Random question of the day

What makes a good leader?

  1. The ability to make a quick decision and not go back on it. Wishy-washy decision is not a good leader quality. It tells everyone that you aren’t even sure about where you are going. How does your teammate know where you are headed if the leader doesn’t know where to go or what to do?

2. To stand your ground as you have a team you have to take care of. There will be countless obstacles and people, trying to sway your decision. Once made, don’t look back. If, but’s, or ands don’t feed the team.

3. Not everyone’s opinion matter. There is circular team’s opinion of making the inner workings better and there are the king’s and queen’s opinion. Get advice from the kings and queens that are up there and successful in what they do…. not people who aren’t there and don’t know where you are at, where you are going, what needs to be done, how to get there, who to protect, what product or service that needs to be made, etc. etc….They only make you more lost in where you need to go.

4. Your standards must be high on EVERYTHING. There are no ifs but, or, and ands. I don’t give a f**k but you can’t be a king or a queen and expect people to respect you when you are surrounded by people who doesn’t have the same standard as you. They will only drag you down to their level. Eagle’s fly the highest and alone, they only meet other eagles. Not crows and smaller birds.

This includes friends, finances, employees, business, and self. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS to have Boundaries and respect.

5. Good leader also listens to their “clan” and help solve the internal issue. if there are issues. SOLVE it NOW. Don’t wait. It stacks up over time and can blow up in your face.

6. Leaders are either the first one in and the last one out. They do the WORK. Getting that high of a position have a cost and the most work. If you can’t deal with the work and think that you can scape by and let others, do it for you, you’re not a leader but a boss. Leaders can delegate task, but that doesn’t mean that their task that they need to do is nonexistent. GET IT DONE.

7. A leader is always learning and growing. There should never be a time of not learning or growing. Everything is a question to find an answer, understand it, and apply it if it solves the problems that they have.

8. A leader believes in themselves first even when things are fearful. Leaders have a heavy burden to bear and must make constant decisions. The weight of those decision is not just them but the people around, with them, and the future they must come to face. Many times, I assure you, that there are more fearful things to overcome than to become complacent.

9. Leader needs to be able to separate their times wisely. Self, family, friends, and business needs it own time. There is only 24 hours in a day.

10. Leaders need to know themselves and their mind. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. Don’t poop on other people because you’re feeling like shit.

11. Their clear whys and the vision are solid. It’s the guiding star that pulls you up.

12. When the people around you become “family” as you have chosen the standard of your people. Protect them. Stand by them.

13. The leader looks for the Truth. There are three sides to the story. Person A, Person B, and the leader who put the stories together. The truth is in the middle and Truth don’t care about any of their feelings. A truth is a sword. There will be instances where empathy comes into play, but the leader must understand and differentiate between the two because whatever the Leader choose HAS Consequences either way. It is finding the best solutions, knowing that he or she can’t make ALL of them feel good. It doesn’t work that way. it chooses the best answer that benefits the whole.

Finally, Service. The bigger picture is not just about the person in position of the head. They see into the future and know what they must do. The dream and the vision aren’t the leaders anymore…. it’s actually, the group, the people who are with them and the people who are waiting for them. The future people are waiting for them to get to there. It’s not about the Leader anymore.

What do you guys think a good leader is?


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