Valkyrie’s Lament



“Emperor!” She held up her broken sword in her hand. “Die!” She shouted with such force that her throat went hoarse. Blood covered her eyes making it difficult for her to see the black silhouette of a being that sent out overwhelming pressure.

With an heartbreaking laugh, he struck her down mercilessly. In her dying moment, she turned her head towards the blur of light, all Silver saw was red flaming hair of her idol flying past her with vengeance. The wings of freedom danced behind her idol like a torch of hope, but even still Silver could not move forward and instead her eyes slowly closed.

Silver’s life had rewind back to the beginning when the Game of Life and Death starts all over. She wakes up in a coffin, hits her head, blacks out, and once again wake up with pieces of old and new memories intact. The battle does not show any mercy to those that are weak, old, or the young. There is only one rule: Live or Die. This time Silver will make sure she pays back at the Emperor who have taken everything from her. Her love, her life, and her dream. But heaven seem to bless and curse her for she only remembers small bits and pieces of the future events to come.

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Book 1: Angel’s Descent


Part 1: Angel’s Falling

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Part 2: Gate #6

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Part 3: The Six Gates of Hell

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Part 4: Burn! Baby, Burn!

Chapter 84 Chapter 85 Chapter 86 Chapter 87 Chapter 88 Chapter 89

Book 2: Angel’s Suffering

Part 5:

Part 6:

Book 3: Angel’s Revenge

(Final Volume)