Howling Chapter 28


Chapter 28

“Yes you! You damn panty snatcher!” I cried out, pissed off.

“Panty snatcher? Me?” He asked amused.

“You threw away all my panties and replaced them with, with, with this!” I picked up a thong and threw it towards him.

“I did a service to the world.” He puffed up like a peacock.

A vein popped on the side of my head, blood rushed over towards my eyes and I saw red. I ran and did a perfect flying kick. Adam flew backwards, hit the wall and crumbled onto the ground knocked out.

I huffed and puffed till I was finally back to my sane self. When I did come back, I froze. What the hell did I just do? Oh, lord. I just knocked out Adam. The Adam that is powerful in his own way, but then again….why didn’t he dodge? He had the reflexes. For some reason, I couldn’t understand him at all.

“Well….I’ll just drop him off in one of the beds.” I grunted, leaning over I looped my hands underneath his arms and dragged him towards the nearest room. It took every ounce of strenghtto drag his heavy body across the hallway and towards the room. My feet had to reach up to turn the knob, before I could go in. Taking twenty minutes, I was able to push him onto the bed, took of his shoes and coat. Why haven’t I used my Alpha power to pick him up? It’s because I forgot. I felt stupid when I put him in bed and realized I should’ve used my power.

I even went as far as to take off his belt so he doesn’t stab himself or feel uncomfortable. With my job done, I closed the door behind me and went back to my room. I felt great giving him a flying kick, I knew I would do it again if I have too. Especially someone like him who deserve every bit of it.

I locked the door just to make sure he doesn’t make his way into my room again, I even pushed a small table. Feeling better, I walked over, pulled back the covers, and flopped into the bed. This bed was really amazing, especially because it was so comfortable that I fell right asleep without much effort.


“So.” Adam growled a bit pissed off. He had a bag of ice on his head, while sitting in front of the counter. He leaned over as he propped himself on the table. “You owe me big time for this.”

“Nope.” I replied, handing him pancakes and strawberry syrup.

“This is not fair,Tila. You knocked me out completely. I was just being nice and buying you better panties.”

“There is a certain point where you need to understand where to stop, buying me panties is one of them.” I grumbled. With a stab of my fork, I picked up my scrambled egg and placed it ontop of my buttered toast. “Everything else is okay, plus your not my boyfriend to be even buying me panties.”

Adam picked up his fork, placing down his ice pack onto the table and begun eating. “Does one really need to be a boyfriend to buy you panties?”

“Yes.” I shook my fork at him.

He placed down his fork, crossed his hands, and stare directly at me. My mouth open and closed from chewing slowly, wondering what he was doing. The silence actually made me quite nervous, so I gulped down my food.



“Are you free today?”

“I think so. Ray been handling the pack business for me, so I don’t got anything to do for the next couple of days.”



“You’re going out with me?”

I went silent. “Wait….what?”

“You heard me. We’re going out on a date.”

“No.” I unconsciously snapped my words towards him.

Adam eyes became a thin line, not liking how I denied him so quickly. “Yes, you are. You’re going to get out and have some fresh air. You don’t need to look at it as a date, but a day off.”


His hands raised up stopping me from saying anything else. “No, you’re coming with me if I have to kidnap you.”

“That’s not a date if it’s kidnapping. It’s against the law.”

Adam snorted. “When do supernatural beings like you and I ever listen to human law?”

“Well…” I bite my lower lips unsure what to say.

“Exactly, go get ready. We’re leaving now.”

“But we just barely finished eating breakfast. Plus I said no.”

“To me, you’re No means Yes. Hurry up and eat, so we can go have some true relaxation.”

I frowned. Adam really doesn’t listen to the word ‘no’ does he. He just likes to go out on his own pace, seriously he’s so difficult to deal with. But then again, why did I say no so quickly? Going out isn’t a bad idea, or maybe it was the thought of a date that made me feel a bit bothered by it. The concept of a relationship sounded way too fast, especially since everything that has happened.

Instead, with a defeated sigh, I gave up. “Fine, if we’re going to relax where are we going?” Once again, I started to eat my breakfast. If I were to go out, I needed every little strength I could conserve. Who knows how long he was going to drag me all over the place.

“First off, we’re going to go the Blood Moon Pack, following after I’ll take you somewhere to relax.”

Blood Moon Pack. How I dreaded going back there. It wasn’t that I was scared, it was the amount of bad memories that will resurface just from being there. Even still, I needed to go and say my last farewell to both my sister and Ken. Other than that, I didn’t ever wanted to step on that part of the land again.

“Good question, i’ll just take you there so it’ll be a surprise.”

I didn’t say anything more. Instead, I finished up my breakfast and quickly went upstairs to change into a simple black jeans, tanktop with a black vest on top. We quickly hop in Adam’s luxurious BMW car. I had to wonder how many cars he truly had for every single time he came to pick me up, it was always a different car. The amount of wealth that he accumulated was no joke, especially when you see the change of cars that he goes through like new pairs of socks.

Throughout the ride, I was forced to listen to his classical music. I couldn’t help but start to get sleepy from the piano piece from Bach, it was just that much soothing and a bit boring. I couldn’t help but think that I was waiting at the dentist lobby, getting ready to get my teeth checked.

We eventually passed through the Black Moon Territory pack, Adam called ahead for us to be able to go through without much trouble. I on the other hand fell asleep through the whole ride that I didn’t realize we were finally there.

“Tila.” Adam shook me gently awake.

I yawned and stretched, wondering where I was. Eventually, I realized that we were at an old cemetery. The moment I got out, I saw a large gate looming depressingly over us, the thought of going through such depressing place made me feel sad. My emotions kicking in. It felt like I was a slap on my face telling me, hey-you-fucked-up-now-deal-with-it.

With a sigh, I followed after Adam. Every time we went in deeper, I saw multiple types of  tombstone present. From loud and obnoxious tombstones that states here-I-am to quiet simple ones with a flower in a cupholder. We passed through many more till we finally stopped in front of a large tombstone with a giant wolf statue, howling upwards into the sky. Standing beside the wolf was a young woman, staring at the wolf with caring gaze. Her hands wrapped around him as a smile wrapped her face. A small pendant with the letter K were embedded into the stone. I knew then and there who that young woman was and I peeked over towards Adam. There was a gut feeling that he was the one who probably told Ken’s father to engrave that letter into the pendant.

Even in death, Ken’s graveyard was obnoxiously grand, but then again they were a family of Alphas and most Alphas are pretty loaded with money. Something this small scale didn’t put a dent in their wallet. Still to see the tombstone present with his full name made me realize how real the past month was. The fight against Ogma, death of Ken, a full battle take over of mind with Seline, finding out my sister was dead, and finally my real history of my life.

More things happened to me in the past two and a half months, then the six years sine the day I have awaken. No, since I was been born. Two souls which should’ve lived a different path in life, one was taken to early. My sister who died by the red wolf’s hand since she was six years old to Ken who saved my sister and I to live another day, but even still Kimberly was dead in the beginning and I knew I had to let her go. She wouldn’t stay with me any longer since Ken had passed away and I forced her to live inside me.

For the first time in my life, I got on my knees and prayed to the Moon Goddess. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I asked for forgiveness for my guilt, and foolish action. I wasn’t strong when I was a child to save my sister, instead I hid to stay alive, using my sister as a cover up. There life could’ve been different if she was truly still alive wit her own body, they would’ve had a better life where I would’ve made sure Ken wouldn’t have strayed his path the moment he rejected her. I would’ve stand up for my sister and probably beat the stupidity out of him the moment he had such thought.

The thought of being alone in this world is what tore Kimberly apart and finding out she was dead in the first place, she had no more reason to stay. I always thought love was madness just watching her swoon over Ken as if he was her drug. It almost became unbearable to the point where it made me angry, frustrated, and even wanted to break Ken in half. There were so many times when I would’ve strung him upside and dunk him in cold water, and possibly even attempt water torture on him for bullying her in the past, but Kimberly was always there telling me to forgive.

Forgive him because she loved him. Forgive him because anger clouded and wrapped my mind to the point where it would become a sick poison. What could I do to stop love? Nothing, I realized too late that I couldn’t, it wasn’t something for me to interfere for when two people love so much there really isn’t anything that can stop it from happening. All I was just a test for them to grow to even more for true love meant forgiveness.

I knew then that eight years of my life was my own atonement for my guilt for my sister’s death. That’s how much it bothered me to the point where I wouldn’t mind giving up my a bit of my life for her to live just another day. I guess I could say this was my love for her, my way to ask forgiveness and I believed she knew when she left me. She gave me back my life, she knew my personality to well. Those short years were in a way her happiness and pain. She learned, she grew, she forgave, and moved on.

Ken wasn’t a simple man, he had his faults, his sins, and especially he knew what he had lost. What it could become, what it should’ve been, but didn’t because of fear of denial of the world. The fear of being rejected, the fear of being looked down on, the fear of being out of place when the society looks at the situation in a different way, and the responsibility it meant to live as an Alpha. The weight of an Alpha was more of a shackling weight as a leader, there was no I, it was always ‘us’. The failure of an subordinate was also a responsibility of the leader. I knew a true leader leads by example, head towards danger first, works and sweat alongside their people, and take care of them as if they were family.

We were the inspirator that lead the pack forward, we needed to help give them a reason or a goal why we worth leading them, it wasn’t just how strong we were, it also came down to the mind. How strong our mental fortitude to deal with the problems to come, especially during the unexpected times.

Honestly, they were always many cases where I doubted myself, but I pushed forward, knowing that the solution will eventually show itself. These were the many things that I knew Ken had to go through, I haven’t seen much of his interaction with his pack, but I heard many good things about him from the short interaction I had with the others as well as the memory from my sister.

He was an arrogant bastard, no doubt about it, but that was probably a facade, just as how I put on my mask. I didn’t get to know him like Seline or did I made the effort too. I never was curious, but I knew that everyone had a story, the reason why they became like that. Sometimes one wasn’t justifiable, but others I would probably try to understand. Still, I wasn’t a saint nor was I an angel.

My prayer was simple. I asked that in her next life, she would find her true love again and this time, she would live a happy life without the so called curse of the black wolf dodging behind her heels. There was one more thing that I asked was that in the next life they would be someone who would set Ken’s life straight, so he doesn’t ever waver the same way in this life.

Even if Kimberly has to wait till I die and for me to take up that spot when they are reborn again, I would hands down do it. I would make sure he would suffer a bit for all the past pain that he cause. I wouldn’t break him for sure, oh no, I would just make sure he dance a bit for her before I give him my sister. That was the promise I made to my sister, Ken, and the Moon Goddess as a mischievous smile plastered on my face.

“Uh, Tila? That’s some scary smile you have there.” Adam spoke startling me out of my prayer. “I don’t know if I should be worried for the dead Ken or worried for myself as well?”

I turned towards him, looking at him strangely. “Why would you worry for yourself?” With a quick push off my legs, I stood up straighter than when I had entered. The pain in my heart was washed away and instead I felt more at peace with myself. “I wasn’t praying about you.”

“Doesn’t matter if it’s me. I felt a pretty strong malevolent force coming out of your body for a second. I don’t know if you were trying to curse him or bless him from the mood swings you were having. One minute you were crying the next you seem like you were ready to throttle him even in his after life.”

For a moment, I stared at him stunned. It took a second for me to understand what he had just said. My lips curled up into a mischievous sinister smile as I took a step forward towards Adam. Adam eyes curled upwards, his expression became worried as he took a faltering step backwards.


“Yes?” I sweetly spoke. Reaching over, I grabbed him by his collar. With a sharp yank, his head fell forward towards my face.

“Tila?” His voice went up an octave. I could tell that he was very uncomfortable with the way I was acting, while I on the other hand I was chuckling in my mind with a devious intent.

“Adam Julius Everston,” my voice temptingly spoke into his ears. I felt him froze up as he held in his breath. “Why would I ever want to curse you?” I blew into his ears teasingly.

He shivered at my words. I felt his body tense up even more, his breath became ragged, and even heard him gulp.

“If I want to inflict pain, oh my dear masochist vampire, I would do it on my own terms and you would least be expecting it.” My lips opened up as I lightly licked him in the ear, startling him. I pulled away as I pushed him roughly back.

Adam stumbled backwards, his hands thrashing around him as he tried to catch himself. He was finally able to get his footing, allowing him to stand up with a spark of delighted grin plastered on his face. His eyes turned red, and he chuckled a deeply. “So it shall be. Let the hunt begin.” He whispered under his breathe.

I turned around and left the cemetery behind like some proud peacock. The moment when I crossed that gate, I felt my face turned red. My ego deflating. What did I just do? Where did that confidence even come from? It was the wrong kind of confidence to put it at that too. Me torturing him? What am I a dominatrix? The thought made my stomach turn.

But then again, Adam did have a masochist personality. For some reason he didn’t complain about me beating him up….He wasn’t submissive, oh no, he was very far from it. My lips turned into a frown. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was turned on by that. With a shudder, I shook my head. Yep, we need to stop there before it turns into something really weird.

When I arrived towards the car, I smelled something strong. It was a scent of an Alpha, and I knew right there and then who it was. Ken’s father, Terrance, and his youngest son, Stan. Behind him was couple more of his pack in black mourning clothes. Stan had almost the same look like his father, but he had a bit more feminine features that leaned possibly towards his mother. The golden hair, the soft blue eyes, strong physique, and the air of an Alpha danced around him.

I knew then that Stan took the role as the next head Alpha, while his father still had the same air, but wasn’t as overbearing in scent like Stan. The others wearily watched me, not liking the idea of another Alpha in their territory.

“I am assuming you are the Alpha of the White Raven Pack?” Alpha Stan walked over, he shot his hand towards me to shake. I reached over and shook his hands.

“Yes. I am.”

“You’re quite not like how I imagined.”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“From the way my brother described you as some kind of buff amazon woman.”

My lips cracked into a half hearted smile. “Apparently not.” I pulled away.

“It seems so. My name is Stan. The next Alpha of the Black Moon Pack.”

“My name is Tila.”

“Welcome to the Black Moon Pack.”

“Thank you.”

Adam walked over from behind me and stopped.

“Terrance. It’s good to see that you are doing well,” said Adam.

“You as well. I believed that we have given you a day for you to stay in our lands.” Terrance went stiff. His eyebrow furrowed as he wearily stare towards me.

“Yes, yes. I know. I get your pack laws. Plus we were done here.” Adam touched my shoulders and started to shuffle me towards the car. I didn’t resist and kept moving forward.

“Wait!” Stan called out, he raised his hands to stop me from going ahead.

“Yes?” I peered over my shoulder.

“Is it true that you were his mate?” He asked, curiosity riddled his face.

I shook my head. “No, that was Kimberly. I am her twin sister. Like I said, my name is Tila Li.”

A sharp gasp was heard behind Stan. I could tell that it came from Terance.

“I heard your sister was the black wolf.”

“What of it?” My voice was got low and threatening. “Are you one of those wolves that believe in the curse of the black wolf?”

Stan shook his head. “In all honesty, I believe that was just a story to scare the children as well as teach the people the lessons of our history.”

“I see…” I faced him, carefully examining his expression and body language. So far I didn’t find a single shred of hatred or disgust from his voice or body. Instead a wave of sadness hit me unexpectedly.

“My brother was a fool to believe in such a lie when he was so young. To reject his mate so easily. He made the mistake to mate with a complete bitch that didn’t even understand what the meaning of Luna entitles. She was the first one to break the bond in the first place.”  Stan spat with disgust. I could tell that he was going to be a good Alpha. “From that rude awakening, he learned the truth behind his idiocracy. And everyday he strived to change, even if it’s the small little things. He told me that the one thing that he regretted in his life was the rejection that he had done to his mate and what he did after that was change the outlook on the black wolf vigilantly. The words he stated was that not all black wolves are born evil, especially if the Moon Goddess had made the effort to give them a mate.”

I wasn’t sure how I should take this. For Ken to make the effort to change his pack’s mind wasn’t something simple. Going against the mind of a pack was literally swimming up against the current, it was that difficult. The chance of succeeding wasn’t simple and I didn’t even know if he even changed a single mind.

“He started with the children, for they were the new generation that could change the future outlook of the pack. The older generations were a little bit more stubborn, but he eventually loosen them up to the idea. Still they were people who were against such thought like certain people.”

I knew instantly who he was talking about, but it didn’t bother me what they think. They were to engrossed with themselves to understand the bigger picture anyways. Plus it was just a waste of a time, especially people who didn’t wanted to listen.

“What would you do now that your brother is dead?”

“I will continue his work.”

“Why?” I asked surprised. Stan had no obligation to help change the way the people think, especially about Black Wolves.

“Because it’s his legacy that I want to keep alive. It is not only the black wolf that caused the war, but the people behind him that supported him that kept him pushing forward.”

“They will be a lot more opposition you know.”

“I know, but I don’t want another sad ending for people like my brother and your sister. They deserve a chance to love and not let such fear of the legend damper our senses. All our mated pair understand this thought, the pain of possibly losing one mate makes us realize how stupid such legends are.”

“It seems you have found your mate from the way you are speaking.”

“Yes, I found her three days later after my brother passed away. She is from the Silver Wolf Pack, a Omega, and I already love her as she is. I can’t see myself without her, so I understand just a fraction of what my brother had gone through.”

I wasn’t sure what else to say.

“By the way do you know what happened to your sister?”

“She has passed on the same day that her mate died.”

“Oh.” A deep furrow hit his brow. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s alright. Thank you for telling me all of this. I am sorry about what happened to your brother.” I sighed. “Thought I think it’s best that I leave.”

Stan nodded in understanding. He stepped back and turned around without saying goodbye. I quickly went towards the car as Adam drive away. Coming back here was something I planned on not doing for a very very long time.

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