Black Moon chapter 5

“What is that?” The soldiers on the floor yelled in fear.

“Is it a dragon?”  People ran for cover as fear swept the crowd, for they panicked at the thought of the return of the black dragon.

I wondered why Phil had not taken cover and instead stared up into the sky.

A heavy sound of the engine flew overhead. I instantly knew what it was: a small plane. Wait? An aircraft here and now of all places? Wasn’t this a world where there wasn’t any technological advancement at all? How was this even possible. Staring up, the small plane scorched through the sky at high speed. Everyone froze in fear at the unknown creature that gave off a high piercing cry.

This was not good. That plane should not even be here. Then does it mean I’m not the only one here? The thought excited me but, at the same time, worried me. If that was the case, then the person in the jet was a being from Earth. How did the person cross over?

“How is it possible for something so fast to be flying like that?” Phil glanced up in complete all awe. For someone so young, he had quite the courage to stand there without any fear. That is truly a demon lord quality. “It’s not a dragon. It’s too small.”  

Though for me, I stared dumbfounded at the predicament.  This was my one chance to get to know how the residents of Earth came through this world. I guess that the jet would not be able to stay flying in the sky forever. Before something happens to it, I needed to follow it, but right now, the situation wasn’t too good. Without thinking, I bolted out of the mansion.

“Berry?” Phil called out behind me. He was startled at my sudden run.

I needed to know what was going on. I knew there wasn’t going to be another chance coming up any time soon. I needed answers. 

With my curiosity fueled, I ran into the forest. I was jumping over logs and through thick branches gaining cuts on my arms and body. With one fluid shift, I could feel my body change. My arms became more robust, my neck grew longer into a dragon snout, and white horns sprouted out of the head. Mighty wings burst forth from the back, but I did not change completely into the usual size. For some reason, my growth stopped at the size of a school bus.  

“Berry?!” Phil exclaimed, he jumped up and latched down onto my tail.

Damn it. This is the wrong time for Phil to find out what I was. It didn’t matter; I can silence him later somehow. Wow, I thought like a fierce dragon. The only problem was the airplane that was getting further and further away from me. Each pump of my wings, I felt myself rise upwards. Strong wind blew past my wings as the magic that surrounds my body picked up speed.

Phil grabbed onto the back of the spikes and slowly pulled himself up. We were hundreds of feet into the air. He couldn’t help but gulp in fear and instead worked to continually pull himself into a better position. Letting go meant death, and climbing was the only option for his safety.

“Berry! Slow down!” Phil cried out. He was already halfway up the back getting closer to the neck. 

I had no time to answer a ridiculous order. My goal was to catch up to the plane, each pump of my wings, we flew faster and faster. The joy of flying was an exhilarating feeling, but right now, I could not enjoy it thoroughly. Finally, I was able to catch up to the plane and glided next to it.

A young man was driving the airplane. His jet black hair and face were covered in a fox mask. Through the holes in the mask, I could tell that he was shocked. I could already imagine what he was thinking on the line of what the hell is that or it’s a dragon. I know I’m not a telepath, but I assumed that I would say the same thing if I saw a white dragon flying next to the plane.

The plane did a sharp dive downwards towards the ground. I, too, followed closely and folded my wings into a dive. Phil was holding tightly to my neck, with a rope tied around my spine. I don’t know when his skillful hands had strapped himself onto my back without falling.

At the last moment, the plane pulled and shot straight up. Opening up my wings, I glided sharply forward. It was becoming a test of speed, flight, and maneuverability between the plane and I. From making loops, sharp turns, nose dives, and even strange patterns that I never thought were possible. I could not keep making this acrobatic pattern in the air. I needed to direct him towards a location and push him down out of the sky.

Idea hit me, I inhaled and blew a jet of thin streams of fire. Like a bullet, the fireball shot forward towards the right, causing the plane to twirl. Each time the plane started to move towards the directions that I did not want it to go, I shot a fireball until finally, we saw the Solitary Mountain not too far away.

My domain.

That was where the real battle would begin. Flying with vigor, I continually fired small fireballs, so the person who flew the plane would not deviate off course. There were a couple of times when the plane slipped through me, but with a twist of my head or an acrobatic flight, I somehow made the plane go back on track.

With the goal in sight, this time, I blew a blast of ice onto the plane. The engine slowly stuttered until finally, it was gliding into the air. It was taking a fatal dive, downwards its destruction.

The Curse of the Dragon has been lifted, and the Blessing of the Dragon has gone into effect.

Swooping down with claws outstretched, I reached downwards to grab onto the plane. My body was rapidly growing, and the powerful beat of the wings kept me steady in midair. Snatching it out of the air, I flew downwards towards the large outstretched balcony of the castle. Grabbing the plane caused me to lose balance in midair, and all of us tumbled onto the ground with a thud.


The metal scraped against the hard stone, and both Phil and I skidded a good feet away. Luckily for me, I was able to land without a tumble.

Swiftly changing, I returned to the original young woman body. Without realizing that the sudden change, I stumbled. I quickly went over towards the steaming plane. Upon climbing over the broken metal wings, I glanced down and noticed large spider cracks on the window.

Balling up my fist, I punched through the glass. Inside, the young man with black hair was slouched over bleeding.

Damn, I was a bit too rough on the landing and possibly caused a severe injury. Right now, all I could do was gently open up a small red potion that I had kept in my pocket. Pouring it over the man’s mouth, the potion went into effect.

“Berry? Is that you?” Phil pushed himself up and got up. He staggered as he made his way over. 
“How are you older?”

“I told you, didn’t I? I’m not a kid.” I was watching the injured patient. 

“But? You? What?”

“Look, I lied. I am very sorry that I lied about what I am. I didn’t know what another way to go about this. So now, you know, please help me get him out of the plane.” I hurriedly said halfway into the plane, unclicking his seatbelt.

“Plane?” Phil was finally able to get his bearings and saw what I was doing. “Was that also a God’s Blood?” He was startled at Red potion.

“God’s Blood?”

“You don’t know? How do you not know what you are using?” Phil was stupefied by my question.

“What are you talking about? It’s a low-grade Health Potion. I have a Magic Potion as well.”

“Magic Potion?”

“The blue colored potion.”

“God’s Magic?”

“Hah?” I was getting confused at what Phil was even talking about.

“God’s Blood is a rare elixir that can heal any physical wounds. God’s magic heals one fatigue when they use magic. How is it that you don’t know this, but you know how to use it?” Phil was having a difficult time comprehending everything. “Do you know him? No, wait. You are a dragon?”

“No. I don’t know him. Yes, I am a dragon. Plus, this is a red potion, not God’s blood, I have quite a lot of these. It’s not hard to make them.” I stare at him strangely. The ingredients to making them were still the same from this world to the game that I remembered playing: Infinite Loop. Bits and pieces of my previous life and the game was coming back to me in steady streams. The recipes in the game, the worlds, the same legendary stories, species, and races. Though what did not make sense was this foreign element and man that came flying through the sky. They were nothing about airplanes invading this world.

“He could be a monster. This metal contraption could be dangerous!” Phil replied, trying to pull me back. I pushed away his hands and continued to do what I was doing.

“You’re worried about a plane and not a dragon?” I stared at him, awed at his oddity. “It’s fine. It’s just a civilian plane. Quit getting your panties in a bunch.”


“Never mind.” There was no use talking to him right now. “Just help me out on moving him, will you?”

Phil finally moved, but this time very carefully. I was relieved that he did not bombard me with questions. The priority right now was to pull this man out. 

With great strain and careful movements, we finally took the man out off the plane, laying him down on the floor.

Compared to Phil, who was like the blazing sun, the man on the floor was like the moon. Mysterious, fit, and tall, though, I had to wonder why he had on a mask and clothes that look like one would wear in a new year Japanese festival. He was out of time and place.

“Ugh.” The man groaned.

I reached up towards the mask to peel it away. The man snatched my hands from prying it off. Tch, I was so close to wondering what this guy even looked like.

Phil jumped backward and pulled out his knife. I wondered where he stashed that. I held up my arm to stop him.


“My name is Berry. I’m very sorry about that crash landing. I was just trying to get you to land.”


“I had to freeze up your engine so you would land, though it seems it was a bit too much.”

“Where am I?”

“You’re on the Solitary Mountain in the Kingdom of Dragons. Your plane crashed into the balcony of my home.”

“Your home?”

I sighed. I don’t know if the man was still dazed, or he was just slow.

“Your home! I’m so sorry.” The man bolted up and bowed. “I can pay for the damage…..” He looked around, confused, wondering where he was.

“I think that force landing rattled his mind.” Phil spoke, “Though I believe this could turn bad if he goes crazy.”

I curiously peered towards Phil. How come he was not even startled that I could change into a dragon but was warier about the man in front of us. Was his mind more whacked out than the man in front of us? I quickly brandished away such thoughts and instead felt relieved that he did not run away screaming. The idea of seeing Phil run away screaming was a funny thought. 

His serious expression usually stays in two forms: expressionless and weary.

“How? What? Where?” The man examined the world around him.

I was like that when I first came here but not to such a point where I stood there completely dazed.

“My plane!” The man ran up in bewilderment. He checked every angle around it to see the partially destroyed plane. “Noooooo, how am I supposed to go to the Sakura Festival now?” He was groaning loudly.

“He doesn’t listen, does he?” Phil whispered.

I couldn’t agree with him more.

 “Hello?” I waved towards him to catch his attention. “I got a couple of questions for you. I can’t keep calling you, hey, or you. So what is your name?”

“Don.” Looking back towards me, his demeanor changed.

“How did you travel to this world? Did you pass some kind of dimensional barrier to come to Torren? Is Earth still the same?”

“Torren? Isn’t this still Earth?”

I shook my head. “No, the world you are in now is called Torren. I used to live on Earth until a year ago.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Don looked at me as if I was talking some random gibberish.

“No, why would I lie? Where do you think the dragon that was chasing you came from? This is not Earth, you know.”

“Dragon? Dragon!” Don searched around him nervously. “The dragon is not here, is it? It destroyed my precious plane.” He angrily stated.

“Sorry. It was all my fault for being rough with your plane and destroying it.”

“Why are you, sorry?”

“Because I’m the dragon.” I pointed at myself.

Don’s expression changed from disbelief, fear, and finally to awe.”Hah?”

“Like I said, I was trying to make you land because I saw a familiar sight of planes flying in this world. I knew you were an inhabitant of Earth.”

“You’re the dragon?” He gazed at me strangely. “You’re a human.”

“I’m…..both?” I changed in front of him there and then. Looming over him with hetro-colored eyes, I spoke. “I’ve been changed.”

“Wah!” Don fell and scuttled backward like a roach. His back hit the cold metal plane.  “Are you going to eat me?”

“How barbaric. I’m a genuine lady. Eating people is like cannibalism.” I huffed cold breath in disdain. The ground underneath me quickly frosted over. “See Phil. That’s the reaction that you should be having. Why aren’t you like that too?”

Phil was frozen on the spot, but he did not seem to be terrified. “After you were eating gold and creating and making strange things, I assumed you were something else. An elf does not create mechanical contraptions like you and instead likes to lounge around in the forest, enjoying life. Though to be considered a legendary creature to be born now of all times when the dragon reign’s cycle to be over is very odd.”

“I haven’t destroyed the city.” I blatantly replied.

“That too, nor do you show any signs of rampage. You even have God’s Blood and God’s Magic with you. Plus, you haven’t killed me.”

Maybe I was overthinking things, but this future demon king was a lot more cool-headed than I gave him credit for. 

Calculating, yes. 

Scheming? I think so. No, I’m sure so.

Once again, I reverted into my human form. Yep, being in human form was a lot more comfortable than moving around a large body though I had to wonder where my clothes went to when I shifted forms.

“You’re an actual dragon!” Don cried out startled, and his curiosity piqued by the strange event that was happening before him.

“I hoped you would catch on a bit sooner.”  I sighed. This wasn’t getting anywhere at the rate I wanted to go. “So, can you answer my question.” I was tired of this back and forth dragon thing. 
Even Phil was getting a bit impatient. 
I asked again. “How did you get through to this world? And why are you wearing a mask?”

“I don’t know. I woke up in my plane, flying through a thick cloud of fog that came out of nowhere. I also remembered bits and pieces of going to the Sakura festival.  I couldn’t land nor see anything in front of me. It was truly a nerve-wracking experience. I thought I would’ve died from an unexpected crash.”


“Somehow, I ended out of the fog and came to open land with a bright sky. This was the first time in my life since I saw such natural beauty; it doesn’t even compare to Earth.”

“I’m not so sure about that; there are places on Earth that are beautiful.”

“Where are you from? You sound like you’re speaking in Japanese.”

“Really? To me, you sound like you’re speaking in English.” Stumped, I was amazed at the language barrier that was gone, and in its place was a universal translator that made it easy to understand one another. How this was possible, I did not know, but it seems that the only answer was magic.

“Are you Japanese?” I couldn’t help but wonder why his name was not even Japanese.

“Well, I”m half french and half Japanese. My last name Dupont was taken in by my father’s side. I used to live in England temporarily until my family moved to Japan when I was twelve.”

“Ah, wait. That’s like a whole different country. Though you do have that slight English accent.”

“This just gets stranger and stranger.”

“What is strange is that you are wearing a mask.” Phil cut in. He was wearily staring at Don as if he was a criminal.

“I’m sorry. This mask is sentimental. I’ll take it off.” Don pushed the mask up on his head. His black hair and stunning greenish-gray eyes stared back. I couldn’t help but stare. It was rare to see such colored eyes in an Asian descent. It matched perfectly with his baby face. “Did you, by any chance, see a lady in white clothes before you arrived here?”

“Lady in white?” Don thought it over. “I vaguely remember a woman in white clothes.”

“Did she say anything to you?”

“I….don’t quite remember completely.” Don scratched his head. “I do remember her saying something about going somewhere and something about world merging?”

“You too, huh. Wow.” I asked excitedly. So Earth and Torren were slowly merging. The lady in white was some kind of being that brought us here.

“There was one more thing she said. It went something like….”Don was thinking hard, “Beware of the Black Moon…..something…fight for your existence.”

“It seems you hit your head a little too hard upon the crash,” Phil spoke. He crossed his arms.

“Black Moon? Fight for our existence?” I didn’t hear anything like that. “That does not make sense. We are going to need more clues on the white lady.”

“Though I have to ask. Have you got this strange information coming through your head? It has my name, title, and abilities.” Don asked. He was looking in the air where only he could see.

“Yes, I got that too when I came here. What does yours say?”

“Flying Demonic Maniac.”

“Pfft.” Phil held back his laugh.

“That’s better than me. Mine is a Gaming Greedy Dragon.”

“That fits you so perfectly, especially the greedy part.” Phil retorted and burst out laughing. Walking over nonchalantly, I gave him a quick kick to the knee.

“Ow! What was that for?” Phil hissed, and he hopped around on one leg.

“Anything else?” I turned over towards Don and smiled.

“I got an engineer and Earth magic.”

“Interesting, so both of you are blessed by God and are Adventurers. Outside the nobles, the only people or being able to have magic are Adventurers.”

“Are you one as well?” Don asked Phil.

“You can say something like that.”

“Though we need to do something with your plane. I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave it out and letting it smoke like this. We might bring trouble.” I looked over towards the plane. To see it in such a condition made me wince.

“Trouble? Do you know how strange that sounds coming from your mouth?” Phil snorted, rubbing his knees once more. “You’re a dragon for crying out loud. You’re the trouble that scares away all the monsters in the vicinity. I haven’t seen a single one nearby since we have arrived here.”

I couldn’t say anything. It was true. This damnable curse Double Trouble was always reeling its ugly head in some shape or form. The only thing was that this curse seemed to not activate in my domain. The way he said made me realize the oddity of the whole situation.

“If you don’t mind. I would like a new change of clothes. Being in this bloodied up clothes makes it a bit uncomfortable and cold.” Don shivered.

“Ah-” I couldn’t help but notice that he was right. Blood was spilled in large blotches all over his body.  He needed new clothes, and I believed they were many back inside. If only I knew where half the things were in the giant castle.

“Young mistress,” A young human maid with red hair appeared right on cue.

We all turned around, startled that someone was here.

“Who?” I asked in disbelief. How was it now that someone was here, but the whole time that I was living here, not a single being was seen.

“Young mistress. I am sorry I could not come out until now. Without any guest, there was no purpose of assembling maids and butlers.”

“No purpose? You make it sound like the castle is alive.”

“Yes, it is. It is transformed by your magic young mistress.  We were created from the monster on this land. Thank you for giving us another chance to live.”

I was stupefied. I know I did not have magic that would animate the dead, but to magically create a castle? Was that even possible? Then it hit me. The chest back at Phil’s mansion. Using the metal manipulator, I had changed the whole property of the chest into a magical chest. Now that I think about it, this entire castle was made almost entirely of metal.

“We are the will of this castle that serves you, young mistress. Please, leave the plane to us and instead please come in and take a bath. We have everything set up for you.”

“What is your name?”

“I,” The maid could not think of a name and instead stared off into space trying to remember something she could not. “I do not have one.”

“Well then, your name will be Coco.”

“Coco. Thank you, young mistress,” Coco replied with enthusiasm.

“Was Coco the best thing that you can think of?” Phil elbowed me and asked in a low voice.

“What? I’m bad with names. It was the first thing that popped in my head.” I hissed at him, feeling embarrassed. 

“It sounds like a dog’s name.”

“How did you know?”

Phil sighed. “Never mind.”

This demon lord was good. I don’t know how he knew, but he read me like a book.
We followed Coco and came to a Men and Women bath division. I swear I saw this somewhere. The time that I stayed here in this castle, there was nothing like this before.


“Ah, yes. We have renovated the bathroom to more of a bathhouse style. I thought you would like it. I remember you talking about how you wanted to try this so-called hot springs.”

“That was just a whim while I was reading a book.”

“Then, is it not to your liking?” Coco was concerned. Her professional expression was about to crack.

“No. No. No. I love it.” I couldn’t contain my excitement. “Let’s go!” I dragged Coco by the arm with me.

“Young m-m-mis-s-t-tress.” Coco stuttered. “I sh-h-houldn’t”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. It’ll be fun having one more join me.” I merrily replied while I was stripping down and grabbing a white towel to wrap around me. “Come on. You can use it too, as well as whoever helps you make this. I’m not heartless to say no.”

“Thank you, young mistress!” Coco bowed. Her red hair flopped forward.

This was once in a lifetime experience that I wanted to try. The others followed—Coco and whoever the other members made it for me. I was so ecstatic that I completely forgot about being nervous. 

Taking a quick shower to rinse off the dirt on my skin, I made myself over towards the open-air hot spring. Looking up, I noticed that the hot spring was facing the edge of the cliff of the mountain. I could see quite a view overlooking the mountain. Dipping my toe in the hot steaming water, I let out an exhale of relief. Wow. The temperature was just right.

I slipped in to enjoy the hot steaming spring water.

“A hot spring? Here?” Don spoke, confused. I heard him from the other side of the large wooden divider that kept us apart.”

“This is a hot spring?” Phil’s voice asked, amazed. “I have never seen such a bathhouse before. We usually bathe in a large tub warmed by the maids, and even then, it is a luxury to bathe in hot water.”
I nodded in agreement. What Phil said was entirely true. This was like heaven compared to the tub bath.

“Mistress, I’ll be coming in.” The young maid shakily walked over nervously. She was covering herself as best as she could, but her large breasts were making it complicated.

I stared in disbelief at her ample chest and then looked down on mine. Sighing in defeat, I sunk deeper into the water. I have to make do with what I have.

Both of us were enjoying the hot water. All my stress faded away, and I enjoyed the moment.

“Young Mistress, I am glad that you are back home. It was getting quite lonely without you.”
Looking over, her cute face was smiling happily. “How many are you guys here?” I asked, my eyes were half-open.

“Three, including myself.”

“They are?”

“A cook and the head butler.”

“Do they know their names?”

Coco shook her head.

Damn. That means I have to give them a name. “Their gender?”


“The cook is named Tart, and the head butler is…Moca.” I quickly replied to the first thing that popped into my head, and it had to be food.

“I will tell them immediately.” Coco bolted up, ready to get out, but instead, I stopped her. She was dedicated to her job.

“Later, just enjoy the moment.”

“Yes, young mistress.” Coco blushed red from embarrassment. She slipped back into the water.

“Hahaha! Young mistress is here? Younnnnnngggg Mistreeessss!” A child’s voice spoke out loud with glee, startling me. With a loud splash, a small body jumped into the hot spring.

“Wha-a-a?” I stuttered, confused.

A cute girly face popped out of the water, grinning. “Young mistress, your back!”

“Tart!” Coco yelled. Tart froze up and slowly turned around. I swear I thought I saw black demonic looking aura coming out of Coco’s back. It even scared me.

“Coco, I-” Tart stuttered.

How was it that Tart knew Coco’s name? I tilted my head; she didn’t meet anyone.

“You’re a boy! What are you doing on this side.” Coco evilly glared.

I swear Tart was getting smaller and smaller, even though Tart was little in the beginning. Wait, didn’t she say Tart was the cook? Him?

“I wanted to see a young mistress.” Tart wailed. He turned towards me with the most adorable puppy dog eyes he could give. Like an arrow, I swooned at the cuteness.

“No! You’re disrespecting, young mistress. You should be on the other side.” Coco pointed towards the direction that he needed to be.

“But I don’t want to be with those old geezers, especially Moca. He’s too strict. Plus, young mistress gave us a new name; we both heard it and came to thank-”  Tart went silent.

Coco walked over with such ferocity; I couldn’t help but scoot back. Even Tart was cowardly moving quickly away from her and beelined towards me. He glomped onto my arm, begging me to save him. Like a tiger, Coco grabbed Tart and threw him across the other side of the fence.


“Gah!” Phil yelled.

“What the hell was that?!” Don spoke flabbergasted.

“It’s alright. Please calm down. It’s only Tart.” A gentleman’s voice spoke out, calming the panic.

“Who?” Phil asked.

“My name is Moca. Young mistress gave me this name a moment ago. Do not worry; we are quite sturdy. Tart will be alright.” Moca replied. He called out from the other end of the fence. “Thank you, young mistress, for giving us a name. It is my honor to serve you.”

“N-n-no problem.” I stuttered. I was looking at Coco, who was back to her usual self. It was scary. 

“Excuse my rudeness. Young mistress, please do not treat such a fool with kindness next time, or he will not grow up to become a gentleman.”

“I-” No words came out. Whatever nothing made sense. It was just better to go with the flow.

“Young mistress,” a sobbing wail could be heard on the other side. Tart sounded like a lost puppy who lost his master.

“Please ignore him.”

I swear I could hear a hint of coldness in Coco’s voice. Furiously nodded, I couldn’t help but be a bit afraid of this girl.

With the relaxation over, I headed out with new clothes.

Rare Monster Black Wolf  Clothes Set

It was made from the pelt of the most durable monster Black Wolf. It is a living, breathing item of cloth that changes back into its original form when called upon. It has the power to protect its master from physical attacks. A magical item that does not get stinky or dirty.

Another fantastic set of clothes. I just don’t understand how such a crazy set of equipment and uniforms were even brought here of all places. I was wearing quite extravagant garments that were a mix between a skirt and winter clothes in black and red.


“Yes, young mistress?”

“How many mythical items do I have?”

“One thousand two hundred forty-seven.”

“What about legendary items?”

“Three hundred thirty-seven.”

I gulped. Hearing the amount of things

Now I remember, The Legendary Gala Sword was one of them.


“Um….” Coco thought it over for a moment. “A room full. Though they are just all female clothes and a couple of men’s clothes, most of the treasure room is filled with your snacks.”

Hyuck. I could feel sweat coming down my face. I had the most expensive taste, and I did not know it. I was sure that I was not born in a wealthy family, but more of a middle class.

“We can not have low-quality fabric touch your body young mistress. It would give me a heart attack.”

So it was all her doing. I sighed. This maid had quite a taste in high-quality items.

“I always wanted to dress you up in wonderful clothes.” Coco squealed like a girl. She clasped my hand, daydreaming.

Both Phil and Don came out in new clothes as well.

Both of them are like eye candy. Their wet hair made them look so dreamy. Wait, I need to stop thinking such disgraceful thoughts. Come back to reality, Berry!

Phil spoke out in disbelief. “This is made from the Fire Lizard. I’ve never worn such high-quality clothes before. Not even my grandfather would be able to even afford one of these.”

“Is it that expensive?” Don asked, curious.

“Yes. Fire Lizards are only found in volcanic areas. They are highly dangerous and slippery to kill. Even though they’re not rare, the problem with them is that they like to sleep in molten lava and don’t tend to come out. Their skin is considered fireproof. Creating such clothes like these is difficult. I wonder who the seamstress is. She must have a high skill.”

“I see.” Don peered over curiously at the red, black, and orange clothes that Phil was wearing. “Then what material would  mine be?”

“It would be Ice rabbit’s fur,” Moca spoke.

An elderly gentleman wearing a high-quality butler suit appeared behind both Don and Phil.

“Ice Rabbit’s fur?”

“They considered the swiftest species of rabbits. Catching one is quite frustrating; anyone who attempts to catch one usually gives up within minutes. They live around the Solitary Mountain, though not many are seen these days,” said Phil.

“I was wondering why I feel so light on my feet.” Don hopped around a bit and noticed he shifted from one spot to another in a blink of an eye. “I like it.”

“Young mistress!” Tart shouted in delight. He ran over and hugged me as his cute smile and eyes sparkled. Tart was wearing very adorable clothes that made him even more cuter. I wanted to squeeze the life out of him but was suddenly stopped when both Tart and I felt a shiver down our back.



“Did you forget all the etiquette that I taught you so soon?”

“I’m sorry, young mistress.” Tart pulled away and bowed. “Thank you for giving me a name.”

“It’s alright. You don’t have to be so formal. It feels so weird. Please stop all of you.” I tried to quell them.

“We dare not,” Moca stated with conviction. “It will dishonor us all.”

“Really?” Tart tone quickly changed into 180. “Can I?”

Coco gave off an ice-cold glare.

“I don’t mind. Really.”

“Yay!” Tart ran around in circles. Coco stopped Tart by grabbing him by the ear. “Ow. Ow. Ow.”

“You’re quite popular,” said Don. “Are you a noble or something in this world?”

“No. I’m just me.” I flatly stated. I was just a very rich dragon.

“If you say so.” Don shrugged it off. He didn’t quite believe me.

“This way, please.” Moca directed them towards the dining room. “Tart, go, and get food ready.”

“Aye. Aye.” Tart saluted and bolted off towards the kitchen.

Opening both doors, Moca bowed, allowing me to go in first. A large, oak table in a U shape that could fit sixteen people were present. It was beautifully crafted. Phil, Don, and I picked a spot to sit. Multiple trolleys hooked with chains with cooking equipment entered into the room pushed by Tart.

“Young Mistress! I’ll be cooking your food right now. Please wait.”

Four trolleys were separated around Tart. Tart tied his white apron and put on his chef hat. Sharpening his knives, he dove into work. Vegetables, fruits, and meat were flying left and right in quick succession.

 For a moment, I thought I saw four different Tarts working on different things at the same time. Tart grabbed a pan and flipped vegetables and cut up the meat into the pan. A burst of fire erupted from Tart’s mouth as sizzled and heated up the food in it.

“What the hell?” Exclaimed Don. “Are they dragon’s too?”

“No. We are monsters that have been gifted with transformation.” Coco spoke. She was waiting at the side of the table, not too far away from me. “He would be a Black Fire Wolf.”

Don was still confused. “They’re monsters?” Gulped Don, he paled, looking over towards Tart.

“Monsters? Him?” I asked. It was hard to envision it.

“Yes, the one that you don’t want to come across.”


“Because they are considered the strongest type of Wolves in this world. Not only that, one Black Fire Wolves are born.

I wondered what Coco and the Moca were.

Like a magic show, Tart continues to use different tricks to prepare the food in front of us. I couldn’t help but be delighted at the incredible skill that Tart showed. Even the presentation of the food that he made was spectacular.

“Please enjoy the food.” Tart replied happily. The food was distributed out evenly with the help of Moca and Coco.

“Aren’t you guys going to eat too?” I asked Coco.

“Until you are finished with your meal, we do not eat.”

“Oh, come on. You’re just going to stand there and watch. That’s like torture.” The thought of them standing there made me uncomfortable. “All of you come over and sit down for crying out loud.”

“But young mistress, this is to mu-“

I cut her off. “I order you to eat with me from now on.”

“As you wish.” Coco bowed. Tart excitedly made more food and rushed over to sit next to me. Those adorable cheeks, how I wanted to pinch them but stopped myself. I took a bite out of the noodle that Tart had made. Delicious! Even though I have never had this cuisine before, it vaguely tasted like the food from Earth.

“We need to head back towards my grandfather’s territory. The goblins will be coming in five days. I can not leave my grandmother there.”

“We’ll leave at night. I’m a bit spent from the flight.”

“We need to be prepared when they attack, the number of goblins that’ll be coming will overwhelm the village.”

“Goblin?” Don asked.

“I’m sorry, I keep forgetting that you just arrived,” I said. “Phil’s grandfather’s land is going to be invaded by Goblins. So far, we heard that over fifteen thousand are marching towards the direction of his estate. We have never seen such large numbers of goblins before. This is truly a rare occurrence.”

“That’s not the only problem, we don’t have walls to keep the goblins at bay. The people will be over-ridden in seconds. Our forces only equate to a thousand, and the nearest reinforcements will take six days to arrive. Before then, the whole village will be destroyed.” Phil worriedly spoke. He was twirling around the meatball in circles. “The evacuation to move to another city has halted.”

“Why is that?” Don asked. He was munching on the steak in front of him greedily.

“The goblin had split up into three groups. This unforeseen event made it that much difficult to escape. Even with a thousand soldiers, it won’t be enough to fight off five thousand surrounding us on all sides.”

“Young Mistress could wipe them all out in one blow.” Puffed Tart with pride. I turned towards Tart stupefied. Silence filled the room.

I honestly did not know how strong I was, plus war was something that I had never experienced in my life. I was a virgin in killing things.

“Tart!” Coco spoke out loud in a fury. “Young Mistress is not a vicious monster that goes out and slaughters things left and right. She is a lady.” She emphasized on the lady.

“B-but she’s a dragon. Our young Mistress is powerful!”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.” I murmur underneath my breath. I was uncomfortably moving around from my seat from the states that everyone was giving. Nervously reaching over a small pile of gold, I popped a coin into my mouth.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Gulp. Whew, that is delicious. My nervousness couldn’t help but eat gold to calm myself.

Don looks at me funny when he sees me eating the gold coin. I couldn’t bear the silence and once again ate another.

“No,” Phil spoke out. “This is my family business. I cannot put you in harm’s way just to die for us. That is not the way of the household of Zemrik.

I was silent at Phil’s answer. He was quite an honorable man, or it might have been his pride that stopped him. Either way, I sighed with relief. The number of shifts was already used up. I don’t think I could transform again on the day of the invasion.

“Did she just eat gold?” Don asked in disbelief.

“Don’t ask,” Phil spoke, raising his hands to stop him from saying anything anymore.

“Instead, why don’t you bring your people to the Solitary Mountains? It’s much safer.” I casually threw out. It was true. Getting here wasn’t easy. 


“It’s not much of a burden if they live at the foot of the mountain,” I suggested. 

“You don’t mean for my people to move here?”

“Well, not in the castle. It won’t fit everyone, but close to it. I do have spare rooms for you and your family living here. Your grandma was kind enough to let me stay in her house and tried to adopt me without a clue of what I am.” I twiddled my fingers, “Honestly, it gets pretty lonely living here by myself.”

“Are you sure about this? Your cover could be blown.” Phil frowned.

“I don’t mind.”

“Thank you,” Phil warmly replied. He gave me a gentle smile, which caused my heart to thump loud and hard for a split second. Wow. What a knockout.

For someone cold as he was since the first day, he just showed me an unexpected side.

“You can stay as well, Don. Adjusting to this world is a bit difficult at first, but it’s not too bad once you get used to it. Whenever you feel like leaving, just tell me.”

“I appreciate it.” Don also smiles, making my heart do another somersault. These two will seriously give me a heart attack if I’m not careful.

“Young mistress, please let us come with you,” Coco spoke. Her voice was solemn from the thought of possibly being left behind again.

“I don’t mind. Do you mind, Phil?”

Phil shook his head.

“Thank you.”

“I didn’t know you were a noble,” said Don.

“My grandfather looks over a small land with a population of about 5,000 people. We are not considered the wealthiest or the strongest force of the Dragon Kingdom.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

“Cool? For being a noble?”

Don shook his head. “I have never seen a noble before. I always wonder what it’s like to be one.”

“It’s not all glory and riches. Corruption runs rampant in the kingdom.” Phil furrowed at the thought.

“I’m not surprised.” Don finished his food and pushed it aside. “I’m stuffed.”

“Me too.” I happily leaned back and patted my belly. “That was a delicious meal, Tart. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you, young mistress!” Tart exclaimed happily. He puffed his chest proudly.

The conversation between Don and Phil continued for a while. I, on the other hand, was slowly starting to get sleepy. Yawning, I stretched.

“I’m going to take a nap before we leave.” Getting up from the chair, Moca picked up the dishes.

“I’ll take you to your room, young mistress.” Coco stood up.

“Please. I’ll see you guys later.” Yawning, I followed after Coco. My brain was muddled, and the only thing I could think of was sleep. Winding through the hallway, we arrived in front of the door to my bedroom. Coco opened the door, letting me in.

“Please rest well, Young Mistress.”

“Oh, before you go. Please wake me up when the moon is at its highest and get everyone outfitted for war.”

“Do you want me to take out the legendary and mythical items?”

“Well….no. I don’t think that would be a wise idea to bring out right now. They are not strong enough to wield it.” At the back of my mind, the energy that everyone was putting off did not compare to the legendary and mythical items. If they were not careful, I feared that they would be swallowed up by the items themselves.

“Then, rare?”

“Well, see if they can wield it first before you go hand it out.”

“I shall.”


Getting out of the clothes, I quickly slipped into the bed. This is what I’m talking about, a comfortable bed and a full belly. The door clicked close, and sleep overcame me in a matter of moments.


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