V3 ch. 64

“There’s more to your right!” Alexus shouted. 

Another shot of gunfire went off, taking out the wolves chasing them. 

Alexus focused, pulling his gun out. Carefully, he positioned. His breath was steady, and he fired. One after another, the shots from Crystal and himself went off into the distance. Each shot landed true, hitting every demon that was rushing towards them. 

The wind whip lashed onto his face, making him squint. 

A hum of energy filled Alexus’ gun. 

With a heavy jolt, the Jeep turned a sharp left, causing the trailer behind it to swerve and kick the Jeep out of balance. 

Another bear demon tried to ram the Jeep into the side. 

Simon grabbed hold of both the wheels, trying to keep it under control. The Jeep whipped a few more times until finally, he could keep it under control. 

Alexus was thrown around, smacking into the side, causing him to lose his gun. Quickly, he was able to reorient himself. 

“Simon!!” Alexus shouted towards Simon; he had to readjust and get his

“Keep your pants on! I’m trying to keep it together!” Simon growled; he pressed downwards onto the gas. 

Alexus, once again, was able to pour energy into his gun. His finger clicked, and the energy shot out of the gun, sending it straight toward the bear demon. It smashed into the head, and the bullet shot through the head, causing the demon to fall to the ground. 

Crystal continued to shoot one after another. Hot steam followed as the shells fell continuously on the side. A few bounced off her suit as the hit followed after. 

“I’m out!” Crystal shouted. “I need back up.” 

“At this rate, we will be chased forever!” said Lara. “We need to get out of here fast, and these monsters are blasted!”

“I’m on it!” Crystal replied. Her dragon suit hissed and clunked. It whirled into action as the dragon suit started to shift and change. The colors on her dragon suit started to glow purple and blue. The rifle in her hand buzzed and screeched. Metal upon metal started to groan, bulking up. 

Blue electricity pulsated around the rifle, heading straight towards the end. The blue energy pulsed, becoming brighter. 

Crystal placed her new bulked-up rifle in hand and leaned forward. She pulled the trigger. 

A blast of blue energy shot out like a stream of energy, smashing into the very demon bear. 

The energy smashed into its body, causing the bear to blow up. Blue energy flickered, sending out shockwaves of pulses that were like lightning. Snaking through the trees and smashing into the other demons around it. 

From one after another, the blue lightning continued its rampage, taking out another after another. 

Alexus was ecstatic with what Crystal had created. Every time, she had something new to test out. Last time, it was some kind of plasma cutter, which didn’t do so well. 

Each lightning bolt that struck the demons vanquished it in one fell swoop. Finally, the rifle’s energy hummed, telling her the energy source was empty. With a hiss, the mag was ejected, falling onto the ground with a clatter. 

“Do you have any more of them that I can use?” Alexus asked. He couldn’t help but want to try it out himself. 

“None for weapons,” Crystal replied, putting in another magazine. 

“Damn, I was hoping that you would.” 

“You’ll like the new addition I have created for you,” Crystal winked.

“Really now, I’m looking forward to that.” 

Lara warned, “another wave, coming in hot!”

“On it,” Crystal said; she aimed and fired. 

Suddenly, from the sky, a bird demon swooped from above. 

Alexus didn’t have time to notice the demon bird until the last moment. 

“Alexus!” Crystal screamed as Alexus was lifted up into the sky. 

With quick hands, Alexus aimed upwards, shooting multiple shots into the very demon’s body. 

A mind-numbing screech resounded in the air, turning into smoke as Alexus was dropped from the sky. 

Tucking tight, he rolled, lessening his fall. Upon impact, his breath escaped from his lips, making him lose breath. 

“Turn around!” Crystal shouted; she aimed, firing off quick, multiple single shots. “Alexus is on the ground!”

“What?!” Simon slammed the breaks. The Jeep screeched, halting abruptly to a stop.

Crystal and Lara were jolted, losing stability. 

Alexus grunted, spitting dirt out of his mouth. He pushed off the ground, wiping his lips. With a squint, the dust around him was thick in the air. Making head to tail of his surroundings was difficult. 

A low guttural growl that made the ground vibrate. 

From the right, a demonic bear, three times the size of Alexus, bumbled out with claws outstretched. It’s jet black fur flared with smoke and hissed. A foul smell of death followed closely behind, making his nose crinkle. 

Firing, the bullets landed on the bear’s shoulders, chest, and leg, but it wasn’t strong enough to blow through. 

“Damn it, its coat’s thick.” Alexus quickly put away his gun, reaching down to pull out his sword. 

With a hum, the sword glowed blue on its metal edges. He could automatically feel his energy seeping into the blade. His eyes tracked the very gold lines that flowed through the air. 

Alexus moved, taking a step forward, his blade tracing the gold lines that he normally sees. 

Effortlessly, pieces of the bear demon broke apart as it thumped onto the ground dead. 

A low hiss followed as the demon’s body melted into the ground and disappeared. 

Simon pulled himself out of the Jeep, pushing the door as he bolted forward. With graceful swings, the rapier materialized from his belt and into his hand. His hand swished and buckled, cutting and stabbing any demons that appeared before him. Then, jumping, lunging, and moving like a swan, he went through the swarm without effort. 

Crystal switched magazines, which fired rapidly, taking out the small fires that tried to creep up behind them or around them. 

Until finally, there was no more. The dust settled.  

Instead, silence welcomed them with a sigh. 

“Did we kill them all?” Simon asked, searching around as he kept his gun in hand. 

“I hope so.” But, crystal said, “I’m completely out for large-scale attacks like that.” 

Alexus lowered his sword, his heart still palpitating from the excitement of the battle. “I think we got them all.” 

The silent surrounding was again welcomed with birds and insects chirping away, telling them that life was back around their surroundings. 

“All clear,” Lara spoke out loud as she tapped the handheld tablet that she had in her hand Alexus wondered where she had gotten in the time they were all fighting. 

“Good.” Alexus put away his sword. He went over towards Crystal, checking for any scratches. 

“I’m fine.” Crystal said; she shooed him. “Let’s make sure you’re okay. The number of bruises and broken bones completely outmatch mine.”

“I do not.” Alexus gasped, feigning pain from her words. 

“Uh-huh.” Crystal didn’t believe him. Gently, she walked around him, ensuring there weren’t any injuries until she was satisfied.

Alexus stood still, allowing her to check. He didn’t want his princess to be too worried. 

“Are we all good?”

“Yep, nothing.” 

“Good.” Alexus stood up straight. He started to reach out to pull Crystal in but was suddenly 

interrupted by Lara’s shout. 

“Guys,” said Lara loudly. She was clicking away heavily. “Guys! We have a big problem!”

“What is it?” Simon came over, looking over with concern. 

“I got Wrath on the radar!”

“How close?”

“Three days if it doesn’t rush over here.” 

“That’s earlier than expected,” Alexus replied. 

“Yea, five days too early,” said Lara. “If we don’t get set up to deal with this, we won’t be ready.” 

“What’s the latest spot that we can use?” Alexus asked. 

“We got a few miles to the left, where we can make

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