Howling Chapter 17


Chapter 17

Denko frowned when he saw us talking among ourselves. He cleared his throat to bring us back to him. “So is your little chit chat over?”

“Yes,” Adam rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you go continue to walk your dogs and let us go.” Adam spoke without a single care about Denko presence. He wasn’t intimidated by Denko at all.

“Absolutely not. Why would I do that?”

“Why wouldn’t you? I believe you don’t want to die correct?”

“I wouldn’t be the one dying today Adam.”

“That’s Dr. Everston to you.”

“Whatever.” Denko waved his hand not caring much. “Still, I would advise you to leave the dragon behind.”


“I have warned you.” Denko frowned at Adam’s words. He was getting impatient by the second by Adam’s words and attitude.

“No, you got it wrong mutt. I am warning you.” Before Adam finished his sentence, he struck. He plowed into Denko in a matter seconds, catching everyone off guard.

It became a free-for-all, all the rogues that were on standby jumped into the fight. Adam had his hands around Denko’s throat, lifting him up into the air choking him out. His eyes glowed dangerously red, his hair turned completely silver, while his hands turned into deadly claws. The Rogues sprinted and attacked at Adam.

Adam fluidly dodged all of their attack, keeping Denko up in the air choking. His hand scratched Adam’s hand with every effort he could muster, but his strength didn’t compare to Adam’s and instead waved around in midair like a rag doll.

Ted and Ken sprinted after and brawled their way into the Rogues. Their punches were quick and  vicious. Instead of turning into wolves themselves and going naked again, they stood fighting in their human form.

With both hands, Ted smashed the two werewolves into each other. A sickening thud resounded loudly in the air as both werewolves crumpled onto the ground dead. Ken was swift and quick with his attacks. He struck with power and precision, mowing through the werewolves a couple of them at a time.

“Stay with Samantha! Don’t let them get close!” I shouted. My side was still hurting from my broken rib, it was still healing in a rapid pace, but not fast enough where I could do to much of a strenuous activity.I still had the power and endurance to put up another fight.

“I’m on it!” Ray shouted. He put Samantha down, while Rose and Jaz fought back-to-back.

“Leave her to us! We’ll protect her with our life!” Jaz shouted. She twirled into a perfect round house kick in the temple followed by a series of punched and ended up with a vicious elbow strike. The werewolf didn’t even have a single chance for him to counter back and instead fell down dead.

Rose was a whole new beast in her own way. I never seen someone so small and petite so fast and vicious. Her hands raked into the werewolves face, gouging out the eyes. Her punches were rapid like a bazooka, causing massive damage into the torso. Blotches of blue and red was already showing after a few dozen hits in under ten seconds.

Out of nowhere, I saw her pull out multiple rods from her clothes and hook it up into a metal staff. She twirled it around and swung like Babe Ruth hitting an amazing home rome. For a moment there, the werewolf flew upward into an arch and slammed into a couple of cars. Alarms went off from the impact, the other werewolves stumbled backwards in complete surprise.

I on the other hand made a mental note not to piss off Rose period. The amount of strength that she had in that small body was ridiculous. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could butt head-to-head with an Alpha if she got pissed.

Two werewolves came running towards me from opposite angles. I knew that I couldn’t fight to at the same time. Instead I sprinted towards the closest one to my right, my feet dodge the oncoming slash and I punched into his side. With a loud yelp, the werewolf whirled around and growled. White foams formed in his lips as he show off his yellow teeth.

“Come on ugly. Is that the best that you can do?” I mocked. Throwing in another punch this time into his face, followed by a right hook that dazed him temporarily. With a stomp of my foot, I sent him stumbling backwards.

The second one came barreling towards me in full speed. He tackled me from behind, I stumbled forward, and with the momentum of his push, I used it to twirl to the right and grabbing a fist full of his mangy hair. His face was stuck in between my armpit unable to free himself. I clutched him in even tighter as he struggled to break away,  I yank him forward into a vicious knee strike. Bone-hit-bone and I knew mine did some serious damage from the loud crack that I heard following second after.

With a push, my hand boxed his face followed by a sweeping kick. My instincts were on overdrive. I allowed my body to move with the natural flow of my muscle memory that I have honed for the past six years. My legs raised up and stomped without a single thought into his temple.

The first one that was on the ground attacked once again. The blur of colors of grey and matted hair flew all around me, I knew that I couldn’t show any mercy to my enemies who were bent on killing me. My hands snaked into a jab pushing into the punch and pulling back. This temporarily stunned the werewolf for a moment, and I used this chance to follow it up with a left cross punch.

I was glad that my knuckles were well trained to the point where I could ignore the pain that came with the punch. My knuckles were torn in a couple of places, but so far it didn’t bother me a single bit. All that matter was to get Samantha to the ship as fast as possible without her being kidnapped.

“Take Samantha to the ship! I’ll follow behind!” I quickly shouted.

Three more werewolves started to surround them. Ray snapped up Samantha off the ground and threw her onto his shoulder. Jaz bulldozed her way through the first one, her technique was flawless giving her the edge she needed to push one back and the other rolling on the ground in pain.

Also with the combination of Rose who seem to be flying around like a ghost, her metal staff was swinging around her perfectly with her body. When she knocked with with a simple bo sweep and a downward strike, she moved onto another. The end of her staff literally ended up in one of the werewolf’s mouth and poke out the other end with blood. If I wasn’t so use to bloody fights, I would’ve have hurled a long time ago.

“Move! Move! Move!” I shouted, covering the three from behind.

We ran past Adam, who was playing around with Denko who was still up in the air. Their were dead bodies of werewolves literally all around him as if it was some kind of horror movie. He pulled back his hand and skewered Denko with one hit through the heart. Blood splurted out of Denko’s mouth, and drizzled down Adam’s hand.

Adam gave him a smug smile at Denko. “Pathetic.” He spoke, while he pulled backwards. More blood gushed out like a waterfall onto the ground, creating a small pond of red water.

Denko didn’t even have a chance to show off his skills, and died without even lifting a finger. Either Adam was that strong or he was just weak. I personally would like to think that he was just that strong to begin with. He casually threw him on the ground. The other werewolves that surrounded him took a step backward in fear.

Ken and Ted twirled their head towards us and noticed us bolting out of the area. They knocked out a couple more on the way and closely followed. Even Adam kept up with us with no problem at all.

The werewolves took chased and followed up with the bent to kill.

“Take the right. The river should be coming up!”

We took his direction and took a sharp right. The moment we took a right, I heard the trickling sound of water up ahead, growing louder and louder. Up ahead we saw the dock ahead where the ship was in place. The engine turned on loudly, ready to go any minute now.

“Quickly get on the ship!” Shouted Adam.

Ken and Ted jumped forward onto the moving ship. Rose and Jaz, hopped over and did a diving roll. Samantha was peeled off Ray’s shoulder, he threw her towards Jaz who caught her in midair. Ray twirled around on instinct, his fist flew towards an werewolf that jumped at him from behind.

“Stay down!” Ray snarled. He followed with a kick, pushing the werewolf into the water. With a loud splash, the werewolf struggled in the water and sunk into its depth.

Ray jumped in the ship right after, and I ran alongside the dock. My feet pounded into the ground, with a spurt of power, I jumped in the air and into the moving ship. Adam followed after as the ship pulled away from the dock.

The remaining werewolves either stopped at the edge or attempted to jump onto the ship. Rose was there ready to swing at any unlucky werewolves that even tried to get on. They were a couple of loud smacks, followed by a splash as Rose beaten them down in midair.

“Now I called that a home run.” Adam chuckled, he got onto his feet and straightened himself. He watched with amusement at Rose’s Babe Ruth swings and gave a wide grin.

“She’s my baby~” Ray said proudly towards her, looking at her as if she was some amazing jewel.

“Yes. Yes, we know mutt. You found someone compatible with you who can keep you in check.” Adam snickered while he smacked Ray’s back. “I hope you don’t get beaten in your sleep. She’s looks quite feisty.”

“I wouldn’t.” Ray snorted.

“If you say so mutt.”

The ship pulled away, moving further from the angry werewolves that were left behind. They howled in outrage. A loud sigh of relief escaped my throat as I watched of continue upwards the Mississippi River.




I knocked on his door, and entered into his office room that wasn’t to far away from the room I was sleeping in. On to my right, I saw a couch with a blanket and a pillow messily tossed together. His simple room was more of a dismal mess than the way he usually kept it: clean. Something must’ve been on his mind for him to be so chaotic that it actually could be seen outside in his own office.

I crossed my hands in front of me and waited for Adam to answer what was truly going on.

“Yes?” Adam looked up from his paper works.

“I came here to finish our conversation.”

Adam placed down his pen and folded his fingers in front of him. “What do you want to know.”


“That’s quite a broad subject.”

“Then start with why you rope me into your alliance? Why did you not pick anyone else? There so many werewolves out there that could be a perfect fit.”

Adam shook his head. “Do you know the history of vampires and werewolves, Tila?”

I thought it over. There wasn’t much information about vampires to begin with because in the Blood Moon Pack we never met a single one. It wasn’t until I arrived in the city did I find out the other existence of other magical creatures that I didn’t know much about.

“It seems like you don’t.”

“You’re right. I don’t. So explain.”

Adam took a deep breathe and let it out. “Since ancient times your kind and mine have always been in rival with each other. We love our human cattles while you guys hated them with a passion. An all out war between our two races had gone on for generation till we finally divided the lands between us. The vampires would stick to the cities, while the werewolves out in the country. This was our agreement the past two hundred years and still counting.”

“But why haven’t any one of you guys even thought to have a treaty? You had all this time till now.”

“That’s easier said than done. All the Alpha’s were either prideful to come with deals with terms or didn’t like the terms. Plus the age old hatred between the two species run deep in our blood, but you were different. An Alpha with curiosity, fresh new outlook on life,  and the willingness to cooperate. At first yes, it was more one sided leaning towards my kind, but eventually I knew that our friendship wouldn’t last long if it was all in our favor. Some tweaks here and there over the years to the point where it became what it is today.”

“I guess?”

“You don’t seem to understand the life changing history behind this.”

“Well, you know that most of my pack don’t like your kind and only tolerates you. I’m the only one who actually don’t really mind. When I pass on, the alliance could be broken you know.”

“True, but this alliance proves to the future generation that it is possible and can be done again.”

“What are you talking about you threatened my pack in the beginning so I had no choice.”

“You could’ve left anytime and I wouldn’t have stopped you. You and I are equals.  I wouldn’t dare put it any other way.”

His words were like a cold splash to my face. For him to say that was surprising in itself. This whole time I thought I was just being a guard dog, but Adam had a whole different perspective about me. Yes, he did rope me in, but I had a feeling that he knew about this magical war possibly happening since the beginning of it all.

“So you knew this was going to happen?”


I was left speechless. How far did Adam see into the future or was it even possible for him? “Since how far back were you planning this?”

“A hundred years. I have been watching Ogma movements for so long, I knew what he wanted, the birth of a Celestial Dragon to start the full out global war. A Celestial dragon are born every once thousand years, and D’rega was born a couple weeks ago. She’s still a child in this worlds term of view.”

“Two weeks old…wow.” I was flabbergasted. She didn’t even look ten years, but I should’ve known that monsters grow at a different rate.

“You had so many others to guard her you know.”

“I told you my kind can’t watch over her during the day, plus your kind does a better job in protecting and guarding. Not only that the first day I met you, I knew I had found the right one who could help me make the alliance possible. I saw in you loyalty, kindness, wisdom, self-drive, courage, bravery, aggression, and the best of it all the spark. A glow you only see in a few people. An inspiration and someone to follow towards hope.”

I felt embarrassed that he would so easily say those words without a hint of embarrassment. My cheeks flush red and I couldn’t help but be nervous at his heated gaze.

“Tila,” He got up and walked around his desk. Stopping in front of me, he brought up my chin to his face. “You are like me on how we think. We don’t only think for ourselves, we see and envision the future as a whole.”

“I’m a very selfish person Adam. How do you know I won’t turn my back?”

“You won’t. I have seen the decision that you made and the sacrifice that you have personally given up.”

“And what have I given up?” I squinted towards him not completely believing his words.

“Everything.” Adam’s words whispered in low key, giving me a sudden shiver down my back. “But you have gained something new in exchange.” His other hand snaked around my waist, pulling me into his body. I could smell a strong waft of his musky masculine body with a mix of his usual cologne that he always wear.

His whole body literally wrapped around me, making me feel small compared to him. I froze as my mind went blank from the sudden intrusion of space. This wasn’t the usual him, he was much softer as if I was some kind of precious jewel. I never felt such a warm hug from him before, it made me calm and strangely at peace. Almost as if I belong there in his arms, my breath started to settle as peace slowly wash over me. My hand slowly reached up, hugging him back.

“You are very beautiful Tila. Not only how you look, but your soul radiates a special glow that I have never seen before.”  He whispered as he snuggly bend his head into the crook of my neck. Inhaling deeply of my scent, he relaxed himself. For some reason I could feel that he was carrying the world by himself, and it was slowly eating him alive.  “Let me stay like this for a moment…please.”

I was awed that the word please actually came out from his usual prideful self. One could say that this was more soul shaking than the possible end of the world scenario. Adam wasn’t the type to ask nicely, especially using the word please. It went against his whole belief, and instead he demanded the people to work with him or get out of his way without even using a single word.

There wasn’t much words exchanged between us and instead peace and quiet was the solemn answer that he and I was looking for. Who knew that a simple hug could do wonders in relieving the built up stress from over the countless years. Everything just seem to wash away in a blink of an eye and instead I enjoyed his presence that seem to protect me.

Adam coughed, catching my attention. He pulled back away from me and cleared his throat. For a moment there I thought I saw his cheeks heat up into rosy red on his pale skin. With a sharp snap, he look away while taking a step backwards. His hand pulled through his black hair, his fingers trailed back down onto his clothes and straightened it out.

“Well then…that was a nice experience.”

I nodded without thinking.

One of his eyebrow went up in a questioningly look when he saw me nod. I realized what I had done and stopped. Crap. I must’ve been to engrossed in that hug to realize what I just done.

“What?” I shot him back a look, trying to cover up my mess.

“Nothing.” He raised up his hand, and pushed my black hair to my ears. “Thank you.”

“Uh…your welcome?”

Adam chuckled. “I shouldn’t keep you here too long…” Adam was a bit nervous as he twiddled with my hair with his fingers. He pulled back, giving me the space. For someone who domineering and powerful to see him on edge made me grin. It was quite amusing to see him nervous. “Unless you want to stay.”


“You look beat up and tired.” He quickly stated. “Why don’t you take a quick nap. I’ll wake you up in a couple of hours while I finish up my work. I’m sure that Ray and Jaz would do a fabulous job in protecting Samantha while you rest.” He pointed towards the sofa.

I thought it over for a moment. I didn’t realize how tired I was, almost to the point where I would probably fall asleep standing up. It didn’t hit me till now the amount of high stress situation that I had went through came crashing down on me. With a slight push, I might actually fall on the floor and just lay there and sleep. Walking back towards the bedroom seem way too far away, especially when I was so dead tired.

“I’ll take that offer.” I sluggishly made my way over towards the sofa that look more like a nest. Pulling back the tiger stripe blanket, I sat down. With each shoes being taken off made my arm feel like jello, and every movement made me even more tired than before. Finally with all my shoes off, I snuggled into the blanket and curled up into a ball.

The musky scent of a man swirled around me. I didn’t know how comfortable and soothing this scent could be to someone like me. It just never crossed my mind till now. My eyes became heavy, and the comfort of a familiar scent lulled me into comfort.

“Sweet dreams, my little angel.” Adam’s voice was soft as it trailed off into the distance. For the first time in my life, I fell into a deep and peaceful slumber.

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  2. Lantis

    She HAS TO get with Adam.
    I’ll be so upset if she chooses Ken.
    And it would be even more disappointing if neither is chosen at the end of the story!!!!
    Thanks for a great read!


    1. Reddu

      I’m expecting her to somehow split up with her “inner wolf”, which will become a real person/wolf. But before that happen, she will have some kind of huge fight with her inner wolf and making the split up. Making the “tale” true that told: black and white wolf fought against each other.


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