Soul Reaper V2 ch. 48

“Hell yea!” Timothy shouted with joy. Blue fire flared to life around him, bringing with it extraordinary power. “This is more like it!” 

Timothy blitzed forward; his hand grabbed the nearest Preta demon, trying to scamper away. Instead, a dog-like monster appeared out of his hand. Its deadly black teeth glimmered bleakly as it opened its terrifying jaw. With a vicious glomp, the teeth serrated into the Preta’s shoulder. The dog pulled a chunk of the shoulder off with a whip of his head. Another vicious bite followed, taking another after another piece of the monster until nothing was left. 

A few Ouroborous turned pale at what they had seen, while the Preta demons altogether avoided him. 

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Timothy chortled with excitement. He quickly moved towards the next demon with swiftness, tearing through effortlessly. This time, he raised his rifle; the energy from his chest glowed blue, pouring into the very gun as it shone brightly. 

With a click of his finger, the rifle fired. 

A dark blue energy spirit of a hellhound erupted out of the rifle like water and raced across the ground. 

The blue Hellhound darted past the Ouroboros and went straight towards another Hellhound, trying to tear apart an Ouroboros that fell on the ground. But instead, it slammed into the Hellhound, throwing it to the side. Then, it darted towards the down Hellhound with quick feet and snapped into the open throat. Not even a second went by when the blue Hellhound completely tore apart its throat and obliterated it with pure blue flames. 

Timothy’s smile became wide, his eyes sparkling. 

Alexus was shocked by what he had seen. None of the Ouroboros had such a deadly power, and to see it up close in such a manner made him realize that the new Capture Capsule was something really special. 

It didn’t take long for the demons to be completely eradicated, leaving nothing but bullet holes in the walls and dust on the ground. 

Alexus walked over toward Timothy. “What happened?” He asked, looking around him to see the subtle changes. 

The dragon suit hissed, puffing out steam as it started to decompress the heat that was trapped in the body. The blue light flickered and dimmed, morphing back into the usual black suit that they all wore. 

“I tried out the new feature.” Timothy gloated, “You won’t believe how much magic shit you would have with this. I swear you’ll love it.” 

“I could see that.” Alexus beamed, “I’m glad it worked out for you.” 

“Me too. Though it seems there is a short cool down time.” 

“For how long?”

Timothy thought it over, clicking through the information that Alexus could not see. “Three hours at minimum before it gets fully charged.” 

“That’s not bad, actually. It definitely will come in handy when we need it.”


Crystal rushed over, and without asking, she started to tap wires on Timothy’s body. 

“Hey, hey. Hey, you’re not going to ask if I’m alright?” Timothy asked, a bit annoyed that he was being used as an experiment.

“You clearly are, and we don’t have time to make adjustments and take readings. I need to do this quickly.” Crystal replied. Her hands were quick as she was able to get things in order. A tablet appeared in her hand from her dragon suit. Blue energy started to pour out from her suit through the electrical wires and onto Timothy. 

“This is amazing,” Crystal replied with wide eyes. “Your dragon suit started to undergo major changes, it will take about 5 hours to completely recharge, but you’ll be three times stronger than before.” 

“Five, not three?”

“Yea, the energy reading isn’t stable, it seems. So you must not have been having correct readings because of it.” 

“That is an issue. What other side effects are there?” Timothy asked; he pulled up his own analysis as they quickly tried to decipher what else they could pull off. 

“It seems that the number of demon powers you can harness is about three.” 

“Only three? I thought you stated it could be over twenty.” 

“That was just a guess. It could change from one person to the next.”

“So, that means I only have two more I can use.” Timothy groaned. “Well, this sucks.”

“I don’t think so,” Alexus replied. “You leveling up now could be a huge benefit for us later, plus others might even have less than three.” 

“True, he doesn’t have the strongest physical ability.” But, Crystal spoke, “At least forty percent of the Ouroborous are much stronger than him, and the rest are either the same level as him or weaker and specialize in other expertise. Furthermore, not all Ouroboros are fighters, as you guys know.” 

Alexus nodded. There were more utility Ouroboros for different fields than melee fighters, and the number they brought with them here was just a handful that they had. 

“All systems checked. I did some quick tune-ups to speed up the process.” Crystal inputted. “Your suit should be more stabilized, and the three-hour mark would be possible. Let’s hope we don’t meet one of the deadly sins by then.” 

“Don’t jinx us.” Timothy hissed. “Every time you state something like that, I need to knock on wood, and so far, there is nothing near us that has one?!”

Crystal rolled her eyes. 

“Ladies, how is everything here?” Marcus was done talking with the other Ouroborous and ensuring that the injured was okay. “Good job out there, Timothy. You helped clean up this trash a lot faster.” 

“Thanks, boss,” Timothy replied. “We need some time to analyze this.” 

“Sure, make it quick.” 

“We’re going to need a few hours.” 

“That’s not happening.”

“We’ll do it the best we can then.” 

Marcus replied, “we’re moving forward and getting this place under control. A few of the other Ouroboros are asking how you were able to get an upgrade on your suit. We’ll need to start handing out the capture capsules to the others.”

“On it.” Jones was already moving, picking up the boxes as he headed towards the others, who started to crowd around him. 

Timothy and Crystal put away their tablets and grabbed a box for themselves, and started to give away the rest. 

Marcus stood next to Alexus with his hands crossed. “This is a lot better than I expected. We got about three injured, but other than that, getting the captured Capsules in use and now taking down one of the deadly sins. At this rate, we’ll be getting out of here by nightfall.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” Alexus replied. “Getting out of this spooky place sounds great.” 

Marcus barked out, laughing. “It’s not as bad as that time when Gluttony and Sloth invaded Seventh Sanctum. I tell you, on that day, I had my ass cheeks clenched and my heart beating wildly, hoping that we don’t run into them.” 

“You were actually afraid?”

“For sure, you think I’m all about no fear?”

“Well, you portray yourself like that.” 

“That’s just an image. If the others knew how much fear I have inside me, they would have walked away.” Marcus chuckled. “Anyways, let’s get out of here.”

Alexus agreed. It was nice to hear that Marcus had a human side to him. He always saw him as someone impenetrable or a hulk who would bulldoze through things without fear, but it wasn’t anything like that. He was just as much human as himself. 

Quickly, the capture capsules were handed out. They lined up, covering each other back as they went up the stairs. 

Even though it was a quick flight of stairs, there was a sense of unease in the group. The air was heavy and thick. A pungent rotten smell of death and decay was present, lingering heavily. 

Even the light was dimmed, making it difficult to see. Their dragon suit glowed with light, lightly brightening up their surroundings. Everywhere they looked were mucus-like things dripping and hanging off the walls. Bones scattered heavily on the ground as the sound of scampering rats was present. 

The deeper they went, the harder it was to breathe. Finally, Alexus had to completely put on his helmet and use the air filtration to even breathe as it was hurting his chest to take in the air. 

“Holy Shit.” Jones mouthed, looking up at the giant fluffy pillow with black stitches. Something about the pillow that reached high up to the ceiling made anyone wonder what it was. He reached out to touch the pale pinkish pillow and snapped back. Then, he spoke with a low hiss, “it’s made out of human flesh!?” 

“What? You’re joking.” Timothy replied. He walked over and touched the pillow. “Holy cow, you’re not lying.” 

“I told you, you doofus.” Jones was shaking his hand, pale and disgusted. 

Alexus, too, came forward; he took a moment to see what Jones was talking about. The moment he raised his hand, his dragon suit started to run numbers, and text appeared on his helmet shield. 

Analysis complete. 99% Human skin. 

“This is insane,” Alexus said; he looked up. “The number of humans killed to create whatever this is would be astronomical.”

“You’re telling me.” Timothy pulled his hand back. “The question really comes down to is which creature dared to create something this disgusting?”

“That’s a good question; we won’t know until we climb up and see.” Crystal was the first to grab hold of the makeshift pillow as she started to pull herself up. 

“I don’t know if she has the ball of steel, or she’s just crazy,” Jones replied. “Any normal person would have thrown up and run the other way, but her….” He shook his head. 

“I’m glad she’s here rather than the ones that scream.” But, Timothy replied, “that would bring more trouble than worth.” 

“Buckle up, boys, let’s go.” Marcus was right behind Crystal. “Enough chit-chat; we got a demon to slay.” 

“Yes, boss,” Timothy replied. He stopped and stared at the wall of flesh. Then, with a disgusted shiver, he grabbed a hold and started to climb.

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