Soul Reaper V2 ch. 51

Jones kicked and stomped, trying to get the spiders under control. His Gatling gun in his right hand was aimed at the oncoming spiders. Then, quickly, he summoned up another Gatling gun on the other side of his hand. 

“Dieeeeeeee!” Jones angrily screamed. 

Timothy bolted straight at Sloth. His speed was quick and fast, blazing up a blue fire with every step he took. He shot blue fires from his rifle as both he and Marcus were trading off blows. 

Sloth screeched as she threw back her head. 

Black blood oozed out of her body, seeping into the ground. It didn’t take long for it to cover half the room. Then, suddenly, from the ground up. Black spikes erupted out from the ground. 

“Argh!” Ouroboros shouted. 

Some were impaled, and others were heavily injured. Many dropped dead, mixing in with their own blood. 

It had become a forest of spikes around Sloth. 

Timothy jumped into the air, barely missing one of the spikes. Marcus, on the other hand, wasn’t lucky. The black spike impaled him on the shoulder, pinning him in the spot. His shoulders were bleeding heavily. He pulled back his fist, smashing the black spike into pieces as he pulled back. 

On the other hand, Gerald was pinned to the ground, unable to escape. He fired multiple bullets, trying to get it off but not succeeding. It took a few more tries for him to be able to free himself, barely missing another attack that left him with cuts and bruises. Then, with a hobble, he pulled back. 

The black blood wrapped itself around the dead, melting the dead into its blood as skeletal remains. 

Sloth hissed; her gaze was filled with hatred. 

“You!” Sloth gazes straight toward Alexus. 

Alexus took in a sharp intake when both of their eyes locked together. A cold shiver ran up and down his spine as he understood that he was the next target. 

With all the Ouroboros either dead, injured, or a handful of them still fighting against the spiders, barely anyone left. 

Sloths’ claws struck, pushing and stabbing away the other Ouroboros that tried to hold her back. 

“Get out of my way, pest!” Sloth swung, smashing her claws to the side, throwing an Ouroboros to the right. 

Sloth angrily came straight towards Alexus. Every step was quick, purposeful, and dangerous. An Ouroborous jumped out, shooting his gun, trying to stop her. 

One of her claws swooped in with a vicious snap, stabbing into the Ouroboros. He was impaled straight through the guts and was quickly brought over towards her body. She hovered in the air as her claws kept her off the ground. 

Bringing over the Ouroboros, Sloth crackled. She took a vicious bite out of his head as she chewed metal and flesh. Blood squirted; she threw the body to the side and continued her path straight towards Alexus. 

The building shook, ripping open a large opening. It brought in a small trickle of lights that cleared away parts of the air. Some spiders scattered away, trying not to touch the light that entered. Even SlothSloth, who glared at the sunlight with disdain, growled and clicked. Her eyes squinted as the sunlight kissed her pale skin. Small bubbles appeared on her lip, cheeks, and arms. It popped and sizzled, creating an ugly blister, even traveling down her back and legs. A foul rotten smell persuaded out from the blisters. 

Jones cut in front, aiming his Gatling guns with a roar. He brashly stood his ground, taking out the swarms of small spiders rushing along with SlothSloth. Even Crystal stood her ground. Multiple bolts of blue lights continued shooting out of her rifle, taking out chunks of spiders with it and leaving an open pathway. 

“You’re not going to get past me!” Jones shot, glaring at Sloth, that was getting closer and closer. 

Sloth took the hit without much difficulty, pushing forward slightly slower than before. 

“Alexus S!” Jones cried out. “I’m running out of energy!”

Alexus focused. He could almost feel the last drop of energy poured into the sword. His whole arm was becoming a lead, his body weak, and his vision was blurring. How much longer for the sword to completely devour his energy before it was ready?

“Almost, there…” said Alexus. Every second was ticking by, and every step felt as if time had slowed down. 

Sloth came closer and closer. Eventually, Sloth was above him, looking down at him with glee that her prize was before her. 

“You have nowhere to go,” Sloth spoke. 

Sloth swiped her claws, hitting both Jones and Crystal. They were pushed back. 

At that moment, Alexus felt everything go silent. The only thing that he could hear was his own heart palpitating. 

A mighty swarm of energy blared through the air, cutting the very air in half. Alexus pulled his sword in a flash, sending out a wave of blue energy that cut into the ground and straight towards Sloth. 

The ground rumbled, and bright blue light slammed into Sloth, causing the whole building to shake violently. More and more buildings started to crumble as the light expanded into the area, shining light where darkness scattered away in fear. Finally, Alexus’ legs gave out. His sword faintly glimmered, becoming dull. Dropping onto his feet, he used his sword to prop him up. 

The blue light burned through SlothSloth. Her skin bubbled and blistered, disfiguring her body. Chunks of her numerous spider legs were blown off, leaving nothing behind but the stumpy legs. 

A huge chunk from the side of her shoulder cut diagonally to her hip was a deep gash that spluttered out black blood. 

Sloth wavered, falling onto the ground. 

“You insects, I’m going to kill you.” She seethed. The fire in her eyes was still present. She struggled, trying to get to her feet. But she couldn’t; the wound was too deep. 

Timothy appeared right next to her. “Well, well, well.” He said with glee. “What do we have here?”

Sloth turned her beaten body up. Her breathing ragged. 

“Good night.” Timothy raised his gun. It flashed with power, shooting a beam of blue light straight into Sloth’sSloth’s head. 

Her head was blown off, leaving nothing but a headless creature. 

“Hell yes!” Timothy screamed at the top of his lungs. He dropped to his knees, throwing his fist into the air. 

Everyone who had seen the monumental event of Timothy taking the last stab brought a swell of pride. They shouted alongside him with a hoarse voice, whooping in the air at the death of a Deadly Sin. 

For the first time, a legendary monster is dead. 

Timothy threw back his head in excitement. Black tendrils swept out of the SlothSloth and poured into Timothy’s dragon suit. His body started to shift and change. The dragon suit became sleeker and heavier as the ground under his spider cracked. 

There was a sense of difference about Timothy that they could not name. His dragon suit shifted, and metallic patterns appeared, looking like eyes on his body. The suit helmet changed to a more insect-like shape with sharp triangular designs. 

“I can’t believe I lucked out!” Timothy yelled with a sense of joy. “I leveled up!” He danced. Even though he looked battered and bruised, he had a sense of life. 

“Anything different?” Jones asked, coming over enviously. 

“Nothing as far as I know,” Timothy stated, but I’m going to assume that this would be the best thing to happen to us.

“I hope so. Now, you have to carry the team.” 


“Are you up to be the first in?”

Timothy went silent for a moment, thinking it over. “We’ll see.” 

Alexus gritted his teeth. He pushed himself up from the ground. My legs shook, making it hard to stand up. He took a deep breath, taking one step at a time. He wanted to see and make sure Sloth was dead. 

Even the others who were injured wanted to know. The thought of a deadly sin dying was a wish they all wanted for a long time as they were a force that would annihilate cities so quickly. 

Alexus walked over to where the dead body of SLoth was. In the corner of his eyes, he saw a black crystal in the pile of shriveled up bones and skin. He reached over, picking it up. Then, with a curious expression, he picked it up. 

A hot flash of energy shot through his body and went straight into his skull. Blistering laughter of Sloth’s voice rang in his mind, shocking his core. He stumbled. 

You’re next…. Sloth’s voice whispered in his mind, disappearing into the abyss. 

“Are you okay?” Crystal came over, grabbing him before he fell. 

“Yea…thanks.” Alexus shook his head, wondering what had just happened. He gazed back at his hand but didn’t find the black crystal anymore. 

“Are you sure?” 

Alexus shook his head up and down.

“Let’s go take a seat.” 

Alexus wrapped his arm around Crystal as they hobbled over towards the wall, which he graciously accepted. Then, sliding down, he took a moment to rest as his eyes blinked a few times in heaviness.

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