v2 ch. 58

Alexus was bloodied, tired, and heavy. He wanted to lay down. Instead, blood dripped down his face, looking over towards Gluttony. Who was barely injured? 

Gluttony chuckled, throwing back his head. “Little bug, I can smell that you are close to death.”

Alexus didn’t say anything. He pushed himself up. 

Daisy was on the ground, bloodied and injured. His heart twisted, seeing that his companion was hurting badly. He knew that he needed to end this battle.

Not only that, he was the only one conscious of Gluttony. 

The leftover Krumpus watching the whole scene, patiently waited away from them as they prowled along the side. If he loses, everyone is going to die. Heavy with pressure. 

“Do you think you can beat me?” Gluttony grinned. His smile became wickedly wide that went up to his ear. 

“I don’t know why you get so arrogant with your words. Sloth had died stating the same thing.” Alexus chastised. 

Gluttony snorted, shaking his head. He pushed out his chest. “Sloth is the weakest amongst us. So she was bound to die.” 

“What great confidence in your teammate.” 

“We are not teams, just associates who help each other out.” 

Alexus scanned around, trying to find something that could replace his broken sword. The only thing he found was a metal rod sticking out from the ground. His hand gripped the hilt of his broken sword. 

“I have been waiting for this day to finally kill you.” Finally, Gluttony spoke, sitting back as he rubbed his stomach slowly. 

“Oh, yea?” Alexus slowly shifted his way over towards the metal rod. “What took you so long? It has been over a hundred years.” 

“I have my reasons.” 

“I bet you were stopped by Naz.” 

Gluttony went silent. His eyes became like slits as he jumped up and landed straight in front of Alexus. 

The ground trembled, and Alexus bumbled forward, catching himself. His hand reached over, grabbing the rod in his hand to help keep him up. 

“Have you met Naz?” Gluttony peered over, looking at Alexus. 

Alexus took a moment, the rod in his hand, trying to figure out ways to keep Gluttony distracted. Finally, he gripped the rod tightly, bringing it to his side. Then, silently, poured magic into the very rod. 

“I have.” 

“What did he say?”

“What does it matter to you what he says to me?” Alexus asked. He wondered why Gluttony was so caught up in Naz. 

“That is none of your business.” 

“Then it’s the same. It’s none of your business.” Alexus pulled back his hand and reached back. Then, with all his power, he twisted and threw the rod in his hand straight at Gluttony’s eyes. 

A wicked scrunch followed after. Black blood spewed out of Gluttony’s eyes as Alexus aimed true. 

Gluttony reeled back, his hand over his eyes. “Arghhhh! You vermin!”

Alexus bolted to the left, dodging Gluttony’s hand. 

“I will boil you, tear your skin off, and eat your piece. By. Piece!” Gluttony’s eyes glimmered red, his body becoming bigger and bigger. “You will become a part of my power!” 

A blast of energy surfaced out of Gluttony, spilling into the ground like smog. Alexus shivered, goosebumps going up against his arm and legs. There was something terribly wrong; his guts twisted and screamed into knots, telling him he needed to run away. It took every ounce of his mind to fight against this gut-wrenching feeling. 

“I’ll kill youuuuuuuuuuu!” Gluttony pulled out the rod from his eyes. He leaned back, filling his throat and stomach with green energy that continued to expand before his eyes. It became bigger and bigger to the point where Gluttony’s size tripled. 

The boils on Gluttony’s skin popped and sizzled. Small little round balls that looked like yo you fell onto the ground. Each one of the balls grew to the size of a dog. Sharp metal spikes appeared all around it as it whirled into life. 

With a metallic click, it whirled straight towards Alexus. 

In alarm, Alexus quickly dodged, rolled, and even jumped over a few. Then, they crashed into the walls, cars, and everything, causing destruction everywhere they touched. 

A burst of green goo spat up into the air from Gluttony. 

Alexus dodged another yoyo, heading straight into cover. 

The clouds turned deathly green, becoming sickly gray. Thunder rumbled as lightning flashed across the sky. Green rain drizzled downwards. Every droplet that touched the ground hissed as it burned through the floor. 

Alexus moved through the building, heading straight towards Timothy. He pulled him into the shelter, followed by Marcus. Both were lightly pelted with rain but were unscathed. Looking around, he searched for any other but found no one else outside in the rain that he could see. He hoped that the others were safe and sound. 

“You bug, my stomach is hungry.” Gluttony grunted, “Come out and let’s finish this fight. No more will you hide in that wretched box that kept you safe. Now, you die.” 

At Gluttony’s last words, Alexus was bashed with a sudden pain that slammed from the side. He was thrown out of the building as the yoyo smashed into him. He slid across the ground and was stopped violently by a pole in the way. 

Alexus groaned. His head was dizzy, and his muscles were crying out to him to stop. The poisonous rain pelted on his dragon skin. He looked down as the rain waters slid off his suit. A brown rust-colored streak ran off, barely eating away at his skin. Relieved that he wouldn’t get melted, he put a large portion of his worry aside. 

“There you are, rat.” Gluttony reached over, slamming his hand on top of him, squashing him into the ground. 

“Ugh!” Alexus shouted out in pain, unable to move. Gluttony’s fingers gripped Alexus tightly, bringing him up closer. His locked eyes. 

“I have been waiting for this day.” Gluttony spoke with reverence and pride. “To kill my name holder.” He shivered. 

Gluttony squeezed Alexus tighter. Alexus could feel his bones and muscles screaming even louder in pain. Any tighter, his bone would be broken.

“I will be powerful.” Gluttony leaned back, opening his mouth. A terrible stench of acid and rotting flesh was permuted out of his mouth. 

Alexus struggled, trying to get out of Gluttony’s grasp. Willing his power, he poured it into his muscles, but even if he tried. Gluttony’s grip far outstretched his own. 

“Goodbye.” Gluttony smacked his lips, dropping him down into Gluttony’s mouth. 

Alexus fell into the darkness of Gluttony’s stomach. Falling, falling, deeply into the dark endless abyss. 

Something in his mind stirred. It bubbled, churned, and twisted his heart. His eyes shifted colors to black. 

“You damn piece of meat!” Words blurted out of Alexus’s mouth, and dark energy that he had never felt before erupted from his chest. Black energy spewed out of his fingers, turning into a rope. He threw it upwards from where he came from as the rope hooked onto one of Gluttony’s teeth. 

Alexus grabbed hold; his body jerked as he slammed into Gluttony’s side. “You think you can destroy me?” Dark words spilled out of his lips. His mind started to fade as something was trying to overpower his will. 

“Damn pig. You’ll come with me.” 

Black energy glowed from Alexus’s hand, turning into black claws. He smashed his hand into the gooey flesh of Gluttony’s walls. Black tendrils spread out, racing across the lining. Alexus felt a pulse of energy compiling around his fingers. 

Something hard appeared in his hand: A black crystal the size of a small pendant. 

“What are you doing?!” Gluttony’s voice cried out in fear. His body shook, unable to pull Alexus out. “Stop! I said stop!”

Alexus didn’t hear him. The lull of the black crystal sparkled in his fingers. Its warm black pendant called out to him, telling him to crush it. 

His fingers wrapped tightly around it as he crushed the very crystal, turning it into shards.

A wild screech rang through the whole area and bellowed out. Gluttony shrunk, shriveling up as Gluttony started to dissolve. 

“Noooooooooooooooooo-” Gluttony’s voice screeched, followed by a deadly silence.

The crystal in Alexus’ hand crunched. His dragon suit started to absorb it in one go. Disappearing into his suit. A jolt of energy spread across Alexus’s body, exhilarating him as if he was struck by lightning. The dragon suit groaned, clicked, and reshaped itself. His body became heavier as small spiky armor appeared from his back, protecting his spine and up to his neck. Claws on his feet and hands became weblike, and his helmet shifted shapes into more reptile-like features. 

Just as quickly as the jolt of energy came through his body, the energy disappeared, leaving him feeling hollow and empty. His body felt tired, his eyes sleepy; as his fingers let go, his body fell into the dark abyss that swallowed him whole. His eyes became heavy, and his heart slowed down as the world around him became silent. Then, closing his eyes, he blacked out.

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