ML V3 ch. 77

“Oh, please.” Pride rolled his eyes. “You were always envious of what I could do and bring to the table.” 

“No, you were a bane to society, putting everyone to death by your leadership. I have kept Seventh Sanctum together, away from death. We have lived a prosperous life without you.” 

“And, at that moment, you haven’t solved the problem.” Pride snorted. “To barely survive and allow the Deadly Sins to proliferate overtime had caused stress to the people; it wouldn’t have been another year before you would have been overrun. 

“What are you talking about? What kind of crazy statement are you spouting? We would have continued to live and prosper.” 

“Like rats, hiding away.” Pride smirk, “The other deadly sins were moving in; they knew your little group of people were there. We all knew.” 

“So, why didn’t you attack?”

“Why should we? We had all the time we needed; we were just waiting for the right time. The right host.” 

“That makes no sense. You all want to die?”

“You misunderstand us; we want to transcend into our new host. Unfortunately, an Ouroboros, and not all Ouroborous, are we able to merge with. If the wrong one, we would both have died. All of you hosts of the deadly Sins have some form of dark emotions that pertains to our main power. Without it, we would not have been able to merge so easily.” 

“Why are you doing this? What’s your end goal?”

“Did I not tell you to bring you all here.”


Pride turned his back and waved his hand before the monument. “To open the pandora’s box. Without the blood of the old previous creator’s Creation, we would not have been able to control such power.” 

It finally all made sense. They were all just tools for the Demons. 

“Wait, you mean the actual Pandora’s box with the worst evil in the box?”

“No, Its real name is called the box of Creation, being able to create and destroy planets. But, it also can bring to life your imagination.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“To end this world and many others. I will recreate new worlds in our image when all the worlds are 


“You’re playing god.” 

Pride chuckled. “And you men have not? To control the world with the facade of your so-called justices, playing God in your own ways.” 

“You’re a monster, and you should not exist.” 

“The words of an envious man, I wouldn’t be surprised what you are thinking in your head. I must threaten your existence, don’t I?”

“Pride, your arrogance makes you assume I think such a thought.” Gerald snarled. “I’m much more of a better man than to let such trivial thoughts define me.” 

“But you merged with Envy so well. If you did not have such darkness in your heart, you would not have been chosen. So, put that thought out the window and just accept reality.” Pride spoke confidently, “with that being said, now that we are all here. Let’s begin the reimagining of this world in our image.” 

“No,” Alexus spoke up. “This was not the reason why we came here.” 

“Ah, yes. Yes. To stop demons from taking over the world and to return to the old’s life.” Marcus spoke. He nodded his head in understanding. “That’s something that all you humans wish for. Even I still feel this host’s wish trickling in the back of my mind.” Marcus feigned pain and august, “but all you Ouroboros are the same. You all have the same feeling of regret and hope, made from the first actual beings that crashed into this world….If we only stopped them in time, all you humans would not exist.” 

“This is our home.” 

“A new home can be made,” Marcus replied, waving his hand. “There will be no pain, no more suffering, but the ability to rule the universe would be a dream come true. No more would there be any confusion of order and these so-called emotions. Instead, you would be treated equally, working together for the greater good.”

“You’re out of your mind,” Timothy spoke out loud. “That’s like saying we should all become hives. One king and everyone else a worker, and that’s all life equal to.” 

“What is wrong with that?” PRide asked. “Is that not such beauty? To work harmoniously for the family instead of constantly bickering, fighting, and causing wars between two beings? Unfortunately, humans have caused more destruction and evil in this world by the freedom of choice than ever before.”

“You have no right.” 

Pride shook his head, “I do. That is why this monument stands. For us to use and reset the universe in the image it should be.” 

“Try me.” Gerald was the first one to strike. In his hand was a heavy battle hammer. He screamed at the top of his lungs, shouting, “Die!”

Pride and Gerald clashed. 

Black energy statically erupted from both Gerald and Pride. 

“Quickly! Get the other Ouroboros out of here!” Alexus replied to the others. They needed to move the other dazed Ouroboros on the ground, staring out of harm’s way out of the distance. The longer they stood in the cave, the higher the possibility that they could all get injured.

Alexus made his way toward the first Ouroboros lying on the ground, completely knocked out. He shook him hard, trying to wake the Ouroboros up. 

“Wake up!” Alexus shook. 

Nobody answered; the Ouroboros that he was trying to wake were like sheets of flimsy paper, unable to move or do anything but sleep. 

“Damn it!” Jones cursed. “They’re all knocked out. How are we supposed to wake them up!”

“I got something,” Timothy replied; he headed straight towards the monument, where Gerald and Pride were fighting. 

Reaching out, Timothy’s hand touched the monument. 

The monument shimmered. 

Timothy shouted, “come onnnnn. This got to work!”

With a humm, the monument turned blue as its energy seeped into the Ouroboros that were knocked out or dazed like a zombie. 

“There we go!” Timothy’s fish pumped, but before he could do anything else, Pride’s fist smashed into Timothy’s side. He was flung across the ground as he skidded. 

The other Ouroborous was able to wake up without any problems. Many were confused, wondering what was going on. 

“I suggest you do not touch it.” But, Pride replied, “your use will be here.”

“Yo, what the hell,” said Jones. “You just knocked him out!”

Jones pulled out his Gatling gun and fired. 

Bullets flew through the air as it was aimed specifically at Pride. 

Pride dodged, barely missing. Fading in and out as the bullets bypassed him. In seconds, he reappeared in front of Jones, kicking him in the guts, throwing him back like a rag doll. 

“Are you alright?” Alexus asked, helping one of the Ouroborous off the ground. 

“Yea, I have been run over by a truck.” The Ouroborous started with a groan. 

“More like drugged, run over, and thrown across the floor,” Kathy said, rubbing her head. “Where are we?”

“We are at the monument that we were looking for.” Aurelius quickly spoke. 

“Really?” Kathy glanced up and gazed around. “Oh, wow. I had never seen that before. It’s alien tech, isn’t it.” 

“Yes, but no time to explain. Pride’s here.” Alexus went over to the next Ouroborous, ensuring they were okay. “You guys must get out of here and keep any demons outside from entering.” 

“Are you sure you don’t want us here?” Kathy asked. 

“I’m sure. You guys won’t be able to fight Pride.” 

“Pride….wait. Is that Marcus?”


“What? He’s Pride? How?”

“I don’t know, and it’s complicated.” Alexus was getting annoyed at answering all these questions. He wanted them outside where safety lay. “Ask questions later; go!”

“Okay, okay. Sheesh. You don’t have to yell.” Kathy clicked her tongue. 

The other Ouroborous heard what Alexus spoke one-by-one they listened to his words and followed Kathy outside. 

When every Ourooborous was out, Alexus joined in on the fight. 

Pride was dancing through the attacks that Crystal, Jones, Timothy, Simon, and Gerald were throwing at him. It was quite amazing to see how easily Pride was playing with them. 

“This is quite saddening.” Pride spoke, stopping for a moment. “To see this is how strong all of you guys have gotten. You don’t even have half the ability the previous holders would have had.” Pride started with a frown. “I thought it would have been better. Did we all choose wrong?”

“Wrong, my ass,” Timothy had gotten up and snuck his way behind Pride’s blindspot. “More like you’re just too weak.”

Pride’s head was smashed with Timothy’s right hook. This time, Pride was clobbered onto the ground as he ate dirt. 

“Gotcha, you bitch.” Timothy snarled. 

The air was heavy with silence as everyone stood still and watched.

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