Drezo Regalia V6 Prologue


“It’s a lie! This can’t be happening!” Screams of the elves could be heard shrieking in horror. They were running around like headless chickens. Large boils appeared on their beautiful skin; their stunning bodies turned into terrifying deformed shapes. Horns sprouted out of their heads, scales appeared on their skin, and their beautiful voices sounded like croaking frogs.

“Why? Why did God abandon us?”

“What’s going on? Why am I turning into a monster?”

“Did a curse set in place? How is this possible?”

The proud Eleven Race of the City of Elements was bogged with an unknown ailment. They did not know how they were all suddenly inflicted with a strange predicament overnight. Nowhere else was affected by this ailment but the City of Elements and its residence. Even the other species were not even spared.

On the other hand, humans started to grow extra appendages, while the Beast Type people became shamelessly hairless. Every speck of their body was smooth like a baby’s skin, and the Beast People cried out in horror. The loss of one’s prideful fur caused a huge detrimental hit to their pride. 

Dragon Madness Curse

A curse has befallen all the City of Elements residents. All residents have caught the Dragon Madness Curse, which has caused unique changes to one’s body. The cause is unknown, but rumors speculate it came from a Dragon. As a result, a 10 % status reduction has gone into effect until the illness has abated. 

The cries of players were disgruntled and horrified at what was happening around them. A citywide curse that they could not escape from until it was lifted. 

“No way. My strength has been drastically reduced.” 

“Are you kidding me? I could barely kill a Black Wolf, and now I won’t even be able to.”

“How the heck did a dragon give us a curse?”

“Wait, I heard that a whole new species is available for people to play. They’re called Drezo Regalia or something like that.” 

“Drezo Regalia? What does that have to do with anything?”

“They’re dragons.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“No. You can even go to the Growth homepage and see their advertisement. I was going to see if I could partner up with a dragon until this happened.” Then, a male elven player started to become disgruntled. His skin was pitch black, and he was growing different size horns on his head and even down his spine.

“You don’t look too bad.” A wolf player stated in sadness. “You didn’t lose all your hair like me. My beautiful silver fur coat is gone.” He wailed pitifully.

“I’m sorry to hear that, buddy.” 

“My pack kicked me out of the group because they did not want a hairless leader. Do you know how difficult it was to keep my coat lustrous? It took two hours to give it a nice shine but now look at me. I’m like a hairless rat!” The wolf humanoid stepped back for the elf to see. “If I get my hands on those dragons, I will throttle them!”

“I completely agree with you there.” 

“How could they? Sob. Sob. Sob.”

The wolf bent forward and cried in his hands. The misshapen elf came over and patted him on his shoulder. “It’s alright. We’re all in the same boat.”

Both of them were swallowed up in despair at their horrible predicament. The others were in anguish at the curse that settled upon them. 

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” A small elven misshapen child ran around holding up a newspaper in hand. “The Drezo Regalia’s flying library suddenly appeared out of thin air and is heading towards our city! They will be arriving in two days!”

Large groups of people were swarming around, taking a newspaper for themselves. They quickly scanned through papers reading about the predicament that was to come. Voices of people were in a frenzy at the sudden news; the flying library that appeared out of nowhere was something they had never heard about to this day.

Players thought this was the beginning of the game event that set off for only the players in the City of Elements. 

“This is a declaration of war!”

“How could they? They send us a curse, and now they are coming to invade us? This is the sign of war.” 

“Are you sure? This sounds a bit too unbelievable.”

“Fantastical? Come on; this is a fantasy world. Anything goes.”

“But to use a curse is inhumane. Who would have thought the dragons would be invading so soon.”

“Dragons are not human. So how can you compare them to such things.” 

A blare of trumpets sounded off, and the large crowd started to slip together. An important official walked through the crowd. Wearing gold armor, a hideous elven hero leads a group of soldiers. Behind them, a white horse with the ugliest-looking Elven Queen sat on top. Everyone had to look away in shame for fear of offending her.

“Your majesty Queen Jennie has arrived.” The Elven Hero bowed down in front of the Queen, and the other elves and residents followed after. The players, on the other hand, took a moment, confused at what was going on, then they too followed behind.

“What’s going on?” The players whispered to one another.

“Is this another big event happening?”

“I never seen the Queen personally come out like this before.” 

“What’s worse is that she looks hideous. Did you see that ugly scar on her face?”

The hideous elves gave the player a disgruntled look and a glare. The players shut up in seconds.  

“I bet the dragon’s curse also hit her; if she looks that ugly, she must be dazzling.”

“Yea. yea. I wonder what her regular appearance looks like.”

“Shhh! They’re starting.” 

The voices finally quieted down, and the Elven Queen spoke. “My fellow people.” Her voice was like the screeching sound of a fingernail running down a chalkboard. “I will say this quickly. Do not be afraid. Bring the dragon leader, and you shall be handsomely rewarded. You are dismissed.” 

The Queen reeled in her horse and turned around. She headed back towards her castle. All the soldiers stood up and followed behind her in a hurry. They did not want to be a second away from the Queen. Only the Elven Hero remained.

“It’s Elron!” The girls off to the side squealed in delight.

“I wonder what he’s going to do.”

“Bah, that pretty boy finally got what he deserved. A hideous face.” 

“Shut it, you monster. Compared to you, Elron is always beautiful in our eyes.” The girls were giving death glares to anyone bad-mouthing him and swooned when Elron was present.

Clearing his throat, the resident turned towards Elron, wondering what he would say. He was the famous player named Elron who had climbed up the ladder of the Elven Society and was hand chosen by the Elven Queen to become her right-hand man. 

“Well then, the Elven Queen wants you to hunt down these Dragons; she will give you all a fair price. Please remember, they need to be alive. She said they might have the cure to return us to our original appearance. This has now become a citywide quest.”

A message prompt appeared throughout the whole community. 

Hunt for the Drezo Regalia.

The Elven Queen has decreed to all her citizens to hunt down the dragons. Every dragon that is captured alive will be given a reward. But be wary. There is a saying that dragons have a companion. They are not an easy foe to deal with. Dragon fire is known to be one of the deadliest fires in existence. 

Special requirement: Capture the Drezo Regalia Leader Alive

Quest Level: C

Reward: Live Baby Dragon is ten gold, Live teenage dragon is 30 gold, and the leader of the Drezo Regalia, a Special Rare Weapon, is given. 

“Wow, did you read that?”

“Yea, you get much gold just by capturing a baby dragon. I mean, it takes me two weeks to gain one gold.” The newbies were excitedly talking with each other. The thought of them striking it rich made them all excited.

“Check this out. Capture the leader of the Drezo Regalia alive, and you get a rare weapon. Elven weapons are considered priceless.”

Everyone was excited at the quest that they were given. People rushed towards the general store and the market and bought items for the subjugation of the dragons. A mad frenzy had begun in the city as they all waited in hype for the dragon hunting to begin. 


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