Soul Reaper v2 ch. 39

It took half the day for the gas to go empty. Brings with it another problem that they have to solve. When the van was getting close to a quarter empty, every car they saw stopped to check for gas. Most of them were empty, while a few had it here and there. 

Eventually, the van completely stopped in the middle of the road in the suburbs by the end of the night. 

With a last splutter, the van went silent. David parked the car and pulled out the keys. Alexus opened the door, carefully checking the surroundings. While Crystal silently watched from behind with her guns out. 

Alexus took a step out, looking around. A soft wind blew through the air, ruffling his hair. Insects sang their usual song, telling him that everything around him was okay. 

“Anything?” Crystal whispered, which Alexus caught. Of course, anyone who wasn’t near her wouldn’t have caught it. 

“Nothing,” Alexus stated. He couldn’t sense any dark energy surrounding the area. Which allowed him to lower his guards a bit more. “It seems clear for now.” 

Crystal opened the door with an annoying squeak. She stepped out, glaring into the night to see if there were other troubles around. 

“It’s too quiet.” Crystal replied. 

“Better than back in the city,” replied Alexus, “which should find somewhere to hole up for the night.” 

“Why not stay in the van?” Maze asked; she was holding David in his arms. “It’s much safer here.” 

“No, there isn’t any cover for us to hide, and we are wideout in the open.” Crystal stated, “It  would be best if we take one of those abandon houses.”

“But, what if there are demons in there.” Maze asked, and she hugged David closer. 

“That’s why we are going in first.” Alexus replied, “Plus, leaving you guys all out here might not be the best choice.” 

“Makes sense.” Maze replied, “Staying out here in the dark makes me uncomfortable.” 

“Let’s go,” Alexus replied. He started to head towards one of the three houses that were nearby. “We can probably check for gas in those cars.” He pointed out. 

Multiple small houses were connected to the main road. There were cars left out in the driveways that were partially opened and windows broken and cracked. The pavement on the floor was split open as if the ground got angry enough to shake the very ground like a lava flow. 

Even the trees were heavy and depressed, making them look like the surrounding area was infected by some disease. 

Even still, Alexus chose the one that he thought looked safe. Each step he took, he scanned the area. 

The others followed closely behind, ensuring that nothing was following them as they didn’t want to get left behind. 

Both David and Kim had picked up a broken wood on the ground as a bat.

“Do you think there is anyone living in those houses?” Kim asked. He was fidgeting with the self-made wood, looking from left to right uncomfortably. 

“Probably, not,” David stated. “It looks abandoned to me.”

“True, even at night, everything looks creepy,” Kim replied. 

“Guys, check if there is gas in the cars,” said Alexus, giving them a job to take their minds off the darkness.

“What about you?” Kim asked. 

“I’m going to go and check the house,” said Alexus. “Crystal, I need you to be on point and cover for me by the door. If you hear any strange sound, call my name.” 

“Okay,” said Crystal. “I’ll watch over the kids while they check for extra gas.” 

“Thanks.” Alexus pulled out his handgun from the side of his suit and pointed forward. He reached over, wiggling the doorknob a few times. Then, finally, it clicked and creaked open. 

A rush of stale air welcomed him. 

He gently pushed the door open with his gun drawn in one hand. The small flashlight on his gun turned around, allowing him to see in the dark. 

Quietly, he stepped in, shining the light through the doorway. The first thing that welcomed him was a broken desk in the middle of the hallway with its legs broken off. On the right was the living room, where couches were covered in dust. 

Everywhere Alexus looked, he saw piles of dust laid out in the room. There were toys still left unattended.

Even the houses had broken holes in the wall and the stairs, making Alexus wonder what could have caused it. 

He slowly walked up the stairs. Each step creaked loudly, telling him that there was a chance that the stairway would break any moment. 

Out of nowhere, loud bark and a growl sounded from his right. Alexus snapped his attention towards the right, seeing a small dog near the doorway. 

“What’s the hold-up?” Crystal asked from the back on the bottom floor. The others were waiting outside. 

“There is a small dog here.” 

“A dog?”


“Okay-” Before Crystal could finish, the small dog barked, changing into a large demonic beast. Its red eyes were glowing as foam came out of its mouth. 

Instantly, the dog started to shift and change. Its eyes turned pitch black, and the hair on its body began to shed, turning reptilian and slimy. Even its teeth were crooked as it showed off its pale teeth. 

The Hellhound lunged forward. 

Alexus fired his gun. The bullet whizzed through the air as multiple shots went off. At first, the Hellhound dodged, barely missing, knicking its ear and body. It lunged onto the wall, pushing off as it headed straight towards Alexus. Alexus kept firing as the Hellhound kept missing. 

He didn’t have time. The Hellhound jumped and pushed him down to the ground. Then, with a loud thud, Alexus tumbled together as they fought tooth and nail as he tried to dominate the other. 

The Hellhound hit its head on the ground with a slam as Alexus had pushed it off. It scrambled up, sliding its sharp nails onto the wooden ground. 

“Get off!” Alexus shouted. He punched the dog on the head a few times. Its teeth repeatedly snapped until it backed off. 

“Alexus?!” Crystal shouted. She darted up to the stairs, but before she could come over and help. Another hellhound jumped out from the darkness underneath the stairs. It grabbed hold of her legs, pulling her down. 

Crystal fired. A blast of bullets riddled the Hellhound’s head, causing it to slump. 

Alexus heard the fight down below, but he couldn’t help as he was struggling with his. The Hellhound snarled, snapped, and bit, trying to get the upper hand. His fist relentlessly pounded onto the side, trying to get the Hellhound off him again. 

Another growl was heard from above his head. 

Alexus snapped his attention over, realizing that two more had appeared. But unfortunately, his position was not in good standing, making it difficult to even weasel. One of his hands gripped the Hellhound’s neck, while the other slapped the side of his leg, trying to pull out the dagger that he had. 

His heart palpitated; he could feel the terrible breath and heat of this Hellhound’s hand, making his stomach crunch and make it more difficult to breathe. Wiggling his body, he reached, pulled out the dagger in hand, and stabbed it into the Hellhound’s head. With a vicious twist of his knife, a disgusting crack was heard. 

With a whine, the Hellhound fell on top of him, dead. 

Alexus swore under his breath, he pushed the heavy body, but before he could take the Hellhound off, the two hellhounds waiting on the side jumped in to attack. It growled and took a bite onto each appendage of Alexus. He was pulled on both sides. Luckily, his suit protected him, or he would have been ripped from both sides. 

With one of his legs free, he flicked his foot back, kicking one of them in the head. A yelp followed after, allowing him a bit more freedom. However, his hand with the knife swung, smashing into the side. 

A rigid cut sliced through the Hellhound’s side. It let go of my arms, allowing Alexus to scramble out from under and onto his feet. Alexus snatched his sword out the side, bringing it up. He cut the first Hellhound that was deeply wounded from his attack with a vicious swing. 

Suddenly, a bullet shot through the demon. It flopped onto the side, dead.   

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