V3. ch. 63

Alexus and Timothy were the first to arrive at the two jeeps with a trailer connected to the back. They were putting things in as Jones, Simon, and Crystal came not too long after, dragging bags of stuff with them. 

Crystal stopped in front of Alexus, handing him a heavy box of items as he picked it up and placed it into the trunk. 

Alexus asked another strong Ouroboros to join them on the hunt. Laura, Ouroboros 934, was one of the top five in the Seventh Sanctum. She was a tall blonde lady with thick muscles and a pretty face. She stood in powerfully, coming over to help. She wasn’t a big fan of Gerald and came to help hunt down the deadly sins as their ideals were aligned. 

Laura brought another heavy box, putting it in the trailer as she leaned against the wall. She flicked her hair, looking up, noticing that Gerald was coming. 

“Head ups,” Laura spoke out loud, announcing Geralds coming.  

Gerald stormed over with heavy footsteps; he scowled. “Alexus.” 

Alexus stopped, placing his box down. He turned over and looked over his shoulder. 

“Why haven’t you told me that you were leaving.” 

Alexus stood up. “I already told Hillary that I would be leaving. If she hadn’t told you already, I suggest you figure out if you have competent people around you.”

“You should have come directly to me.” 

“Who said that?” Alexus asked, “I’m not here to make you feel better. I don’t care how powerful, strong, or much control you have over the Seventh Sanctum. This is my life, Gerald. Who I fight and where I go is up to me.” 

“This is the Seventh Sanctum.” 


“You have all these people to protect.” 

“I am.”

“How? Leaving here is not protecting anyone.” 

Alexus stepped forward, glaring. “I am. Killing a Deadly Sin is protecting the citizen.” 

Gerald opened and closed her mouth, unable to say anything else. 

“With that being said, go play soldier. I told you where we will go and what I will do.”

Alexus turned around as he continued to put the stuff away. The others didn’t speak with Gerald as they ignored him as well. 

Eventually, they could put away everything needed as they entered both jeeps. 

“Alexus,” Timothy called out while on the passenger side. “I’ll see you in two weeks.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Expect to see another win on our side.” 

“Absolutely.” Alexus waved his hand as they both started their car. Then, with a push of the pedal, they sped off, leaving Gerald behind, watching them with a scowling expression. 

A few of his lackeys came over. 

“I want you guys to tail them. Make sure one of you guys brings back the power of the deadly sin. Then, kill them if you have to, if need be.” 

The lackeys shook their heads as they quietly disappeared, revving their own trucks as they sped off into the distance behind. 

Alexus was relaxed, steering the Jeep without many problems as he enjoyed the air blowing past him. It felt like ages since he felt free, away from prying eyes and the stifling restrictions that Gerald had placed on them. 

Even though they were going after a deadly sin, he didn’t feel completely overwhelmed or afraid. Instead, he was inspired to take down another Deadly Sin even though they were a cost of death or serious injury. There was more at stake than living such a life inside Seventh Sanctum. 

“Alexus.” Sitting on the passenger side, Crystal spoke up, “What do you think of Gerald’s reaction?”

“I think he needs to get his own self under control. His power-tripping mentality isn’t going to help any of us in the long run. It already has become a complete dictatorship inside the Seventh Sanctum, so it is best not to be too involved and get these monsters under control. 

“We did take all the best weapons with us.” Simon chuckled, leaning forward with a grin. “We packed enough for us for a month to survive out here before we have to go back and grab more. 

All the necessary essentials are with us as well.” 

“Do you think Timothy will be able to handle Greed?” Crystal asked with a bit of concern.” 

“Yes,” said Alexus. “He’s not only a tech geek anymore.” Alexus chuckled, “The amount of firepower and upgrades he has done on himself is astronomical, plus he has been training alone at night to get better control of his newfound power with Jones.”

“Really? I did not know that.” Crystal sat back, thinking about what she had just heard. 

“I haven’t either until I stumbled upon him late at night one day,” said Alexus, taking a moment to pause. “He was trying to punch through some thick sheets of metal. That night, I couldn’t sleep, thinking over a few things when I came upon him. From there, we started to train together, tweaking and training to get ourselves better and stronger than before. But, there was something about him I couldn’t quite put my fingers on as he seemed like he was bent on some kind of mission that I didn’t see.” 

“Which we have learned now.” Crystal said. “You seem to trust him more.” 

“How could I not? Even though he can be an asshole sometimes and a jerk, it does not mean he’s not trying his best to improve himself. Since Marcus left, his growth has exploded to the point where he takes care of most or all of the demons himself.” 

“That could be dangerous, though.” 

“I agree, which is why Jones is with him.” Alexus was glad that Jones and Timothy’s bond had grown more over time. There was a sense of campership between the two; even though their dynamic can act like cats and dogs, there was a deep bond of respect that they could work together hand-in-hand.

“I noticed that as well,” Simon replied. “In the short period I was here, I noticed the dynamic between the two isn’t as hostile as before. Marcus leaving had created a huge hole between you guys that needed to be filled in.” 

Alexus was quiet, thinking about how to answer back. “They will succeed. I believe in them.” 

“I hope you are right,” Simon replied. “I haven’t been around them enough to know how strong he is. Though I heard rumors that both of you are quite up there.” 

“I wouldn’t believe otherwise,” Alexus said with confidence. Of course, there was no other way to believe otherwise, as both had trained hard and long, trying to improve just a small percentage over time. “He will make it to where we promised.” 

“Good,” said Simon. “If not, my teammates with them will also help to make sure that they come back alive. 

The first day through the highway was chill and relaxing. No demons appeared to cause trouble as they sped through the highway to cut through Missouri. They found a secluded area in the fields, hidden away from any prying eyes of the demons that were present. 

They could go without trouble the next two days, stopping around for a moment near a riverbank, hidden away by the mountains. They didn’t hurry through. There were some instances of demons encroaching through the forest, keeping the demons away from the trailer. 

Alexus took turns with Simon and Crystal driving through the forest, watching and making sure the demons wouldn’t jump them. 

They set up a special border that allowed them to keep the demons at bay at night, and they could shoot at the demons from afar during the day. 

“Guys, we got another demon coming from the right. 50 clicks behind us.” Lara spoke; she watched diligently through the laptop, keeping track of anything that was a problem for them. 

“I got this.” Crystal said. She got up from bed, heading towards the back. Pushing open the lid, where her rifle was stashed. Picking it up, she headed up, where she could place her rifle down. Adjusting herself, she looked through her scope.

With a click, the bullet shot out through the air, hitting the wolf demon squarely in the head. 

Instantly, it fell down dead. 

“One down,” Crystal announced. 

She headed straight towards the next, scoping around and shot. 

Another fell with a thump as it fell over dead. 

“We got a large demon incoming!” Crystal shouted, alarming the others of the danger to come. 

Alexus turned around, popping his head out of the Jeep. In the distance, he saw a giant bear demon bumbling through the forest.

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