Hall of Fame

These are all people who took the time to help proofread the story. Some are real names and some are nicknames/false names.

Special Thanks to the Patreons!!!
Danielle, Molly, Frosty, Angel,  Megan, Jordan, Marcus

Black Moon Proofreaders
Daulton, Scipo419

Drezo Regalia Proofreaders
Special thanks to John Nest for allowing me to post my story on his website. Thank you.

Vaanouney, Aaron Frawley, Alecx, DizzySpark, Handibong, Noppes, Nooby Douche, Greg, Lord Serlman, Snow, Nooby Douche, Greg, Snow, Will, Greg, Lord Serlman, Joshua, Noppes, Daulton Ryan

Drezo Regalia V1-V2 Editor

Drezo Regalia: RE Proofreaders