Howling Chapter 29


(Author’s note: Pic found on website. I actually went to the Wyoming National Park. The park has one of the most beautiful colored hot springs out there. Though I don’t recommend taking a skinny dipping in there. People had died and even melted…or should I say dissolved? Some of there springs are also sulfuric deposits, making it smell like fart. So, if you ever go out there to visit, don’t do something stupid and get yourself killed. Also don’t chase the bison’s or agitated them, wild animals aren’t something to piss off, especially you don’t know what they would do to you. You could get mauled or stampeded on. You been warned.)

Chapter 29

We continued to drive through the mountains. I zone in and out, falling into slumber as the car rock me to sleep. I missed all the so called amazing natural scenery that Adam had told me about when we were finally here. The first sign that I saw was a giant board that stated, Welcome to Yellowstone National Park.

Adam paid for the entrance, putting up a paper tag in the front of the car. Eventually we stopped and parked. With a groan, I stepped out of the car and stretched. Long hours of driving truly kills me, especially since it’s now mid-afternoon. I wanted to get out and run in my wolf form so badly, that it was hard not to bust out of the car throughout the whole trip.

“You wanted to take me here?” I gazed at him kind of funny. “I thought you wanted a date.”

“Yep, this is the place.”

“I’m not so sure this is a date material…” Wait…what is date material anyways?

“I didn’t know you wanted to go out a date. I thought you were against the whole idea.”

I crossed my arm in front of me. “Hey, you’re the one that said I’ll take you out on a date. I expected something extravagant for someone your taste. Not the national park.” For some reason I was a tad bit disappointed, the whole time I tricked myself in thinking that he would take me out in a extravagant places. I felt a bit stupid for thinking such thoughts.

“Really?” Adam was quite surprised that I would state that, it was as if this was the place that I would really enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to run through nature, but I wanted to see his type of date places. For example, movies, dinners, strolls, aquarium, maybe even a theme park? Ugh! Why am I even thinking about this. To hell with it.

“Never mind. I think I’ll be fine here.”

“Hmmm…” Adam was staring at me intently not believing in the words that I had just said. He walked around me as if I was some kind of interesting specimen and tilted his head to the side.

“What?” I threw him a disgruntled look, getting stared at like some kind of animal wasn’t something that I wanted. My hand slipped into my back pocket, kicking at the rocks in front of me. Plus everyone was starting to look our way, especially towards Adam.

All the girls, young and old, were giving him lustful or interested looks. For a moment there I thought he would get swarmed and ravaged by them if they stare hard enough.

“Nothing.” He shrugged, his hands snuck into my pocket, pulling out my hand. His long lacey fingers, entwined with mine. With a pull, I stumbled forward, trailing behind him.

“Hey?! Slow down!” I cried out in outburst. To be suddenly yanked without a warning gave my neck a slight shock. Adam didn’t listen to my outburst, and instead he kept pushing forward.

We hike upwards, and eventually came up to open scenery. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Large circular hot springs were present, spaced out unevenly. Their vibrant colors of different variety ranging from yellow, orange, red, blue, to dark blue. I could feel the hot air coming up from the water, the danger I could feel from the hot spring was no joke. One slip up and it was excruciatingly painful death for sure.

These hot springs were not like the famous hot springs in Japan, it was dangerous to the point where one could die in them. From the signs that I saw stick into the ground, stating that it was 459 degrees.

Even still, the warm feeling and the calming effect that it gave off was so surreal. People stared in awe at the natural beauty that one wouldn’t be able to see, unless one made the effort to come out all this way. Green trees decorated thickly around the perimeter of the boundaries of the hot springs, gray to to green.

The beauty was spectacular, colors that even paint might not be able to grasp. I couldn’t help but hold in my gasp, I watched mother earth’s fabulous creation that took over millions of years. Truly, a magic that can’t compare to the destructive nature that we creatures produce.

“It’s beautiful.” I worded silently, observing with glee.

“I thought you would like it.”

“I do.”

“Good, because this is only a fraction of what we’re going to see.”

“There’s more?”

Adam snorted. “You think nature is going to end there?”

“I don’t know. I never been here before.”

“Well than my little angel. We’re going to tour the whole place for three days straight.”

“It’s going to take that long?”


“Hmm….for some reason I feel like you’re making it up.”

Adam look hurt. “Do you think I would bring you out here just to lie?”

“I don’t know. Maybe?”

“I’m hurt, angel. You should trust me more. I came here to take you out.”

I smirked. “Surprise me.”

Adam winked. “Well, then are you ready?”

“I was born ready.” I huffed. His hand grasped my finger even tighter. The warmth of his finger was strangely warm, I always thought that vampire’s body were supposed to be cold. Stopping, I look down at our entwined fingers.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, glancing down at me confused.

“Why is it that your hands are not cold?”

“That is a simple answer. I am an Elder, I am not dead.”

“So the vampire virus is true?”

“Vampire Virus? Ah you mean that, you can say something like that, though it’s more a curse than a virus. We elder vampires are always missing something in our body and that is our own life energy. We get that through feeding through blood.”


He pulled up his hand and kissed the back of my hand. I felt a tingle that made me uncomfortable. Heat rushed up to my cheeks. Today was seriously a world record for the amount of times I blushed, and I swear it was going to continue all day if he didn’t let go.

Just when I was going to pull my fingers away, he push both our hands into his pocket, not letting me go. Then we continued on walking, enjoying the scenery without talking. Our day went by quickly as he took me to different parts of the national park. So far we hit many places but there were three that was memorable, the first was a large circular looking basin like waterfalls with mineral deposit forming slowly over time. Another was the rolling plains, that reminded me a bit of the South Dakota’s flat plains.

They were numerous number of bisons that grazed across the field, minding their own business. My wolf instincts perked up in interest at the large herd. For a moment there I felt like chasing them, the bison’s shuffled around nervously when they felt my presence. They knew what I was and they packed together, keeping their young at close hand. Even their dried up bison biscuits, bison poop, were littered all over the plains, making me step over it carefully. I wasn’t to thrilled in the possibility of stepping onto their dung any time soon. Though I learned some interesting facts I heard about one of the use of dried bison biscuits, where the Native Americans in the past would use it to fuel their fireplace.

Eventually night hit, Adam reserved a cabin for both of us. It was a very cosy wooden cabin with one room, living room, and a kitchen. There were a couple of animal pelts on the floor, but that didn’t really bother me. The bedroom did. There was just one like always.

“So.” I asked, while I was unconsciously started the fire inside the fireplace. Throwing in a log, glady not a bison dried poop, I put in the fire starter and lit it. The flames crackled, I sat in front of the fire, allowing the warmth to hit me. For some reason, I felt self conscious of where we were, especially the thought of Adam being in the same cabin as me.

It was near the end of summer, the weather was slightly cool, and I for some reason lit up the fireplace. Why? I don’t know. I just felt like I needed to do something.

“Yes?” Adam walked over with a blanket in hand, he had two cups of hot chocolate in a mug. Gently he placed the mug on the table, he opened up the blanket and draped it around me. I don’t know why my heart was fluttering uncontrollably as if I was getting ready to speak in front of a large crowd for the first time.

“How come so many humans are allowed in the National Park? I don’t understand how she’s safe in such an active place.” I spoke, trying to steady my heart. Eventually I succeeded, I pulled in the blanket even tighter around me.

“That is a fascinating question isn’t it.”

I blew at the hot cup of hot chocolate, letting my hand warm around the mug.

“The answer is simple, the dragon magic is complex. They allow the humans to come here to sightsee and enjoy nature at its finest, while at the same time collecting funds. You see, even though they hide here in plain daylight, there is only one way to find the dragons and it’s with a magical key. So far there is only one and I have it.” He smirked. I saw him raise up a gold red pendant around his neck.

“I’m guessing Samantha’s doing well?”

“Yes, she is sleeping. She won’t wake up for awhile now and it’s good that she sleeps till she is a bit grown up. We don’t want her to kidnapped do we?” He chuckled.

“That’s not something to be laughing at.” I frowned.

“I’m not laughing just amused at this whole outcome.”

“How so….?” I carefully examined him. Is he alright? Was he one of those sick psychopath’s that like to see their prey struggle before they kill? Where the hell are all these dark thoughts even coming from?!

“Life does bring things around in the most unusal way.”

“I’m not completely understanding you.”

Adam got up and scooted next to me. He sat with a silly grin on his face. “I learned more about you in one month than I have ever did in the past six years.”

I fidgeted. Wow, why does his silly grin look so cute? Even his hair is down, the way I actually like. Not only that, he smells so good. Once again, my heart was starting to beat quickly.

Adam raised his hand, and gently caressed my cheek. His eyes were soft, I thought I saw something more, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

“Don’t worry, my little angel. I’m not going to eat you….yet.”

His words made me shuddered like a frightened doe under the jaws of its prey. He was getting way too close, making my heart jump up to my throat. Have I ever been this self conscious about him? No. I wanted to run away and hide.

With gentle hands, he reached towards me and pulled his face close to mine. Our eyes locked together, I stare into his gaze unable to pull away. The phrase, the eye were the window of the one’s soul wasn’t just words. In that moment, I saw him as he truly was, he wasn’t the scary, domineering vampire that barked out orders, he was the soft, kind, and gentle soul. Something about him made me feel more at home, someone I could go to and talk like old friends, someone I could cry on without caring how I look, someone I could just get a free hug, and I didn’t realize until now that I actually enjoyed his company.

Yes, they were times when he was a prick, a very haughty peacock, but he was also a protector, a friend, and someone I could trust in.

His forehead leaned in with mine, I felt a strange tingle as our forehead connected. It felt like we were sharing energy, getting to know each other without going further than seeing who we were. For some reason, I felt more connected to him now then I have ever felt before.

This was truly strange. The soft gentle smile, the caring gaze, and the warmth that he gave off, everything just felt right.

Adam was the first one to close his eyes as he breathe out a sigh of happiness.. “Thank you for being born, Tila.”

“Eh? Why so sudden?” I spoke confused.

“I just wanted to say that.” A deep chuckle erupted out of his throat.

“That’s a bit strange of you to say.”

“Nope. I got more to say.”

“Really?” My eyes perked up, wondering what other strange words he would say.

He opened his eyes up again. “Yes.” With a clear throat, he once again began to speak. “Thank you for being alive. Thank you for having that sweet smile that you make when you are happy. Thank you for being my friend and my protector. Thank you my little angel for saving me that day, and allowing me to meet you. Thank you for being here with me.” His voice whispered gently.

I couldn’t help blush so red that I started to pull back. His hand grabbed my arm, and he pulled me into his arms. “Thank you Tila.”

There were no way I was escaping out of this grasp, something about what he said made me feel like mush. My body wouldn’t listen, instead it didn’t want to flee. In all honesty my body wanted to stay, even though my mind was complete shot, unable to comprehend everything. It took a bit of time for me to bring back my mental state of thought.

My hands slowly raised up and gripped his shirt. Without realizing it, I hugged him back.

“Thank you Adam for giving my pack and I a chance. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far.”

Adam chuckled. “I would gladly do it again.”

We stay in each other arms for a good while, I didn’t want to leave. Eventually, Adam hand scooped me up from the ground, lifted me up in his arm. I squealed out in surprise and turned towards him completely confused.

“W-w-what are you doing?” I stuttered.

“Taking you to bed.”

“What?!” I shrieked. My face paled as worry set in. What does he mean take me to bed? He’s not going to do this and that right? RIGHT?

“Calm down, angel. I told you. I’m not going to ravage you like a wolf.” He chuckled, laughing at his own joke.

“How do I know that?!”

“I am a gentleman.” He puffed up like a peacock. “I don’t do things when the other say no, plus I have my own rules that I follow.”

“Gentleman my butt!” I squirmed. “Plus I thought you said my no means yes!”

“I do like your butt, but anymore squirming around and I’ll feel it.” His eyes glinted with a mischievous glance. “Though they are exception to your nos.”

I on the other hand froze. Feel my butt? What? And when would those exception of nos be? Ugh, he’s so hard to understand.

“Good, now that you stopped.” He pulled the covers, and flopped me onto the bed. With gentle hand, he pulled off my shoes, pushed me down and pulled up the blanket. “Go to sleep. We have a long day the next couple of days.”

I gazed up at him dumbstruck. He just put me to bed as if I was some child.

“What’s wrong? Do you need me to turn off the lights?”

With a slow nod, I answered yes.

Adam walked over and turned off the lights, making the whole room black.

“Where are you going to sleep?” I softly asked, afraid in what he would say.

“Next to you of course. There’s only one bed.” Adam made his way towards the other side. He started to strip, taking off his shoes, pants, and his shirt. I could tell that he was just in his boxers, but it seem he didn’t care that he was basically almost naked. He pulled back the blanket, and snuggled in as if this was his own house.

My cheeks twitched, completely appalled at what just happened. I could see in the dark pretty well and I just had a perfect view of his exquisite body. He grabbed the blanket and rolled it on himself.

What just happened? Did I just witness all this? I pinched myself, wondering if I’m dreaming. Adam being a gentleman. He didn’t bother me like he usually do, instead he fell asleep so quickly I thought he was faking it. I reached over slowly and poke him on the cheek, wondering if it all this was real.

When I felt the soft warmth of his skin, I poke a couple times more to reassure myself that this wasn’t a lie. Even still, I had a hard time believing it was THE ADAM. Suddenly, I felt his hand grabbed a hold of my fingers.

“Why are you poking me?” He growled, turning his body towards me.

“I….” Words were stuck in my throat unable to say anything. “Are you Adam?”

Adam stared dumbfoundedly at my question. His eyebrow raised up confused. “Yes.”

“Are you sure? I remember the Adam that I know would bother me when we’re in the same bed.”

With an amuse grin, he laughed. “Do you want me to bother you? No, let me rephrase that. Do you want me to ravage you?”

“What?! Absolutely not!” I pulled back in horror.

“Good, then don’t ask me that question. Now, anymore questions?”

I was silent. “Are you sure you’re the real Adam? Are you sick? I know a good tea that can cure sickness.” I started to slip out of bed. This whole different side of Adam was frying my brain and I wasn’t sure what to do. It felt like an Alien had completely taken him over and I was witnessing the after effect of it.

A sharp pull of my clothes from behind me made me fall backwards. With a yelp, I flailed around.

“I’m Adam.” He growled, pulling me into his arm. I felt trapped, unable to escape. “Go to sleep or I’m going to ravage you.” He threatened.

I froze, my eyes became wide from shock. “Yes.” I squeaked. The thought of being ravaged made my whole face turn red again.

Adam grumbled some more words that I couldn’t understand. I could tell that it was foreign language, but that wasn’t the problem. This time, I couldn’t get out. He wouldn’t let me as he snuggled from behind. The only thing I could hear next was his calm breathe that breathed in and out.

The warmth of his arms and the calming beating of heart lulled me to sleep.


“So we went through three-fourths of the National Park.” Adam stated. He had a map in his hand, looking down intently at if it was some kind of treasure map.

I couldn’t help but smile, watching him crinkle up while he scanned the map. These past three days was a warm welcome of peace and quiet. Not once did Adam stepped out of bounds, he truly was a gentleman who was chaperoning me all over the place, which was slightly strange.

Every night, he would put me to bed. We would sleep peacefully with fingers entwined or in each other’s embrace. I didn’t know when I got use to his touch, but it was surprisingly comfortable. His hands wouldn’t leave my side even once, instead he closely stuck to me like glue. At first it was uncomfortable, but eventually I didn’t notice it till now.

Maybe I was getting tamed, I don’t know what Adam was doing to me, but I felt like I soften towards him in the past three days.

Suddenly, Adam phone went off. He picked it up and started talking. At first I didn’t pay attention to what he said, but what got me curious was when his voice became annoyed and worried. With a click, he finished his conversation and deeply sighed.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, worried that something bad might have happened.

“Yea, we need to head towards San Francisco, California.”

“Why?” I wasn’t liking this one bit, something was up and it didn’t look good at all.

“The Vampire council is calling for me.”

“Oh, again?”

“Yes, I won’t have time to take you back home, plus I want you to come with me the the meeting, when it’s over I’ll get a couple of your pack members over to pick you up. We should get going. I need to be there by tomorrow night.”

I couldn’t help but frown. For the vampire council to call him so many times in one month, something was up and I had a nagging feeling the reason was Ogma himself.

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