ML V3 ch. 72

“Alexus,” The radio went off. “Alexus, are you there?” The voice of Gerald could be heard loudly, cutting through the field. 

Crystal marched over, grabbed the radio out of the box, and spoke, “Alexus is injured. I’m glad to hear your voice. Is everything alright over there?”

“Everything is clear. We were able to take down Envy.” 

“You did?!” Crystal exclaimed, causing everyone to look over. 

Alexus pushed himself off the ground to listen in on their conversations. 

Crystal glanced over towards Alexus, pointing a few times at the radio. 

“Who struck the last blow?” Crystal asked.

“I did.” 

“Oh.” Crystal’s eyes became bigger. Then, finally, she cleared her throat and spoke, “congratulations. That’s a huge thing.” 


“Is the other safe?”

“Yes, we have lost a portion of the people, but it’s manageable.” Then, Gerald said calmly, “I wanted to know how you guys did on your end.”

“We defeated Wrath.” 

“Good,” Gerald said with an uncaring voice, “I expect nothing less from you guys.”

“Though Alexus is injured.” 

“Is he?” Gerald contemplated. “That is something to be concerned about. What about you? Who was the one that took Wrath’s power?”

“I did.” Crystal explained. “It wasn’t an easy fight, we lost a large portion of our tech, but in the end, we were able to pull through.” 

“You did? I thought Simon would.” 

“He was also injured.” 

“No matter, you were able to obtain Wrath’s power.” Then, Gerald spoke, “What about the Timothy group?”

“We don’t know. We haven’t heard from them yet.” 

“I see. I’ll call them up shortly.” 

“Are you guys planning to go back to Seventh Sanctum?”

“Yes, it’s partially destroyed, but it’s still habitable. Now that we have an extra force of power here at Seventh Sanctum defending wouldn’t be an issue. Not only that, we only have Greed, Lust, and Pride to go after, which shouldn’t be a problem anymore.” 

“I hope so as well. Even though fighting against these Deadly Sins, it’s not something to think would be easy to take down.” 

“I am aware.” Gerald replied, “What’s your next plan?”

“We are thinking about checking around the area before we turn around.” 

“What do you mean?”

“We found some strange readings around Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.”

“How so?”

“Well, compared to other spots, this area has a high amount of demonic energy that isn’t found anywhere. We will be going to check it out as now we know that you guys are safe. We were planning to run back when we slayed Wrath, but now that isn’t needed.”

“That’s fine. Report to me when you find out what’s going on.”

“For sure, we might need help to explore that area.”

“Okay, I’ll get back to you on that.” 

“Is there anything else we should know about?” asked Crystal.

Gerald took a moment before he spoke. “Yes, I heard from Envy’s mouth that Marcus is alive.” 

“What?!” Crystal covered her mouth. “Wait, really?”

“Yes,” Gerald stated, “which is a weird thing. How does one of the Deadly Sin know his name.” 

“True, but we all fought against Gluttony and Sloth; they could have somehow talked about it?” Crystal threw out a suggestion. 

“I think not.” But, Gerald replied, “the way Envy talked about Marcus was as if they were in cahoots with each other. Too familiar for my taste.” 

Crystal shook her head, “that’s not possible. Marcus isn’t like that.” 

“We don’t know that. Nobody knows what’s truly on Marcus’ mind. He almost wiped what’s left of the team; it wasn’t until a year later were we back to the numbers that we have.”

“Marcus is not that type of person. He has always thought for the people. Never would he be working with demons.” 

“If you say so. I have kept Seventh Sanctum alive while he ran away to god knows where.” 

“Once again, he is not like that. You’re just glad he’s gone anyways to take over Seventh Sanctum, “Crystal boldly spoke. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you were behind it.” She snapped. 

“Watch your mouth, girl. I wouldn’t push the boundaries. Just because you have obtained Wrath’s power does not mean anything to me.” 

“Who said gaining Wrath power would mean anything to you?” Crystal snapped. “I believe-”

Simon was next to her and snatched it out of her hands.


Simon glared at her. He cleared his throat. “Gerald.” 

“Simon, it’s good to hear your voice.” 

“Likewise. Excuse Crystal for a moment, but there was something that I wanted to know.” 

“What would that be?”

“How do you know for sure that Marcus is working for them? Just because Envy had spoken, it doesn’t mean it’s proof. Demons are notorious liars.”

“That is the million dollar question, isn’t it.”

“Yes,” Simon dryly chuckled. “What did you find that made you believe in a demon’s lie?”

“Simple, the charm that he always carries in his pocket, the small blue color bell with the knot at the end. He’s the only one that has that, and Envy had it with him.” 

“That is quite proof.” 

“Isn’t it,” Gerald said with glee, “Enough with this useless chatter; I’ll check up on you guys 


“Roger that.” 

The radio went silent. 

Crystal burst out in annoyance. “Just because Envy had his charms doesn’t mean that Marcus is part of them!”

“I know.” 

“Then why did you so easily agree?”

“Because there will be no point to argue over something like that when the man is bent on believing in his story. We will need his help when the time comes, especially now that he has the power of the Deadly Sin.”

Crystal snorted. “I’d rather die than ask for his help.” 

Simon chuckled. “I concur; you have Alexus there. If you left this world, I think he would feel some kind of way.”

“He’s right,” Alexus spoke up. He had been listening to the conversation as he shook his head. 

“We will need his help one day, and getting on his bad side now isn’t the best.” 

“Well, we don’t need him.” 

“We might not, but we can’t cut all options yet.” 

Crystal pouted, crossing her hand. “Still, I hate him.” 

“I do too.” 

Once again, the radio buzzed with static. 

“Guys?” Timothy called out. 




“Simon! God, it’s good to hear your voice. Did you guys get Wrath?”

“We did, and assuming that we hear from you, it’s the same?”

“Absolutely! I swear that bastard was difficult to kill, but Jones came in with the clutch!” Timothy rambled excitedly. “We have another under our belt!”

“Fantastic, that’s definitely good news that we wanted to hear. Did you hear from Gerald?”

“No, not yet. What does he want?” Timothy’s voice went sour.

“They wanted to see if you guys finished your task and about Marcus.” 

“Did he know…what did he say about Marcus?”

“He thinks that Marcus is in cahoots with the deadly Sins.” 


“That’s what we all believe and say.” 

“Those bastards wanted Marcus out the moment they met. Creating such a wild story is stupid to think about. Let’s not mind, Jim. Jones and I will be heading in your direction and arriving at the place we agreed upon in a few days.” 

“Great, that’s definitely good to hear.”

“Oh, and one last thing, who got Wrath’s power?”


“No way, she did? Congrats!” 

“I’m glad for her as well. We’ll see you guys at the place in a few days.” 


The radio hung up, leaving the group in silence. 

“Well, we must go where we said we would be.” Simon smiled, “Everything is definitely 

looking brighter than before.”

 Alexus couldn’t help but agree as well.

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