the Maze than when they first came through. Zero thought the monsters would have lessened.
“Is it me or are the monsters worse than before?” Agnis was out of breath from fighting the Red Minotaurs thirty minutes ago and now was finishing off another wave of Red Minotaurs.

“It’s not just you. I think Bob here is taking us through the most difficult route out of this damn Maze.” Jack beheaded another Red Minotaur.

“I am not. The golden thread is pointing towards the direction to the exit.” Bob was peeved at Jack’s comment. “If you do not think this the right way, than I suggest you to find your own path.”

“Woah. Calm down. I don’t want to be stuck here in the Maze the rest of my life.”

“Then I suggest you to quietly follow. Young dragon, please follow me to the end. I will personally take you out of this hellhole.”

“I think our little guide here has favorites.”

“Let him be. I think he’s cute.” Agnis replied. She wiped away sweat off her face and sheathed her sword. “He kind of reminds me of Zeraph.”

Zeraph stared at her strangely when Agnis said those words.

“How? I think you need your eye’s checked.”

“Just look at them. They both have the arrogant attitude and have interest in Zero.”

“I don’t know where you get that strange hypothesis.” Jack shook his head in disbelief. He gave up on saying anything more.

Zero too felt odd when she had stated something about Bob and Zeraph. He did notice that Zeraph seemed to be more interested in the things that he had to say. Especially about the soul stone that he had before he threw it away. After that Zeraph did not talk much about the soul stone anymore and instead seemed to stick closer him. He shook his head and thought he was overthinking about Zeraph. He was just a friend and nothing more.

Their path following the golden thread had finally came to an end. Zero was glad to see green land instead the silverish brown wall of the Labyrinth. With a large gulp of air, he stood at the entrance. The birds greeted them high above the trees, the wind blew across his face bringing in the summer breeze. Zero felt free from the confined of the walls.

“Fresh air.” Jack overly exaggerated and gasped. “I’m alive.”

“Oh come now. It was not that bad.” Agnis frowned at Jack’s behavior. “I actually enjoyed that small adventure.

“I don’t know. Staying confined in the moving walls did start to get on one’s nerve,” said Alan. He was going through his Zenith bag to make sure everything was still in there.

“What about you Zeraph? Throughout the whole trip you barely talked. It felt as if you were thinking about something. Is something the matter?”

Zeraph turned towards Agnis and gave her a sweet smile. “I’m alright. I was just enjoying my stroll through the Maze.”

“Stroll? Stroll?!” Jack exclaimed. He could not believe the words that were coming out of Zeraph’s mouth.

“Yes. A stroll. What else would that be?”

“A stroll he said. Out of all the outrageous booby traps, monster fights, and even fighting the boss. He calls it a stroll. Are all you elves right in the head?”

“I’m sure my head is fine, thank you.”

Jack smacked himself in the face. “Damn elves makes me want to hang myself.”

“If you need help. I know a ton of ways to do it.”


“Calm down Jack. He’s just playing with you.”

“That’s it. All elves from now are a psychopath’s to society.”

“You’re way too serious. Lighten up.”

“I can’t. You guys drive me mental.”

“I can do that too. I wouldn’t mind seeing how far you would tick without breaking.”

Zeraph unexpected words put chills down everyone’s back. Even Zero did not expect a sudden dark outburst from Zeraph. He thought the whole time, he was more an obnoxious, happy-go-lucky, playboy.

“What? It was a joke. Did you expect this great me will ever resort to such dark violence?”

“Yes.” Jack flatly replied. “I believe all elves have a secret dark side that you keep hidden.”

“Bah. Ladies and beautiful things are my life. You think that I’ll go to such extremes?”

“Yes.” Everyone replied.

Zero couldn’t help but chuckle at their little quarrel. For the past couple of days, he thought that all their life force has been drained out of their personality because on how quiet they were. Now to see them alive made him feel uplifted in spirit.

Finally, their time in the Maze was over, and their journey across land took three whole days till they reached to the gates of the City of Diadem. Alan also finished his quest in gathering necessary items on the way back.  Zero noticed that their travel was much swifter, tracking through the forest with barely any effort, and eventually passing through the entire forest without much trouble. The lower level monsters stay away from the Zero’s group. Even his level had grown to great heights.


Name: Zero

Title: Beacon of Hope, Neighborhood Child Finder

Race: Drezo Regalia

(human form)

Level: 175 Main Job: Record Keeper of Historia

Secondary Job: Scribe

Health points: 9,501 Mana Points: 11,761
Attack: 768 (+85)

Defense: 546 (+38)

Agility: 650 (+25)

Endurance: 530 (+25)

Luck: 90 (+105)

Leadership: 350 (+15)

Magical Attack: 1050 (+25)

Magical Defense: 850 (+25)

Wisdom: 702 (+25)

Intelligence: 450 (+25)

Dexterity: 656 (+25)

Fame: 2150 (+30)


Under a Friendship Contract with Agnis.

For All:

+ Transform beginner level 9 (75%)

+Third Eye beginner level 4


+ Intimidation

+ Camouflage beginner level 9 (60%)

+ Skilled hand mastery intermediate level 1 (20%)

+ Kicking Mastery intermediate level 1 (1%)

+ Keen Hearing intermediate level 1 (8%)

+ Communication with the dead (Active)

+ Sensing the dead (Active)

+ The last stand (Auto)

+ Creation of Medicine

+Creation of Occulus-Morpheus beginner level 4 (20%)

+ Recording of O.M

+ Destruction of O.M

+ Restoration of O.M

Human Form Specialties:

+ Trinity Falls

+ Ninjitsu Training for Mastery

+ Five Elements of Hiding: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Void (Auto)

+ Weapon Mastery beginner level 7 (77%)

+ Pressure points beginner level 8 (35%)
+ Herbology

+ Creation of Medicine

Hybrid form Specialties:

+ All the abilities of the Human and Origin Form can be used.

Origin Form Specialties:

+ Stink Bomb intermediate level 1 (50%)

+ Exploding Breath beginner level 9 (20%)

+ Fire Breath beginner level 9 (55%)

+ Keen Nose beginner level 9 (70%)

+ Crush beginner level 8 (20%)

+ Dark Fire beginner level 3 (5%)

+ Holy Fire beginner level 5 (55%)

Elements: 15% increase of defense against dark elements, 7% increase of defense against light elements
Info: A hybrid human that is born from an Egg. The title Beacon of hope draws in lost souls that will appear before you to ask for help. Your aura will stand out to the dead. Shadowy dark apparitions are wary around you. There is no more bounty set on your head. In Origin form, the status is doubled from the human form.


Now he had less than twenty five levels till he reached two hundred. He could not wait until he reached the requirement to be able to grow his first pair of wings and even possibly on his hybrid form. Staying small and young had its own benefit, but he missed his older size.


    Zero and his band of group finally arrived at the palace and was brought into the throne room. The King and the Queen sat in their chair watching Zero’s group cautiously. The people’s gaze were fully upon them as they watched Zero’s group walk in. Even Zero could tell that their presence was not deeply happy with their return.

The moment he was halfway to the palace, Zero had shapeshifted into his dragon form. He even told the soldiers that he were with to keep his human form a low key, especially because he looked like a kid. They all agreed for the time being, but Zero did not know when they would change their mind and tell everyone what his human form looked like.

Zero and Agnis went first, while Jack, Alan, and Zeraph followed behind. The rest of the soldiers also followed but were kept outside in front of the door waiting for their return. Zero heard the voice of the aristocrat. They gawked and gossiped at one another as Zero’s group entered.

“Is that the fabled lizard?”

“It’s so ugly. How can the king allow such monster to set foot into the throne room?”

“Look at its claws and jaw. I’m worried that the monster would use it on us.”

“I heard the King had personally given him and his partner the elf a quest to get the Golden Eye.”

“You don’t mean the Golden eye from the Maze of Greum?”

“Yes. That Maze.”

“Why is he back here? Did he succeed?”

“He better or else his head will go flying.”

“Bah. A lizard completing the sacred task. Highly doubtful.”

“I don’t know. I heard some great things about him. He was the one that gave the last blow that killed the creature that invaded this city.”

“Is he really that strong? What if he turned into a monster and raid our city?”

“That would be horrible. We can’t have such creature alive.”

“This is a dark tiding. Didn’t he take the Royal Library?”

“The King supposedly gave him the Royal Library. It was supposedly some kind of contract between the Drezo Regalia and our ancestor.”

“How could he. Our sacred library.”

“Tch. This is getting worse than I thought. They are even bringing in the criminals that were sent into the Labyrinth of Greum. This is outrageous.”

Zeraph glared at the aristocrats who continued to chatter with discontent. “If you don’t mind I think I’ll go seal some mouths.”

“Right behind you.” Jack replied with a growl. “These ungrateful ingrate.”

Zero shook his head. He didn’t care much about their gossip about himself, but to look down on the soldiers who had sacrificed their time and lives to retrieve back the Golden Eye infuriated him. He knew he could not cause a scene at this moment even if he wanted to. “Don’t we have better things to do.” What did catch Zero off guard was Zeraph taking the first initiative to do or say anything about the aristocrats words. He did not expect him to say anything much, but he did notice that throughout the quest that Zeraph had been very close with the soldiers.

“Well it seems our young Adventurer has come back from their journey. I am pleased in your return. Have you brought back what I have asked of you?”

“Yes, your majesty.” Zero pulls out the Golden Eye with his claw and placed it down in front of him as gently as he can. A soldier walks up and reaches down to pick up the Golden Eye. He brings it over toward the King and gently places it in his hands.

“I see. This is the fabled Golden Eye that my grandfather has been talking about. To see it in my hand to this day is truly a momentous occasion. I have hoped that this eye would of came five years earlier when I needed its power the most, but still I should be thankful that it has arrived here, it truly is a miracle in itself.” The King takes off his crown and places it on his lap.

Zero notices an empty socket in the middle of the king’s crown. He had always wondered what kind of jewel was supposed to be imbedded in the crown and he never expected it to be the Golden Eye itself. With a clink, the Golden Eye entered into the socket and bright golden light erupted around the king.

Everyone covered their face to damper the bright light, even Zero had to look away for a split seconds till the light disappeared. A message appeared before Zero’s group issuing different things.



The Quest to retrieve the Golden Eye has been completed.

Side Quest: Free the Leprechauns from the evil clutches of the Magician Mano has been completed.


You have leveled up!


You have received +1,000 fame points, + 200 leadership points, and the intimacy with the soldiers of City of Diadem has increased dramatically. All soldiers in the Kingdom of Terra now know your name and have a good impression of you. Intimacy with the current king has risen in favor.


“I am truly grateful to you. You have brought back the sacred treasure that was lost for generations.” The king was truly pleased with the outcome. Zero could feel an mysterious power coming from the king. “For your efforts and the people that had helped with the completion of the quest. I will reward them as well. Terran, bring me the 2nd half of the Certificate.”

A scholar bows and pulls out the Certificate that the King had promised Zero. He brings it up to Zero and hands it over.

You have received the 2nd Half of the Certificate of Draconis Library authenticating you as the sole heir of the Drezo Regalia.


Zero gladly accepted and read through the paper.


Zero has completed the task given by the King of Diadem. The Kingdom of Terra had officially recognized Zero as the guardian and the sole heir to the Draconis Library. The old contract between the King and the Drezo Regalia had been fulfilled under the light of the Infinity. All relation between the Drezo Regalia and the Kingdom of Terra would be once again be allies.


King of Diadem

A royal sigil was signed and stamped onto the paper authenticating the paper. Zero was delighted that he had finally received the paper allowing him full ownership of the Draconis Library. His own flying home that he could bring with him anywhere without him going back and forth from city-to-city.

“You have completed two grand tasks. The first to defeat the monster called Lilith and now to bring the treasure heirloom back to its rightful owner. I can not thank you enough. You and your Adventurer friends are considered a sacred friendship that gone through harsh up and downs together to bring a favorable outcome.”

A new title has been given to Zero. Sacred Friendship.


Intimacy has risen with the residents of Kingdom of Terra. People will have an easier time to confiding their secrets to you. When two or more Adventurer’s with the title Sacred Friendship works together on a quest, a temporary +5 status bonus is added on all your status till the completion of your quest. The bonds between Sacred Friendship brings together a sacred connection between two or more people, strengthening their bonds to a higher light..

“You’re overpraising us your highness.” Zero lowered his head with a humble expression. He could see tell that even his friends that joined him on this quest had received the same title. Agnis, Alan, and even Jack was ecstatic with their title. Zeraph on the other hand didn’t seem to care much about the title.

“If you don’t mind. I was wondering what would happen to the soldiers that had helped us in the mission?”

“Ah yes. They will be accommodated with a reward and be once again integrated into the Kingdom’s army. I see that they have grown considerably since the last time I have seen them. An appropriate rank will also be given to them as well. I see that you have lived up to your title when it even comes to the soldiers that you have fought together with.”

“They are considered my brother-in-arms. Without them it would have been even more difficult to defeat the monsters inhabiting the Labyrinth and completed the quest. They have saved our lives continuously times throughout the ordeal.”

“You’re friendship with the soldiers knows no bounds. I will personally give each them reward and a decent place to live for the rest of their lives. Your group had truly have given this Kingdom honor that knows no bound.”

“Thank you your highness.” Zero did not realize but at that moment the intimacy with the soldiers that he had personally worked together with had considerably risen to new heights. Even though their loyalty was to the king, their second loyalty was now personally to Zero.

“You should all rest. Your journey has been long and treacherous. Once again, I must thank you for your journey to bring back the sacred treasure.”

Zero bow and turned. The rest followed right next to and behind Zero.

“I can’t believe it. I got some crazy experience, title, and gold. I was hoping for some weapons but this should do fine.” Jack replied in a happy mood. “Who would’ve thought such a title would bring such crazy benefits.”

“This will definitely help me in trading with people,” Alan rubbed his hands and smirked. Zero could tell that Alan had a mischievous air around him. Truly the merchant profession applied to him the best.

“What are we going to do now?” Agnis asked. “I want to go to the Draconis Library.”

“I think I will too,” said Zeraph. “I got a couple of unfinished business to attend too.”

“I think trading there will be a great idea.”

“Then let’s go.”

The giant door opened allowing them to go through. Tom, Eron, and Evan rushed over towards Zero’s group congratulating him for completing the quest. The others soldiers that were in Zero’s group also surrounded them like a swarm of bees.

“Leader. I heard you have acquired quite a title.”

“Not only that you have personally stuck up for us. We can’t thank you enough.”

“I’m glad, I have followed your lead.”

“He’s a true friend.”

“We would gladly help you out whenever you need help.”

“Please do not forget us and call upon our help.”

“Yes. Yes. Don’t forget.”

“We would gladly go with you to another adventure.”

“This time let’s go for a grand adventure that equivalent or even greater than before.”

“I will gladly ask for your help.” Zero replied with a smile. In his dragon form, his smile gave off an intimidating aura. The bystanders that watched the whole ordeal thought that Zero had malicious intent, but the soldiers instead talked with him like it was nothing.

“I hope you guys do well till next time we meet.”

“Yes. Good bye leader.” They waved their farewells and went through the gates to have an audience with the king.

“That went unexpectedly well,” said Agnis. She wave her goodbyes and caught up to Zero.”I wasn’t expected such a swarm of greetings. For a moment there I thought we would get run over.”

“That wasn’t such a bad experience.” Alan replied with a glee. “I think I will get use to this.”

“Don’t be too full of yourself or it’s going to bring you trouble.” Agnis chastised Alan.

“I know. I’m just saying.”

“Better to experience it now than never. So we know what to expect in the future.” Jack replied.

Zero and his group headed towards the floating Draconis Library that was located at the outer walls.

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