Drezo Regalia V5 Ch.9

Author’s Note: Still no artwork updates yet. Life been a pain, but there has been some good days. War for survival has begun and the Drezo Regalia’s  and their companion are not going to back down from Russ! XD Another music for this chapter~ Enjoy~


Chapter 9
Roar of the Dragons


With a fierce roar, all the dragons blew torrents of fire downwards, creating a wall of flame. The residents of Draconis village became filled with passion and spirit, compared to the  soldiers who only came to gain honor, wealth, and prestige. They were not fighting on their home turf nor were at an advantage. They had to climb up the large side in hopes to even get up to the Draconis Village where the true battle will begin.

Russ pointed towards the Draconis Village and yelled, “Charge!”

“Do not let them come up!” Agnis yelled. She pointed downwards towards Russ, her fingers reaching for an arrow on her back. With fluid movement, Agnis nocked an arrow on her bow. A volley of arrows were fired by the players and the residents, while the Lunar Rabbits and Cat People threw down debris in hope to stalling them from climbing up the six stairs that lead up into the village. The dragons continued to spray out walls of fire, keeping the soldiers from even reaching halfway point.

“Bring out the fire proof shields!” Russ called out to the soldiers. The arrangement quickly changed and the soldiers with large shields were brought forward. They slowly progressed forward towards the top on all six sides.

“Quickly! Push down the boulder!” Agnis called out.

Large boulders were pushed and rolled down the stairs. Soldiers were pushed off the side of the stairs and to their death, or were squashed. It wasn’t until buff looking soldiers with heavy weapons came and split the boulders in half. Once again the position of the army changed to accommodate the problems ahead.

“Ahhh!” The scream of the residents could be heard as the a small group of specialized units appeared from the side that they were not guarding. The soldiers rushed towards the entrance of the six stairs and fought to clear the way for the army to come up. These group of soldiers were powerful in their own way.

People and dragons were having difficulty stopping the soldiers at bay.

“Zeraph!” Agnis called out. She was busy picking off the soldiers that were climbing to the side.

“I know!” Zeraph ran forward, his sword dancing dangerously around him. He was fighting multiple soldiers, trying to keep them away from one of the six entrance points. Even after a group of soldiers fell, he was busily running around the six points in hope to keeping them at bay.

“Leave these three to me.” M2 jumped in on the battle. “You take care of the other three.”

Zeraph nodded and rushed towards the immediate area. They were not many high level players in the Draconis Village, truthfully the highest level players were just a handful that did not even number up to fifty. The rest of the dragons, their companions, and the Lunar Rabbits were all in the range of 200, while the soldiers were at least 170 to 190. On the other hand, the Cat people ranged from level 200-210, giving them a temporarily relief.

Zero was already running towards the Draconis Village at full speed. He needed to get back without being killed. Right now in his spirit form, he was prone to death, resulting in never being able to get into his physical body in the next twenty four hours.

“He doesn’t get tired, does he?” Slyph asked. A holographic view of a bird appeared next to his head.

“You’re back?” Zero asked in disappointment.

“Yea, I’m back buddy. I been working my butt off you know. I thought I might give you a couple pieces of my mind.”

“And that is?” He groaned. The annoying one had come back to bother him. No, the question was how was he even able to talk with him in his spiritual body?

“Kick that guy’s ass!”

“You bet I will.” Zero growled. “By the way, how are you even talking to me. I’m a spirit.”

“Pft. Do you think someone as great as I can’t transcend barriers? Where do you think a magical ring that can talk came from?”

“The game.”

Sylph gave him a glare. “I was saying magic rings that have high intelligence like me uses parts from monsters. Sometimes a residual energy is left for the spirit of the monster to reside in the item. I am one of those spirits.”

“I see.”

“Don’t, “I see” me. You should be pleased.”

“That’s a matter of opinion.”

“Tch.” Sylph clicked his tongue in disagreement. “Fine. For your information, I’ve been keeping tabs on your sister for you. I knew you would be worried, so I been doing some snooping around.”


“Yes really. I also sent the message to Demon Fox that you have requested. I know you could not meet up with him on the designated time.”

“Give me the breakdown.”

“Sheesh, you can’t even say please.”


Zero weaved through the forest and made his way to the side of the Draconis Village where they weren’t many soldiers nearby.

“First off, your sister is worried. She’s wondering why you left so suddenly. I noticed that she’s been attempting to try to come to this place a couple of times now. Each time she had been denied entrance. It seems these people are keeping a close eye on the your family. I recommend you keep her from doing something outrageous.”

“What do you expect me to do? It’s not easy to send any messages without her noticing.”

“You got me.”

“Wait, you can bypass the security?”

“Who do you think I am?” Sylph puffed up. “Though the problem lies with somewhere else. I know you can’t say much about the place and that thing around your neck is a problem. So let me do the talking and you just nod. Got it?”

Zero nodded. For once, he felt that Sylph was actually useful.

“I’ll send a note to your sister somehow and say that you are doing okay. Don’t worry about how, just keep doing what you are doing.”

“What about grand master?”

“The only thing he replied was, “Keep silent, keep observing, and don’t give up.” Supposedly he said its Code Night.”

“Code Night?” Exclaimed Zero. “It’s that serious?” He swore and glanced around him wondering if anyone heard him.

“Speak any louder and you’re going to get yourself caught.” Sylph pecked him in the arm.

“Ouch, what was that for.”

“Your stupidity.”

“Are you sure you are not an A.I? You sound a lot more sophisticated since the last time I talked to you.” Zero eyed Sylph suspiciously. He was halfway up the side of the cliff, quickly making his way up. He could feel his hands start to bleed from the sharp edges of the rock.

“What? Stare any more and I’ll poke your eye out.”

“Guess not.”

“Well then, I got a job to do. I’ll be seeing you around. I knew leaving the ring with you and mooching off your experience is helping me a lot.” Sylph chuckled. “At this rate, I’ll become the most powerful ring in the world!”

“Be quiet you wannabe Lord of the Ring.” Zero hissed.

“Tch. Spoil sport.” Sylph disappeared in seconds leaving Zero behind.

Finally at the top of the cliff, Zero pulled himself up. What was happening before him was true chaos. Two out of the six stairs were broken through. This caused the other four to start to break formation.

“Retreat! Get back behind the walls!” Agnis yelled. She was racing towards the large stone walls that were wrapped around the village. Two gates from either end were wide open for the residents. They frantically dashed back towards the gate.

Zero ran and merged with the crowd. He passed through the gate as it came down, blocking a few stragglers from entering. He saw Agnis and Zeraph running up the stairs and up onto the wall.

“How many soldiers are left?” Agnis was panting.

“My guess is less than half. For us, we only have a thousand of our own people left.” Zeraph

Agnis spat with disgust. “Damn vulture. I swear if I see him I’m going to shoot an arrow in his eye and rip out his heart.”

“Very dark. I like it.”

“No time for compliments.” Agnis raised up her hands and shouted, “Throw down the oil now!”

A large bucket of oil was pushed out from the walls. The oil flowed outwards and fell into the pit hole that circumference the whole village.


A group of young dragons blew fire on to the oil lighting up the ditch with flaming fire. The hot inferno blazed with life as it brightened up the surroundings, keeping the soldiers at bay.

“Another stupid ploy to keep themselves safe.” Russ spat with disgust he finally made his way to the top and stopped before he got burned alive.

“How are we going to get through sir? There is no way in.” The soldier next to him stared worriedly.

“Are you stupid? Use magic to douse the flame for crying out loud. We have Mages, don’t we?”

“But we’re not sure we can clear such a large area.”

Russ rolled his eyes. “Pick a spot and concentrate on it. Nobody told you to douse every single bit. Use your head. Douse the flames around the gates. We don’t have time to play with fire.” He poked the soldier in the head hard, emphasizing him to use his head.

“Yes, sir!” The soldiers saluted and ran towards the back where the magicians were.

A moment later, a gust of cold air blew through the sky and large icicles were  forming overhead.

“That stupid idiot had to bring mages.” Zero growled. He was not liking where the event was heading towards. Large clusters of icicles were forming by the hundreds and like a rain, it pelted downwards into two spots: both end of the gates.

Zero did not stay long to watch what would happen next, he had no time. He had to find his body to even take part in the fight. At the rate that Russ was pushing, it would be a matter of time before Russ broke through the gates. It was not as if the gates were considered strong enough to hold for a long period of time, it was made with the rocks and wood around the forest wall.

For once he wished the village walls were like the one’s back at the City of Diadem, but that was asking for too much at the moment. The village that he was protecting did not have the manpower to create such high level wall.

Looking down at his belly, the life line that connected to him and his body shimmered even brighter. He knew that he was getting closer.

“Chief Librarian?” One of the Lunar Rabbits stopped to look at Zero.

“No time to talk. Lead me to my body, quickly!” Zero ordered, but the Lunar Rabbit jaws dropped. His expression turned bewildered in fright.

“I-is that really Chief Librarian?” A couple more Lunar Rabbits appeared before him.

“Hello? Can you hear me? Take me to my body please.” Zero emphasized the word please in hope to get the Lunar Rabbits moving, but to no avail, they wouldn’t move. Instead, all he could do was stomp his feet in frustration. His body was flickering in and out between two planes: the living and the dead.

“T-t-that’s a ghost!” The Lunar Rabbit squealed in fright. “Run! A ghost had taken the image of our Chief! Quickly summon the Bishop Anglo! We need to purify the land!”

“Wait a minute.” Zero stretched out his hands to stop the nearest Lunar Rabbit. Instead his hands slipped through like water and the Lunar Rabbit yelled in fright. They bolted away from him running in the opposite direction.

“What the hell is going on? They can see me but can’t hear me?” Zero was confused. “Not the time to be dawdling around. I don’t want to know what they meant by purifying the land.”

With hurried steps, Zero headed towards the Library. The residents were in shock when they saw Zero running through the streets. They parted like waves as they screamed in fright and horror. They did not understand or believed that it was the actual Ghost of Zero, and thought that it was an ill omen.

“Chief Librarian is dead?”

“No. That can not be.”

“What’s going on?”

“Gahhhhhhhh! A ghost of the Chief Librarian!”

“Call the Bishop!”

“This is bad! It is a curse!”

The moral of the residents sharply dropped and they ran away.

“The Chief Librarian’s ghost is here?” The Adventurer’s who were nearby curiously walked over wondering what the commotion was all about.

“Is he really dead?”


“I don’t see him?”

Zero continued to run and even went through people with a care. He didn’t have time to show everyone that he was dead.

“Did you see that? He just went through a person.”

“Someone quickly kill the ghost!”

“Wait, can you even kill a ghost?”

“Let’s not incur the wrath of Chief Librarian if he hears about us killing his ghost, if that’s even possible.”

Zero thanked them that they did not attack him right this moment. Honestly, he was glad that they didn’t.

“Holy Light!” An unknown female’s voice called out towards Zero. A bright white light appeared above him. Like a ray of sunshine the light poured onto his body causing a temporary shock to his body.

“Urgh!” Zero stopped moving and fell onto his knees. What’s going on? Did someone attack me? Looking around for the source, he saw a priestess that remembered.. She was Coco, that was a Disciple of Infinity.

“Please send this lost soul to its rightful place under your wings.” Coco prayed out loud as she raised her staff.

Zero had a splitting headache and the world around him became a blur. For a moment he thought he heard the whispers of voices. One malicious and one benevolent.

Come and sleep for all eternity. We can walk in the darkness together and rule the land of the dead.

No. Wake up. Don’t listen.

Come Zero it only takes one more step to walk eternally amongst the dead. Give us Revenge. Revenge. Revenge!

Get up Zero! You are not dead yet!

Zero bolted awake. He pushed aside the heavy thoughts and feeling and pushed himself to his feet.. “I need to get to my body. I can’t stay here.” With great effort, he got up. “Leave me alone!”

A blast of powerful black and white energy shot out from his body. Black shadows that he did not noticed before that prowled around him disappeared like smoke. Even the people who were alive were push back to the point where they all fell over onto their back.

“W-what just happened?” The people were shocked and confused.

“Is the ghost that powerful?”

“Its Zero.” Coco spoke. Her words cut through the silence.


“Chief Librarian?”

“The real one?”

“Is he going to save us?”

“Zero! Go to the Draconis Library!” A female’s voice rung out through the crowd.

Without looking back, Zero ran. He did not stop and instead plowed through the people as if they were not there. Running, Zero entered into the Draconis Library. The moment he took a step into the Draconis Library, he knew. His feet was taking him to the direction where he needed to go.

Running up the stairs, and through the gated doors of the Attic, he saw his body encased in the crystal flower. Zero felt odd seeing his body floating in midair, it was like he was just momentarily sleeping. Jumping into the water, Zero swam across. The flower let out a steam-like sound as air escaped from the crystal flower. Reaching up, he pulled himself onto the crystal flower.

“Here goes.” He breathed in and let out his worry. Without thinking about anything else, he reached towards his body. His hands slipped in and he felt a force where he was roughly pulled into his body. It felt as if he was falling from the sky and he slammed into his body.

Zero was jolted awake. Rising up like the dead, Zero could feel the cold air around him. It didn’t feel like he has been forcefully pulled out of his body by monsters. Everything felt natural as if he had came home. Multiple message flooded before him one after another.

Hibernation mode has been canceled. The body has been kept safe till the soul has returned to its host. Power output of Krustallos has increased by 100%. All skills and magic has restored back to 100%. The Draconis Village will float back up into the sky in thirty minutes. Count Down is initiating.
Since the completion of both Church of Infinity, the Resurrection Ring, and Bishop Anglo’s prayer, a special protective spiritual barrier is in progress.

00:29:51 left

Bishop Anglo has gone around to bless the Village Walls. Upon completion Draconis Village will be protected from malicious spirits as long as Bishop Anglo and the Disciples of Infinity is in place.

+ 100 increase in faith from residence.

Draconis Library

A building that was stationed in City of Terra. It was once a library of an ancient race of Drezo Regalia. Since the acceptance of a new Krustallos, it has accepted a new guardian and owner. The building has come alive as the old mechanical workings begin anew. Old magic has rekindled, the defensive magical barrier around the library has gone into effect.

Guardian: Zero Krustallos Energy: 723
Magical Defense: 354 Culture: 253
Military Power: 150 Economy: 100
Regional influence: 0 Technology: 140
Regional politics: 0 Faith: 230
Development: 134 Fame: 882
Sanitation: 230 Specialties: Information
Population: 2,548 Monthly tax Revenue: 264 gold

The Lunar race has placed their complete allegiance to you and have become a citizen of Draconis Library. It is recommended that you increase the library protection.

The Leprechauns has placed their complete allegiance to you are now butlers to all new Drezo Regalia races.

The Cat People has taken temporary residence inside Draconis Village.

– Magma magic Level 2 has begun to churn out new land around the library, bringing in new soil and space available for buildings to be built on.

– Levitation magic Level 2: This building at this moment can only stay aloof high above the trees. It must land for five hours every noon to recharge its magic.

-Fire magic barriers have been disabled, allowing guild battles and raids to occur.

– Full scale reconstruction magic has gone underway on the Draconis Library.

– Drezo Regalia curse suppression level 2:The curse of the Drezo Regalia has been canceled only in the area of the Draconis Library and surrounding 40 miles of land. All Drezo Regalias can shift and change without the consequences of the limiter.

– Since the completion of the Amphitheater, a new activity has been opened for all Drezo Regalia’s. All Drezo Regalia has a chance to learn the skill of making Occulus-Morpheous and showing it in the Amphitheater.

-Since the opening of the Bathhouse, the spread of disease has been cut in half. Sanitation has increased.

The Self Preservation mode has ended.

Zero was wondering why they were so many messages appearing now, but then he realized that not once did he come back to check on the menu till now.

New Second Seed Abilities has been unlocked.

Astral Projection (Astral Travel)

Astral projection is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of an “astral body’ separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it. Because the long period of time has been issued outside one’s body, one is able to slowly understand how to leave one’s body out of one’s will. Can be used in real world and in game world.

Seed Ability has updated three preexisting abilities that one naturally had will be added to one’s skill menu.

Clairvoyance- Clear seeing (added ability)

Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception. A person who has this ability is called a clairvoyant or the one who sees clearly. Clairvoyant abilities resides in the sixth chakra located in the center of the forehead and is commonly referred to as the third eyes. Can be used in real world and in game world.

The player already has a natural ability of an Clairvoyant. The ability to see the dead has become more stronger over time. One specializes in seeing beyond the veil. It is possible to open up areas of other Clairvoyance. Can be used in real world and in game world.

Clairaudience- Clear Hearing (added ability)

An ability to hear information and the things that are not actually near them such as voices, bells, music, song and other types of sound. They receive information from spirits, which could be the spirit of a loved one who is being read for or it could be spirit guides. Other times it could even be dark spirits or even demons themselves. Some clairaudients hear these voices on a physical level, while other hear it in the head. Some skeptics argue that it is all within their imagination however, these words come to clairaudients at such a fast rate that they wouldn’t have time to think of these words themselves even if they wanted to. Can be used in real world and in game world.

For a short period of time, one has a natural ability to hear the dead speak.

Clairsentience- Clear Sense (added ability)

An ability to feel or sense things. This can be emotional feeling or feeling physical pain that occurred. One could say this is one’s intuition. Although one has no knowledge of where this knowledge is coming from. Empathy falls under this skill. Can be used in real world and in game world.

Secret Message to all Seeded Players that Advance to their Second Seeded Ability and gathered three basic abilities.

Seeded abilities are abilities that allow the body transcend its normal ability. Sometimes people are reluctant to accept the abilities that are given to them. It is up to the person to train their ability to open up new possibilities, but at the same time you may lose your ability of your own will. Many people are able to learn the same ‘basic’ ability but to reach the the higher levels one needs to train. Be wary though, all abilities are a double edge sword. It is a blessing and a curse.

The Lady

All skills have been rearranged in your ability menu.
Name: Zero                           

Title: Beacon of Hope

Race: Drezo Regalia

(human form)

Level: 172 Main Job: Record Keeper of Historia

Secondary Job: Scribe

Health points: 10,513 Mana Points:  11,761
Attack: 788 (+65)

Defense: 446 (+38)

Agility: 660 (+5)

Endurance: 550 (+5)

Luck: 320 (+15)

Leadership: 450 (+5)

Magical Attack: 1150 (+5)

Magical Defense: 950 (+5)

Wisdom: 702 (+5)

Intelligence: 550 (+5)

Dexterity: 656 (+5)

Fame: 1550 (+20)

Under a Companion Contract with Agnis.

For All:

+ Transform beginner level 9

+ Intimidation

+ Camouflage beginner level 8

+ The last stand (Auto)

+ Creation of Occulus-Morpheus beginner level 6

 + Recording of O.M

+ Destruction of O.M

  + Restoration of O.M

+ Seeded (Psychic Ability)

+ Telepathy beginner level 3

+ Astral Projection beginner level 1

+ Clairvoyance beginner level 1

+ Third Eye beginner level 5

     + Communication with the dead (Active)

+ Sixth Sense

+ Clairsentience beginner level 6

     + Sensing the dead (Active)

+ Clairaudience beginner level 1

+ Keen Hearing beginner level 8

Human Form Specialties:

+ Trinity Falls

+ Ninjitsu Training for Mastery

  + Five Elements of Hiding: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Void (Auto)

   + Weapon Mastery beginner level 5

+ Pressure points beginner level 5

+ Herbology

+ Creation of Medicine

+ Skilled hand mastery intermediate level 1

+ Kicking Mastery intermediate level 1


Origin Form Specialties:

+ Stink Bomb Intermediate level 1

+ Exploding Breath Intermediate level 1

+ Fire Breath Intermediate level 1

+ Keen Nose Intermediate level 1

+ Crush Intermediate level 1

+ Dark Fire beginner level 6

+ Holy Fire beginner level 6

+ Summoning of the Undead level 1

Hybrid form Specialties:

+ All the abilities of the Human and Origin Form can be used.

Elements: 15% increase of defense against dark elements, 7% increase of light against light elements,
Info: A hybrid human that is born from an Egg. The title Beacon of hope draws in lost souls that will appear before you to ask for help. Your aura will stand out to the dead. Shadowy dark apparitions are wary around you. There is no more bounty set on your head. In Origin form, the status is doubled from the human form.
Warriors of Black Dragon

All Black Dragons and their companions outside the perimeter have been forcefully recalled back to the Draconis Village. Black Dragon’s attack and defense has been increased by 10%.

Rise of the Dragons

Draconis Village is under attack. Since the return of the Zero’s Soul, all dragons has been endowed with the blessing of the Dragon guardian. All dragons and their companions have increased in their power and magic by 5%.

The light flickered around Zero as the light dimmed, making the surroundings eerie. Large shadows danced around him. Zero felt afraid. He remember this unease. It was just like the time when he was doing the World Quest in real life.

Summon us! Summon us! We want to protect our children! We can not leave till we protect our loved ones! Our children must survive! Our children! Voices of the dead ancient dragons boomed outwards. Their voices continued to ring about around him. Dark shadows in the form of large Dragons appeared and surrounded him. Twenty dragons towered over him breathing down upon his back. Summon us! Summon us!

Revenge of the Black Dragons

As a hybrid Black and Gold Dragon you have the ability to call upon the service of the ancestral dragon’s soul. This ability can not be used without the consent of the dead dragons. If these conditions are not met, this ability can not be used. One needs to be careful when summoning the spirits for help, especially angry spirits. Would you like to call upon the departed souls to temporarily fight for your kind? Be wary if the condition are not met, you will be cursed.


Warning! Warning! Warning! A breech in the barrier of the living and the dead has been opened! Warning! Warning! Warning!

Red words angrily flashed before him. At that moment, he felt a burst of power surrounding him. An horrifying screech rung throughout the Draconis Village. Everyone outside froze. A intimidating black energy seeped out from the Crystal flower and into the water. Bubbles rose from the water as dark shapes begin to form in the water.

Black dragons with red eyes erupted from the water and rushed out. Like a ghastly apparition, they flew out of the Draconis Library and up into the sky. Everyone stopped to see the strange scene before them. Twenty black dragons with variety of sizes spread outwards like a shroom. Each one of them twirled and dived downwards towards the invading army. At the very last moment, the black dragon spirits would open its enormous wings, causing a gust of wind.




“It’s the demon! Run for your life!”

The soldiers screamed out in fear as what they saw before them was death. Soldiers began to panic, causing chaos. With gaping jaws, the black dragons soared down and passed through the bodies of the living. When their ghostly body went through the living, their claws grabbed a hold of the living souls and yanked them out of their body. With sharp teeth, they shredded the soul into pieces, while the others were swallowed up by the black dragon’s spirits. Lifeless bodies of the soldiers collapsed onto the ground pale, their spirits destroyed.

Their rage and anger could be felt in their air and black fire. They swooped and ravaged the soldiers that tried to flee or fight. Their magical and physical attacks did not harm a single scale of the ghostly black dragons. The soldiers were dwindling quickly in numbers, causing massing panic.

Anger! Revenge! The voices of the Black Dragon Spirit continually rung out through the field. The young dragons that were fighting were affected by the toxic energy of the Black Dragon spirit. Every single one of them went berserk, killing every soldier in sight. The soldiers that breached through the gates desperately tried to escape the ravenous claws of the Black Dragon.

“No!” Russ cursed, but when he saw the black dragons coming after him he ran.

Russ stopped and noticed that coming towards him, two shades with gleaming red eyes were coming after his life. “No! No! No! I can not lose like this!” In anger, he pushed aside the soldiers in front of him. In the confusion of the mess, Russ broke a magical scroll that teleported away to safety leaving behind the army to their death.

The Black Dragon Spirits completely obliterated the remaining soldiers. Not a single soldier was left alive, either it be in spirit or body, with every one of them being killed in short time span.

Revenge. Revenge. REVENGE! All the Black Dragon’s voice called out in unison, chanting the words over and over again. They dove into the soulless body of the soldiers trying to posses them. Each one failed, and the body crumbled into black sand. The human body could not house the soul of the Black Dragon Spirit and instead release them again.

“Begone dark spirit!” Bishop Anglo held up his amulet and a bright light erupted outwards. A barrier was slowly expanding around the people from the contaminated Black Dragon spirits.

Nooooo! Noooo! We do not want to go back! We want to live again! The Black Dragon Spirits reeled back in pain, squirming away from the bright light that Bishop Anglo had put out.

“You who have been contaminated by darkness are not welcome, go back and do not harm any more of the living! Go back to the dimension that you have come from!” Bishop Anglo spoke with strength and the power of light around him multiplied.

The Black Dragon’s Spirit cowered away and flew back into the Draconis Library and instead headed straight towards Zero.

Alarmed Zero shifted into his dragon form. Even though he did not compare in size with the black dragons before him, he was not going down without a fight. They circled  around Zero like a vulture’s, and they cried out in unison.

We want to live! We want to live! Give us a body! Give us a dragon’s body! Give us yours!

“You have done what you are summoned for. Go back to where you have once come from!” Zero spat out Holy Fire around him. All the Black Dragons pulled back, trying not to get burned. “You have protected your loves one. Now leave!”

The Black Dragons swarmed around him and attacked. Their claws outstretched, they dove in to take Zero’s soul. Zero ducked and continually blew out Holy Fire. He even covered himself with the Holy Fire in attempt to make contact.

His claws grabbed a hold of the nearest Black Dragon’s neck and slammed it down onto the Crystal flower. A hissing like sound erupted from the Black Dragon that made impact. Turning around sharply, Zero’s tailed whipped a Black Dragon against its face. A fierce battle between the dead and the living was underway.

Zero did not back down once, and instead continued to push forward. Every time the Black Dragon’s attacked, Zero fought back twice as viciously. He could not afford to back down or his body would be stolen.

“Zero!” Agnis appeared from the entrance.

“Get back Agnis! What the hell are you doing here?” Zero was spitting out fire every time he spoke.

“We’re here to save you!” Agnis face hardened with dedication. She was summoning Holy Magic onto her arrows. Lifting up her bow, she fired.

Revenge! Give us Revenge!

The Black Dragon Spirits were lost in their own world and they could not tell from foe to allies.

“Damn it Agnis!” Zero jumped into the water and quickly swam.

The Black Dragons swooped down towards her with there claws outstretched. Agnis fired another arrow and it hit its mark. One of the Black Dragons fell in rage as it came crashing down. The Holy Fire burst into rampant flames, covering the Black Dragons. It’s body melted and it stumbled towards Agnis.

“Agnis!” Zero was out the water and running towards her. The fallen Black Dragon opened its gaping jaws wide ready to chomp onto Agnis trying to take her with it.

A bright blinding light erupted from behind her and Bishop Anglo appeared. “From the power vested in me by my God. Go back to where you have came!”

The Black Dragons screamed in rage and flew towards the breech in dimension and disappeared. The rift between dimension was still open.

“We need to close the tear Zero! Blow your Holy Fire upon it!” Bishop Anglo yelled. He had begun to chant out a strange language that even Zero did not understand.

Inhaling a deep breath, Zero breathed out a torrent of Holy Flames. The dimensional tear slowly became smaller and smaller. At the last minute, a black dragon escaped and shot up into the sky. A black stream of light disappeared like smoke as it flew to the east.

“No!” Bishop Anglo screamed. “One escaped!”

Zero continued to blow Holy fire. The tear finally disappeared. Zero let out a relief sigh as he flopped down upon the ground.

“Thank you Anglo.” Zero said out with relief. “I was worried on how to close the tear in dimensions.”

Bishop Anglo shook his head. He finished chanting his verse and clasped his hands into a prayer. “Next time, you must not summon Dark creatures, especially a Black dragon that has been contaminated by evil energy. You let one escape.”

“I didn’t know this would happen.”

“Now you know, and you could have released a something that shouldn’t be here in this dimension.” Bishop Anglo angrily stated.

“He only did it to protect all of us,” said Agnis.

“This is something you should of never attempted. It could cause something worse than before.”

“I can’t take back what has been done.” Zero felt annoyed that one had escaped and Bishop’s Anglo nagging.

“I know.” Bishop Anglo sighed. “What’s done is done. Welcome back Zero. We feared that you had left us.”

“I thought so too.” Zero quietly mouthed.

Special announcement New Update Dawn of Mythic Beginning

Legends has been reborn, creatures of dark and light are stirring since the ancient times. Since the reappearance of Dragons, old stirring of darkness has been appearing one-by-one. The blessing of the God of Infinity has bestowed all Adventurers and NPC with the second gift of power. This power pushes the limit of Adventurer and NPC to their second awakening unlocking hidden potential. All Players level cap has risen to level 500.

Bishop Anglo has completed his blessing around the Draconis Village. A safe sanctuary has been created for the living. Malicious spirits can’t enter Draconis Village as long as Bishop Anglo and the Disciples of Infinity is in place.

The Draconis Village shook and once again it lifted back into the sky and made its way towards the City of Elements.


October 1, 2054. Thursday. 10:56 PM

The days passed by quickly, and soon it was already a month at the Psychic Academy. Kiyro had been going in and out of the Embryo Type II machine. Playing and working out in the game by day, taking short classes during the late afternoon, and finally having a free time and a rest. Honestly, being provided good quality meal, clean clothes, and shower was pretty good in his opinion. He had all the basic necessary things that he needed to survive without lifting a single finger.

It has been a day since the fight with Russ and the escape of the black dragon into the physical world. By the end of tomorrow night, Draconis Village was going to arrive at the Elven city. He hoped that they wouldn’t be more war, but he knew that wasn’t possible. Russ had escaped back to the Kingdom of Terra and already news was spreading that a large scale army was underway.

Kiyro walked out of the room and headed towards the cafeteria. His hair was still a bird nest from sleeping on his bed funny. Luckily for him, he didn’t roll out of the bed like last time, causing him to hit his head hard on the floor. That was not an experience he would like to go through ever again.

The cafeteria was partially filled with people getting breakfast. He still did not understand how he wasn’t able to find or meet with Eve anywhere in the building for the past month. The only time was online. He walked over and took a tray of omelette.

Walking over to Kiyro’s usually seat, he sat down next to Silvia, Daulton, and Ken. They were eating their food, chatting among themselves about their daily game life.

“Well if isn’t Mr. Sleepyhead,” said Silvia. “Welcome to the living world. We thought you were dead.”

“Not yet.” Kiyro replied. He had begun to eat his omelette with his fork.

“How’s your mission coming along in Noriene?”

“Decent. We just had a skirmish.”

“Really? That sounds fun.”

“It is.” Kiyro paused to take a bit of the crunchy bacon. It was crisp enough the way he usually liked it. “By the way, what’s with this heavy air, did someone die?” He chuckled at his own joke.

Everyone nervously glanced over towards Kiyro, and stared.


“Wait, really?” Kiyro dropped his fork on the plate startled that his half assed guess was true. “I was joking you know.”

“Rumors are going around that they are going to start doing some kind of dangerous experiment on people who don’t have strong psychic abilities. Some said that is why Jules died today.” Ken replied. He was picking at his food discouraged.

“Ken’s ability hasn’t increased for the past three months. He’s worried he might be next.” Sylvia replied.

“This isn’t even humane. How does the government not know about this? It should’ve slipped through the net by now.” Ken replied with worry.

“You’d be surprised how much of the internet is being watched. Plus, this threat on our neck is the real issue here.” Daulton pointed at his neck.

The death collar. Kiyro knew that right now they didn’t have anything in their hands as of  now to take it off manually. So far, he was too busy with the game that he completely forgot about it.

“You better succeed in all your tests with flying colors. The one that is coming up is very serious, it’s not like the regular check ups you know and it is coming up tomorrow,” said Silvia as she waved her fork.

“Damn.” Daulton eyes furrowed.

“You seriously think they won’t resort to such actions?”

“I did. It’s just…” Ken slumped his shoulder in defeat.

“It doesn’t matter. We just need to succeed and that’s all that matters.” Silvia cheerfully replied. She slapped his shoulders to boost up his mood.

“I should of seen this coming.”

“You don’t have clairvoyance and if you did, I would personally like to know how to get out of here.”

“I’m slowly starting to agree with you.”

“Really? It took you this long?”

“Well it was always fun you know, playing games most of my life.”

“I’m going to take a walk a bit.” Kiyro finished his food. He got up to throw it away. “I’ll see you guys later.”

Daulton got up and followed behind Kiyro. “Hey Kiyro!”

Kiyro stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned around.

“I want to ask you something.”


“Are you Zero?”

Kiyro stood silent and his eyes narrowed. “Why do you ask?”

“I thought so.” Daulton chirpily replied. “I’m M2.”

“What? You’re the cat?” Flabbergasted, Kiyro felt weird. It was like a bus ran him over and making him freeze. He had to momentarily reel in his shocked mind. “Your personality is completely different in game.”

“Yea, about that…heh. Anyways, I had a gut feeling that you were Zero for a long time. I just didn’t know if I should ask or not.”

“I am.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Plus, I uphold my end of the bargain. One last thing, if you see Syren, it’s me okay? It’s a fair deal for a traded secrets.”


“It’s another persona that I go by. Don’t get me wrong, I do it because I need another way to gather information.” Daulton smiled. “You’ll know what I mean when I show you later.”

“Why did you suddenly asked if I’m Zero?”

“Well, I thought it would be nice to have a friend in real life. Plus, I was hoping if you could introduce Agnis and her female friends for me. I wanted to talk to her and maybe get a date or two with either her or someone else. I want a girlfriend.” Daulton smiled cheerfully.

Kiyro was speechless by his blunt attitude, but he could not help but chuckle. For as long as he had been playing with M2 in the game, he felt like he could trust him. Though for some reason the thought of introducing Eve bothered him a little, still he brushed it aside as if it was nothing.  “I see.”

“Well then, I’ll be going. I’ll see you around.”

Kiyro was curious on what he meant, but he did not ask any further. Daulton left with his arms over on the back of his head as he whistled. He continued to walk towards the exit to go out to breathe fresh air.

I’m going to die. A vivid words that seem to scream entered his mind. Kiyro look around confused. I need to get away from here. Please. Please don’t find me. He’s coming!

Everywhere he looked he could not find the source of the thoughts, instead he stood there perplexed where the intrusive thought came through.

What was that? Perplexed, he pulled his hands to his neck and gently rubbed it. I must be seriously tired or something. He sighed and continued to walk once again.

While walking through the hallway all of sudden, Kiyro was pulled to the side. Grabbing his hand, Eve pulled him to a small dark space.

“Eve?” Kiyro was surprised that Eve was in front of her. Her dyed blue hair was strangely disheveled. Her face was haggard as if she was running a marathon.

“Be quiet. There is someone after me.” Eve hissed. She looked over to the side. “He’s coming!”

Startled, Kiyro couldn’t help but look over her shoulder wondering what she was looking at. He noticed a silver haired man, he remember the man from the cafeteria named Red. One of the instructors for the Academy. Quickly he turned back and pushed her against the wall. He covered her with his body, shielding her.

It’s him. He’s going to hurt me. No. No. NO! Eve’s thought flooded into his head like a flood. I saw him. I saw him and the monster. The nightmare. No. No. No. It’s a lie, it can’t be true. It was a nightmare. How is it possible? Why? How? Keep him away!

Kiyro’s head was hurting from the intrusive thoughts that were like a bludgeon to his head. He scrunched his eyes and tried his best to block out the thoughts, but it was not as effective as he thought.

Kiyro’s face inched forward towards her, almost barely inches away from face-to-face. Eve’s moved around uncomfortably but then stood absolutely still when he heard Red’s footstep coming closer and closer. Her face turned deathly pale.

It’s him. It’s him. It’s him! Please, please, please. Keep the monster away! Eve’s voice screamed into his mind deafening his senses and causing a horrible headache. He couldn’t think straight at all.

“Eve, I’m sorry, but please calm down.” He was holding his head with his hands massaging it hoping it would go away.

Hoping to stop her from screaming in his mind. The torrent of fear and terror made his soul shake to the point it rattled him. Without a second thought, his lips pressed down onto hers. It started out as a light touch on her lips. It was wet and moist, but at the same time soft and warm.

Please keep the monster- Eve’s thought became white and silent.

Kiyro remember the feeling of a kiss that he had shared with his past girlfriends, but this was slightly different. It was an sweet taste of apples could be tasted on her lips. His lips gently caressed hers creating an electric shock that numb his lips.

Kiyro pulled back and noticed that the shaking and the fear was gone. “You calmed down.” He smiled.

Even still she did not move. What the hell, was that not effective enough? Wait, what am I even doing? The momentarily bravely was gone and instead he felt his heart thumping hard. Holy crap! He did something that he never expected to do. He felt so stupid. But then when he stare back at her, he noticed that she was frozen.

“Eve?” Kiyro tilted his head in worry. Was it even effective? Did I do it wrong? Maybe something different?

Kiyro could not read a single thought from her. Instead, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. He had begin to pat her on her head. “It’s alright. Everything is going to be alright.” Like a lullaby he continued to chant.

Was this the right way? No wasn’t hugging her first the first step than if it didn’t work kissing her? What the hell am I thinking? I’m going to get punched or something. His face was burning hot, in all honesty he did not want her to see how red his face was.

“Eve? Kiyro?” A familiar voice called out to them.

“Alex?” Kiyro pulled back in surprised. “D-d-did you-?” Oh crap. No words could describe his shame. His face was still burning red like fire. This was the one time when he wanted to hide for what he had done, but at the same time he couldn’t help but enjoy the tingling feeling that was left behind by the kiss. His hand unconsciously went up to his lip, but he stopped himself from touching it.

“What? You’re hovering over Eve like you were going to eat her alive? No wait, Eve are you crying?” Alex crossed his hands.

“No. I was just-”

“Just what?” Alex eye him suspiciously.

“Eve, is Kiyro causing you trouble?” Alex asked.

Eve stare at Kiyro then back and then Alex, and back at Kiyro again. No words could form out of her mouth and instead she stood there like a stone.

“Is she okay? You didn’t shock her did you?” Alex curiously peered towards Eve.

“I-” Kiyro bowed and shouted towards Eve, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know what else to do.”

“What the hell did you do. You didn’t kiss her, did you? Is that why you were hovering over her?” Alex broke into a mischievous smile. “Ah young love. I can smell it in the air.”

“No! It’s not like that at all! I was just h-h-helping her.” Kiyro got up flustered. He felt like he did something really bad.

“I-It’s alright.” Eve’s voice brought Kiyro back to his sense. He glanced up to see Eve back to her old self. “Thanks, Kiyro.”

Did he just hear her correctly? She thanked him? He thought he would get hit.  Confused Kiyro straighten himself trying to reel back in his chaotic thoughts.

“Oh? So what did you do to help her? Huh?” Alex jabbed Kiyro on his side.

Kiyro didn’t answer, instead he had a flash of the kiss that he had with Eve.

“He hide me from the monster.” Eve spoke with a low voice.

“Monster?” Alex asked confused. “Who?”

“I think she was talking about the teacher with silver hair and red eyes.”

“Red?” Alex asked dumbstruck.

“He’s not the type to bother people. Are you sure?”

“I-” Eve could not speak momentarily.

“It’s alright. You don’t need to say anything.” Alex gently spoke. “I’ll keep an eye on him for you.”

“Thank you.” Eve spoke so softly that Kiyro would not have heard it if was not closely paying attention.

“I’ll take her back.” Kiyro spoke.

“That would be a good idea.” Alex nodded. “It is best that you rest and feel refreshed for tomorrow.”

Kiyro nodded. “I’ll see you around.”

Alex waved goodbye and they parted ways. Kiyro gently guided Eve through the hallway, keeping a sharp eye around his surrounding. He made sure to look out for Red.

“Where is your dorm?”

“On the east side, behind the boy’s dorm.”


Together they quickly made their way to girl’s dorm and to the front door of her room.

“Are you sure you are going to be okay?” Kiyro asked worried that she might start have a panic attack any minute now.

“Yes, thank you.” Eve glanced up at Kiyro and stared at him.

This made Kiyro really uncomfortable, once again the memory of the kiss was brought up into his mind. “Y-you know just forget about what happened today. I didn’t mean to. I-I-I just thought it was the best solution to c-c-calm you down.” Kiyro squirmed. What the hell am I saying? He wanted to hit himself for being such a coward.

Eve chuckled and laughed. “It’s fine Kiyro. I’m just glad that you were there.”

“I-” Kiyro was flustered with words. “Well then, um.”

“What are two little birdies doing out this late at night?” A deep husky voice called out to them.

Kiyro felt a sudden chill run up and down his back. He remember that voice perfectly well. Turning around, he saw Angel standing there with a smile plastered to his face.

“He was just saying good night.” Eve quickly stated. “I’ll see you in the game. Bye.” She pulled open the door and stepped in.

“Yea, I’ll see you in the game tomorrow.” Kiyro quickly stated. He nodded and turned around to walk past Angel.

Angel grabbed Kiyro’s arm stopping him in his track. “You do know that nightly encounters are all good and all, but tomorrow is a big day. It is wise that you head straight to your room.”

“I know sir. I was just helping out a friend.”

“That’s nice of you.” Angel did not let go and instead his grip became harder. “I swear I feel like I’ve seen your face somewhere before.”

“R-Really? I don’t remember ever seeing yours except here.” This was a lie, but he did not want to say anything more. The thought of the murder at the college campus crept up in the back of his mind. He did not wanted to end up like. His instinct was telling him to run.

“I’m very positive I seen your face before. What was your name again? Kyle?”

“Excuse me?” Kiyro was stupefied that Kyle’s name came out of Angel’s mouth. “Wait, can you say that again?”

“Hmm? Ah, I’m sorry your name was Kiyro.”

“No, you said a different name.”

“Really? It must of slipped my mind. Anyways good night Mr. Koga. I suggest you to take a well rest for tomorrow.” Angel let his arms go and turned to leave.

Kiyro wanted to chase Angel down and asked him why he stated Kyle’s name, but he just couldn’t. Something about the way he said it made him not want to move forward. Almost like Angel was dangling a bait in front of his face. Instead, he kept silent and watched Angel go.

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