Black Moon Chapter 6

A hard knock rasp against the Berry’s door, waking me up. I felt a tinge of coldness from moving around as I shuddered. 

“Come in?” I groggily called out. Half-awake as my body went into auto-drive.

The door squeaked open, and someone walked in.

I yawned and pulled back the cover.

“U-u-um.” Phil’s voice stuttered. He was turning scarlet.

“Yes?” I reached over towards my clothes that were left on the side.
“You’re naked.”

Alarmed, I woke up in a start. “Turn around for crying out loud!”

Phil turned around in a hurry.

This damn wretched brat. Does Phil have no decency? I quelled my anger and let out my breath. No. It was my stupidity for sleeping with just panties on and not checking who it was that came through the door. Slipping on the Black Wolf Set of clothes, I got out of bed.

“It’s fine now. You can turn around.” I said, still a bit red on the cheeks, but I did my best to hide it. “Is it time to go?”

“Yes. Coco was planning to wake you up, but I needed to ask you something, so I took the job for her.” Phil turned around.  

“I was wondering how we are all going to get there,” Phil asked.

“Flying, how else?” I spoke as if it was the most ordinary answer ever.

“Can you really fly with five people on your back?”

“Why not?” I shrugged it as if it was nothing. “I never tried it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“No.” I flatly replied. “If we go by land, we have to walk there. I don’t think we will arrive on time before the goblin attack. Plus, we need to move the citizens into the Forgotten Forest before they attack. That might take a day or two to get everyone moving.”

“Yea, but….our lives.”

“It’s a risk to take.”

“I give up.” Phil raised his hands in defeat. “I’ll go get everyone ready. We’ll meet you out on the balcony.” He turned around and left me standing. The door clicked as it closed.  

Finishing up pulling on my shoe, I headed towards the balcony. Everyone was there waiting patiently.

“Good morning to you.” Don smiled, he looked refreshed and happy.

Phil averted his gaze and instead scanned the horizon. Bright light cast from the moon, giving the dark forest a magical feel.
“Are you guys ready?” I asked.

One-by-one they answered.

“Yea,” said Phil.

“Go ahead.” Don replied in excitement.

“Ready, young mistress.” Tart was ready to bounce up and down alongside Don.

“Yes, young mistress.” said Coco with respect.

“Please.” Moca replied. 

Stretching my arms and legs, I shifted to my original size. Larger than a three-story high building, my vision turned into night vision, making everything around me clear as day.

“I’m still not used to seeing this.” Don replied. “Are you sure you’re from Earth?” Don asked, peering up towards me.

“Yes.” I blew out smoke from my nose.

“You are so beautiful!” Tart squealed out in delight. “Your scales glitter like jewels even in the middle of the night.” He ran over and hugged my leg while looking up at me in awe.

“Young Mistress, I am honored to fly with you.” Moca bowed.

“Is this really okay, young m-m-mis-t-tress?” Coco asked anxiously. She was glancing around as if she wanted to run away.

“Don’t worry. It’s not going to bother me.”

I bent down for everyone to get on.

 Phil jumped up first as he placed riding gears onto the back. I could feel him putting more in-between my spine for others to sit on.

“Come on.” Phil stretched out his hands, allowing the others to climb up one-by-one.

Tart climbed up without any help like a monkey. Don and Coco were the only ones that truly needed help in getting up without falling over, while Moca jumped up in one fluid motion without even getting hurt. I honestly was baffled to see Moca just fluidly jump up in one giant leap. 

“Ready?” Without waiting for an answer, I broke into a run. I didn’t realize how much heavier they would be on my back, but it was still manageable. Diving headfirst off the cliff, I let out an exhilarating yell.

“Gahhhhhhhhh!” Coco screamed at the top of her lungs. Tart was laughing joyfully, while the others were holding on tightly.

At the last minute, I spread out my wings. A burst of wind caught us, and I shot upwards. Each flap brought more power and strength.

“Young Mistress, I want to get down.” Coco cried in fright. For someone so strong and scary, it was quite different to see her so flustered and scared.

“I’ll try my best not to drop you. So hold on.” I tried to reassure her, but instead, I heard her whimper.

“How long do you think it will take us to get to the mansion?”

“One day.” I replied.

Phil spoke. “We need to get off two-thirds of the way and catch a carriage ride. If we go back your way, we are going to scare the locals.”

“Okay.” I knew what he meant, he didn’t want to scare the people thinking that a disaster will fall. 

For the next six hours, we flew continuously until we took a break to relieve ourselves. It was long and a bit boring, but to me, listening to their chatter and flying kept my mind occupied. We flew until the sun rose and set.

“Berry, we need to land now. If we go any further, we’re going to be noticed.” Phil spoke towards me. He pointed downwards towards the ground, “We should land over there. The trees will cover us.”

Swerving towards the right, I headed towards the direction that we needed to go.

Voom. Voom. Voom. The sound of the wings sounded similar to a helicopter. I hovered over land and dropped down.

“We’re here.” Everyone slid off. Coco needed a bit of assistance, but the other’s didn’t seem to be phased by the flight. 

I shifted into my human form but realized this time I was back in my child’s form.

“Y-y-oung Mi-ss-t-tress. Please, let’s not do that again.” Coco sobbed. Her legs were wobbly like a newborn calf.

“Pft. Coco is weak.” Tart puffed up and laughed. A quick smack on the head was brought down by Coco who was supposedly weak. 

“This is a special circumstance.” She retorted.

“Violent women.” Tart mumbled underneath his breath.

Coco turned her gaze towards me and was shocked. “Young mistress! What happened to your lovely body? Why are you a child?”
“I’m cursed.”

“Cursed?” Exclaimed Coco bewildered when she heard such words.

“Yes, I can’t return to my original form unless I’m near the boundaries of our home.”

“That is horrible.” She sobbed. “Our beautiful young mistress has been retorted to such barbaric size.


“It is most unfitting.”

“Nu uh,” Tart cheerfully replied. “This is even better!”

I stared at Tart strangely, wondering what he had meant.

“Now we look like a couple.” Tart came over and held on to my arms. 
He lightly kissed the right cheek. 

Wow. This kid has courage.

“Tart!” Coco angrily yelled.

“Calm down, Miss Coco. You will have a heartache if your anger keeps boiling over.” Moca went over and placed his hands on her shoulder.

“I’m going to marry Young Mistress.” Tart proudly stated.

“No you will not. Only the finest blood will marry the young mistress.” Coco pried Tart away from my arms. “I already had looked into some marriage proposals for young mistresses.

Wait? What? Finest blood? She did what? My head was spinning from the two. One wanted to marry me, and the other wanted to marry me off. This was already moving too fast. I never thought about marriage anytime soon. I was too busy, just living.

“You guys. I’m not going to marry any time soon.”

“Off course. The marriage proposals are just for later. When you have time, please look them over. I have picked out the best of the best.” Coco proudly stated.

“No! I’m going to marry Young Mistress!” Tart yelled and threw a tantrum.

“When she is ready to marry, I will get the finest banquet ready and even call over our neighbors to celebrate the marriage.” Moca replied, giving his own input on the whole ordeal.

I stared at Moca in disbelief. 

“Aren’t you popular.” Don chuckled, staring at me with a glint of mischief.

Crap. What the heck does Don have in mind as well? Was today gang up on Berry day?

“Quiet!” Phil yelled. Everyone went silent. He glared everyone down into submission.

There is that Demon Lord look. How many will he get people to submit to his presence? I must be very careful, or I might actually get caught up in it.

“We need horses, or a carriage to get back.” Phil spoke. He was gazing down towards the local houses that were littered around the open fields.

“We don’t need a horse.” Coco spoke. “I can take its place. Please, just get a lovely carriage for a young mistress and a harness.”

“You?” I was confused.

“Yes, I am a Blood War Horse young mistress. I will not tolerate seeing you dirty your feet.”

“Blood War Horse?” I felt oblivious, not knowing the monster, legends, and culture of this world. Even though I was steadily learning, there were still too many things to learn.

“You’re serious?” Phil’s eyes were so round I thought it was going to pop out.

“I am the finest of my kind.” Coco proudly stood with her head held up high. She shifted from her human form and into a ten feet tall large Red Mare. Her eyes burned red like fire, and thick muscles rippled on her. Even her sweat dripped like blood. She was considered a Queen horse of her kind. Everything about her screamed royalty. Her silky hair blew back like blazing fire, and her black hoof sparked off electricity.

“That would do it.” Phil brought himself back to reality. “You seriously have a wide variety of monster friends, Berry.”

“Woah,” Don stared with gaping jaws. “From dragons to bloody red horses. What next?”

“Don’t ask.” Phil replied, cutting him off. “I’ll go negotiate with the farmers over there. If you don’t mind, Miss Coco, please come with me.”

Coco whinnied and then trotted next to Phil. Phil and Coco disappeared into the night and left us behind.

“Is he your boyfriend?” Don asked quizzically. His fox mask that was on his head slipped a bit down, and he pushed it back into place.
“B-b-boyfriend?” I stuttered. “What preposterous nonsense are you spewing?”

“I guess I was wrong.” Don sat down and relaxed. “He’s like a mother hen watching over his chick. Did you do something wrong?”
“Well….um…” How do I even begin?

“Young mistress is a gallant dragon that brings terror to the world. No man or monster compares to her strength and majestic air.” Moca spoke proudly on my behalf.

“No. No. I’m just a regular human that’s been changed.” I cringed at Moca’s statement.

“Young Mistress,” Tart came over with wide adorable eyes.


“Will you marry me?” Tart brought over a bouquet of wildflowers. Stupefied, I just stared.

“Wow, moving in so quickly.” Don laughed out loud. “He means business.”

“I will never hand you over to the half-elf nor this human. Instead, I will protect you.” Tart boldly stated.

“Tart, what are you doing bothering the young mistress?” Moca crossed his arm and stared at Tart with disapproval.

“Proposing. Can’t you see that?”

“You are not qualified.”

“Yes, I am.” He fumed. “I am strong, wise, and I love young mistress.”

“Then serve her well instead of spouting out nonsense.”

“Pft. You just don’t understand true love.”

This was getting a little too crazy. I spoke. “Tart.”

“Yes, young mistress?”

“You are too young, and I don’t want to restrict your love interests. One day you will find someone who you will truly love.”

“But young mistress. I love you.”

“I do not plan to get married anytime soon Tart, nor do I share the same type of love that you are looking for.”


Ugh. Those cute adorable eyes are going to be the death of me. “Tart. Please, not now. I wish you respect my wishes.”

“Yes, young mistress.” Tart was defeated at the answer that I gave him. He was like a whipped dog that lost its master. Honestly, I could not see Tart anymore than a young brother that I never had.

“Don’t fret young mistress. He’ll be back on his feet in a couple of hours and probably try again in the future.”

“That’s a bit….” I sighed. I gave up. That will be another time and day that I will deal with later. Instead, I should be focused on what I needed to do now.

“Phil and Coco are back.” Don spoke, breaking my concentration.
Off in the distance, Coco was pulling a rickety old wagon. She brought it over, grumbling and peeved.

“Look, I tried, okay? These people don’t have expensive carriages that you are looking for. This is the best that I came up with. Be happy that your young mistress is not going to have bruised feet.” Phil was arguing with Coco and Coco replied with a neigh that sounded disgruntled. “How do you deal with her?” He spoke peeved.

I shrugged.

“Well come on. Everyone gets in. It’s going to take until the sun rises.”

“Not bad.” Dion was the first one to get on. Followed by Tart, then me, and finally, Moca.

“I am truly sorry, young mistress for you to ride in such a rickety wagon.” Moca spoke and bowed in disapproval. Coco neighed with agreement to Moca’s statement.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind at all. Seriously, I’m fine with this.”

“Young mistress, you can lay on me.” Tart was back to his cheerful attitude. “I’ll be your pillow.” The moment he finished speaking, he turned into a jet black wolf with gold tribal markings. Goldeyes stared menacingly back at me, and he wagged his tail happily. He wrapped himself around me and sat down.


“Please, young mistress, this time, Tart is being considerate to your back.” Moca spoke. He gently nodded, allowing me to lean back and snuggle up against Tart’s warm fur.

Running my hands through the fur, I was awed at how soft the fur was. “You have such wonderful fur.” He reminded me of my dog that I once had. Tart acted excitedly like him: lovable and kind.
Tart barked, thanking me.

“Do you mind?” Don curiously reached over, wondering how it would feel.

Tart turned his gaze towards Don and barked, allowing him he could.
“Wow. Your right.” Don turned around and leaned against Tart.

“Young mistress, do not worry. We will watch over you.”

I was getting tired from the long flight and slowly closed my eyes.


Awooooooo! Tart howled and growled. He got up, waking me out of my sleep.

“W-w-what’s going on?” I was jolted awake, confused.

“Goblins!” Phil yelled. “They are goblin scouting parties. What the hell are they doing so far out here?”

Coco burst into a run. The wagon squeaked and shook.

“Those are goblins?” Don leaned over, looking towards the goblin that was riding on warthogs. Their greenish-brown skin, ugly contorted faces that sneer back at them chortle a yell that sounds like a grunt.

“It’s the elite scout one at it too.” Phil spoke with worry. He pulled out an elegant bow and a feathered arrow. Pulling back the strings, he fired. A streak of light followed after, and the arrow hit squarely on the warthog’s head.

“Squeal!” The warthog fell forward dead, trampling the goblin on the back.

“Guak! Guak! Gueeeeeeek!” One of the goblins yelled, and the large group of goblins pulled out their swords and bows. The warthog increased their pace and charged forward.

“Tart! Go and destroy them!” Moca called out. He pulled out a silver fencing sword. Tart jumped out of the cart, and Moca jumped onto his back at the same time. They bolted towards the goblins with fearsome speed.

Thunk! An arrow whizzed past Don’s head and embedded itself into the wagon. Phil plucked off the arrow and fired back. The arrow lodge deep into the goblins head.

“Keep your head down!” Phil fired arrow after arrow. Some missed, while the majority hit perfectly on their body or head.

Moca stabbed and jabbed in quick succession at the goblins, while Tart tore off their limbs and throat. Each time an arrow fired at either the wagon or Tart, Phil responded back and shot.

“Are we going to be alright?” Don nervously spoke. He had a small dagger in his hands.

Five goblin riders ran up next to the wagon, and each one of them either frantically grabbed the wagon itself or slashed down with their swords to hack at us.

“Oh no, you don’t.” I got up and punched a goblin in his face. Green blood splattered all over my hands, and the goblin fell backward onto his hog.

“How much longer?”

“The sun hasn’t risen.” Phil spoke. “When the sun rises, we will be there.”

“That doesn’t tell me how long that is.” This time, I stomped on the goblin’s hand and kicked it hard in the face. A squeal of pain could be heard from the goblin.

Don was busily fending himself with the dagger in hand. He slipped it in between the goblins arm and slit its throat as the goblin fell on top of him dead.

This was Don’s first kill, and his hands trembled in fright.

What powers did I have again? 

“Ice magick!” I yelled, and nothing came out. I cursed at my unfortunate event, and a goblin jumped off the hog and climbed up onto the wagon. He rushed over towards me with a gleaming wicked dagger and slashed downwards.

“Argh!” I reached out with my hands, closing my eyes. At that moment, my hand froze into ice and stopped the dagger from penetrating my stomach.

“Guek! Guak!” The goblin screamed.

Phil pulled out his katana and chopped off its head. “What are you doing? I taught you better than that. You’re not supposed to close your eyes in battle.”

“I’m sorry. This is my first time in an actual fight.” I grumbled. I felt regret for leaving my stash of Magic Stone’s that were programmed for simple spells behind.

“You need to react faster, or you’re going to die!”

“I know!” I pushed off the goblin body off the wagon. This time I inhaled and imagined a burning fire erupting from the palm of my hands.

“Fire ball!”

A message popped up. 

Skilled learn under Fire magic. Fireball.

A massive fireball escaped from my palms, hitting it squarely in the goblin’s chest. “Yes! I did it.” I squealed in delight.

“Guek! Guak-“

A goblin fell over dead; once again, Phil saved my butt from a goblin that came from behind.

“Pay attention to your surroundings.”

This was not any easier than I thought. Once more I raised up my hands towards the oncoming goblins.

“Fire Ball!”

“Fire Gall!

“Fire Ball!” I yelled so hard that my voice cracked. This time a large fireball erupted outwards, nicking the wagon and the three goblins that were chasing us.

Again my blunder, why am I so useless? I panicked, seeing the wagon quickly spread with fire.

“The wagon’s on fire!” I yelled.

“Jump!” Phil yelled. He cut the harness that attached Coco to the wagon.

Don and Phil jumped and rolled on the floor. I on the other hand shakily stared at the ground. I really did not want to get hurt, but she had no choice. With fear looming, I jumped. Rolling a couple of feet, I eventually stopped.

“My back. I really need to go see a chiropractor now.” I groaned.  

“Guak! Guek!” Three goblins rushed forward and surrounded me. They raised up their swords and rushed forward.

I’m in trouble. Jumping out of harm’s way on the first attack, I bumped into the second. A sharp nick of the sword cut through my soft flesh, being a human was a problem.

Swinging my icicle hand, I stabbed down onto the hog’s side.



 “Guak!” One of the goblins fell hard onto the ground.

Quickly pulling my hand out of the hog’s side, I rolled and lunged towards another that was coming at me at full speed.

The icicle on my hand quickly froze over into a sharp-pointed dagger. With all the strength I could muster, I swung towards the goblin. We both fell onto the ground, with my hand still stuck in the chest. With my other hand, I swiped at the goblin’s face causing him to become blind.

We both rolled for quite a bit, until the goblin finally stopped moving. Pulling the icicle sword out of the goblin’s chest, I wearily got up. One down, one injured, and another rushing towards me. Great.
I carefully watched the wounded goblin that was bleeding on the ground. The other goblin paced around him wearily looking for a moment to strike.

“If you’re not going to strike, I will.” I growled. 

Breaking off a piece of the ice from the dagger, I threw it hard towards the goblin that was on the hog. The hog moved out of harm’s way and dashed forward. It lowered its tusk to maul me.
Quickly breaking off more, I threw the icicles at the hog one after another. One struck perfectly at it’s shoulder, causing it to fall forward. The fall flung the goblin forward towards me, its corroded sword raised up into a downward strike.

 I yelled. “Fire ball!”

A fireball that was three times my size appeared over my head and shot forward. In the blink of an eye, the goblin was incinerated.
“Two down.” I huffed. My small body was having a bit of a difficult time with the extraneous activity. I could tell that in the next five minutes, if I don’t finish this, I would be too exhausted to move.

“Guak!” The wounded goblin ran towards me in a frenzy. It swung in a sideway arch. I raised up my iced dagger, stopping the attack. The blades cut in deep past the ice and into my skin.

Damn, that hurts. With a swing of my other hand, I balled up into a fist and punched the goblin as hard as I could.

A sickening thud could be heard of the goblin’s chin breaking. My whole body vibrates from the impact, and I felt it go up through my arm and back down to the foot and into the ground. It was a perfect knock out.

The goblin slumped forward conscious. Pulling the sword out of the ice, I stabbed into the goblin’s heart without giving it a second thought.

My first blood was spilled today, and I could feel my emotions ebbing away. I was no more a greenhorn but now a survivor. A rush of adrenaline pumped continually through me, and I scanned around me for any more goblins.

Moca and Tart had a one-sided killing spree in taking down the goblins with one to three strikes. Their fierce combo would make anyone fear in terror, and the goblins tried to escape. With a flick of his sword, Moca did not allow a single goblin to flee from his grasp. 

Tart, on the other hand, devoured and tore the goblin into pieces. Guts and blood flew everywhere as he shook his head viciously. His eyes glowed hot red with a hint of madness.

Tart spat out the broken goblin and howled a chilling howl, causing all the goblins to freeze up in fear. Even I could feel the effect of the cry from a distance, and it made me shiver. Moca took this chance and killed every single one of the goblins that surrounded them. He jumped from one to another, not allowing a single drop of blood to dirty his clothes.

Coco, on the other hand, was running in circles around the hogs. Dangerous sparks erupted from her hooves as electricity splashed around her, causing the goblins to go into shock. This gave Coco a chance to dive in and stomp viciously at the goblins, tearing apart their skin and bones. For a blood-red horse to make such a violent attack would make any man or women stutter in fear.

Don and Phil were fighting back-to-back. Don was fumbling with his knife, but even still, he struck back at the goblins. The fox mask that Don was wearing slipped and covered his face, completely concealing the babyface. His hands were quick, and I could tell that he knew how to fight. At first, he was struggling desperately with the goblins, but each kill was getting faster.

On the other hand, Phil was also on a whole different level on his own. He shot his arrow in close blank range, each one hitting perfectly in dangerous areas. Twirling and avoiding, Phil would shoot and strike with his sword. His strikes were beautiful and quick, he did not kick or use his hands like Don, but he made it up with his sword skill.

I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by everyone’s abilities. It was like watching a movie, but this time everything was shown in real-time. These were my companions, each one wicked in their own way. What the hell was I, who barely could kill three in this wretched body? I really need to get better fast.

Everyone was quickly finished off in minutes. Not a single goblin survived, because of the relentless attack of my party. At this rate, all of them could probably wipe out a thousand together.

Tart rushed over bloodied, he changed into his human form. “Young mistress!”

I swear the blood on his mouth made him look like a young vampire right now.

“I’m okay.” I waved.

Everyone came over towards me. Coco shifted back into her human form. Don and Phil finished off their last goblin and flicked their weapons, so the blood flew off.

“Young mistress, are you alright?” Coco asked, distraught. She saw my disheveled self and cut arm. “You’re bleeding!”

“I’m fine, really.” I pulled out a small bottle of Red potion and took a gulp. A warm tingling feeling rushed throughout my body, healing me.


 I cringe in pain. Holy cow. I never knew healing was this painful.
“Are you alright?” Coco rushed over to help me. I stopped her from coming forward because I did not want to move.

“G-g-give me a moment.” I gritted my teeth, trying not to drop the precious potion in hand.

“Is that a potion?” Dion came forward. He curiously peered over.

“Yes. It’s the same as the game Infinite Loop.”

“Infinite Loop? Seriously?”

“Did you play it before?”

“Yes, but not too much, though.”

“I see. Well these items that I have are the exact same. I’m surprised you didn’t get anything yourself when you came over.”

“I actually did, though it wasn’t much.”


“Yea, these items I have on me are actually from the game. I was surprised to see it in my plane tucked in the storage compartment.”

“Wow, I never knew that.” I thought it over in what he said. That would actually make sense. Now that I took the time to think about it, the castle, treasures, and items were all the same things that I had when I was playing the game. I was even a dragon in the game world. The thought struck like lightning making me realize everything. The mysterious question on how I got so much gold now all made sense. Somehow I brought over all the items in the game world here.

“If I knew if this was going to happen, I would have played some more.” Don sighed. “Oh well, what’s past is past.”

“You have one too? God’s Blood?” Phil asked, surprised.

“God’s Blood?”

“He’s talking about the red potion.”

“Oh, yea quite a lot, actually. The last time I went over to the shop and bought a butt load to go grinding in the dungeon, but it never happened.”

“Tart, Moca, Coco. You guys have some of this.” I raised my hand and gave them the half-full red potion.

“Young Mistress, we shouldn’t.” Coco cried out in disbelief. “This is too precious, you should not waste it on your lowly servants.”
“Just use it before I force it on you.”

Coco stared in shock. She nodded and took it from me. She took a gulp and handed it to Moca and then to Coco. Each one of them cried out in pain from the sudden effect. If anyone was near us, they would have thought someone was actually dying.

I reached into my pocket and handed Phil a red potion. “Here, keep it on you. You might need it.”

“I have nothing to give in return.”

“Just take it. It’s my gift.”

Phil hesitantly took it and took a sip. He did not yell, nor scream out loud and instead quietly waited till the effect dissipated.

“I’m not sure I want to take those red potions anymore.” Don spoke. He glanced wearily at his.

“You’ll need it. We got to walk the rest of the way.”

Don reluctantly took a gulp. He shook in pain and dropped to his knees. He did not scream out in pain, but instead kept it all in. That was quite a dedication, I must say I should learn from them.

“Let’s go. We got a whale’s away to go.” Phil was back to his old self and trudge forward.

Coco helped me up, and we all followed Phil to our last couple of hours of walking until we finally arrived at our destination.


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