v3 ch. 70

Alexus struggles, trying to get out of the snake’s hold. 

Once again, Crystal shot another beam of light that cut between Wrath and Alexus, slicing through the black snake that wrapped him. But unfortunately, she shot another right after that and freed Simon. 

Wrath turned around. “An annoying fly.” He glared, furious that his prey was getting freed up. 

“No matter.” Wrath shifted, changing quickly from a human to a colossal snake. It was like no other snake that Alexus had seen before. 

His body grew and grew to the point where he was so small that he felt as if he was a speck compared to the giant that stood before him. 

Alexus swore. He had never fought such a giant before. 

Wrath’s body was long, black, and sleek. Each of his scales seemed to absorb the sunlight as if it was devouring it. Not a single speck of sparkle could be seen. Its eyes were the shade of ruby blue, and long fangs jutted out of his mouth. Multiple horns crowned his head, giving him a fierce look.

With a flick of his tail, Wrath smashed it in the direction of Crystal. 

Crystal bolted up just in the nick of time. 

Lara dove out of the way, rolling as she sprung up and fired. Each bullet that hit against Wrath’s scales bounced off and back. 

“We need stronger firepower!” Lara continued to fire, hoping that it would go through. “The scales are too tough!” She quickly changed weapons as her rifle formed into a bow. Pulling back the strings, magic accumulated into the point that glowed brightly. She let go as it flew. 

The first arrow struck, cutting into the side, but it did not embed deeply and fizzled out. 

“Annoying pest!” Wrath snarled. “You will all die here today!”

Black energy seeped out of Wrath’s body, pooling into the very ground itself. Shadows emerged 

from the ground, bringing numerous creatures out of hellish darkness. 

One of the demons appeared from behind Lara’s blindspot, chomping down on her side. She screamed in pain as the dragon suit was crunched, puncturing holes. Then, punching its side, she beat back the demon, which let go. 

Blood spurted out of Lara’s mouth. 

Wrath snapped forward, striking like lightning. His mouth opened, chomping down onto Lara from above. 

A scream followed crunch and silence. 

Wrath gulped, swiping his head toward his next victim. 

“He ate Lara!” Crystal screeched, and she fired multiple shots, smashing into Wrath’s side. Each beam of light bounced off, shooting off in different directions. 

One unlucky enough shot toward Alexus. 

Alexus jumped, barely missing as he could feel the heated pulse from the energy itself. However, he knew that one hit would have damaged his suit and possibly taken a deadly chunk out of him. 

“Careful!” said Alexus. He did not want to get injured by the friendly fire. 

“I’m trying! His scales are too thick!” Crystal cursed. 

“Do you think Lara’s alive?” Crystal asked, hopefully. 

Simon inched forward. Rapier in hand as he lunged and struck. 

The blade bounced off, making him realize he, too, couldn’t cut through. 

Wrath’s body moved, curling into a coil. 

“She’s dead.” Simon bluntly said. 

Wrath calmly watched the remaining three. 

The demons that sprung out of the shadows redirected their attacks. Half of them swiveled their 

way toward Simon. 

Simon danced, moving from left to right, striking like a snake, destroying them one after another. He was slowly getting pushed back by the sheer numbers of them appearing. It even became overwhelming as they struck with a ferocity that he needed some space. 

Alexus, on the other hand, was battling his swarms of demons that came one after another. 

They licked his heels, trying to pin him down. 

Alexus didn’t allow it. His movement was tight and quick, barely moving out of his breath out of danger each time. He didn’t know how long he could keep up this fight; his muscles were being pushed to the extreme, making him more tired. 

Sometimes, he had to pull back, giving himself distance away from the swarms to take a momentary breather. 

“So easy.” Wrath spoke with a conniving grin. “All of you are too easy.” 

Wrath struck once again. This time, he went straight at Simon, surrounded by demons.

A beam of light smashed into Wrath’s face, causing him to barely miss. Wrath’s head hit the ground, bouncing off. The light beams also eradicated the surrounding demons, allowing Simon to take a moment to breathe. 

The ground shook. 

Simon was barely able to escape from being eaten. “Thanks, that was too close for comfort.” 

“You’re telling me.” Crystal replied, “I have three shots left.” 

“That’s not enough,” said Simon. 

“I know, which is why we need to kill him off in the next three.”

“Will try my best,” Simon replied. 


Wrath wriggled, getting himself back orientated. “Again, you!” he fumed. “Pest should stay in their place!”

“Make me,” said Crystal. Again, she raised her rifle, and this time, she fired straight at WRath’s 


The beam of light hit true, cutting in deep. 

Black blood spurted out, falling onto the ground. Each drop left a deep hole in the ground as its acidic blood ate it away. 

“Get its other eye!” Crystal shouted. “It is its weak point!”

But neither Simon nor Alexus could budge from their entangled mobs of demons. Both pinned down, unable to push further but to keep the demons at bay. 

The number of demons coming out of the shadows was endless, making it very difficult to escape. 

Crystal took another shot. This time, the light beam rammed into Wrath’s nose, bouncing off its scales.

Three bear demons rushed over toward her, swinging their claws. She ducked and pivoted. Her feet swung, kicking the bear back. Her hand switched settings, setting it into the rapid fire.

Quickly, Crystal sent off multiple rounds, taking the demons out. Then, they crumpled onto the ground. 

Crystal adjusted, getting the rifle steady. She breathed in and out, carefully adjusting her sights and settings.

With a click of her button, she fired. 

A bright light shot through the sky, smashing into the other eye. Blood seeped and streamed down, becoming completely blind. 

Crystal pumped her fist, excited that she could get a good shot. “Did you see that!” She pointed and screamed, “that’s for Lara!”

Wrath bubbled with rage. His black skin started to change colors, dying into a bloody red. 

Swirls of steam escaped out of Wrath’s body, shrinking his size. 

Reddish black wings erupted from Wrath’s back, giving him a menacing look. As the steam escaped his body, he was now the size of a two-story building. A heaviness around him made 

Wrath even more dangerous than before. 

“You trash of a human!” Wrath screeched, shaking the very air. 

With a pump of his wings, the winds blew back, creating a small storm. Wrath lifted himself up into the sky. A deep resounding voice echoed in the air, becoming heavy and thick with power. 

“All of you will die!”

The cloud thundered, lightning struck, and rain drizzles started to rain. 

“Nice job,” Simon was able to pull away from the demons, giving him time to orientate himself. 

“You made him mad.” 

“What can you do? Got to take shots where I can.” Crystal joked, “Plus, those scales weren’t going to bust through alone.”

“Either way, we got hurt. I would assume that the next few times, it’s going to go crazy. We 

need to watch ourselves.” 

“I agree,” said Crystal. 

“While you guys are chatting, we must eliminate these demons. They keep coming back as if they are zombies!” Alexus’ sword was glowing gold. He had been cutting through the mess of demons as effectively as he could. Taking minimal steps to conserve unnecessary wasted energy. Other times, he ensured he wouldn’t be too crazy as he was tired. 

Alexus didn’t know how long they had been fighting as he did not have the time to look away. 

“I’m out of burst shots.” But, crystal said, “I’ll quickly see if we have more drones left. The tornado has sucked away a good portion of them.” 

“We must do something, or we won’t last long,” Simon replied.

“I agree,” Crystal replied. “I’m on it.”

Crystal ruched back towards their sight, searching through boxes, trying to find something that would help. 

Finally, Crystal pulled out a small box the size of her hand. A large small escaped her lips, “I didn’t think that Timothy would forget this. I hope it still works.” Then, she bolted off in a hurry.

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