Howling Chapter 16


Chapter 16

All of us were on edge. We skimmed around to our left and right, waiting for any Rogues to come popping out any second. There were a couple of times, when the rustle of the leaves or something breaking caused us all to sprint even faster. Right now I didn’t want to fight and instead I wanted to get to the safety of the ship.

Ray had Samantha in his arm, while the others ran forward at their top speed. We didn’t want to stay any longer than necessary, especially now when we’re running away for our lives. Being surrounded on all sides wasn’t what I wanted to be right now.

“This way!” Adam cut the corner, we jumped over a half broken down wooden fence.

My foot got caught on a broken wooden fence, I slammed my foot down to catch myself and sprung forward. The strong scent of Rogue Werewolves were all around us. A couple of times, I had to hold in my breathe so the sewer like smell wouldn’t slam me so hard to the point where I would choke.

“Damn Rogues. What the hell do they eat to smell so bad? I mean seriously? Why can’t they wash themselves more often than walking around smelling like shit?” Ted growled under his breathe with annoyance.

“They don’t always smell that bad. I was a rogue, but I did fine in keeping my scent clean.” Ray spoke. “It’s only the one that has gone to far left that smells this bad.”

“You’ve been a Rogue?” Ted was surprised at what Ray had said.

“Yea. For about two years until Tila came along. It changed when she took us into the pack.”

“Two years?! Wow, kid that’s quite impressive.”

“I’m not a kid.” Ray frowned.

Ted barked out laughing. “In my eyes you are. The amount of years I lived probably doesn’t compare to you. You’re what in your twenties?”

“Twenty-one. If you want to talk about age, the blood sucker over there far outclass any one of us.” Ray pointed towards Adam.

Adam didn’t mind at all at what Ray had said and instead seem to pride himself in his age as if it was a badge of honor. “All of you guys are so young. I remember the day when I was around your age about a thousand years ago. I have enjoy the splendors of life during those time.” He reminiscing over his past.

Ken snorted. “Should I call you grandfather than?”

With a glare, Adam gave Ken a disapproving look. “No. Even though I haven’t aged in my body, my mind is still young and fresh. For our vampire kind in human years I would only be twenty-five years old. For our kind ages slow. There have been Elders who have lived over ten thousand years or even longer, but majority of them are either in their mid stage sleep or died.”

Twenty-five in human years?! Seriously? Yes, he does look around that age, not only hearing from him that he’s about thousand years old gave me a shock when I heard it the first time.

“Bull.” Ray mouth open and closed like a fish.

“Why would I lie about my human age? Just to look younger? Hardly.” Adam rolled his eyes. “Originals age differently and the one that have been turned don’t age at all. Their life stopped at that moment in time.”

“So you’re saying that you’ll continue grow older?”

“We stopped at 30 and in our primes.” Adam smirked.

“That’s so not fair.” Jaz mumbled. “I wouldn’t mind looking young forever till I die.”

“Want to convert?” Adam show off his fang with a big grin on his face.

“Immortality is a curse. Living forever is hell on Earth.” Ken replied back towards Jaz. “Don’t make a stupid mistake and throw you life to convert. There hasn’t been any successful case of a werewolf turning into a Vampire.”

“I wouldn’t say there isn’t, you could say that WereVamp is a Werewolf turned Vampire and vice versa.”

“That’s a different whole different can of worms. Why are we even leisurely talking when we have Rogues chasing after us anyway?!” Ray was flabbergasted on how the mood between the two Alphas and Adam.

Even I was drawn in by their pace, making this whole escape feel less threatening, making the whole trip surreal. The amount of confidence that we could get out of this without dying was an Alpha trait. Even in the face of danger, we didn’t show our fear, instead we covered it with our confidence so our pack wouldn’t go into a panic.

“Mutt you have a lot to learn.” Adam chuckled.

We came at the end of the neighborhood and towards the Walmart parking lot. It was densely packed with cars, but everywhere we look not a single person was in view. It felt like we arrived in an apocalyptic setting and only our group was alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zombies start bursting out from the ground, and started groaning and grunting towards us to eat our flesh.

Any sounds that went off, we flinched towards it tensed and ready to fight. The only person out of the whole group was Adam himself that just casually jogged through the parking lot. He jumped up onto the car and ran on top of it. He then jumped onto another, followed by a diving roll.

I got the feeling that he was just having fun, in which case it was just like Adam to have fun in any kind of situation. Even if it was very dangerous, he seem to like making it into some kind of game. Maybe it’s because he been living for so long that the adrenaline from the fight and flight had twisted his mind. I don’t know, but it was kind of unnerving to see. Someone like him having fun in a deadly situation has a couple of screw loose or he’s just that powerful. I believe he’s both.

On the other hand, I didn’t waste energy like Adam and instead weaved through the densely packed cars.

“We’re almost there~” Adam enthusiastically stated. We all started to slow down into a light powerwalk. “Just past that building and we’ll be able to get on.”  He pointed towards the large building that stated Albert’s gunshop that reminded me of a giant Toys R Us store, but for Adults. Gun shops backup north are more controlled and harder to get with the extensive back ground checks to laws that seem to be passed in the city limits.

What I did notice living in the city was that the darker aspects of humans always get their guns through the local black markets, hidden away from the prying eyes. Gun control? I scoffed at that notion of human law. The mortality rate of death is a lot higher in  the city with stricter gun control than the states with more laxed rules.  

The bad guys and the magical creatures don’t play by the human rules and when I see the humans squabbling over such laws, it makes me laugh. Who are they joking? Protect the citizens? No. There are no rules in the street, and it’s all about surviving. There is no we or us, but only me for the human race and especially for the magical creatures we try to stick with our own kind. We only assimilate into the darkness, blending in as much as possible without causing trouble..

I have seen quite a lot of the dark side of humanity in the past six years more than the magical creatures that live in the city. 97% of crimes are done by the humans themselves while only a rare 3% are done by the magical race. Being in the spotlight isn’t something that we want to advertise for it would compromise our existence.  

Mugging, rape, drugs, theft, and many more that the people don’t see on the surface. When a girl screams out rape, nobody I mean nobody runs over to help her. The minds of the humans just walk by minding their own business for they fear to get hurt or push the problem to someone else. Every corner of the streets, drug dealers are posted selling drugs in conspicuous places. Prostitution is rampant on certain streets with the pimps selling out their chicks to customers in building.

Just thinking about the damages that humans causes gave me a whirling headache. Even though I was once human, I can’t help sometimes to be ashamed of my past kind.

“What are you thinking about so seriously?” Adam suddenly crept up next to me.

His words and his appearance next to me startled me. “Nothing.” I quickly stated.

“Come on, angel. What’s eating away at you?”

I bite my lower lips and shook my head. “It’s not important to the mission. It’s best that we get out of here fast.”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Just a couple blocks away and we’ll be safe.”

“Safe is a matter of opinion.”

“I’ll protect you.” He winked, giving me a cheerful disposition.

“I’m supposed to be doing the protecting. Mr. Adam Julius Everston.”

“Its Adam.” He huffed, not liking how I sometimes call him by his full name.

“Okay, Adam.” I jabbed a couple of fingers. “How am I going to get paid if you die. So keep close to me so I don’t have to worry about you getting hurt.”

“I will stay with you forever.” He smirked.

“I’m sorry, what?” I gave him a funny look not catching everything he had just said.

“You have a job to do Miss Tila.” He beamed.

Jaz snickered behind me, and I twirled towards her in confusion. Why was she laughing at? Looking at Ray’s stone cold face that screamed with disbelief, I didn’t quite get what the big deal was. It was work and I expected him to bother me for a while longer for others jobs that he had in store for me.

“What?” I gave them back look that stated what they were so hung up about.

Ray was about to say something when Jaz elbowed him in his guts. Rose giggled and understood what Jaz was doing and instead patted her mate on his back to calm him down from lashing out towards Jaz.

“Nothing, Alpha.” Jaz gave a brilliant smile. “I’ll be counting on you Mr. Everston.”

“Please call me Adam.” Adam winked at her. I on the other hand was completely surprised that Adam would allow Jaz to call him by his first name. Majority of the people, he would tell them to call him either Dr. Everston or Mr. Everston, especially someone from the werewolves. Only Ted, Ken, and I usually call him Adam, but lately it seems he’s a bit more annoyed at Ken.

“Thank you.” She gracefully nodded, catching me off guard.

What the heck Jaz? I never seen her give him so much respect till today. Usually she would be quietly watching on the side not talking much to him. They got unusually close in that instant in my opinion, making me feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Awoooooo!” Multiple werewolves howled into the air, causing us to freeze. The sound was way too close for our comfort. Not even a couple seconds later, the howling abruptly stopped. A cold chilly air blew through the parking lot, a strong scent of Rogue wolves and another different scent caught my nose.

Street lights buzzed to life, while the sun finally started to completely disappear into the darkness. Low growls could be heard all around us, while we all stopped ready to fight. Thirty rogue werewolves that all turned into monsters stepped out from the darkness, circling us on all sides.

“How the heck did they find us so quickly?” Ray threateningly growled in a deep voice as he pushed Rose behind him. “This is madness I tell you. So many Rogues in one small town is that even normal?”

“No,” said Adam. “There shouldn’t even be a wolf pack in this town at all. Normally there is a Drill Pack down south three hour drive from here, but I’m quite sure that there pack haven’t been destroyed yet.”

“Yet? That’s reassuring.” Ray spoke. He placed Samantha down with Rose, he pulled up his arm in front of him into a boxing stance.

“A couple weeks back, there have been words going around that Alphas are being hunted down. So far five of them had died and their packs obliterated. Thought I wasn’t able to get in contact with the Drill Pack this morning. I wouldn’t be surprised that Drill Pack has been destroyed and these are the remaining that went rogue.”

“What?! Why haven’t you told us this information?” Ken was pissed. “That information would be useful and we wouldn’t have wasted our time coming here.”

“Even if you knew the information, we would’ve still came. Getting that amulet charged is a priority. It’s not wise to show the humans that there is a dragon living in Yellowstone National Park. Unless you want to expose us.”

“Well than someone in your group of circles told our enemies that we are here.”

“Are you sure it isn’t someone your pack?”

“I highly doubt it. Packs don’t usually turn traitor to our own kind, unless they go Rogue.”

“Didn’t you recently have one of your members split off from your group and went rogue?”

Ken was silent than shook his head. “He wouldn’t know any of this, so it wouldn’t have mattered.”

“You guys enough chit chatting and pay attention!” Ted shouted. His bulky body was tensed, ready to fight and change in a matter of seconds when the Rogues attacked. So far none of the rogues bolted forward to take any action towards any one of them.

“Well. Well. Well. If it isn’t Adam Everston.” A deep dark husky voice spoke through the dark. A broad shouldered man stepped out into the light. Ugly scars ran up and down half of his face, his grayish brown wavy hair covered part of the scars, while his beady eye stared towards Adam with interest. His back was straight, barely any muscle bulged out of his body, and instead a very dark aura and power spilled out of him.

“Denko Solarus. I am surprised that you would make a trip all the way out here yourself.”

“I was just taking a stroll when I heard you were in town, I had to come by and say hello.”

“Taking a stroll at this time of hour with rogue werewolves? Really?” Ray spoke at him in disbelief. “I would believe there are flying unicorns before an werewolf like yourself be associated with Rogues.”

“And who might this disrespectful pup be?”

“I’m no pup.” Spat Ray not liking how Denko was giving him a dirty look that could kill.

“From your uncontrollable rude outburst, you act like a pup in the first place when adults are talking.” He scolded at him as if he was a child.

Ray clucked his tongue, “Traito-”

“Ray! Enough!” I shouted in my Alpha tone, cutting him off before he could start any more trouble than we already had. We didn’t know the power of this werewolf in front of us, but from the look of it I could tell that he was also an Alpha.

Raz backed off and mumbled underneath his breath. Rose placed her hand on his shoulder to help him calm down.

“Well, I’m surprised that there is female alpha in our presence. That’s something we don’t see everyday.” Denko turned his head towards me in interest. “Why aren’t you in bed with a real Alpha and instead of playing pretend?”

I snarled. “If I were you I would take that back before my fist enters your mouth for that rude comment.”

“For a she wolf you have quite a tongue. I like that. Why don’t you come and join my pack and I can teach you what it’s like to be a real woman.”

Ken snarled viciously as he took a step forward to cover me from Denko’s prying eyes. His fingers flexed and cracked ready to use.

Oh hell no. DId he just? My hand became a fist, and I was about to spring forward to give that sexist bastard a piece of my mind. Even Seline was spitting in rage like a cat, ready to help me out in seconds if I needed. I literally pushed past Ken, and I was about to go into a full out dash when Adam held up his hand to stop me from tearing the guy’s throat out. He shot me a look and shook his head.

“Denko, you still have that wonderful way of riling up our blood without even trying. You do such a fabulous job at it that I wouldn’t be surprised if every magical community comes after your head. Anyways, why have you really come here? Someone like you needing a stroll with your pet  dogs behind you isn’t something you see everyday.”  

“Pet dogs?” Denko chuckled. “I guess you could say that.” He took a step forward.

“Why don’t you just stop right there.” Ken growled with an Alpha’s tone of voice.

“And what you’re going to try to kill me like that she wolf? Good luck with that, especially from the scent that you’re giving off is weak compared to that she-wolf. Out of all of you Alpha’s none of you compare to her strength, so why would I listen to any one of you? So she-wolf, why don’t you come with me. We would make a fabulous pup together and a strong one at that.”

“Okay, that’s it. This Asshole is going to get it.” I was pissed. The alpha in me didn’t tolerate the disrespect this douche bag of a Alpha.

“Alpha Tila. Keep your anger in check. He’s goading you. If you strike out by yourself you’re going to get mauled by every single rogues that you see around us.” Adam sternly spoke, but I could tell that he was heated as well.

“I’m trying but his disrespectful mouth won’t shut up for a second.”

“I understand, Tila, but this isn’t the right time to move.You have a mission to complete and that’s guarding Samantha.”

He’s right you know. Seline voice cut through me. I could feel her rage of bubbling emotions ready to erupt like a volcano.

Ugh. I hate it when Seline was the sound of reason when I so wanted to tear apart the enemy in front of me, but my priority was the safety of Samantha first than Adam next. Rushing out there right now would be counterproductive to the mission I was given and I wasn’t the type to fail anytime soon.

Fine, but get ready to help me out.

I will gladly help tear that wolf’s throat out. What does he think we are? Baby making machines? She huffed in outburst.

Apparently that’s how he sees us.

Well if he even dares put his nasty hands or any other bodily parts on us, I’ll rip it to shreds!

You and me both. These were the rare few times both Seline and I agreed on something.

“Now answer me Denko. Why are you really out here?” Adam asked.

Denko shrugged his shoulder and coyly smiled. “I’m here for the kid behind all of you.”

“I expected it as much, though I would expect your employer to come instead.”

“Who? Ogma? He’s busy, plus I’m all that’s needed to get this job done.”

“Wait, whose Ogma?” Jaz asked confused. Even I was surprised that Denko would suddenly give up his employer’s name so easily.

“A hybrid.” Ted growled.

“You don’t mean a werevamp do you?” She gasped in shock. “There hasn’t been one since 2011.”

“They are other living hybrids out there. Not many of them are still alive today. Ogma is considered one of the top three oldest hybrids that’s even older than me. I was hoping he wouldn’t notice us here, but it seems that wasn’t the case if Denko is here.”

“So this whole time a hybrid has been chasing after Samantha?” I was stunned. What was the chances? Right now it was pretty high up there. I should’ve known. I shouldn’t be so surprised at the amount of exceptionally crazy things to happen in the supernatural world. It was common knowledge that something always goes in the opposite direction when it comes to the supernatural aspect of life.

“Yes, and the one you don’t want to meet ever in your lifetime.”

“If he’s so dangerous, why the heck do you have me guarding Samantha? Shouldn’t someone stronger than me be guarding her instead?”

Adam shook his head. “Almost all of my clan members are turned and only a handful are originals vampires. The turned can’t move around in the daylight, meaning we need a different source of protection that not from our kind. That is where you come in.”


“Yes, you. You’re my first ever werewolf alliance in the history of Vampire and Werewolves. Without you, there wouldn’t be an allegiance that I could turn too. Ted and Ken is here out of debts, but you are a whole different case in itself.”

“You need to explain.”

“Not now, I’ll tell you when we get back on the ship.”

“You better.” I needed answers, but first we needed to get out of this sticky situation.

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