Drezo Regalia V8 Prologue


Angel simmered. He didn’t like being in a forsaken forest in the middle of the night. The energy around the area was unnerving, making the end of his skin hair rise. He wasn’t a fan nor happy that he had to wait out in this wretched cold. 

A puff of cold air escaped his lips. 

“You’re here.” A low voice spoke up, making Angel snap his direction toward him. 

“What took you so long, Horus?” Angel furrowed.

A man wearing a black hood and black jeans. A scarf wrapped around his neck to hide his mouth.  

“I’m right on time. The master is waiting,” Horus growled.  

Angel paled. 

Quietly, Angel followed behind. 

They continued to trek through the forest floor as the leaves crunched underneath their feet. Not a single bird or animal could be heard in the middle of the night. 

“What does master want?” asked Angel. 

“I don’t know.”

“I thought you did as you were with the apostles?”

“Trying even to understand what the master wants is undeniably difficult.” Horus pushed aside a few branches. It snapped off and fell onto the floor. “All we can do is follow.” 

Eventually, they arrived at a log cabin covered in dead vines and broken wood. Reaching over, Horus twisted and pulled the door open. A blast of hot, muggy air blasted through and smashed into their face, warming them up instantly. 

Angel straightened up his back, taking a step in. The sharp contrast of cold and hot was uncomfortable, making him sweat. He thought he had come into a fiery desert as the temperature kept increasing. Finally, the uncomfortable got agonizing hot, and he started to peel off his green jacket. 

A dim light was lit up with candles. Seven people were present, standing in the middle. Whispering amongst each other as they stared at both Horus and Angel, that entered. 

“You have arrived.” Finally, one of the older men spoke. He wasn’t pleased that they were late. 

“We made it in time.” Horus quickly replied. 

“In time is an understatement. Our time is finite.” The older man growled. 

“My apologies, I had trouble with our enemies, and they have stalled some of my time.” Horus bowed his head. 

“Is it them?” The older man glowered. 

Horus nodded his head. 

“Blast them. Their existence is a pain.” 

“I agree. They work in the shadows, making it difficult to know who sent them.” 

“Find them out quickly. We don’t want our plans to be ruined.” 

“I will.” 

The older man then turned toward Angel. “How are the game and the academy doing?” 

“It’s going well; everyone is quickly adapting to their senses. Who knew that the Embryo gear would accelerate our plan.” Angel spoke. “We would have our first Spirit Walker in a few more months.”

“That’s better news than I thought. Who knew the Yami Hikari company would give us such a pleasant gift.” The old man chuckled.

“Sir, I thought they were our enemies?”

“They are. A wretched blot of existence in the grand scheme of things, but….” The old man tapped his crooked and wrinkly fingers in front of him with an ugly smile, “they have made something that can be used for our purpose. No technology is used only for one side; once made, it will always be a double edge sword. We will get rid of them. Our forces are in a position to stomp them out and take over their technologies completely.” 

“Already?” Angel was shocked to hear that.

“Who do you think our master is?”

Angel opened and closed his mouth. The older man was right. 

Suddenly, the lights flickered, becoming dimmer. Catching everyone’s attention, the middle of the room glowed eerily green. A ball of green fire burst into flames. A wash of energy flew around them in circles, creating six pairs of eyes and a wicked grin. Long elongated horns jutted upwards like a majestic crown as black smoke hovered around them, making it difficult to see anywhere else but the being that appeared. 

“Master.” All the people in the room went down to their knees. Their body quivered in fear as heavy pressure pushed them to the ground. Even if they wanted to stand up, they couldn’t.

“You’re all hearing.” The voice hissed lowly like a snake. A flicker of tongue slithered out. “The door to open is upon us. Have you prepared for the sacrifices?”

“Yes, master.” The older man spoke up. “Angel have been training the enlighten humans.” 

“How many?”

“Over five thousand and more.” 

“That is not enough!” The being roared, shaking the whole room.

Everyone cringed, some falling onto their butt, unable to get back into a kneel. 

“The dimensions are coming together; my time to come again is getting closer. But we have only a few chances, and I don’t want a single mistake!”

“We understand, master.” The older man croaked, swallowing hard, trying to appease him. “We will get more as quickly as possible.”

“Six thousand six hundred and sixty-six must be ready, or I can not cross over.” The being seethed, and smoke exploded from the creature’s nose, spilling into the ground. 

“We will get it done in six months. I assure you, master.” 

The being snorted. 

The screeching sound of nails raked against the stone floor, breaking it in half. Scaly claws reached out for a brief moment. One of the guardians squealed in terror as the claws grabbed ahold, bringing him into the black clouds. A sickening crunching of bones could be heard, twisting and breaking, screams of pain followed by the life force being sucked out of his body. His skin turned pale, dried up, and cracked, instantly turning into bones. The soul sucked out, entering the being mouth as he slurped it up. 

All eyes were doused in fear. They knew if they continued to anger the master, they would be next. 

The being smacked his lips. “As disgusting as ever. I need a purer soul; bring me one next time on the next full moon.” 

“Yes, sir!” The older man spoke out loud.

“Don’t disappoint me, or yours will be next.” The being turned his head toward a man in more simple clothing. He had black hair, black eyes, and delicate Asian features, but the being did not say anything but rest his gaze upon him. The being then turned away. 

The clouds dissipated, clearing out the room. The lights flickered back on, allowing everyone to see. 

Angel was holding his breath the whole time. He couldn’t ever get used to the oppressive presence of such a being every time they saw him. 

“You know your missions; we are short by at least a thousand.” The older man turned his gaze toward Angel.

“I’ll get it done.” 

“Good. I’ll have to send more people.” 

Angel nodded his head. 

The older man turned around, leaving the cabin.

A few more followed behind.

Horus reached out, grabbing the shoulder of the young Asian man.

“Kyle,” said Horus, which was in a whisper. 

Kyle stopped. He reached over, grabbing Horus’s hand and squeezing it hard to where Horus yelped in pain. “I rather you don’t say that name.” 

Horus pulled back, shaking his hand. “Why? It’s a pleasant name.” 

“I don’t go by that name anymore,” Kyle replied. 

“A name is a name, and the master is the owner of that name.” 

Kyle turned his back, walking out the door. 

“As testy as ever.” Horus chuckled. “Let’s go.”

They exited the doorway silently behind. 

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