Black Moon V2. Ch.2

I yawned and stretched on the wagon. I was once again back in my child-like body. Two large wagons followed behind us pulled by a couple of horses. A few townspeople came along with us. The winter days were cold. The year was ending, and today was the day that Phil, Don, and I would …

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Song of Creation- The Legacy -Artwork Seraphim.

Song of Creation: The Legacy Pen Sketch-This is a special group of Esqui Nuntis species. A unique Angelous race at the highest order. They are powerful, almost impossible to defeat. Six wings that have eyes like a peacock on almost every feather. The largest wings turn into a cloak wrapped around their body.

Black Moon Ch. 7 Goblin’s Everywhere!

"Get the men in position!" Duke Hon screamed out to the soldiers that were busily moving around into position. "Move! Move! Move!" The soldiers started to move in unison. They stomped, clattered, and marched forward.  Phil was next to his grandfather and watching everything play out before him. Soldiers were moving from one location to …

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