Fueling Motivation

The hardest thing for me when it comes to writing or drawing is being motivated. There are times when I have a tough time coming up with ideas. Sometimes the ideas come in waves, washing me away with it. The focus feels fantastic, and it becomes difficult to pull away as the concept pulls me in deeper and deeper into the excitement of the story. But, there are times, which is quite a lot, is to be in a slump.

It’s terrible. I get frustrated that nothing comes out when writing or drawing, and it becomes a battle between my will and the goal that I have set.

Well, to get over these slumps is to keep moving. Keep writing and drawing, even if it’s crappy, and it sucks so badly. When I read it, I think, “What the heck did I just write/draw?” and look at my work with disappointment.
But, I don’t delete what I have done. I keep it. The reason is simple—the feeling of accomplishing the action that moves me toward the goal.

I would always have a set goal for the day. For example, one writing chapter is three pages or one drawing a day and post it on Instagram.

My weekly goals are an accumulation of the goals that I have set for the week, then to a month, and a year as I diligently push through. I do my best to convert it into a habit to continuously help me grow better and better.

There will always be times when I go on a huge day or two slumps. I stop everything for a moment and do something else to recharge. Most of the time, I get back the spark by moving or mentally challenging myself to do something different and come back to write down the experience. Many of those experiences become part of the story.

Truthfully, I’m in a slump now, but I know that I just got to keep pushing and continue with the habit that I have created. Don’t stop for too long, because the moment one stops and linger for too long in one place, we get complacent. Enjoy the process, while going on the journey.

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