ML V3 ch. 74

Alexus was strapping himself with gears they would need to travel towards the destination. The pulsating green light had waned, leaving them wondering what it was. Strapping themselves from top to bottom, getting ready to leave. 

With the last buckle in place, he had a backpack on his back and extra weapons that they might need. 

“I’m finished.” Alexus pulled his straps to tighten them. He glanced around to see if the others were ready as well. 

One-by-one, the others spoke. 

“I’m done here too,” Jones called out. 


“Yep,” Crystal replied. 

The voices counted out loud until everyone else was ready as well. 

One by one, they set themselves aside, saying they were ready to move forward to their next step. 

“Let’s get ready to jump,” Crystal spoke, waving her hand above her head. “We will jump from this side, glide, and make our way through the canyon. Everyone will fly spread out, so we don’t entangle each other.” 

“Roger,” Simon spoke.

The others agreed at the same time. 

Crystal was the first one to appear before the edge. She had her back against the fall. Her eyes locked onto Alexus for a brief moment. A glistening sparkle with a mischievous grin could be seen. She leaned back, falling off the cliff. 

Alexus reached out to stop her in alarm, but before he could. She had jumped off, turning in midair. 

With a flap, she opened up her side, catching the wind. She glided through the air.” 

“Well, the lady said go.” Simon chuckled. 

“Yes, she did.” Alexus’ heart was palpitating. He stood at the edge, looking down. It wasn’t easy to get over his fear, but he took that step and fell. 

It was a terrible free falling, where he felt his heart up in his throat, and his guts were tucked away up his chest. 

Alexus opened the glider from his arms and legs, allowing him to catch the wind, which jerked him up. Unfortunately, the wind smashed into his face, and he had to pull up his helmet to cover the harsh wind that wouldn’t stop berating him and making him blind. 

Eventually, the cover allowed him to see. 

It took a while for Alexus to get his mind situated, allowing him to take flight and get his grip on his surroundings. Then, a slight movement to the right started tucking him quickly away from where he needed to go. 

Realizing that Alexus was going the wrong way, he corrected himself, following behind Crystal. 

The others, Ouroborous, started to jump off the cliff, following quickly behind. Trails of flying Ouroborous could be seen in the sky, following closely behind. 

Alexus blinked a few times, getting his fear under control. He fought against many of the Deadly Sins and won. But, he wasn’t going to allow his fear of flight to stop him. 

Eventually, he could enjoy the flight in the sky, moving without too much effort as he looked like a starfish in the sky. 

The view in the air was nothing compared to when he was standing on the cliff’s edge. But, then, the high whistling sound of the wind was muffled. His gaze was sharpened as if he could see everything before him. It was as if he was in another world at another time in life, enjoying the flight of heavens that no man can touch so easily. 

“How is everyone?” Crystal’s voice spoke out through the comms. 

“We’re holding up great,” Jones replied. “Though this whole flight thing is fantastic. I didn’t think I would get to see such a view for a long time.”

“Agreed,” Simon replied. “It’s quite a breathtaking experience indeed.” 

“How much further do you think we need to be up in the air?” Kathy asked, “I know we just started, but I wasn’t quite sure how long the flight would take.” 

“An hour at minimum.” 

“That long?”


A heavy sigh cut across the comm. “Okay.” 

Once again, everyone was silent, paying close attention to the flight for the next hour. 

For the first thirty minutes, Alexus was completely focused on the flight, but it wasn’t until he could let it all go to fully enjoyed the glide through the sky. 

Finally, time seemed to stay still for Alexus; the world was silent in its own way as they were flying through the air. 

Quickly, an hour passed by. 

It didn’t take long for them to arrive. 

“We will be appearing at our destination in less than ten minutes-” Suddenly, Crystal was cut off. 

A blast of black energy shot up from the ground. 

Crystal had tumbled to the left at the last second, barely missing it. 

A few more shots were fired at them. 

“Enemy Fire!” Simon shouted, maneuvering left and right, trying not to get hit. 

Alexus’ heart quickened, and his dragon suit picked up high-level energy reading of demonic activities, shooting straight at them. 

Every time he felt a tingle on his body, she swerved out of the way, trying not to get caught up in the blast of barrages from the ground. 

Screams were heard. 

Some of the Ouroborous was hit and killed. They broke away, falling down into the river. 

“We need to get as close as possible and land!” Crystal said, “In one mile from now, there is a landing spot that we need to make!”

“I don’t know about this,” Timothy replied in a hurry. “That’s right in the middle of enemy fire!”

“We won’t be able to stop anywhere else.” But, crystal said, “the other spots to land will kill us on the spot!”

Alexus understood what she meant. The map pulled up on his helmet visor, showing him different locations. Each one had a big red X mark, telling him they were dangerous locations. Only the one that Crystal spoke of was clear for landing without them being heavily injured from the flight, but in hindsight, the number of demons on the ground was astronomical. The moment they landed, they were bound to fight. 

“We are arriving in….10….9….8…7….6….5….”

Alexus twirled, jolting him barely from a beam. 

A scream was heard from behind as another person was hit as they tumbled down. 


Alexus braced himself, following the safety procedures that appeared on his screen. Then, he moved into position, ready to fold his arm to land.”

“1” Crystal was the first to dive, her arms closed as she landed and fumbled. At that moment, the first swarm of demons came sprinting toward her. They were a four-legged beast with no eyes but a large nose and a giant four-legged body. Its two holes for its nose flared open and closed, sniffing toward. 

Alexus was next. 

Large open jaws greeted him. 

His hand quickly reached over, pulling out his sword. 

With one fluid stroke, he cut into the nearby demon that tried to take off his head. His leg jolted from the sudden landing, making his body shake. 

The glider retracted, enforcing itself as a few bites and swipes were taken effect against him. Finally, a thick chilly sound of metal scraping on metal was heard, bouncing off his suit. 

Alexus took this chance to strike. But, instead, his sword pierced through, cutting into the first demon he could reach and then moving on to the next, trying to clear a pathway for the others to land. 

He searched for Crystal, who was in the middle of the mess of demons trying to completely overtake her. 

Each stab, jab, or punch, didn’t allow him to get any closer. 

It wasn’t until he heard the sound of rifles going off from behind, pushing back the demons from their landing spot, that he allowed him to push toward Crystal.

“Crystal!” Alexus shouted, cutting off the arm of another demon on his right. “Crystal!”

“I’m here!” Crystal spoke, her breath was heavy, but she was still fighting and pushing through. 

Alexus followed her voice, pushing through. 

Simon was in the back, firing away at any demons that got too close. Jones could pull out a large flame thrower, which helped push back the demons coming straight at them. 

“Quickly, pull her back!”

“I am!” Alexus replied, dodging a narrow miss to his head. His sword swung up, cutting the arm off. 

“Everyone move together!” Simon shouted; the change of pace between the Ouroboros shifted, this time, working harmoniously together than their scattered burst of gunshots. Each fire killed one demon, allowing them to come together. Eventually, creating a circle of Ouroborous who had each other’s back as they slowly but surely moved forward, cutting through the thick mob. 

Alexus lunged as he saw Crystal’s shoulder. He reached out, yanking her out of the thick crowd of demons, ready to devour her on the spot.

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