Ophidian Aspect


Ophidian Aspect

Author: Dovak


While going about his normal life, one day a giant ship appears towering over his town, and Drake dives into a new world created by the aliens who have taken a liking to the mythology and fantasy of earth’s stories.

Faced with the reality of choosing a new race suited to this deadly world, he embarks on a journey to discover his new abilities and tries to make his way through his transformed world.

Release Schedule
Two guaranteed chapters a month.

Fantasy, action, adventure

Warning contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing. Read at your own discretion.


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Character Concept Art

Drake – Draconian Form

Volume 1
Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 Part I Chapter 2 Part II Chapter 2 Part III Chapter 2 Part IIII Chapter 2 Part V

Chapter 2.5 *Bonus*

Chapter 3 Part I Chapter 3 Part II Chapter 3 Part III Chapter 3 Part IIII

Chapter 4 Part I Chapter 4 Part II Chapter 4 Part III Chapter 4 Part IV Chapter 4 Part V

Chapter 5 Part I Chapter 5 Part II Chapter 5 Part III Chapter 5 Part IV Chapter 5 Part V

Chapter 6 Part I Chapter 6 Part II Chapter 6 Part III Chapter 6 Part IV Chapter 6 Part V

Chapter 7 Part I Chapter 7 Part II Chapter 7 Part III Chapter 7 Part IV Chapter 7 Part V Chapter 7 Part VI

Chapter 8 Part I Chapter 8 Part II Chapter 8 Part III Chapter 8 Part IV Chapter 8 Part V