Soul Reaper V2 ch. 44

For the next few weeks, the days blurred together. First, Alexus was busy training with the other Ouroborous, learning their skills and techniques. Then, finally, he was able to meet up with the old and the new Ouroboros, catching up with the latest news, though he didn’t hear much of the plan from Marcus or Crystal. 

Instead, he rarely got to see his other friends as Crystal was busy in the shop with Timothy repairing all the Dragon Suits and even upgrading them as best as she could with their tools. 

Time flew by as he spent time with the kids, allowing him to destress, but the days were too boring. Each day, the second becomes more intensive as the next. 

Alexus came by a few times, checking up on Crystal’s work. There weren’t many answers to what she had planned until that d-day. 

It was the middle of noon when both Marcus’ group and Gerald’s group came outside. Crystal and Timothy had rows of dragon suits in a suitcase. 

There were hundreds of Ourborous waiting outside with curiosity. 

“Alexus!” Crystal called out with a wave of her hand. 

Alexus, standing by the side with Jones, looked over. 

Crystal motioned to him. 

“Yes?” Alexus asked, wondering what she had in mind. The thought of a new toy that he would get to try out made him excited. He peered over her shoulder, taking quick glimpses to see what she had made, but there weren’t many hints. 

“I’m going to need your help with showcasing what we have upgraded.” 

“Okay, what do I need to do?” 

Crystal walked over, picking up one of the suitcases. She came back, handing it over. “This is the new update on your suit. You’re definitely going to like it.”

Alexus grabbed the suit. Soft bing was heard, and a green light lit up, telling him that the connection between the two was ready. 

“You ready?” Crystal asked. 

“Yea,” Alexus reached over, pressing the button on his wrist. Then, with a loud beep, the suitcase unraveled, melting into the ground, climbing up Alexus’s legs and covering his whole body. 

Thick snake-like scales covered him from neck to toe, accentuating every piece of his muscles. He could feel how smoothly the suit was contorting with his whim with every movement. He gazed down at his hand, turning it face up. A loud clang could be heard as sharp nails appeared. 

The other Ouroboros started to notice, coming over to see what was going on. 

Crystal cleared her throat. “Everyone, take your suits that have been worked on.”

The Ouroborous started to come over, taking their suitcase one by one. Each of them started to come over and take their suits. 

Hundreds of clicking sounds rang out in the group. 

“There are a couple of changes with the suits,” Crystal said aloud, “the first is that the suit has increased in power by three folds, allowing you to use your physical ability to the max. Not only that, your magical energy will increase by six-folds.”

A murmur of voices rippled in the crowd. 

“Six folds? Is that even possible?” One of the Ourborous asked. 

“Yes, Alexus, can you show them?” 

“Sure,” Alexus replied. He reached to the side, where the dragon suit clanked and groaned. A sword materialized, flowing into his hand. A crystal blue sheen buzzed with electricity, and he could feel the pulsating power of his own energy inside the sword. 

“Each of these suits is biometrically synched with your body. It has been calculating your energy efficiency, becoming more and more in tune with your body. Every fight you succeed in coming out of alive, the suit grows with you. Every new update will become more yours than ever before, becoming similar to a living organism. Timothy and my job are to make sure there are no errors or kinks that stop the growth of these suits,” Crystal stated with pride. “Alexus, swing at the dummy scarecrow we have set up.” She pointed. 

Alexus turned his attention towards the rows of metal scarecrows. A soft buzz hummed as the scarecrow was suddenly covered in blue energy. 

“Each of these scarecrows is coated with energy equating to an adult demon.” Crystal stated. 

Alexus gripped his sword; standing steady, he stood in place. Closing his eyes, he breathed in and out. He allowed his energy flow to seep through his sword and back at him. He was astounded at the amount of magic coursing through his veins, allowing him to pick up the minuscule details of the energy field. 

With a breath of excitement, Alexus poured more energy into the blade. 

With an increase in brightness, the blade hummed. 

In one fluid motion, he swung. Powerful blue energy sliced through the ground up to the scarecrow. It was cut in half in one swing, leaving a deep, ugly indentation in the ground. 

Alexus smiled. 

The others gaped in shock. 

“What just happened?” One of the bystanders asked, baffled by what he had seen. “Is that even possible?”

“I don’t know,” the person next to him said, “I think it is if he could do it.” 

The others murmured in excitement.

Alexus didn’t stop there. Instead, he pushed off the ground and sprinted towards the remaining scarecrows this time. A blue flash of light followed with each swing, and right behind it was decapitated scarecrows. 

It was amazing to see how quickly they were cut cleanly through the barrier. 

“Each dragon suit has a hidden feature that you will be able to use,” Crystal said, “but only use it during emergencies as it will drain a huge chunk of your power. Jones, can you show them the rest?”

“On it,” Jones stepped forward. He was different from the slim look that Alexus wore. Instead, Jones was thick with weapons and muscle. He looked like a bulldozing tank with several extra weapons locked onto his body. While in his hands, he had a Gatling gun that rested on his hips.

From his shoulders, mechanical wires appeared, slithering downwards onto the Gatling gun. It hooked up with a click and powered on. The whole weapon vibrated, causing the ground to tremble. 

In seconds, the Gatling gun went off. 

“Hell yea, baby!” Jones shouted with pure excitement. 

Blue bullets showered into the air, puncturing holes into the new batch of scarecrows that were in place.  

The ta-ta-ta of the bullets hissed through, leaving the scarecrows like swiss cheese. The wounded blue opening hissed, catching fire not even a moment later. In a matter of seconds, the whole scarecrow caught on fire. A terrible ear shrieking screech echoed in the air, making every raise up their hand to cover their ears. 

Jones smirked. 

The screech settled down. 

“Marcus. Your turn.” Crystal spoke, breaking the silence. 

“You got it.” Marcus’ suit was different from both Jones and Alexus. It was neither slim nor thick, but armor covering major areas made him look bigger than he usually would. 

In Marcus’s hand was a rifle dyed entirely in black. The only sense of color was strips of blue from the energy that he covered. He raised it up as he focused on his target. 

A few rounds popped off. The first one hit the head, followed by the heart, and a few more times on the chest. 

Hissing sound followed, melting through the scarecrow as black liquid spilled out of the hole. 

The black liquid sizzled and popped, letting out multiple firecrackers. Then, bright lights of blue sparked off, completely blowing off pieces of their head or any body parts that Marcus shot. 

Marcus ran forward, the rifle melded swiftly into his suit, and a dagger appeared in his hand. The dagger blade hummed with brightness in one fluid cut as it tore through the scarecrow-like butter. 

Marcus put the blade away with a satisfied grin as he turned his back. The scarecrow shivered and, in seconds, caught in flames. He then walked over, placing his hand on Timothy’s and Crystal’s shoulders. 

“They have truly outdone themselves.” Marcus patted them. “With that being said, we will be split into two teams. One will follow Gerald’s command, and the other will follow me. In the next hour, we will be heading towards the factory to take out Sloth and possession of the major factory. Get comfortable with your suits, but don’t drain your power. We are going to need everybody to make this happen.” 

Quickly, the people hustle and bustle, getting comfortable in their suits. 

Even Alexus went through a few swings to ensure that he had a gist of the power, but he knew not to tire himself out. 

Not even an hour later, the vans pulled up for everyone to enter.

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