v3 ch. 61

Alexus and Crystal arrived in front of the door. He reached out, knocking on it. 

“Come in,” Gerald called out. 

With a quick rattle of the door, Alexus pushed it open. 

Gerald was hunched over, looking through a pile of papers, smoking a thick cigar. The room was heavy with smoke. 

Alexus felt his chest become heavy as he coughed a few times. Waving his hand in front of him, he tried to push the smokey air out of his lungs, but it wasn’t helping. 

Gerald looked up. “You’re here.” He placed his cigar down. “I was searching for you.” 

Alexus stopped in front of Gerald, observing Gerald. There was always a simple habit that Gerald would do that would tell him that he was going to start to talk about something that he didn’t like. 

Gerald crossed his hand in front of him, leaning backward on his chair. “I need you and Timothy to go out in the field to bring back materials from one of the factories.”

“Why?” Alexus spoke quickly. “You have people who can take on difficult missions.” 

“They are out on another.” 

“Then you are taking too much that we can handle.” 

“What are you talking about? You are part of the Seventh Sanctum.” 

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean work me to the bones. None of these were of any significant use for the past five missions.” 

Gerald’s eyes squinted, looking at him with a scowl. “What I have been doing these months is keeping the Ouroboros alive. As a result, we have finally reached the number of five hundred, giving us a much-needed advantage.” 

“Yes, but we also did not destroy another Deadly Sin. How long do we have to live in fear underground? If we could come out and stay alive when we have a time when the deadly sin arrives, we have a fighting chance.” 

“No, we would be inviting trouble. Have you forgotten what had happened to the old SEventh Sanctum? We were overrun by both Deadly Sins, causing a disaster class event. Do you want to repeat that mistake?”

Gerald snorted. “That won’t happen here.” 

Alexus didn’t believe it. He knew from his gut instinct that this wasn’t the case. 

“I don’t care what you have to say. I want you out there clearing that new warehouse that we found. We need all the supplies in that area.” 

“No,” Alexus spoke up with defiance. “He was getting tired of Geralds’s command. There weren’t any benefits to him and his group; they were constantly thrown under the bus, getting the butt end of things. “Find someone else.” 

Alexus turned around, leaving with Crystal. 

“You’re going to regret this!”

“I’m sure I’m not.” 

“We’re going to cut off all the supplies!”

“Sure,” Alexus shrugged, which baffled Alexus’s reply. He left no other words from Gerald, 

standing there in silence. 

They continued to walk out. 

“I’m glad you took a stand, but do you think that was a good idea?”

“Yes, even you said that I was being dormant.” 

“Well, I did; it’s quite a sudden change. “I wasn’t expecting it, that’s all.”

Alexus agreed; this swell of emotions came into her with fresh air. He was glad that he was out of the group. 

“Hey, isn’t that Simon?” Crystal said with pep to her voice. She looked over, pulling away from him. “It is!” Her power walked over. 

“Crystal?” Simon turned his attention to her. His beard grew out of his face as his long hair was pulled back into a ponytail. “You were here!” He ran over and picked her up and hugged her. 

Crystal laughed, glad to see that Simon was here. She pulled away from him, looking at him. 

“You have grown a beard.” 

“You like it?” Simon pushed his chest out. 

“It’s not bad.” 


“I’m glad to see you doing well. Are the others with you?”


“Your team?”

“Yes, they are. We got everyone still with me to this day; we went east after the destruction of the old SEventh Sanctum and were picked up by the locals. For months, we have been traveling across the country, fighting off demons from the residents. Our group started to grow as other Ouroboros born in states appeared left and right in our group.” Simon said, “we were able to grow to about fifty Ouroboros, which helped us fight against the demons that have been getting stronger.” 

“You noticed too?” Crystal asked. 

“Yes,” said Simmon. “We all have been noticing it. We got words that words are going around that a deadly sin is moving around. Especially that a deadly sin had been killed.” 

“That’s true,” Alexus replied. “There wasn’t just one, but two that have been killed the past year.” 

“What, you serious?” Simon asked in disbelief. “I thought it was just a rumor.” 

“It isn’t; there have been some changes after that.”: 

“What do you mean?” 

“We have been able to harvest their power and use it against them.” 

Simon opened and closed his mouth in disbelief, then looked at Crystal. “It actually worked.”

Crystal nodded, telling him silently that Alexus wasn’t quite sure what was happening. 

“I knew you could figure it out.” A goofy smile appeared on Simon’s face. “I knew you could do it.” 

“Thanks, but I had Timothy help me as well. He figured out the major components that I was stumped in.” 

“I knew that squirt would do well.” Simon chuckled. “I’m glad it succeeded. What were the results?”

“Timothy was able to harvest Sloth’s core, while Alexus Gluttony.” 

Simon whistled, impressed. “Really, you must be packing quite a power in you.” He looked at Alexus. 

“I wouldn’t say it quite, but it’s manageable.” 

“Well, I could see why Gerald is quite set on watching over you.” 

Alexus shrugged. 

“He’s bent on keeping you and Timothy under control.” 

“I expected it.” 

“Why did you allow it?”

“Marcus. We needed help searching for him.” 

“What happened to him? Where did that bald-headed man go?”

“We don’t know. Did you see him outside during your travels?”

Simon thought it over for a moment; he then shook his head. “Nothing as of now; I’ll talk with my teammates to see if they have any words.” 


“Still, I’m surprised you guys have not taken out the other deadly sins by now.” 

“Well, three out of five is on the other side of the world; getting an airplane up and ready isn’t easy these days.”

“What about the other two?”

“There Have been some sightings of monsters moving around the ocean. We got a heads up that one of the deadly sins is coming up from the gulf ocean,” said Simon. “We have words that it’s heading up north.” 

“That’s a problem, but deadly sin, is it?”

“Greed.” Alexus replied, “there is another one coming from the west side as well.” 


“Yes, Wrath. He’s coming from the North, which is odd, but I think they are coming this way towards Seventh Sanctum.” 

“I am not surprised,” Alexus replied. “I felt we are attracting the demons the longer we stay here. Just like the past.” 

“You think so too?” Simon said, “I had a few thoughts like that as well.” 

“I wouldn’t be surprised.” 

“We should get ready for the oncoming battle. We might find Marcus there as well.” 

“If he is, that would be great, but our priority is to get rid of these monsters. If we could take one day, clear away all the deadly sins and live a normal life.” 

“I agree. What a life it would be.” 

Alexus could see the world without the deadly sin, and he too wished it upon everyone that they 

would live in such a state one day again.

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