Jones took a deep breath. He nervously rocked back and forth, wearing a black and white tuxedo. 

Everyone was outside on a beautiful summer day at the wedding reception. Crowds waited for the groom to walk in. 

Alexus and Crystal sat in the front row chairs with their hands intertwined. 

Not a moment later, a beautiful lady in white walked from the back, wearing an amazing handmade wedding dress. It was Kathy as she was beaming with excitement. 

“She looks beautiful,” Crystal stated with a smile. 

“Yes, she is,” Alexus replied as well. 

“I would have never thought they would have hit it off together.”

“You think so?”

Crystal shook her head. 

“Well, I’m glad that they are happy.” 

“Me, too.” 

Chill music played in the air as Kathy walked in. On her right was Simon, helping her walk down the aisle. They stopped together in front of the dais. 

A priest had staff in hand, smiling widely at the couple. 

“You better take good care of her,” Simon threaded through his teeth. 

“Don’t worry about it. We saved the world, remember?”

“Touche, but still.” 

Kathy elbowed Simon’s shoulder, “Stop acting like an annoying brother.” 

“What? I am.” 

Kathy rolled her eyes. 

The priest chuckled and cleared his throat. Simon stood back and left to go take his seat. It didn’t take long for the priest to go through the vows, and eventually, Both Jones and Kathy kissed passionately. 

Crystal blushed; she looked up at Alexus, squeezing his hand. 

Alexus squeezed back as his cat called JOnes. 

Jones pulled away, glaring at Alexus. 

With a shrug, Alexus smirked. 

The party continued throughout the afternoon, moving into the evening. Finally, crystal and Alexus sneaked away from the party for a brief moment to have alone time together. 

“What do you think Marcus is doing?” Crystal asked Alexus as they walked away and into the forest while taking a small stroll. 

“I think he’s doing great, managing the artifact and the ship.”

“Yeah, I think so too. It’s asham that he won’t be back.” 

“True, but he’s out there protecting us.” 

“Yea,” Crystal sighed deeply as she placed her head on his shoulder. 

Alexus silently walked together, taking slow steps. It has been over three months since Marcus left. The remaining demons were still around, but they were much more manageable to handle and wipe out. 

No more were they fearful of the demons proliferating and expanding, destroying and killing everything they saw. They hid in the shadows, away from prying as. They knew they couldn’t do as much damage anymore since all the Deadly Sins were gone and their powers had dramatically weakened. 

There was a sense of peace running through the world. They didn’t have to live in terror for the rest of their life. 

Still, the demons were hunted down, ensuring they wouldn’t blossom again to such uncomfortable levels that would wipe out humanity’s existence. 

They walked all the way to a cliff, where they watched the sunset. 

The air blew by as its peaceful winds tickled Alexus’ face. His whole body was at peace, casting out his gaze with a slight smile. 

“I have something I have to say.” Crystal spoke with a soft voice, and her cheeks turned slightly red. 

“Yes?” Alexus wondered what she had in mind. 

Crystal leaned over, whispering in his ears. 

His eyes brightened as a huge crooked smile plastered on his lips. He picked her up, twirling her in the air. 

They spun a few more times with laughter before Alexus put her down. 

“For how long?”

“Three months.” 

“Three months…When did you find out?”

“Last week, I wasn’t sure how to tell you.” 

“Well, I’m glad that you did,” Alexus replied. His heart was up in his throat, his hands slightly clammy. The future was bright. He had a family, friends, and a future he never thought he would ever have. A single tear dripped down his face, which he quickly wiped away. 

“We got this,” said Alexus with a slightly muffled voice. 

“Yes. Yes, we do.” Crystal leaned on his shoulder and smiled. Daisy appeared from behind, meowing as she called out to them for attention.

Yes!!!!!! The Last Chapter of this story is complete! Woot! Thank you all for reading the Series. It has been a rough journey, trying to complete all the stories I left open ended. It was not easy, but it was doable.

I have a very important announcement. Yami Hikari Entertainment has created their first Card game. Hangry Jackalopes. It is our first product that will go live on Kickstarter on 11.11.2022. This is something I never done before, it’s scary and terrifying at times, but I’m excited and jumping like jumping beans every time I walk this route.

Expect to see a Kickstarter update soon!

Finally, the next Series I will be aiming to finish is Drezo Regalia. Wow. That story is old and has been the basis of a secret dream I had for Yami Hikari Entertainment…and its slowly coming into reality. It might not be on the VR game level, but to me it is a steppingstone. If you would like to continue this journey with me, by all means, follow along. I will have many other stories, ideas, games, inspirations until the day I die.

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