Soul Reaper v2 ch. 45

Everyone arrived in front of the Giga factory that they were after. Even though it was abandoned and dark, it still had a heavy air around it that she couldn’t quite describe. Off the side of the Giga factory, there was a giant blob of flesh-like thing growing out from the side. It pulsated with green energy. 

“Team A. Team B,” Marcus called out loud. “Get into your team. We’ll be setting out in the next thirty minutes.” 

Alexus followed suit, jumping out of the van. He looked around. 

Alexus had seen many things in his life, but this was one of them that he couldn’t help but gap in complete awe. The living flesh was slimy and fresh, wiggling with life. More surprising was that there were no demons in the vicinity, and Alexus wondered where they were. 

When he looked up, he couldn’t help but grimace. There were hundreds of human shadows hanging over the  Giga factory as if they were strung up like Christmas lights floating in the air. 

Dark clouds swept up into the sky, wrapping around these shadows that floated in space. Some had smoke wires hanging off their neck, while most clouds were escaping from the living flesh as it continued to pump out more and more clouds.

A few wiggled, but they all swung above the factory. 

“Are those normal?” Alexus asked, motioning his head towards the hundreds of human shadows above the Giga factory. A few of the shadows screeched. Goosebumps raised up his skin, looking up into the sky with a frown. 

“Yes,” Marcus spoke. “They don’t move from that spot. It’s like they are stuck.” 

“That’s creepy.” Alexus replied, “I hope they stay up there.” 

“Me too, but I think they are just dead spirits, in my opinion, rather than demons.” 

“Are ghosts a thing?” Timothy spoke up from behind as he was tinkering with his rifle. 

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Jones stated. He crossed his arms. “If demons are out of the ordinary, then ghosts are the same thing.” 

“True.” Timothy thought it over. “Then are there angels?”

“I wouldn’t know.” Jones shrugged his shoulders. “As far as I know, we haven’t met one in this life, but if ghosts and demons, why not.” 

“Probably, it would be nice to see one of those out here in this world, so they can wipe out these demons that like to infest this world.” 

“If only…” Jones nodded. 

Crystal, Jones, and Timothy huddled around Alexus as everyone got into their specified group. A total of twenty stayed with Marcus while the rest of the hundred went with Gerald. 

“Gerald, you remember what to do, right?” Marcus asked. 

“Yea. As always, simply sweep with the group.”

“Good, we’ll go in first,” Marcus replied. “We’ll clear out the first floor, then move into the second.” Then, Marcus rounded everyone to him with a wave of his hand. 

Marcus took point, leading the team with a serious expression. Alexus wasn’t too far behind him as he was the second person to enter.

Alexus closely observed the interior as darkness blinded them. The air was still and pitch black. Nobody could see before them as no light entered through the window as the window was plastered with living flesh. Then, reaching up on his forehead, he touched a button on his earphone that came with the dragon suit. The new helmet appeared with a click of the button, covering half of his face. In seconds, he could see in the dark night in clear white and black in the darkness. 

With his sword in his hand, Alexus continued forward. Each step that they all took pitter-pattered on the cold concrete floor. Each step was heavy as Alexus’ shoes stuck to the ground and each step stuck to the floor like glue. Alexus had to shake his shoes a few times to ensure that none of the icky fleshy material wasn’t crawling on his foot. 

Old crates and wooden boxes were still in place, rotting on the spot. Pale dark peach flesh wrapped around the boxes, the walls, the ground, and every mechanical thing as it pulsated with life. 

Hundreds and hundreds of robotic arms and metal crates were neatly lined up in a line.  

Everyone walked silently, trying not to cause a scene. Alexus’ muscle was tight, and his gaze scanned from left to right. He thought he heard a few scampering on the floor a few times, causing him to look over.

Shadow beings that were human-like in appearance but with sunken, mummified gray skin, narrow limbs, enormously distended bellies, and long, thin necks walked around the Giga factory. They were slow as they stumbled around the area as if they had a slight hip out of place. 

A few of them were emaciated human beings with bulging stomachs and inhumanly small mouths and throats as they waddled around like zombies. 

“Preta Demons, three o’clock,” Marcus spoke as he fired off his first round. 

The loud ta-ta-ta-ta sound of the rifle going off throughout the factory attracted more demons. 

With a screech, Pretas snaked their attention towards the loud sound. They all rushed over with a craze. 

Some of the Preta’s disappeared into the very darkness as if they meld into the environment. 

Luckily, the helmet was installed with molecular detection in the air, allowing them to see their shapes. 

Alexus was lucky as one of the Preta demons had disappeared entirely before him, which his vision had caught. The sword sliced through the demon in half with a flick of his wrist. Black blood streaked out from the air, causing the demon to flicker in and out until it appeared. Then, with a thud, it fell onto the ground. 

A heat of movement tingled on the side of Alexus’s cheek, making him pull back. A swipe of poisonous claws wiped past him, almost taking a chunk of his face. His sword went upwards, cutting off an arm. 

The ugly Preta demon with a flabby belly and a twisted face reeled back in pain. It hissed, glaring at him with its red eyes. 

“You’re not running away from me.” Alexus rushed forward. His blade swung but touched air. 

The Preta slithered and dodged, trying not to get hit. 

“What are you doing?” Jones yelled. He was shooting hundreds of bullets into the swarms of preta demons in one go, taking them down effortlessly. Each of them burst into flames, leaving a pile of dust on the ground. His bullets smashed into the Preta that Alexus was momentarily chasing. “Use your guns. It’s much more effective than using a sword.” 

“I’m good,” Alexus stated. He lunged forward, slicing a demon from behind Jones. “I can take care of the unexpected ones.” Then, with a smirk, Alexus headed towards the next. 

Timothy and Crystal worked tightly with the other Ourborous, gunning the Preta’s easily in waves, barely taking any injuries. They moved in large groups, allowing them to move forward deeper into the factory without much trouble. 

While Alexus and a few close combat Ouroborous took care of those, who got through, taking them out easily and efficiently to conserve their energy. 

Quickly and efficiently, they moved through the first floor without any difficult obstruction. 

Eventually, they came towards one of the control rooms, where they were searching for. 

Alexus was the first to find the room with Crystal. Alexus broke the locked door with a vicious kick, causing it to screech open. 

A Preta hiding in the control room jumped out with an unholy screech, waving its gangly arm at him. 

With a swing of his blade, Alexus lopped off its head, flying towards the side. Then, scanning from left to right, he scanned the area, ensuring that everything was clear. 

“All clear.” Alexus put away his sword. His helmet had a beam of light flash on from his forehead as the night visions disappeared. 

“We need to turn on all the machines,” said Crystal.

“Is that a good idea?” Alexus asked. 

Crystal spoke, “not completely, but we need to get some of these machines working and create a handful of things that we absolutely need before going after Sloth.” She pressed a few buttons until one of the buttons finally worked.  

A putter of sounds groaned out loud as the machines cranked into life. The lights turned on as the robotic arms started to move. 

Even the lights in the factory all turned on, clearing away half the darkness, allowing them to see. 

“What do you have in mind?” Alexus asked, seeing her work. She had explicitly gone towards the computer, searching through the old files. 

“Something we need. It’s going to take a few hours. Can you tell Marcus we need about three hours of the place on complete lockdown?” 

“Yea.” Alexus turned around, heading towards the exit. “I’ll get Timothy and Jones here to watch over you.”

“No, I only need Jones. Timothy is needed out there as he has something else to do on his end.” 

“Okay,” Alexus left, heading straight to Marcus. He quickly made his way, finding Marcus with Gerald and the other group of people.

“Marcus!” Alex called out, and Marcus turned around. 

“Alexus, what did Crystal state?”

“She needs a few hours and needs JOnes to guard her.” 

“That won’t be a problem. Jones, you heard him.” 

“I did,” Jones replied. He trotted out of sight, heading straight towards where Crystal was.  

“We will need to be in a group of fives to patrol the main areas. All machines must be working and fully functional until the three hours are up.” Marcus ordered as the group started to split up. 

“Gerald, I need your group to make sure the entrance of the first and second floor is watched. Can you handle it?” 

“Of course; what do you think I am?”

“Good, I’ll leave that in your hand.”

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