v3 ch.69

Everything went slow for Alexus. The high whistling of the air blew past him like a whistle. Even though he was not in the middle of the fight, he could feel the air around him become thin, making breathing a bit harder. 

The thundering sound of trees being uprooted from the ground could be heard as the multiple thin tornadoes touched down. The high-speed wind picked up the trailers off the ground and into the sky. 

Alexus’ instinct was screaming, telling him to run away from these unnatural disasters. Three tornados rampaged around the ground floor, moving quickly as they danced around the ground. 

Wrath’s smile turned crooked, staring at them with glee. His eyes brightened at the sight of how Simon and Alexus were trying to make their way towards him, but we were having trouble. 

Alexus’ dragon suit buzzed to life; blue and gold light lit up his very suit. Even the gun in his hand was starting to change. 

Quickly, the metal on his suit shifted into a long katana wrapped around his whole arm and shoulder, becoming part of one. 

Small, light, durable wing-like parts started forming on the base of his shoes and shoulders. Jet packs appeared on his back, giving him stability from the harsh winds. 

Alexus was impressed at the change up to his dragon suit, which pulsated with power. He could even feel Gluttony’s power that was deeply ingrained in him working alongside him, fueling the dragon suit even more. 

Each heartbeat, the power of Gluttony grew. 

The fear in his heart steadied, and his breathing calmed down. The world around him started to slowly focus and slow down. 

Flames flickered on from his back, keeping him stable. Wherever the winds blew, the suit corrected him and kept him grounded. A helmet formed over his head. A dragon’s head’s sharp black and blue design was formed with gold eyes. 

“Alexus!” Simon, who also had his suit changed, spoke through the communications in the helmet, allowing them to hear each other. “We need to get rid of these tornados!”

“I see that. How close do you think you can get yourself over there?”

“I’m trying. It’s not easy, but luckily Crystal’s clearing a pathway for us.” Unfortunately, Simon replied, he was following the open path leading straight toward Wrath. 

Another blast of energy shot past them, wiping out the growing demons rushing at them from advancing. 

“You guys need to figure out how to get to Wrath faster.” Crystal spoke through the Bluetooth in the helmet. “I only have ten more shots.” 

“I think we can make it before you run out,” said Alexus. He dodged a stray demon that was able to dodge Crystal’s attack. “If not, we’ll need a way to eliminate these tornados.” 

“Break his staff.” Lara bluntly replied. “The readings are off the charts on that staff more than Wrath himself. He’s concentrating all his power on it.”

“Roger that,” Simon replied. “That’s a good enough target for me.” 

Simon bolted off, swiveling through the demons like a snake. He was the first to make it all the way toward Wrath, his gun changing into a rapier. He struck. 

A loud humming sound followed right after as a black light shield surrounded Wrath. Then, a blast of black lightning struck straight into Simon, throwing him back into the air. He slid to the ground with a heavy thud. 

Lightning struck from above like an electrical storm. 

Another energy blast shot out of Crystal’s rifle, cutting between Wrath and Simon. Which stopped Wrath from advancing forward. 

Simon took that chance to get up and move. 

Wrath gazed over, noticing Lara and Crystal. He raised his staff, sending a bolt of lightning straight from above as it came down with fury. 

“Crystal!” Alexus said in Alarm.

Alexus darted from the right, circling around Wrath, attempting to escape his vision. However, when Simon struck, Alexus could slink out of Wrath’s view and head behind his blind spot.

His eyes shifted, following the golden marks that he could only see. 

The area in front of Wrath was completely heavy with the shield, but there were a few spots where the golden light brilliantly sparkled, telling him where to strike. 

Right after Simon was thrown across the ground, Alexus struck a few seconds later at one of the golden spots that beckoned him to strike. 

A splintering sound of glass echoed out loud, followed quickly behind with the barrier around Wrath completely breaking in one hit. 

Alexus sliced through, stabbing into Wrath’s side, wounding him but didn’t hit any vitals. Then, with a jerk, he redirected his aim and slammed it against the staff that Wrath was holding. The staff flew out of Wrath’s hand and flew. It dropped and rolled. 

Wrath hissed, turning his head at Alexus. 

White gleaming sharp teeth were shown as Wrath opened his mouth. His tongue flickered in front of him. 

“You.” Wrath spoke with a lisp. “A host of Gluttony.” 

Wrath backhanded against Alexus, which Alexus raised up to meet. 

Alex was pushed back as he slid across the ground. 

“To think, this is how you looked.” Gluttony hissed. “Quite pathetic that Gluttony lost to someone like you.” 

The air around them started to slowly slow down. Even one of the tornados retracted back into the clouds, leaving only two. The tornadoes still caused havoc on the ground, pulling everything into its body.

Alexus silently watched Wrath as he slowly inched over toward the staff on the ground. 

Gluttony was bothered by the loss of staff in his hand. So, instead, he just stood there, not caring if he had it in his hand. 

With a bolt, Alexus raced across the ground. His glowing sword gold, eventually, he came over where the staff was and struck down heavily in one fell swoop. 

A loud crackling sound of splintering would echo. Finally, the staff broke in half. Energy escaped out of the staff, and smokes of black blossomed out. 

Another tornado dissipated, drawing back into the clouds, while the third also drew back. 

“I’m still here,” Crystal called out, which greatly relieved Alexus. “I lost some. 

“Same.” Lara spoke, “that was too close for comfort. I’m almost ready for a large-scale attack. T minus one minute. I need you and Simon to back out of there as quickly as possible.”

“Glad to hear that you are both okay. 1st step accomplished.” Alexa replied, pleased that he could get to his task.” I’ll get out of here.” 

“Do you think that would stop me?” Wrath’s voice was deep and heavy. “What you broke was just a conductor.” 

With slow but confident steps, he walked a couple steps forward. 

The air around him buzzed. Alexus could feel the very air vibrating with energy. 

“To think, this is what Gluttony lost too. Such weak creatures.” Wrath’s voice rose up in anger. “I would have suspected it was some great being, but a human.” 

Wrath spat, his tongue once again flickering out. 

The wound on Wrath’s side slowly closed up. 

“But to see that you harbor Gluttony’s energy….” Wrath said angrily, “how it boils me that our species is used as energy.” 

“You’ll be next.” But then, Alexus spoke, “Your kind isn’t welcomed on this land.” 

“Welcomed?” Wrath chuckled. “You humans don’t know what you are talking about. We have ruled this world for millions of years, changing with history. Shifting from one host to another, evolving into what we are today. All of you are just food for our growth.” 

“So, you are all parasites.” 

“Parasites?” Wrath sounded offended. 

“Yes, are you not? You can’t even live outside a host’s body. So, you’re really not anything great but a parasite.” 

Wrath bubbled with the parasite. 

“If you were so great, your existence shouldn’t be taking over a body but having your own. Instead, you are all a bane to this world.” 

Wrath blew up laughing, throwing his head back. “If only you knew, you humans have torn this world apart with your squabbles, hatred, wars, and your own personal grudges to the point where the world needs an agent. We are that agent, the darkness and anger formed from the countless death of the souls. We heard what must be done, and we have emerged in a long slumber to cull your populations.”

Alexus was shocked to hear this. He thought they were an accumulation or a warped soul of evil beings, but to hear that they were the darkness of the planet’s soldiers was shocking. Then he wondered if Ouroboros were the antigens against the rampant viruses that the Earth had sent out. 

“If you are the agent of darkness, then we are your antibodies,” said Alexus. Then, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Simon moving ever so slowly. 

Each of them locked eyes, understanding what they needed to do. 

Alexus burst forward, straight into Wrath. 

Simon blitzed out from the side at the same time. 

Both smash into Wrath on both sides. 

Wrath raised his hand, stopping them from getting through. 

The jet from the back went into full power, pushing into Wrath. But nothing moved. 

“Is that all you can do?” Wrath growled. “Pathetic!”

A blast of darkness splashed out of Wrath’s body, slamming into them, throwing them back with a powerful punch into the guts. 

Alexus felt his stomach churn; his chest wheezed as air escaped from his lungs as he was thrown onto the ground. 

Giant black snakes coiled around him as he was immobilized.

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