Soul Reaper v2 ch. 50

Sloth sluggishly pulled herself up onto her knees. Her body waving around like a loose flag. 

“I’m tired.” Sloth stated; the ground started to tremble and shake. 

Alexus was shaken heavily, unable to catch his bearings. Finally, everyone fell flap on top of the pillow as its buoyancy made it challenging to stand. 

Raising her hand, neon green energy swirled up to her hand. Sloth tilted her head with a dead flop. 

“I’m tired,” Sloth’s voice was getting louder than before. It had a deep dark ring to it that would have made anyone tell that something was terribly wrong. 

“Why did you all wake me up?” A slit of two eyes formed on her head, showing off two black eyes with no pupils. 

Alexus unconsciously looked up and into her eyes. He felt drawn to her empty gaze that pulled him into the abyss. His heart sped up, sweat starting to drip down his face and body. The longer he stared, the more heavily uncomfortable he felt, and he didn’t know how to look away. 

“Wake up!” Marcus barked, startling everyone out. “We need to kill Sloth now!”

The green energy in her hand was now the size of a football. 

Sloth said, “Now, I will send you to your grave.” 

With a wicked smash downwards, the green energy went into her pillow. A fluctuation of ripple effects of power. Suddenly, multiple wicked ripping sounds could be heard loudly in the air. 

The pillows started to deflate. 

Skins from the pillow ripped apart as they became part of Sloth; she continued to absorb the layer more and more. Finally, piles of bones and black feathers inside the pillowcase rattled out and spilled. 

Alexus shifted as he felt himself rolling. His hand was thrown out, trying to catch stability as he turned around to grab ahold of something. His hands missed, pulling bones inside the loose pillow. He tumbled down with the rest of the other Ouroborous and slid across the floor. Even the bones and feathers overwhelmed him, completely overlapping him. 

He pushed himself up out of the bones. A skull rolled out and stopped near his head. Alexus glanced over, noticing the small child-size head. 

For some reason, he wasn’t as shocked by the thought of seeing a child’s bones, but when he looked up, the amount of death was so astronomical that it brought a sense of fear to his heart. 

Millions of bones were piled high up into the ceilings, creating mounds. 

Alexus turned his attention towards Sloth. 

The Sloth’s body had grown more feminine in nature. She was seven feet tall with exotic black hair that came down to her butt naked. There was quite a definition to her body. Three dark black eyes stared with glimmering endless stars. Her whole arms were dyed black with an accentuation of reddish lava lines that glowed. 

“How dare you wake me up,” Sloth growled. “You will all pay!” Her screams echoed, sending out a powerful blast. The wind smashed into everyone, pushing them even further away from her. 

The toy helicopters and tanks drop onto the ground, melting back into a puddle of dark black blood. It seeped and slithered back towards Sloth, crawling up her legs and conforming to her body. So I gave her black spandex-like clothes that came up to her neck. Black shoes with claws on end were present. 

Long spider-like appendages appeared from her back. 

“Everyone! Get ready to fight!” Gerald shouted. He was in the front. 

The Ouroboros quickly formed, raising their weapons, ready to fight. They all could feel the terrible air and power around her. The omnipotent feeling of dread and fear. One wrong move, and everyone would be picked off to be eaten by the queen. 

“Fire!” Gerald roared. He sent off a wave of bullets straight at SlothSloth. 

A barrage of heavy fire went off, smashing into Sloths’ body. Sloth raised up her hand to protect her head. The claws on the back moved, protecting herself and moving ever closer to everyone.

“You insects!” Sloth angrily cried out. Her claws smashed into the group of nearest Ouroboros, impaling one. 

“Get rid of those claws!” Gerald commanded. He fired, kicking the claws that tried to harm him in the process. 

Angrily, the claws continued to bash into the Ouroboros, making everyone scatter and aim. 

Marcus rushed in with gun blazing. His fist glowed blue, smashing into the very side. The claws buckled, causing SlothSloth to sway. 

“Don’t let this creature go.” Marcus kept hammering away at Sloth’s claws. Punching every time it tries to harm an Ouroboros. 

Sometimes, he wasn’t lucky enough to pull an Ouroboros out from under its claws as few more died under its impale. 

Throughout the whole time, Alexus did not join in on the fight. Instead, he was storing more and more magic in his sword. Something was telling him that they would not win at the rate they were fighting. 

Sloth’s ability to heal was astronautically insane and quick, healing and repairing the damage done to her body so quickly that she was like a zombie. 

Alexus was focused. His eyebrows were scrunched up, sweating. 

The blue energy in his sword became darker blue in color, vibrating with a deep hum. He could feel the life energy from his body becoming thinner and weaker. He could feel his body weakening, making it difficult to stand. 

“Alexus, how close are you?!” Marcus asked, punching even faster than before. 

“I need more time!” Alexus felt terrible, stuck in one spot, but he knew what he must do. 

Suddenly, Sloth was pushed down. 

Timothy had run in and slammed into the Sloth, making Sloth buckle onto the ground. 

“Get her! She’s down!” Gerald shouted. Gerald had rushed in. He switched out his rifle and pulled out a short sword. He slashed, bouncing off from the claws. 

Sloth screeched. “You fools!”

The air vibrated like static. 

“I’ll kill you!”

The energy around her pulsated. The black blood seeped out from her body. Thousands upon thousands of spiders came out, crawling toward everyone. 

“Baby spiders!”

“What!? Don’t let it get into your suit!” Gerald yelled. He kicked one. 

A few of the Ouroboros were unfortunate. The baby spiders manically crawled and wrapped themselves onto their suits, gnawing at them to tear into them. 

They danced and shook, trying to peel them away. 

Pain echoed, and a few of the spiders dug through. Entering into their skin, snacking on their flesh. The Ouroborous crumpled onto the ground, twitching but alive.

A few more fell, wrapped up in black threads, turning into a mummy. 

A blast of fire erupted out of a few OUroboros rifles, causing the spiders to flee. 

“USe fire!” One of the Ouroboros yelled. “It’s keeping them away!”

With a clink, the rifles were turned on. Infernos of fire blasted outwards, spraying into the swarms of baby spiders. Helping them control the mess. 

“Anytime now!” Marcus was beating up one of its legs. 

“Not yet!” 

Crystal and Jones surrounded Alexus, blowing their torches into the swarm of baby spiders. 

“How much longer?” Jones asked, his back towards Alexus. 

“Five more minutes.” Alexus was sweating even more than before. His whole arm shook heavily, making it harder and harder to stand. 

“I’ll do what we can.” Jones replied I hope this works.” 

“Me too,” Alexus replied. “I won’t be able to fight after this one attack for an hour.” 

“That’s fine. We got your back,” Crystal replied. “We can hold these spiders back. So don’t worry about us.” 

“Thanks, Crystal.” 

“No problem.”

“Guys, less chit-chatting and more flame-throwing,” Jones spoke in a hurry. The baby spiders were creeping closer, making it more difficult to control. Finally, a few passed through, where Crystal had to reach out, stamping it a few times. 

“That’s way too close.” 

“Crystal! To your right!” Jones pointed out that he couldn’t turn the flame thrower at her, or he would catch her on fire. 

Crystal jolted; she unconsciously swiveled her aim, making the other swarm of spiders pass through to get to the one that ran through. 

“Timothy! We need some backup!” Crystal shouted, trying to keep everything under control. 

“I’m a little busy!” Timothy replied back. Timothy, Marcus, and Gerald were facing off against Sloth, trying to keep it from killing the other Ouroborous. They dodged, hoped, punched, and even ducked. A few times, barely missing and instead impaled another unlucky Ouroborous who wasn’t paying attention. 

“Damn it!” Jones cursed. “At this rate, we’re going to get overwhelmed!”

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