Soul Reaper V2 ch. 49

Alexus’ stomach churned, making him uncomfortable. Every step he took to climb up this giant pillow wasn’t a fun experience. Moreover, he didn’t want to know how this pillow was even created in the first place. 

He pulled himself up, which did take a bit of effort. He looked up. 

In the middle of the giant pillow was a small little girl with the same rucksack he remembered Sloth. She was wearing a pink colored dress with white stockings and black Sunday shoes. There was a softness about the whole picture that brought a strange sense of peace around her. Her body was curled up in a ball. All around her were human bones piled high.

Alexus paled to see the amount of death she had accumulated that covered two-thirds of the pillow itself. There were even children’s bones present. 

“Did she….” Jones spoke but couldn’t as he stared with gaping eyes. 

“Yes. Sloth did.” Timothy replied back. 

Crystal glared at them both, raising up her finger to her lip. 

They went silent, looking at her with understanding, but Sloth didn’t wake up. Instead, she continued to sleep. 

Marcus was the first one to unabashedly walk up. He stopped, hovering over her. “Goodbye, monster.” He raised up his gun. Multiple bullets rang out as they pierced into the rucksack. 

Black blood seeped out, pooling around her. 

“Did you kill her?” Crystal asked, walking over. “That was too easy.” 

Marcus didn’t say anything nor put down his gun. Instead, he kept the gun pointed at Sloth, watching and waiting for something. 

Alexus felt his body tingle. His instincts flared to life, blaring at him to run away. 

At that moment, the black blood started to move. Toy helicopters, tanks, and horse riders appeared out of her blood. 

“She’s not dead!” Marcus yelled. He kept firing multiple times. “We need to kill her now!”

More toys appeared; everyone knew instinctively how dangerous her toys were. They all experienced it in the past. Small toy tanks squeaked and clanked that looked like old wartime tanks. Black Hawk toy helicopters fluttered out from the blood and into the air taking flight. Small black toy unicorns appeared next with blazing red eyes. A wild neigh sounded as they rushed out in fever. 

A blast of dark energy shot out from the toy tanks, straight at the Ouroboros. Then, multiple deadly pulsating energy shot forward, heading towards Alexus. 

In alarm, he dove to the right, barely missing. A chilling heat blew past him, where he knew if he got hit with one of them, it would have injured him. 

Alexus bounced on the pillow, quickly getting up. 

A few of the other Ouroborous weren’t lucky and were hit. They were thrown off the pillow and onto the hard cement floor. 

In moments, everything turned into a terrible mess. Small toy tanks rolled in, firing off multiple rays of energy bullets. While the toy helicopter flew upwards into the sky as its Gatling guns fired into the crowds. 

“Get the toys out of the sky!” Garret shouted, firing off his rifle. He took a few down. The other Ouroborous followed suit, trying not to get hit, but it wasn’t easy.

Timothy, Crystal, and Jones dealt with the toy tanks squeaking their way over and firing their deadly barrage.  

Alexus, on the other hand, had to deal with the small toy unicorns. The unicorns were fast as they zipped in between the people’s legs, slicing against their heels. A few Ouroborous were unlucky to have their weakened Dragon suit broken, slicing their Achilles. They tumbled and fell onto the ground. Shouts of pain and anguish resounded out. 

He sidestepped, stabbed, and kicked. Trying not to let the toy unicorn get to his feet. But, unfortunately, there were too many and not enough Ouroborous to get this mess under control. It was like dancing on top of coals of fire, trying not to get stabbed. 

His sword blazed with blue fire. But, fighting against the demon with just his sword wasn’t enough, especially a deadly sin like Sloth. 

His blade sliced through the first unicorn in half with a downward strike. It screeched, turning into sand. 

“Marcus!” Crystal yelled, “Why isn’t she dead!?”

Marcus was in the middle of a struggle as he was wrapped around in the blood. He struggled, trying to break free. 

“I’m busy here!” Marcus shouted, firing his guns at Sloth and trying to get his knife. But every time he fired his gun into Sloth, more and more blood oozed out of Sloth, which caused more toys to appear. Eventually, realizing what he was causing, he stopped. 

“I’m tired.” Sloth’s sweet voice slipped out of her mouth. She pulled herself up, which was filled with bullet holes. With a creak, her head turned one hundred and eighty degrees. “I’m tired.” 

“Then stay sleeping!” Marcus roared. His hand grabbed his knife, slicing the dagger through the blood that kept him trapped. He dropped to the ground, rolling out of harm’s way. 

Alexus maneuvered his way over towards Marcus. He pulled back his arm, throwing his glowing blue sword straight into Sloth’s head. With a thud, she fell backward. 

“I’m tired,” Sloth spoke up again. She wiggled, cutting herself in half, making her look like two halves of a loaf of bread. Her arms grabbed the side as she pushed herself up. The rucksack slipped off. 

“I’m tired.” What was revealed under the bag was a head that had no eyes, mouth, nose, or ears but a mouth. 

Blood started to draw back into her body, pulling the cut pieces together. Even the clothes with holes were coming back together again, making her look like she had just woken up from her sleep. 

“Why did you wake me up?” Sloth stood up. 

Running over, Alexus reached out, grabbing his sword. He cursed under his breath, quickly giving himself space away from Sloth. 

“Because you’re a nuisance to this world,” Marcus spoke up. He raised his gun at her. “Stay in hell.” His gun fired. 

The bullets hit, but they absorbed her body and spit back out. 

“Shit, she’s immune.” Marcus put away his gun. 

“I thought the first multiple times weren’t a sign enough?” Alex asked. 

“I need to make sure.” 

“What do you have in mind?” Alexus gripped his sword.

“Nothing as of right now.”

“That doesn’t sound too good.” 

“I expected to find something, but nothing.” 

“Let’s just keep attacking; maybe we will find a chance.” 

“I thought the same thing,” Marcus replied. This time, his Dragon Suit glimmered blue. The gun in his hand had shifted and changed into a futuristic-looking rifle. 

Alexus poured more power into his sword. The swirl of blue and gold was getting stronger and stronger. 

“I’ll get one side, and you get the other,” Alexus replied. He bolted off first. 

“He’s getting wilder than me,” Marcus spoke, amused. He raised up his rifle. 

Sloth stumbled, her hand slowly raised up lazily. A few helicopter toys appeared from behind, shooting out black laser beams. 

Alexus dodged a few. One of the beams came straight for his head. He raised his sword, deflecting the attack. With a forward swing, he sliced the arm off. 

The arm wiggled on the ground, crawling its way back towards Sloth. 

“Move out of the way!” Marcus yelled. Blue energy swirled and mixed at the tip, creating an energy ball. Then, a beam of blue energy erupted straight towards Sloth with a blast. 

Alexus bolted out of harm’s way. 

The energy blast smashed into Sloth. Sizzling, popping, and cracking sounds went off like fireworks. Black smoke appeared out of thin air. 

Sloth was charred black, crusted, and even heavily injured. 

“Is she dead?” Marcus asked. 

“I don’t know,” said Marcus.

“Move out of the way!” Timothy cried out. He was in an upgraded appearance with the dog suit as his fist was flaming blue. Pulling back his hand, his fist smashed into Sloth’s stomach. A flash of blue erupted, blinding everyone in the vicinity. 

Alexus stumbled backward, trying not to get caught by the blast of light. Finally, he turned his head away. 

A flashing light blinked and dimmed right after. 

Alexus blinked, squinting over to see the damage that it had caused. 

Sloth was frozen, broken, as its skin was turning slowly into dust. 

“I’m…..tired,” Sloth spoke. 

The air around them buzzed angrily.

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