Mind Linker Gluttony Picture

Yes! I finally got a Wacom Cintiq 13hd tablet. The screen feels a bit small, in which case its okay for now. Eventually, i'll get a bigger one when I actually have the money. I been trying it out for a day and I love it. The close up display as if I'm drawing on …

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Mind Linker Ch. 22

PATREON~Author's Note: Tried doing a Dragon Scale Armor. I'm not so good with suits. XD doodle drawn with pen. Chapter 22     Days passed as it became weeks and then into a couple of months. They weren’t many low level sightings of Demon activities as the higher ups hoped for. Timothy’s detection watch came up …

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Mind Linker Part II: Gluttony laughs at Sloth

Part II: Gluttony laughs at Sloth [Excerpts of Gluttony and Sloths conversation]     “So,” Sloth lips twitched in a frown. She look at him disgusted at the way he was just stuffing himself with food. “When are you going to give me what you promised.” Gluttony stopped, he tilted his head, and look up at …

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