v3 ch. 68

“We’re going to divide ourselves into two teams,” Alexus spoke, 

Crystal was focused deeply on a few projects as she hammered away at her creations. They were small drones the size of a laptop. 

“Who with who?” Lara asked. 

“Lara and Crystal, you guys will be our backup, while Simon and I will go as another team set.”

“Okay, I’ll have all the drones ready to take care of the swarms of mobs. I brought over a good thousand of them to assist us with it.” 

“Holy, when did you make so many?” Lara asked, surprised. 

“For the past year, I have been creating a few a day for a mass scale invasion and demon control. After Marcus disappeared, I knew we wouldn’t have a good standing in Seventh Sanctum. Plus, not sending us an Ouroboros for backup was the nail to the coffin.” Crystal replied. “So, to compensate for our loss, I had to create a drone that could back us up.”

“That’s really impressive.” Simon spoke, “I am assuming that Timothy has this with him as well?”

“Yea, we both had to mass produce and test it together. We never really shared with Gerald how many we were able to create. We didn’t want to be burdened by the extras we would expect them to ask, which I assure you they did.” Crystal shook her head as she put together two pieces of metal. “Timothy took his drones with him, but he got better support as planned out with Gerald, which is why I took two-thirds of what we created.”

“Gerald didn’t really give a rat’s ass about supporting us,” Lara said, “still, he did try to stop us.” 

“He did.” Alexus said, “That’s neither there nor here.”

“I hope the civilians are safe,” said Lara.

“I believe he will keep them safe. He is all about safety,” Alexus pointed out. “Him running away would be number one then going out to fight the demons unless it’s in his favor.”

“I agree; he’s that type. Might take a full month to make a move, but he does keep the base safe from demons.”




The ground shook heavily, making everyone bolt up from surprise. It was midday as everyone appeared, getting ready for a major fight. The tree shook, and trailers shook. Then, a burst of 

Alarm from a few cars went off, alarming everyone. 

“Sccccccrrreeeeeccch!” A powerful, deadly voice echoed through the suburbs. 

Crystal reached over, using her body to cover the table so the machines wouldn’t fall over. 

A burst of birds escaped out from the trees, flying away in a frenzy. 

Alexus was in the middle of an adjustment with Crystal when they all heard the monstrous scream. 




Landmines went off, shaking the very ground. 

Alexus stumbled, catching himself on the edge of the table. 

“Everyone, get ready!” Alexus steadied himself as he picked up the rifle. 

Everyone bolted into action, taking different positions. 

Crystal pulled out her drones quickly, one by one; they buzzed awake as they floated up in the air. Lara went over to help pull out the drones from their boxes. Their resting size was the size of a small mouse until they were activated, which they expanded. 

Multiple black machines floated in the air as blinking blue lights like eyes fixated on the sound. 

Alexus and Simon ran toward the nearest hill, which they gazed over. 

“We got thousands coming from the east side.” But Simon said, “I don’t like where this is going. Do you think Crystal’s drones can hold those out?”

“Yes,” Alexus said confidently, “Those drones are a force to be reckoned with.” 

On cue, the drones buzzed past them, flying straight toward the swarm of demons. 

They were a variety of animalistic demons of different shapes and sizes. Most of them were in the shapes of tigers, alligators, and bears. Some towered as high as a tree, each completely black with golden lines that painted their bodies.

Then, from behind, hundreds of humanoid demons appeared like deadly smoke pouring into the very floor. Each of these humanoid demons had animal heads, and Egyptian markings, wearing barely anything but to cover their lower half. In their hands were bows, spears, and swords. Most of them had the head of a cobra, with a few alligator heads.

Not too far behind them was a human with a cobra head, strutting in proudly. Donned head to toe with gold armor and holding a golden staff. Although his body was completely muscled and sleek, there was a sense of power behind the demon that walked in. 

“Is that an ancient god?” Simon asked. 


“He reminds me of Apophis.”

“A snake god of chaos.” 

“I thought it would be a full snake.” 

“Well, I don’t know,” said Alexus. “That could be Wrath.” 

“I think it might be it.” 

The drones sped forward, and blue lasers shot through the air, taking down as many demons as 


Numerous demons fell onto the ground, dissipating into the smoke as they were culled. 

Alexus was ecstatic at how well these drones were. They swooped through, taking out a third of the army just as efficiently as a mid-tier Ouroborous. Still, a chunk of drones was brought down as the demons all targeted drones. 

Alexus watched. He felt an uncanny feeling boring him. His gaze swept through the field, resting on Wrath. 

They locked eyes. He knew instinctively that Wrath knew that they were there. 

Wrath raised up his snake staff as it glowed bloody red. Then, with a powerful downward strike, a blast of dark smoke burst out from it, swimming outwards. 

Black smoke appeared like waves, turning into snakes. 

It slithers through the mass mess of fighting between the drones and the demons, heading 

straight toward them. 

“He’s onto us.” Alexus hissed, raising his rifle. 

“I expect no less.” Simon rebutted, and a smirk appeared on his lips. “I got this.” 

Simon raised his rifle, and he fired. Multiple shots of energy beams flew through the air, each hitting a black snake squarely in the head. Then, the snake dissipated, leaving nothing behind. 

Every one of the snakes that Wrath had sent was annihilated. 

Wrath hissed. His black eyes glowed a hint of red. Once again, he raised his staff into the sky. Swirls of smoke and black magic encompassed the staff. 

Rumbles of thunder rolled across the sky as flashes of lightning struck from above. 

Alexus felt the end of his hair rising even in his suit. He gazed up at the monstrous energy that was forming above him. First, a sharp smell of rain was heavy in the air. Then, in the rolling clouds, a figure of a snake face was formed. 

Black streams of tornadoes were forming above them. The air around them became heavy as winds started to pick up.  

“Oh, shit.” Simon gaped. 

“Oh, shit is right,” Alexus replied. He didn’t think that Wrath could summon up a few tornadoes. 

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” Simon replied. “We’re going to need to fight head first into this.” 

“I agree,” said Alexus. 

Both bolted off the hill, sliding together as they continued to fire. 

Alexus hit the ground. First, he sprung up. Then, with a steady but quick aim, he fired. Hot 

steam of energy blew out from the chamber. Each shot hit true as the demons crumpled onto the ground. 

On the right, Alexus felt a sharp instinct to move. He ducked as a claw reached out to grab him by the neck. Alexus could move his body out of the demon’s grasp with an uncomfortable twist. An alligator’s head snapped from above, almost biting off his head. He fired a few rounds underneath the demon’s jaw. 

A burst of energy shot out through the skull, becoming a mist. 

Alexus continued his assault, pushing through the waves of monsters. The drones circled around Alexus and Simon, supporting them for any blindside attacks. 

They pushed forward, slowly but surely, as the first tornado was forming above them. 

“We need to break through!” Simon replied. 

The waves of monsters were being redirected toward them. 

The drones had become a large shield around them that looked like they were encapsulated in a 

black bubble. 

“I’m trying!” Alexus shouted, and both their backs were up against each other. “There is too 



A powerful laser blast shot through the crowd of demons, completely wiping them out. A trail of black charred the ground, leaving behind a streak of burnt ground. 

Alexus turned his head, looking over his shoulder. 

Crystal and Lara were up on the hills with a sniper rifle. 

Another round of energy was forming in Crystal’s rifle, charging up. She fired. 

A blast of energy shot through the air, cutting through another wave of demons without remorse. 

She fired one after another, cutting a pathway for them to clear.

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