Soul reaper v2 ch. 47

The radio buzzed on everyone’s helmet. “Team Blitz. We need help asap on the second floor!”

“We’ll be there.” Marcus radioed back. “Team Harley, come and join team Blitz asap. We’ll be hunting down the big mama now.” 


“Let’s go.” Marcus walked over and picked up one of the boxes with the capture capsules. “Bring the rest.” 

Jones, Alexus, and Timothy reached over, grabbing a box. The other remaining Ouroboros followed quickly behind. 

With hurried steps, trying not to spill the content onto the ground, they made their way toward Gerald’s group. It didn’t take long for them to reach the stairs. 

The amount of Preta’s that spilled out of the stairs was constant; even though they had slain hundreds of them, they kept appearing like endless waves. A few Ouroborous were injured as they shuffled back of the group to recuperate, where a healing Ouroborous was present, helping the injured. 

Jones, Alexus, and Timothy placed the box on the ground, pulling out their weapons. 

“Alexus and Jones, watch the boxes.” Marcus was already firing his gun. His gun went off numerous times, taking down the Pretas with multiple blows. 

Alexus glared, honing in his vision. The constant blare of the bullets flying was like the thunderous roar of a waterfall that wouldn’t stop. Many demons fell onto the ground, turning into dust. Some were lucky enough to have small blood gems the size of thumb clattering on the floor. 

He, on the other hand, took a moment to calm down. Letting the beat of his heart tell him where to shoot. Each bullet flew true. Hitting its target without missing. Compared to others, he still needed a lot of work for the gun. A few more went off, taking a Preta demon by the head that was bum rushing towards me.

“Hellhounds!” Gerald yelled, warning the others of the change of demons. 

The hellhounds were quick and agile. The majority of the bullets missed as they zipped through the crowds of Preta like a cat. 

A terrible shout of pain could be heard as an Ouroboros was taken down in one leap. It shook and mauled the Ouroborous alive. Even with multiple gunshot wounds to its head, it was still fighting. 

Instead, the hellhounds bulged a few times from the bullets, their muscles twisted and crunched, making its body tougher and bigger than before. Then, with a plop, the bullets in the body were spat out like half-eaten seeds. 

“Oh hell no.” Timothy tumbled together with a hellhound. His hand was punching and beating at the monster that snapped at his face. Its hot, muggy breath licked the side of his cheeks, and he reached over, pushing the face away. He tried his best to prevent the monster from gnawing off his face. 

“Someone!” Timothy beat the Hellhound with his fist, trying to pry it away. 

Jones reached over, grabbing the Hellhound by the snout. He slung it over his shoulder and threw it onto the ground. 

“Bastard. We got mutant hellhounds!” Jones’ dragon suit changed around his arms, turning into miniature Gatling guns. Then, it went off with a firestorm of fury, showering the hellhounds with multiple bullets. At first, the shots didn’t penetrate, but the more waves embedded themselves into the thick armor, small tears of damage could be seen. 

But the Hellhound didn’t stay on the ground, wiggling out from Jones’ hand. It broke free. It didn’t snap at Jones’ arm, kicking him off. 

The Hellhound sprung forward, straight back to Timothy, finally back on his feet. It tackled his leg, throwing him forward onto the ground. Timothy cursed, wildly kicking at the Hellhound. He reached on the side of his suit, grabbing hold of his spare dagger. With a vicious downward smash, the blade luckily made it through an open wound. A loud crunch, followed by a sickening yelp, blurted out of the Hellhound’s mouth. 

With a flop, it fell dead on top of Timothy. 

Timothy sighed in relief, pushing the Hellhound off his chest. 

“For christ’s sake, these bastards are tougher than the ones we have met.” But Timothy grumbled, “thanks, Jones. I appreciate your help.” 

“No problem,” Jones said as he was shooting off more rounds against the swarm of Pretas that was coming from his left. 

“Well, for the first tough bastard, I think I’m going to try it out.” The capture capsule in Timothy’s dragon suit plunked onto the Hellhound’s body. 

A sparkle of blue electric energy went off. It sizzled and burned into the Hellhound’s body, disappearing into its flesh. The Hellhound turned into ash not moments later as the capture capsule rolled onto the ground. It glowed blueish on all sides as it stopped. 

Timothy reached over, grabbing it. He picked it up, taking a good look at it. 

“Anything?” Jones asked. He whacked Preta on the side. 

“Nothing that I can tell?” Timothy replied. He flipped it over and over again. The Capture Capsule blinked blue slightly more before melding into his suit. The light traveled up his arm and into the center of his chest. He shook from an unexpected shock, shaking himself out of his stupor. 

“What in the world?” Timothy shook his hand and head. 

“You alright?”

“Yea, I didn’t expect that.” 

Suddenly, a hellhound rushed towards Jones, ducking under Jones’s barrage of fire. It lept, grabbing hold of his arm and dragging him down. Jones grabbed the jaws, prying them open. He slipped his arm out and fired into its mouth. It burst into blue flames and dropped dead onto the ground.

“These bastards,” Jones cursed. “Their exterior is hard to penetrate through, but its mouth is not.” 

Alexus, on the other hand, was fighting against his own hellhounds that were coming at me from both sides. After breaking past the wall of Pretas, the demon that came at him in swarms. His breathing was smooth, focused, and on point. He felt elated, being able to comb through the demons even in this wave after wave. 

There was nothing I could do to help Timothy, but when he could get out of it safely, I continued on with my own rampage. The gun was finally becoming useless as the hellhounds would avoid my shots. 

With quick hands, Alexus reached down to pull out his sword. It loudly sang in the air, slicing into the first victim’s skin. His blade bounced off, surprised at the hardiness of the Hellhound’s body. 

Another slinked in, jumping towards him. Alexus didn’t hesitate, cutting into another demon, but it was still the same. The blade didn’t cut deeply enough to slice it in half. 

Both hellhounds glared with a low grumble and growled with beady red eyes. The other Ouroborous was fending off the slew of Pretas. It was as if the Hellhound knew the dangerous people on the ground, attacking the ones with the most power, diverting their attention away from the weaker Pretas trying to overwhelm the Ouroboros. 

The longer they fought, the more they were getting injured. 

Alexus couldn’t keep fighting against them with such a weak stance, the blade on his sword hummed with life, bringing a blue fire of its own. 

The Hellhound took a few steps back, but it didn’t budge away from me. Both were bent on keeping Alexus from helping anyone else. 

He could see the golden trails of energy movement from the hellhounds. By instinct, he followed those golden lines. He was sweeping his sword in a diagonal motion as the Hellhound had sprung towards him in one giant leap. 

His sword cut into the Hellhound, slicing into its belly. Black blood spilled out as the monster limped over with heavy steps. It limped, trying to pool its body together, but couldn’t as it flopped on the ground. 

Alexus didn’t give much attention to the Hellhound and moved on to the next, which lunged at him a few seconds later. He raised up his left hand, blocking the demon from mauling him. Then, with the butt of his sword, he smashed it into the Hellhound’s head a couple of times. 

A yelp escaped out of the Hellhound’s lips, letting Alexus go. 

He elbowed the Hellhound right after with the flow, dazzling the Hellhound. Then, he quickly twisted and turned with the momentum he had created, doing a fluid roundhouse kick. 

The Hellhound flew back, sliding across the ground. 

A few Preta’s close by slipped through and headed straight towards Alexus. Alexus stepped to the left, dodging the Preta’s long arms that snaked and slapped toward him to grab him by the neck. 

He sliced the arm off with a fluid cut as it slithered and wiggled on the ground. He stepped forward, piercing his sword into the gut of the Preta. 

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eyes, a blazing flash of blue light exploded outwards, catching everyone and everything off guard. 

Alexus covered his eyes from the bright light. He blinked a few times, trying to get his momentary daze. 

Looking around, trying to find the light source, he saw Timothy covered in blue flames as even his dragon suit had slightly changed. 

It wasn’t the typical suit scales anymore but was thick with muscles, black lines darted up and down his armor, and a wicked tail flashed back and forth. His hands and feet had a claw-like appearance, and even his helmet had a dog appearance.

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